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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
The eruption of an argument made choosing a target more complicated since everyone was looking more grouped up now. In the end she fired at random, an arrow whistling toward Lannie's twin. Without hesitation or checking if she missed, Nairu slid the next arrow into her bowstring, the haze of hatred guiding her next actions automatically without so much of a guiding thought.

Major Action: Ranged Attack
Minor Action: Reload

13:20, Today: Secret Roll: Nairu rolled 5 using 1d6+3 with rolls of 2.  Longbow attack.
+1 from Aim, another +1 to Aim from Novice Archery Archery style
+3 from Dexterity Score

5+1+1+3 = final result of 10

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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
The bandits appeared genuinely surprised that instead of running away as most would, Jacques actually offered a service!

"What? You'll teach me to read?" Lannie asked.

All of the bandits exchanged incredulous glances at one another and then, all of them break out into rip-roaring laughter in unison!


Ziiiiippp! Twang!

A single arrow flies out from the trees behind them and grazes the cheek of Lannie's twin before digging itself in the dirt.

"AMBUSH!" one of them cries and they all draw their weapons!

The twins whirl about and race for cover, searching the treeline for whoever it is that loosed the arrow.

Red-head drew his chipped longsword, narrowed his eyes at Jacques, "You little fucker. Think you're so smart to keep us distracted and ambush us, eh?! You'll pay for this!"

OOC: Everyone make an initiative roll. Then post one round of action. Your enemies are:

Red-Head (In front of Jacques)
Toothpick (Slightly behind Red-head, advancing on Jacques)
Chubby (Slightly behind Red-head, advancing on Jacques)
Twins (Lannie & Jannie), side of the road, hiding behind a tree for cover.

Jacques, you are clutching your books in your hand. Just declare to me what you intend to do and I'll resolve it.

Nairu, make a Dex (Stealth) roll, TN 15. The twins are searching for you in the trees

Jacques DuFlamberc
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Sat 15 Apr 2017
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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
Jacques went a bit red as they laughed. It was an honest offer...
When suddenly an arrow flew past. "Eh?"
Jacques clutched the books even tighter and desperately looked around for the source of the arrow before being snapped back to attention by Red head's accusations.

"What?!? Bu-I-bu-but-" he stammered before finally blurting out "I got nothing to do with it! You've seen my pack, I couldn't afford any escort even if I wanted to!"

The light shining on the approaching weapons highlighted the approaching danger. Maker protect, he was going to die here if he didn't do anything. Instinctively he started to channel some magic.

"No! Stay away with those weapons damnit! I don't want to fight or hurt anyone, please!"

Gritting his teeth he concentrated and attempted to alter his soft fleshy skin into something a bit harder...

Casting rock armor
Rolled 16 for initiative
02:26, Today: Secret Roll: Jacques DuFlamberc rolled 16 using 3d6+1 with rolls of 4,6,5.  Initiative roll.

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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
Nairu didn't seem phased by the fact her shot made no impact, accomplishing only fully alerting the lot of them instead. If her arrows merely ended up being angry whistles directing their eyes on her than deadly projectiles so be it.

Come on then.. make this way and have at me.
It only now occurred to her that she may have put the robbed man in potential danger, but figured if they were smart she figured they'd ignore him and focus all on her instead.

Nairu's outline be spotted in the treeline as she redrew and took aim again, this time adjusting her aim at the figure that appeared to be taking out some kind of blade, no mere dagger that one. She felt fully aware that she wasn't much of an archer, so time taken in aiming felt wise while they weren't closing in on her just yet.

07:41, Today: Nairu rolled 13 using 3d6+3 with rolls of 3,5,2.  initiative.
07:35, Today: Nairu rolled 10 using 3d6+3 with rolls of 1,3,3.  stealth test. (Failed)

Minor Action: Reload Longbow
Minor Action: Aim on Red-Head

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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
An elf living in Thedas leads a hard life. And there are two ways to survive in a world where you are treated as scum. One, keep your head low and do as your told, or two, fight for what your own life or die trying.

Having lived life as a slave for almost all her life, Nairu was done keeping her head down. Today, she saw someone in need and decided to do what others never did for her. Her first shot alerted the enemy and though she was hiding in the trees, she was easily spotted by one of the twins!

"There! I see her!" cries one of them. Nairu sees the twins raise their crossbows in unison. Heart pounding, Nairu deftly reaches for another arrow, nocks it in and just as she lined up the tip of her arrow on one of the twin's heads, she hears a..

Ziiip! Ziip!

The twins both fire their crossbows at the same time and both bolts strike true, one pierces Nairu low in the belly while the other embeds into her right breast, just below the shoulder!  White hot pain explodes and Nairu feels faint as pain seizes her...

"Gotcha!" cheers one of the twins.

Meanwhile, Jacques continues to try and calm the situation. Pleading for the bandits to stay their hand, that he didn't have anything to do with this!

Red Head lips curl into a smirk when he hears the twins cheer. "Looks like your ambush failed..."

Jacques' mouth goes dry as his mind goes blank. He wants to tell the bandits again he had nothing to do with this but instead, the instinct to protect himself takes over!

"Armis Petram!" he shouts, raising his quarterstaff and immediately, his skin starts to grow bumps and those bumps turn hard. Now, he looks like he is covered entirely with tiny pebbly-rocks.

"He's a mage!" Toothpick exclaims, his eyes growing as wide as saucers. It is clear Toothpick wants to have zero dealings with wizards, he starts to backpedal and before Red Head and protest, Toothpick is off!

"Coward! He's still human!" Red Head growls, "You better not run, Chubs! I'll show you how it's done!"

Red Head steps forward and delivers a hard mind numbing blow to Jacques' nose with the butt end of his longsword. Tears spring into Jacques' eyes as he reels from the blow as blood spurts from both nostrils!

"Look, he bleeds just the same!"

Chubs, though now armed with his knife stands there and stare, uncertain of whether or not to follow Red Head's lead to attack Jacques.

OOC:Check your sheets for your current status. Nairu, make a Willpower TN 13 roll to stay standing, if not you collapse to your knees in pain, but remain conscious

Post 1 round of action.

Also, remember you can use Stunt points to enhance your attacks/defense (I think). The first die, is the dragon die.

Jacques DuFlamberc
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Mon 17 Apr 2017
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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
"Aaaaaah putain!" swore the mage in his native orlesian tongue.
Jacques stumbled back a few steps in pain and disorientated, nearly losing his balance then dropping his books and clutching his face with his newly freed hand whilst the other remained on the quarterstaff for support.

He has never so much as ever been punched in his life, searing pain of the physical sort was new to him and maker it hurts...He missed the circle, where it was nice and safe and templars were around to keep the peace.

He blinked desperately through his misty eyes and could only see vague figures and a confusion of voices. Some inner voice from the back of his mind whispered he could always just let himself go and allow the forces of the fade to take over, all they would need is his body for just a few moments..
No! He dispelled such thoughts immediately and banished any such temptations in this moment of weakness. He was not going to embarrass his circle by losing his self control and neither was he going to be some spirit's puppet!

He started calling upon the familiar, welcome sensation of ice and cold, felt it wash over his entire body and channeled the power of winter itself through his staff.

Casting Winter's grasp.
If possible, put on as big of a show with magic as possible projecting cold, snow and ice in every direction in the immediate vicinity, not aimed specifically at anyone and only a danger if someone gets too close. I don't know how flexible spell casting is in the da rp so ignore this if this doesn't fit into the rules.

If the above doesn't apply then based on what i remember from the games as winter's grasp being a single target dps spell, casting it on Red Head.

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Wed 19 Apr 2017
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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
Blinking back blood, she found herself slumped on her knees, gritting her teeth in agony. Crossbows! She didn't know those people had sophisticated ranged weapons with them.. if only she had known, she would have acted differently. The prospects of taking any of the bandits down with her slimmed. And if it wasn't for her armor, she'd be quite the dead elf.. but at the same time these were serious wounds. The pain jolted some reason and feelings of self-preservation back to her senses. However..-

My whole life brought me here to this moment, a chance to fight back and protect myself on my own terms! I'm so tired of running away.. better to die here, free.

Her bloodied gaze settled on where the crowssbows travelled from however.

No.. but we can't die to those. Anything but those.

She winced back her suffering. Life was never fair.
Willing herself to stand again, Nairu growls away the pain and blind-fires an arrow at her previously intended target. There was no time to take aim anymore, not while deadly crossbows were in play.

Desperate adrenaline coursed through Nairu as she fired that shot. Her fingers whirled in a blaze resetting an arrow and launching it in a singular fluid motion. She never fired quite like that before in her life.

Failed Willpower check, so spending Minor Action to get back up.

Major Action: Fire Longbow on Red-Head.

23:40, Today: Nairu rolled 4 using 1d6+3 with rolls of 1.  longbow damage.
23:36, Today: Nairu rolled 16 using 3d6+3 with rolls of 4,5,4.  longbow accuracy.

Got 4 Stunt Points.
Use 1 Stunt point to use Rapid Reload, reloading the Longbow.
Used 3 Stunt Points to use Lightning Attack, providing another attack.

23:47, Today: Nairu rolled 7 using 1d6+3 with rolls of 4.  lightning strike longbow damage.
23:47, Today: Nairu rolled 19 using 3d6+3 with rolls of 6,4,6.  lightning strike longbow accuracy.

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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
Still not wanting to hurt anyone, Jacques decides to awe the band with magic. Despite being in a tense and life threatening situation, he remembers the lessons Enchanter Francios taught him.

Breath...breath... he tells himself as he clears his mind for that moment and sees only the arcane runes he needs to conjure up a winter storm.

As the runes in his mind glow and join to form new symbols, Jacques times he correctly and chants, "Tempestas  Hiems!"

A pulse of energy is emitted from the tip of his quarterstaff!


The bandits all pause, disturbed by what they are hearing. The air around them turns cold and the cracking noise is water in the air becoming solidified at such a rapid pace. White flakes begin to fall around them...

"Snow?" exclaims Chubs. "This is sorcery!"

Jacques is still holding onto his power and conjuring more wind, more snow, more ice. The wind picks up and the snow is now being churned by the rising gale. All their hair begin to whip about their faces...

Red-Head's eyes grow large, he sees the strain on Jacques' face and the power of winter around them.

"Fuck it! He's gonna freeze us to death! Run!" screams Red-Head. Chubs didn't need any other prompting. He dashes away first, Jacques' backpack still slung across his back. The twins pack up their crossbows immediately and run along side Red-Head.

Nairu, who had willed herself back onto her feet struggles to stay focus. She bites her lip to keep from crying out and trying to keep her breathing even, she nocks in an arrow with shaking hands, draws back her bowstring and fires!

"Aiiiieeeeee! I've been shot!" screams Red-Head, as Nairu's arrow pieces clean through his upper arm. The rest of his gang members scurry back to help him back on his feet. Limping and crying, they all disappear into the forest beyond...

OOC: Jacques, there isn't anything like what you described in the book. But what I did was use the Con(Stamina) test and changed it into a Willpower test instead. So, Red-Head failed that roll, and hence was scared by your show of magic.

Combat over!

Nairu, without aid, you're gonna continue bleeding at a rate of 1HP per round.

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Jacques DuFlamberc
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Thu 20 Apr 2017
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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
Oh thank the maker, thought Jacques as red head seemed cowed by the show of magic.
Whatever the reasons, he would not have been happy to tell the first enchanter about how he was forced to murder others with magic, especially when it was he who insisted he would be fine traveling on his own, an utterly naive belief in retrospect.

He could hear his own heart pumping as the adrenaline died down and allowed himself to enjoy the feeling of the winds around him and flakes of snow upon his skin.
That's right, keep running and no one has to get hurt, you even get the enjoy my wine...

An arrow put an end to the hopes of no one getting hurt. That's right, there's someone shooting arrows around here still!

Jacques looked around but kept up his spell, both for his own enjoyment and to give anyone aiming an arrow at him a hard time.

"Listen, whoever's out there, I've got nothing to do with that bunch, and they just took all my things so I really have nothing more to give. Please don't shoot me and I'll be on my way." he shouted as loudly as he could.

He lowered his staff and let his spell die down, looking around once more for whoever might be hiding out there and observing him. Or maybe they ran away like the bandits too?

He started gathering his books, hopefully they weren't too damaged...

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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
The group dispersing was something she never could have expected. As was the presence of an actual mage, something she'd never seen before. Shakily, Nairu stowed away her longbow.

"I'm NOT going to shoot you.." Nairu said through a tensed up jaw after taking heavy forced steps out of the thicket.

"Seems.. that poor display of archery wasn't needed after all." she coughed out a ragged laugh. "Although.. at the very least, those books still remain yours." Her eyes remained narrowed on where the wayfarers ran off, taking slow purposeful steps as if wanting to find out where they went but.. it was obvious that wasn't going to happen, not while a bloodied hand awkwardly covered her oozing abdomen while her chest steadily darkened her leathers and skin in plain sight. Soon it might even start staining the grass.

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Jacques DuFlamberc
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Sat 22 Apr 2017
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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
Jacques was startled when a voice actually replied and figured dragged herself from her hiding place and stopped gathering his books to look over this figure.

He raised his hand to cover his gasp at this person's gruesome state, those were some gnarly and painful looking wounds this elf had, with the 2 bolts sticking out prominently.

"Euh..Thanks for not shooting me, but gods, you look a mess, I don't know how you're even able to walk." he winced.

He cautiously approached taking a few slow steps, his hands raised up as if surrendering but mostly to show he was unarmed apart from his staff.

"Listen, I mean no harm and don't care if you're another bandit or whatever, I just want to see if I can help, I'm a circle mage and although healing isn't my speciality I can at least try to freeze your wounds so you don't bleed out or let the wound get infected or worst.... And then.... Well best we get you to a village as soon as possible."

This might delay his assignment but he couldn't exactly walk away from someone clearly in need of help.

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Sun 23 Apr 2017
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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
Jacques finds himself picking his way though some shrubbery before finding at his feet a collapsed elf. The woman looked terribly injured. Beads of perspiration dotted her pale face and her breathing was short and wheezy.

In all his years living in the Circle Tower, he had never seen so much blood in his life. Well, except for that one time Jarrick blew his own arm off when his fireball spell went awry.

Jacques places his quarterstaff down with shaking hands and tries his best to examine her wounds. He didn't even know where to begin treating this woman. He saw one bolt still stuck to her shoulder but the other wound in her abdomen looked like the more serious one. It had impaled itself deep in her belly and the tip of it was protruding out of her back.

It was bleeding furiously and Jacques didn't know head or tail what to do except maybe trying to freeze her wounds. But he really didn't know if that was the best method or whether it will do her more harm.

OOC: So, if Nairu approves, Jacques makes two rolls:

1) Roll for Winter's Grasp to see if he successfully cast it. If he succeeds, he manages to control its power but if he fails, he does damage to Nairu instead.

2) Then, make a TN 15 Cunning (Healing) check. If he succeeds, he manages to isolate the freezing to just the area around her wounds (But whether it really helps, he doesn't know because he isn't a physician). But if he fails, he does more damage to her than harm.

Jacques DuFlamberc
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Mon 24 Apr 2017
at 01:53
Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
"I'm not going to lie. I've never tried doing anything like this before."
said Jacques suddenly having second doubts. But what else can he do to staunch this bleeding? Hemoving the arrows felt like an even worst idea.
He had no time to seek out some fade spirit to help, this woman could die soon, how tough were elves anyway? He's barely met any in his life.

"If you have ANY other ideas.." he added pleadingly. "Otherwise you are going to have to let me try this."
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Mon 24 Apr 2017
at 23:36
Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
"I don't know if there's any help nearby.. I've stuck to this part of the wood for a while now. So there is no choice." she wasn't aware it had impaled that deeply, only beginning to feel the full effect now. It was painful to talk more, so she closed her eyes and let Jacques try his best.

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Jacques DuFlamberc
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Wed 26 Apr 2017
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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
"Allright here goes" says Jacques taking a breath.

Firstly, to make an extremely localized winter's grasp... Tricky but Jacques had sufficient mastery over the element to just about keep it contained to a small ball of whirling ice white magic in his hand.

Now comes the hard part.

As gently as he could and fighting repulsion, he approached the orb near Nairu's wounds. His brow furrowing in concentration to keep the spell from expanding too far. Gradually, he begun to transfer cold from the orb to the bloodied and damaged tissue and flesh around the arrows.

Unfortunately it all went wrong, this was a task that demanded just too much minute detail and his total unfamiliarity with elf, or anyone else's anatomy meant he was freezing more then intended.

"No!" he gasped as soon as he realized he was letting the cold seep in too fast and it was spreading. He quickly moved away his hand and expended the remaining cold energy onto the floor nearby, resulting in some frozen grass.

01:04, Today: Secret Roll: Jacques DuFlamberc rolled 12 using 3d6+2 with rolls of 3,5,2.   winters grasp. Success
01:03, Today: Secret Roll: Jacques DuFlamberc rolled 12 using 3d6+4 with rolls of 4,3,1.  heal. Failure

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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
A trained mage, and a rather good one too, it was easy for Jacques to control the scope of his spell and direct the flow of magical energy to where he wanted it to go. However, as skilled as a magician he was, Jacques was no physician.

He knew the importance of stopping blood flow and his logic of freezing the wound had been sound. But he didn't know how much of it to control and where the blood was coming from. And so, when he released his spell, his rapture soon turned to horror! Though the blood flow was stopped, it seemed like the freezing cold temperatures were too much for Nairu's already ravaged organs to take. And the skin around the wound suddenly looked dead and gray.

But what shocked Jacques most was the cry of pain that ripped from her.

Her lips turned blue as her body temperature dropped drastically from the sudden change in temperature and she began to shiver. Nairu felt faint, the pain soon turned into a numbing sensation. Her legs... her arms.. her lower body..she was beginning to feel numb all over. Her body was going into shock, shutting down to protect itself from further trauma...

Panicked, Jacques struggled to think. He knew he needed helped. He was on his way to Ferelden and he was 5 miles from Gherlen's Pass, the only passage considered safe for year round travel between Orlais and Ferelden. And he also knew that somewhere along the Pass, there was a village, Gherlen's Rest, which he had planned to spend the night at before moving onto South Reach.

Perhaps.. perhaps, he could get help there.

OOC: It's now 1PM. Jacques failed in his roll and Nairu suffered a 11HP damage. She's going into Shock. But at least the blood has stopped flowing. Gherlen's Pass is 5 miles/8 KM, away. The village is halfway through the Pass.

I don't know how Jacques can conjure an ice sleigh as you originally wanted. Doesn't seem to fit into D.A. So, Jacques can decide: leave Nairu and come back with help? Or try to make it with her, but it will take longer and there is also a chance of opening up her wounds again.

Nairu, feel free to suggest how you'd like to save yourself.

Jacques DuFlamberc
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Sun 30 Apr 2017
at 23:27
Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
"No,no,no,no,no!" lamented Jacques as the consequences of his failure became all too apparent.

"May the fade take my soul, I do not know if you can even still hear me" He touched Nairu's arm and recoiled at how cold it felt, as much as he normally enjoyed the sensation it was not something he liked feeling in living beings.

"But listen, there's a village not too far from here. Just hold on and I'll  find someone to heal you up." He wasn't too sure about the last part in all honesty, but what else could he do?

He toyed with idea of carrying her himself but he was hardly the strong type and in all likelihood would make such slow progress she would die on the way.

He removed his cloak and all but the most basic garments he wore, how fortunate he enjoyed the cold, and tried covering up Nairu "I know it's not much but hopefully this will help until I get back. Just stay strong and I'll be back with some help!" In an attempt to lighten the situation he added "My books are with you so you know I'm coming back! Just stay alive elf!"

On that he prepared himself for the run of his life...
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Thu 11 May 2017
at 19:28
Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
OOC: Since my character is unconscious I can't make an IC post but just in case everyone is waiting for me to say something I don't have any tremendously helpful ideas. If I was to think of something off the top of my head, maybe Jaques might run into some friendly elven scouts that know something in the way of healing since we're close to Dalish territory (atleast I think so, last time I looked at the map it seemed that way) or some other party. But yeah needless to say if this pickle is unsolvable I don't entirely mind starting over.

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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
13th Cloudreach
8:99 Blessed
Argold's Haven, Gherlen's Rest

This isn't the way Jacques planned for his first trip out of Orlais, his first job even, to start. He sat by the hearth and tossed twigs into the low crackling fire and thought about what excuses he could make up to explain why he was late in arriving at his employer's manor in South Reach.

Well, he could always tell the truth, but then again Jacques wasn't exactly sure if people would believe the truth.

Somehow, him saying that he got waylaid by bandits who stole all his things save for the clothes on his back and some books, and then he bumped into an elf hiding in the trees who got terribly injured and then made worse because of his failure at spellcasting which nearly killed her, and then feeling responsible and guilty, he had to run all the way to the village and convince them that he was telling the truth about the bantdit attack and then convince them to help an elf and then convince the villages to provide medical attention for free and lodging for free and then he couldn't just leave her alone and so, that's why he's late.

Jacques sucked in a breath. Just thinking about it made him breathless.

Argold's Haven was a two storied establishment that was the only stop for travelers travelers using through Gherlen's Pass to cross the Frostback Mountains. Argold, the proprietor was Orlesian, and his son Trayn, who had lost a leg during the war, had returned back home a few weeks ago after being honourably discharged. But there had been some trouble with apostates and templars at the Inn and so, Argold was particular mistrustful when Jacques begged him to help Nairu.

The only thing that worked out for him was that Jacques was Orlesian and Argold took that into account. Now, the problem is, how was he going to work off the debt.

On the bed, Nairu began to stir. During the three days of fevered sleep she had, she had weird dreams but reality came crashing back in when she remember some old woman pulling the bolt out of her side and then applying some foul smelling poultice that stank to high heavens.

Still, whatever that old healer woman did, it worked. For the first time in three days, Nairu awoke feeling conscious and aware of her surroundings. And it is the first time, she got a good look at the man named Jacques, who was sitting the kitchen fire looking troubled.

OOC: Gonna open the floor for a little RP. Argold let the both of you share a small room at the back of the inn, meant to the servant's quarters. Inside the quarters is one single bed and the quarters is connected to the kitchen. So Jacques is in the kitchen by the fire, while Nairu is on the bed inside the quarters.

Feel free to RP with the NPCs too if you wish to gain more information about your surroundings. The proprietors of the inn are Argold, his son Trayn and two serving maids who are mother and daughter. They are relatives of Argold. They are Sal and Meredith.

During the three days, Meredith has taken an interest in Jacques. She is intrigued by the fact that he is a circle mage.

Jacques DuFlamberc
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Wed 7 Jun 2017
at 22:22
Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
Jacques bit his lip as mulled over recent setbacks. If only the bandits hadn't run off with pretty much everything he had, then maybe he could have given his possessions as payment and continued on his way with just a few days delay.

Now though it seemed he was stuck here to work out a debt that wasn't even really his....
He shook his head at such a thought and mentally reprimanded himself.
No it was his fault for messing up his spell and almost killing that elf, he could not blame her for that as tempting as it was, only his own narrow field of focus in the magical arts.
Perhaps this was a necessary lesson, he vowed to devote time to mastering the basics of heal craft along with general anatomy next chance he could.

In the meantime though..As galling as it was, he had to send word of his delay to his employer.

He got up and decided to look around for Argold, passing Nairu (whom he assumed to be still unconscious) as he prepared to exit the quarters assigned to them.

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The Game Master
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Fri 9 Jun 2017
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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
Jacques exits the kitchen and out onto the main dining hall where most of Argold's patrons were located. Because Gherlen's Rest was the only established rest point along Gherlen's Pass, Argold's twenty-four hour inn saw travellers entering and exiting at all times.

Though already a man in his fifties, Argold still shows no sign of slowing down. The innkeep, barman and owner seemed to never sleep, as he could be seen almost all the time entertaining his guests!

Now, the man spots Jacques standing at the doorway of the kitchen, looking at him meaningfully. The innkeep excuses himself from a hearty conversation and approaches Jacques to ask, "What is it my boy? You look like you want to say something?"
Jacques DuFlamberc
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Mon 12 Jun 2017
at 01:37
Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
"Sorry to disturb you there." said an embarassed looking Jacques. Not being terribly used to the chuminess of taverns, he still felt awkward when trying to talk to Argold when he was with his customers. Fortunately Argold seemed to have picked up on that and took the initiative himself, guess that's what made him a good innkeeper, nothing seemed to escape his notice.

For both privacy and his own comfort, he started speaking in Orlesian.

"I am sorry to have to ask something else of you..But if i'm to stay here and pay my debt to you for helping my elf.."friend" back there with a clear mind.. I'm going to need to send a letter to my employer if that's ok with you. But..I euh..Don't really know how to send a letter, we had a tranquil back in the circle who handled all that."
He shifted uncomfortably at revealing just how sheltered he really was.

"It's just, I don't want them to think I've run off and become an apostate you know?  Since it seems I'll be staying here a while, I just want to do things by the book and not have the first enchanter wonder what went wrong and thinking the worst since this is the first time i've been let out of the circle on my own. I hope this isn't too bothersome and otherwise I'm eager to help out here however I can"

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Mon 12 Jun 2017
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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
After Nairu woke up, the majority of her time was spent staring at the ceiling, lost in gloomy reflections.

She felt foolish, replaying the events with the bandits a thousand times over in her head. Each time she thought of ways she could have noticed the crossbows and attacked the group differently. She also dwelt heavily on the fact she was very lucky to be alive and how it was a terrible thing to so recklessly be ready to throw yourself in heated anger towards danger.

All the same though, Nairu couldn't stop thinking about returning to that corner of the forest and tracking down those bandits. The memories of their voices, their names, their looks, they gnawed at her thoughts.

Not quite ready to attempt taking a stroll just yet, she began to wonder about where she was. There was a heavy feeling of humanity about the place, and Nairu wondered if she was truly safe here.
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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
*timeskipping to after his conversation with the innkeeper*

Jacques came back twenty minutes later, opening the door without a knock and seemingly on his way to grab something from the kitchen.

As he passes by Nairu's bed he could see she was awake.
"Oh hello there! You are looking...very much alive! Thank the maker!"

His cheerfulness turned into a frown.
"Is everything with you ok? Can you feel your limbs? I did kind of freeze your innards, apologies for that by the way, and well..Yeah i just hope there's no lasting damage.."

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Chapter 29 - A Chance Encounter
"Thought I could make things different.." was the answer she gave, a heavy finality weighing those words. "We won't speak of it again."
She paused, lingering on another statement before finally speaking again. "..Believe I owe you a debt, saved me from that fevered attempt at false revenge. As for my body, it is able again. I owe the people here my gratitude as well."