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Wed 10 Sep 2014
at 15:51
Rapture: Ghost vs Dan Hibiki
Origin: Bioshock
Description: Andrew Ryan's dreamland utopia made real, a place where savage citizens fight over precious Adam.
Trait: A roll of a 1 means the player stumbles upon $0.50. A roll of a 7 means the player missed their opponent and instead struck a slot machine, netting them $5.00.
Flavor Text: I am Andrew Ryan, and I am here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?
Dan Hibiki
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Wed 10 Sep 2014
at 16:11
Re: Rapture: Ghost vs Dan Hibiki
Overall Level: 2 Legendary

HP Level 3: 140
SP Level 1: 20
Power Level 2: 2
Speed Level 2: 2

Passive Abilities:
Description: Dan "The Man" Hibiki gets to taunt at the end of each round, increasing his SP gain by 2.

Rolled 11: Legendary Taunt --> Shisshou Buraiken: 22 Damage (Ghost)
Rolled 91: Evasion Failed

Yet again gracing another downtrodden world with his godlike presence, Dan "The Man" Hibiki regards the man who has challenged him. One look told the martial arts master that he was no challenge. So as to end his potential suffering as quickly and fabulously as possible, The Man rolled into a series of glamorous taunts, each one bringing him closer to Ghost. His fists glowing with the same power that gave him his unparalleled good looks, Dan attacked the man with a barrage of punches and kicks, ending the combo in a powerful uppercut.
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Wed 10 Sep 2014
at 21:25
Re: Rapture: Ghost vs Dan Hibiki
Overall Level: 3

HP Level 2: 120
SP Level 3: 30
Power Level 2: 2
Speed Level 3: 3

Passive Abilities:
Blades of Woe
Description: Ghost absorbs health equal to 1/4 of the damage he would have a dealt without the power multiplier. This is always a whole number, and is always rounded down. Absorption cannot be 0 on a hit, it must be a minimum of 1.

Active Abilities:
Cybernetic Eye Implant
Cost: 25 SP
Description: Ghost is able to estimate the future actions of his opponent. He could easily figure out where that fist might hit with his implant. His speed level increases by 1 on this turn.

Rolled 4:
Attack: Dagger End Jab
Damage: 4*2=8
Rolled: 78
Evasion: Failed

Ghost's confusion was augmented by his teleportation to another world. Was his implant malfunctioning worse than he thought? He looks around to see a dark city in ruins, and the man he saw in the portrait coming towards him, making wild gestures and taunts, even further augmenting his confusion. Having no time to react, he felt multiple punches and kicks hit him. After all that, he only had time to swing wildly with his dagger, hitting him with the end.
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Sat 11 Oct 2014
at 16:03
Re: Rapture: Ghost vs Dan Hibiki
It's finally underway!

Dan Hibiki
HP: 132
SP: 20 --> 22

HP: 99
SP: 30

GM EDIT: Ghost HP changed from 98 to 99 to account for Passive.

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Dan Hibiki
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Sat 11 Oct 2014
at 16:05
Re: Rapture: Ghost vs Dan Hibiki
Rolled 2: Weak Jab: 4 damage
Rolled 70: Evasion failed

Dan winced wildly as he got a slight cut on his arm. "Who brings a knife to a fist fight?! Honestly!?!" Dan punched in all his unending fury at the Ghost again, though he tripped slightly on the way to delivering that punch. Yeah, that was it. Tripped.