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Character Creation Sheet
Origin: place/series of origin for your character. If original, type 'original.' If you want to be really original, type 'lanigiro.'

Character Description: dude, we don't know what you look like, we can't see into this newfangled interwebs thing (but we would be rich if we did)

How much money you have in your wallet right now: ...Seriously. You can even make it up if you want.

You get 10 stat points to start your character with, you may use however many you wish. To raise a stat by 1 level, you must put in the same number of points as the level you wish to raise the stat to (ie. raising power to 2 requres 2 points).

Now, see that nice little "Overall Level" place? You may not raise a stat more than +2 of this number (ie. your Overall Level is 1, you may not raise your power stat to level 4).

Durr, almost forgot: HP increases by 20 points per level, SP increases by 10 points per level. Power and Speed increase by 1 point per level.

Overall Level:

The way this stat works is as follows-

The average of your stats dictates your overall level.  The decimal value (for example, 2.5, 2.25, 2.75) is truncated, thus, in each of those cases, the overall level is still 2.

Here is another example.

Overall Level: 3

HP Level 3: 140
SP Level 4: 50
Power Level 4: 4
Speed Level 4: 4

Despite the fact that three of the four stats are level 4, the overall level is STILL 3 since the average is less than 4.  If one of the level 4 stats were raised to 5, or the last remaining level 3 stat were raised to 4, then the average would be 4 and the overall level would change accordingly.

The decimal is truncated in this manner to help balance the game and avoid enabling players pumping certain stats incessantly.

Points Remaining:
Money Remaining:


Overall Level: 1

HP Level 1: 100
SP Level 1: 20
Power Level 1: 1
Speed Level 1: 1


When creating a character, you may choose to create either a Passive Ability or an Active Ability to start with

Passive Abilities:

Active Abilities:

Attacks: You can name your stuff! Isn't that fun?


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General Rules Of The Game
General Rules For Character Development:

- Don't cheat. You should know how to do it, so don't.

- This game died once due to DRRRRRAMA! so I don't really want much of that around here. If there's a dispute between players, let a GM know and we'll take care of it.

- You are morally obligated to kill Crash Bandicoot whenever you see him. If you don't, you won't lose anything, but you will be made fun of for a little bit. If he shows up in the middle of a fight between two people, or even better four, then he'll die even faster.

- Every participant in a fight will receive money at the end of it, and the money distribution is as follows:
----The winner will receive $1d10 + 15
----If the fight is AMAZING, the winner will receive $1d10 + 20
----The loser will receive half that amount
----For a 2v2, the winners each get $1d10 + 20
----The losers each receive half that amount
----Each post from a player in a fight will earn them $0.25
----A quality post (determined by a GM) will net the player an additional $0.25

- If you are participating in a fight, you may post before or after your opponent, but the round will be counted as the person with the higher speed as striking first, so keep this in mind if you want your post to be seamless with the action without me having to mess with continuity.

- Every now and then we'll have events set up for players who want to participate, but I would request that people stick around through the entire thing, rather than run off. It's no fun if I end up posting for half the people in the game... Sad face...

- Word of caution: THIS IS A FAST-PACED GAME! We've had fights begin, end, rinse and repeat several times in a day, so if you're in a fight, assume that your opponent has posted. If someone goes 24 hours without the next post, the GM has the right to roll and post for them to keep the fight going.

- As you can see, the above rule gets a little boring for us if both players drop out, so if there's a problem you have with the game and you don't feel like you have the desire to post, please feel free to PM me with comments about the game and how you feel it can be improved.

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