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Thu 26 Jun 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
You are good to go, sir.
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Sun 29 Jun 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Felix slowly entered the room behind Door 1 once more.  It had been a long time since he had been here.  The young swordsman rotated his shoulders slowly and cracked his neck.  Even though there were no lasting wounds from his recent battle, the Adept was still weary and sore.  Samanosuke had fought hard and amazingly well.  Felix had won--barely.  Had it not been for his Djinn companions, he would never have emerged victorious.  He needed to grow stronger.  And he knew how to do it.

With a nod to no-one in particular, Felix set a large wad of money on the counter.  His hard-earned reward for battling for his life each and every day.  Well worth it, for all that he was learning.

Felix closed his eyes and began to remember...

They were getting close now; each and every day was growing colder and more miserable than the last.  The final lighthouse could not be far.  Felix only hoped that they were all prepared.

He had battled alongside his companions for many months.  He had grown to know and love them like his own family.  It helped ease the pain of the loss of his parents, even just a little.  The last thing that he wanted was for any of them to get hurt.

"Look over there.  I think we will have to go through that first; no way around that I can see."

Felix turned to his left to regard Garet.  The powerful fire Adept had been paired with Felix and Sheba.  They were approaching the lighthouse from east; the others had split off into two groups and were coming from south and west.  The plan was to meet up at the entrance and head inside then.  They knew that they were stronger as a team, but sometimes they needed to separate to move through an area undetected.

Felix then trained his gaze on the creature that Garet had referred to.  It was a massive bear, foaming and crazed.  It slashed over and over again at the trees near it, causing many of them to splinter and crack.  The bear was also blocking the only path they could take between the narrow mountain crack on the way to the lighthouse.

Felix nodded and motioned for the other two to follow his lead.  They would need to strike fast and hard to take out the enraged beast before it could attack them.

Felix jumped over a large rock and presented himself to the bear first.  The creature, eyes flaming red, charged at the earth Adept with no reservations.  Felix easily sidestepped the monster and slashed at the back of its legs.  Garet yelled from the side, hoping to call the beast over so that he could try his new axe on its hide.  Sheba was behind a large bush, preparing to launch a small cyclone at the bear to slow it down.

Before Felix could deter it, the bear spotted Sheba and began to charge her.  The young girl would not have time to move; she would be trampled by the beast.

"No!" Felix yelled as he threw rock after rock at the sprinting monster.  Each small boulder bounced off the bear's thick hide, unnoticed.  He would never be stopped in time.

A red blur smashed into the bear and sent it careening into the closest tree.  Instantly, an axe was raised and fell with the force of an avalanche.  The bear lay still.  They were safe.

Felix, hands trembling, slowly made his way towards Sheba and the still-glowing Garet.

Sheba nodded to him, signaling that she was unharmed.

"Wha...what was that?" the earth Adept asked of Garet.

The larger man smiled and flexed his muscles.  His entire body was enveloped in a reddish hue.  As the moments passed, the glow gradually faded to nothingness, leaving Garet with his normal skin tone.

"That was the power of fire.  We may not be the smartest or quickest, but we have raw power on our hands.  That is our strength."

Garet held out his hand, allowing a tiny creature to come forth.  Spark, one of the Mars Djinn, looked at him with a sly expression.  He would help Felix.  He could make him stronger.

Felix nodded and allowed the diminutive creature to come to his hand and merge with his spirit.  He felt the warm power of fire meld with his body and soul.  He would become stronger.  He wanted to protect his allies and defeat his opponents.  He was ready.

Felix opened his eyes and smiled.  His body had a faint reddish hue to it.  He flexed.  He was strong.  He would not be easily defeated again.

Spending: $70

Obtained: Mars Djinn



Innate buffs/debuffs for having each djinn equipped:

Mars: Damage +2 per turn, HP -2 per turn

If Felix has two djinn equipped at a time both buffs and debuffs are active. NOTE: Felix may take any 2 into a fight with him, but he must choose them before the match begins.

Here is the "roadmap" for how they work:

Start-Set: buffs/debuffs are active as long as djinn are set.

Use: Active ability that puts the djinn into standby mode, lose all buffs/debuffs until the djinn is reset; only ONE djinn can be used per turn.

Set: Sacrifice the ability to attack or evade by defending (take 3/4 damage); buff/debuff returns on the following turn since the djinn is reset. *CAN ONLY SET ONE DJINN PER TURN.

Summon: Active ability (Summoned djinn auto-reset after recovery without requiring Felix to defend and sacrifice his turn)

1) Requires djinn to be used and in standby mode.
2) The djinn is recovering on the next turn (so no buff/debuff) and then sets on the following turn, two turns from the unleash.

*If there were two djinn summoned, then one sets on turn two after the summon, the other sets on turn three after the summon.  They reset in the same order as they were used.

Active effect:

Mars: Power +1 for the next turn (15 SP)

*Only one djinn can be used per turn.

Summon Effect:

Summoning 1 djinn- 20 SP to deal 2d5 Damage to one opponent.

Summoning 2 djinn- 30 SP to deal 3d4 Damage to one opponent.

Summons currently available:
Venus               1 Venus             
Elemental power of Earth.
A venus djinn flies onto the field and causes a series of explosions to damage
Felix's opponent.

Mars                1 Mars               
The elemental power of fire.
Description:  A mars djinn flies on the field and causes damage to the opponent
with a fiery explosion.

Mercury             1 Mercury           
The elemental power of water.
Description:  A mercury djinn flies onto the field and shoots a barrage of
water beams at Felix's target.

Jupiter             1 Jupiter           
The elemental power of wind.
Description:  A jupiter djinn flies onto the field and causes damage with
blast of wind.


Djinn Used:        1 Venus 1 Mars
Earth's might enflamed.
Description:  A minotaur-like beast rushes onto the field and strikes Felix's opponent with a scythe.  The creature sprints away as quickly as it appeared.


Djinn Used:        1 Mars 1 Jupiter
The goddess of vengeance.
Description:  Two large swords fall down from the sky onto the arena.  A fiery tornado hits Felix's opponent; within the inferno resides the goddess.


Djinn Used:        1 Venus 1 Jupiter
The wind rider, goddess of flowers.
Description:  This summon creates a clear sky.  A myriad of flowers float
by, then the goddess appears.  She shoots multiple petals out of a seal, which are launched at the opponent.


Djinn Used:        1 Mercury 1 Jupiter
A sacred ice monster.
Description:  Snow falls on the arena and a giant, frozen creature appears.  This dog-shaped monster sends ice and hail to bombard the opponent.


Djinn Used:        1 Mercury 1 Mars
A legendry wandering mage.
Description:  A card floats down onto the arena and summons the mage.  Ulysses releases more cards that turn into lobster claws which clamp down on Felix's opponent.


Djinn Used:        1 Venus 1 Mercury
An awakened dragon of the deep.
Description:  A large, fish-like dragon comes from above and grabs Felix's foe.  It then takes them to an underwater environment and shoots a massive energy ball at the opponent.

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Sun 29 Jun 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Done!  And also got an achievement!

Look! A Rainbow! Applies to Felix only
Condition: Collect a djinn of each element
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Sun 29 Jun 2014
at 23:54
Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Also using $120 to buy 12 skill points.  Using them to raise Power from Lv5 -> Lv6 and to raise Speed from LV5 -> LV6.
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Wed 2 Jul 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
You are set.
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Fri 4 Jul 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
$50 for 5 stat points, raising Power from 4 to 5
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Fri 4 Jul 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Check the character creation page.  You cannot raise a stat to more than +2 of your overall level, which currently is 2.  Once you raise another stat by one point, your overall level will become 3, allowing you to raise power once more.  This helps keep players from only raising one stat.  Hope that makes sense!
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Fri 4 Jul 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Ah, forgot all about that one. :3c

Spending $30 to raise HP to Lv3 for now.
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Sat 5 Jul 2014
at 16:00
Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
You are all set!
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Tue 22 Jul 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Looking at the things on sail Stickman thought for a moment. What was he lacking in the previous fight? ... ... ... The strength to make a proper punch! (Maybe Ganon was a bad influence...)

Spending 50$ for 5 stat points.

Using the 5 stat points and the remaining 2 to raise attack from level 2 to level 4.

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Sun 27 Jul 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Good to go!
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Sun 3 Aug 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Samanosuke walked into the room slowly, yet proudly. He felt as if he had some purpose here, some meaning restored to his fighting. It was to gain power, to feel stronger in this place overall. For what they were getting stronger, he did not know for certain, but he was sure it would present itself soon.

Shortly after entering, the eye of the Oni Gauntlet started glowing slowly. Curious, Samanosuke looked down at the gauntlet. "Do you sense something here?" Samanosuke asked the gauntlet, not expecting an answer. Slowly, the gauntlet's eye pulsed quicker, the same pulse as when it is absorbing souls for Samanosuke to increase in his own power, as well as the gauntlets and the Onimusha weapons.

After the pulsing reached a maximum, the gauntlet slowly changed shape, somewhat indistinguishable to most people, but the form it took on seemed to be broader, as if it were protecting Samanosuke's arm up past the elbow now. It was growing stronger, as Samanosuke wasn't the only one who was increasing in strength. He felt it too. Muscles in his arms and legs felt as if they could do more, move faster and hit harder.

Then, his hands felt heavier, but only by a little bit.

Samanosuke looked down at his hands, surprised and taken aback by what he saw they were holding. Two white blades shone with a blinding light, illuminating everything around him, but soon died down to a soft glow. The lightbearing blades, the ones he felt when he fought along with Jacques in the future, Tenso. Samanosuke smirked. "It's good to see you too, old friend," Samanosuke said quietly. It was time to get back to work in this place. Samanosuke turned around and walked away, satisfied with the power he had acquired in this place so far, but not yet ready to stop growing even more powerful.


Acquiring Oni Gauntlet Lv 3 - $80.00
Acquiring Tenso - $80.00
Acquiring Power Lv 6 - $60.00
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Thu 14 Aug 2014
at 23:30
Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
His fight with Kaim coming to an end, Enkidu and Gilgamesh were swept back to the Nexus, healed and refreshed.  Walking through the doors, they approached the room of training, knowledge, and all odds-and-ends.  Approaching the counter, Gilgamesh purchased an odd map.  It was a map that gave directions through the Rift to a chest with a treasure in it.  Gilgamesh purchased the map for $80.00.

Then, Gilgamesh used the Genji Katana to slice a cut into space and slipped through into the Rift, Enkidu closely following.


Sometime later, Gilgamesh came tumbling back into the Nexus.  There was steam coming off of the Genji Armor, and green blood stained the Genji Katana, however there was a wide grin on his face, having fought his way victoriously back into the Nexus.  Gilgamesh held up the shield.   It was a humungous shield that only a massive warrior would be able to wield effectively.  It had strange runes and symbols etched in gold on a black background.  These runes seemed to shift and move with a life of their own, distorting the air around the Sword Collector.

"Ah ha!  One more piece found, Enkidu!"

Swinging the shield about a few times, Gilgamesh sheathed the Genji Katana and then secured the Genji Shield to one of his many arms.

Acquiring the Genji Shield - $80.00
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Sat 16 Aug 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
After the unfortunate outcome battling against the hardy farmer, EDGE-01 started working on expanding his energy supply. $30 was given up in exchange for three spheres, which in turn he used to improve what is commonly identified as SP.

SP Lv2->Lv3
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Sat 16 Aug 2014
at 20:04
Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Gilgamesh and EDGE, you're all updated and set!
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Fri 5 Sep 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
(continued from Main Room)
Ghost walks in and immediately asked whoever manned this place for the goods.
"I need a wrench. A platinum plated one. Wires. Red rubber insulated. Bolts, 3 4/5 to the power of two sized. Also, screws... Philips head, no, horse head screws. Obviously, I need a dragon egg... oh, you actually sell those... I need an Arduino board. The new make, the one with the wires and the programming. All Arduino boards are like that? Well, I also need Elven metal. Elven plastic steel plated heat treated tempered Dwarf inhabited metal, specifically. I also need..."
Ten minutes later of rambling, the man managed to have everything that he needed, for some reason. He paid for all the stuff, when some supplements caught his eye. Ghost took one look at his arms, which, other than being full of stuff, was not too strong. He knew he should've been able to carry his load, but he was just really fast, even the more fast with his implant. He just needed strength.
He took the supplements, not too surprised at expensive price.

He went to table and started to work on his implant. And take the supplements.

After that, he was a bit stronger and healthier... and he fixed a very important part of his implant.
Planeswalking. The implant used to be able to let him planeswalk without having the Spark, and also let him survive the Blind Eternities for as long as a normal planeswalker. This allowed him to walk all over and see all the different worlds, for the adventure.

He walked to the Eternities, happy to leave this place, having seen all the sights.
A few moments later though, he reappeared again. Confused, he tried to walk out again.
He was then teleported back.
Smiling, he began to stretch his muscles. He took a running start, then disappeared again. Not a moment too soon, he reappeared again, this time, with some dark new blades, that seemed to emit malevolence. They were blades designed for killing, to take other's lives. They were all fed with the blood of thousands.
They were the Blades of Woe.

When he first tried to walk out of the place, he headed straight for Nirn, as that's where he was last. When he appeared, for a second though, he appeared in a Dark Brotherhood sanctuary, in what seemed to be the leader's bedroom. He was pulled back towards the room, before he could investigate. The second time, he saw on the dresser two dark blades. He tried to reach for it, before he was pulled back again.

The Dragonborn walked into the bedroom, happy to sleep after a long day, before suddenly a hooded man came running, appearing from nowhere, and took two of the Dark Brotherhood's precious blades. Before he could stop him, he disappeared again, without a trace.

Everybody, even Cicero, thought him crazy at the time when he told the story.

OOC: TL;DR and clarification
$20 for 2 points into Power
$20 for 2 points into HP
$75 for Blades of Woe Passive Ability:
Blades of Woe
Description: Ghost absorbs health equal to 1/4 of the damage he would have a dealt without the power multiplier. This is always a whole number, and is always rounded down. Absorption cannot be 0 on a hit, it must be a minimum of 1

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Sat 6 Sep 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Ghost, you're all set.
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Sat 6 Sep 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Gilgamesh's lumbering form entered the room once more.  Plodding up to the counter, the Sword Collector dropped the heavy money pouch onto the counter, spilling coins across the surface.  For once, the sword master wondered just what this shop keeper did with all the money he made in a place such as this.  He raised an eyebrow at the thought and eyed the shop keeper with speculation, before shrugging and letting the matter be.  Leaning forward, the giant warrior folded two of his arms onto the counter and indicated a map behind the man with one of this others.

"That map there, my good, Sir.  I have come for the final pieces."

As Gilgamesh took the map, he straightened and looked it over, muttering to himself.  This wasn't good.  The last two pieces would not be easy to get.  Looking into the nearby shadows of one of the walls, Gilgamesh motioned.  Enkidu slipped out of hiding and paced up beside his best friend.  The Sword Collector said, "Are you ready, old friend?  We go to fight an old and ancient enemy."  Looking at the map once more, Gilgamesh whispers ... Necrophobe, then he takes out a small dagger.  Slashing the air with the blade, he opens a way into the Rift, and he and Enkidu slip through.


Some time later, the tear in space opens, and Enkidu slips back through, Gilgamesh leaning on the wolf heavily.  The healing powers of the Nexus immediately begin restoring the two, healing wounds and even what looked like a broken/shattered arm for Gilgamesh.  Their burns were healed and both were made whole once again.  The grimace of pain Gilgamesh had began to ease away, and he stood up straighter, wiping the sweat from his head.

"He yet lives, Enkidu, but we managed to get what we sought.  I could not have foreseen that the Rift Beast would come upon us in the midst of the battle.  Who could have imagined we would have become unlikely allies for one brief moment.  But, behold, the last pieces!"

Gilgamesh now sported a new helmet and a pair of gauntlets on two of his hands.  The helmet appeared to have been crafted straight out of a demon skull.  Its horns were twisted and curled, with runes marking its dark-bony surface.  The terrible power radiating from the helmet seemed to reinforce the spiritual abilities of its wearer.  The gloves were black as death-personified against a moonless sky.  There was power in their inky darkness, and the horrors those gloves must have inflicted through the weapons they have wielded is unimaginable.  They seem to soak in negative energy and protect their wearer from harm.

Current Monies: 195.25
Genji Helm: Genji Helmet - Costs $80.00 (Upgradable)
Genji Gloves: Genji Gloves - Costs $80.00

Remaining: $35.25

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Mon 8 Sep 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
This place seems to be able to glean information from their place of origin, and EDGE-01 proceeded to give it a try. Offering the essence has has collected from the battle against the titans and an amount of the plane's currency, he begins to send a hailing message.

Accessing GEAR database...
Sending coordinates...
Enlist Radar Hawk...

It was a visible pause as EDGE-01 stood there waiting, until a cry from what sounds like that of a hawk echoed in the hallway. Up from the high ceiling soared a mechanical hawk, possessing a technological resemblance to the rescue android. The steel avian circled once, before descending and making perch on EDGE-01's arm. The creature is about as big the android's torso, with wingspan wider than the extension of both arms. It looked around the area before soaring off again, this time to the direction of what acts as EDGE-01's quarters.

Current Funds: $172.75
Use of Essence of Technique
Radar Hawk cost at $75
Purchase of Spheres x9 at $90
Power Lv4 -> Lv5
HP Lv3 -> Lv4
$165 spent
$7.75 remaining

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Tue 9 Sep 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Again entering the Item Room, Jin looked over the items on the table. After only briefly looking the various otherworldly commodities here before, he decided to try a few of them out. Picking up more of the strange strength-boosting orbs as well, Jin placed the appropriate amount of money on the table, along with another slip illustrated with strange symbols which glowed a dull blue. As newfound power filled his body, Jin turned to rejoin his fellows in the Main Hall. With this latest threat vanquished, there was no better time to challenge some of the higher-ranking warriors of the Nexus, and hopefully find a clue as to how he could get home.

Purchasing 7 Stat Points & redeeming Essence of Intelligence ($70.00) Total: 12 Stat Points
Purchasing Dark Overload: Containment Level 3 (MAX!): $150.00
Purchasing Eau de Pirate Hunter ($15.00)
Purchasing Eau de Draconian ($15.00)
Total Amount Spent: $250.00

Increasing HP to Level 6
Increasing SP to Level 6

Stat Points Remaining: 0

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Wed 10 Sep 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
EDGE and Jin, you're good to go!
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Thu 11 Sep 2014
at 19:28
Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Upon entering the room Stickman made his way to the counter. Apart from the usual listed items he found something quite unusual. Was that a book? Maybe he could acquire new techniques from it. However, the item seemed to be quite costly. Luckily he had not only received money from their last boss encounter, but also a new item.

Current Money: 195.50$
Use essence of technique to:
Buy "2D! No, wait 3D! ... 2.5D?" for 100$

Buy 6 Stat Points:
Increase HP to Level 3
Increase Speed to Level 3

Money remaining: 35.50$

Once he held the book in his hands the ink was literally absorbed into his hands granting new powers and greater mastery over his unique Body. With new powers in store he couldn't wait to test them out...
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Thu 11 Sep 2014
at 22:35
Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
Gilgamesh and Stickman, you are set!
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Fri 14 Nov 2014
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Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
EDGE-01 went in through the hallway where abilities can be enhanced, giving up the available currency he has on hand in exchange for the spheres. A faint glow surrounded his body, outlining the circuitry embedded within as the enhancements are applied.

$40 for 4 Spheres
Speed Lv3->Lv4

After the treatment, the rescue android felt a little more agile than before. It would be of great help later on, being able to respond quickly against ever-changing threats on the battlefield.
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Sat 15 Nov 2014
at 01:01
Re: Door 1: Item/Ability Acquisition
You are good to go.  Updating your character sheet now.