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Suggestions Thread
Here is a place to post ideas on how to improve the game.  If you have thoughts on a new stage, challenger, mechanic or even a change to an existing element of this game, post those comments here.  We can all share our opinions and determine the best way to tweak the game and make it more fun for everyone.
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Sat 20 Aug 2011
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Re: Suggestions Thread
I keep "Idea Slamming" in the PMs, so I figured I should use this thread for what it is for!  Let the players shoot down my ideas (or fix them!) :-)

Stage Idea

- Hunting Grounds
  Origin: Chrono Trigger
  Description: I'm hunting Nus, ohhhhh, I'm hunting Nus in the rain!
  Trait: Every third turn, it rains!  Players roll a 1d6 to go hunting and see if they can catch a Nu!

  1: You found 1x Petal!
  2: You found 1x Horn!
  3: You found 1x Feather!
  4: You found 1x Fang!
  5: You found a Nu!  But he escaped... and dropped a Mop!
  6: You CAUGHT a Nu! 3x Petal, 3x Horn, 3x Feather, 3x Fang

  Favor Text: Watch out for dinosaurs!

 Note: Player gets $0.50 for every three combo they have at the end of the battle.  I.e. if a player has 2 Petals, 4 Horns, 6 Feathers, and 1 Fang... they get $1.50 ($0.50 for 3 Horns, and $1.00 for 6 Feathers)
 Note: The Mop goes into the Player's inventory.  It is a x1 use item which lets a player turn a roll of a 1 into a 2.

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Sat 20 Aug 2011
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Re: Suggestions Thread
Stage Idea

- The Magical Quest
  Origin: Talisman the Boardgame
  Description: A magical land with adventure around every corner!
  Trait: The Arena changes four times, becoming progressively more hazardous until only ONE is left.  There are four arenas: The Outer Region, The Middle Region, The Inner Region, The Crown of Command.

  * Players begin in the Outer Region.  They are here for Five Turns.  At the start of a turn, players roll a 1d6 die to see what happens to them:
  1: You come upon a Cave, and encounter a Dragon! (-20 HP)
  2. You are lost in the Forest!  (Speed -1 level for this Roll)
  3. You come upon a Cave, and find 2 Bags of Gold!
  4. You come upon a Cave, and find 3 Bags of Gold!
  5. You encounter a Village! (Choose to: Buy a Sword +1 Power Buff for one gold, heal 10 HP for one gold, Buy a Shield +1 Speed Buff for one gold, or buy a Water Bottle Buff for one gold)
  6. You found a Fairy which grants you a wish! (Choose a Buff +1 HP Level, +1 SP Level, +1 Power Level, +1 Evasion Level)

  *After five turns, players move into the Middle Region!  They are here for Four Turns.  Players roll a 1d6 to see what happens to them:
  1: You come upon a Desert.  (-20 HP if you have no water bottle)
  2. You encounter a Temple, but are chased out as they attempt to make you a slave! (-1 Speed Level Buff)
  3. You encounter the Black Knight! (Pay 1 Gold otherwise -20 HP)
  4. You encounter a witch!  Roll a 1d6, if you get a 1,2, or 3, then you get -1 Power Level, -1 Speed Level as Buffs. Otherwise nothing happens and you  chase her away.
  5. You encounter an Imp! You match wits and win!  Receive +1 Power Level, +1 Speed Level as Buffs.
  6. You come upon a Warlock in a hidden Cave (Choose a Buff +1 HP Level, +1 SP Level, +1 Power Level, +1 Evasion Level)

*After four turns, players move into the Inner Region!  They are here for Three Turns.  Players roll a 1d6 to see what happens to them:
  1: Lost in the Mines! (Speed Level is reduced to 1 for this turn only)
  2. On no! Vampires! Roll a 1d6.  Lose the roll x10 in HP (can't be reduced lower than 1 HP)
  3. Roaming through the crypts, its way freaky! (Power Level is reduced to 1 for this turn only.)
  4. Werewolves assault you!  Roll 2 1d6 die.  If the result is less than 8, lose 20 HP (can't be reduced lower than 1 HP).
  5. The Imp Hoarrrrddd!  Choose to either sacrifice 10 SP or lose 20 HP.
  6. Dice with Death.  Roll a 1d6.  If your roll is higher than a GM roll of a 1d6, then you are safe.  Otherwise, lose 50% of remaining HP rounded down.

*After three turns, players move into the Wizard's Tower and toward the Crown of Command!  While here, the players (who are actually STILL alive at this point) roll as normal.  However, each player in the area also rolls a 1d20.  Whoever rolls the highest that turn uses the Crown of Command!  All other players alive lose 20 HP and 10 SP.

  Favor Text: There can only be ONE!  Are you worthy of the Crown?

Note: Buffs are features of this Stage.  You lose all buffs when the combat is over.  So adjustments to levels are NOT permanent if they came about by a buff.
Note: Any bags of gold left in the players position at the end of the Stage are worth $0.50.
Note: If the combat actually reaches the Crown of Command, then the last person standing is declared Master of the Crown!  They gain an extra $10.00 for their victory.

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Thu 25 Aug 2011
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Re: Suggestions Thread
Hunting ground is amazing.  I want to do that one for sure.  I need to look at the other one in more detail before saying anything for certain.  Also, I'll have to come up with some stuff for your PM questions soon.  I'll get on it in a little while, so sit tight!
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Tue 17 Apr 2012
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Re: Suggestions Thread
Seeing as we're suffering from a severe lack of active players here, why not have smaller events placed throughout the game to push the plot along? Rather than waiting for ten or so players to post, we could rely on four or five and keep the regular game rolling in the meantime. The events could range from battles to puzzles or games of chance.

Instead of offering a long-term item every time, participants could receive a special type of one-use item for Cash or Stats, and possibly a key item of some sort that would be necessary to progress in the future.
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Thu 15 May 2014
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Re: Suggestions Thread
I definitely like that idea, as events seem to be pretty popular. We'll have to work stuff out with details, but we should definitely do this in the future. It's always fun to raid with your friends and take on a challenging boss!