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Game Introduction
Game Introduction 

The time is May 2003.

BTVS: Endless Nights originally began in Sunnydale right after the end of the tv show with the last episode ending a bit differently.  Buffy and her friends and allies all died due to Spike's amulet wiping out both the good guys and bad guys and banishing the First to another dimension. Sunnydale didn't sink into the ground, but it was now nearly empty since the population evacuated shortly before the final battle.

The cast of heroes in the game spent the first two seasons battling the evil vampire mayor and his evil vampire police force.  Along with an army of Turok-Hans who were above ground when everyone below ground was destroyed. Those enemies are now defeated, but the cast discovered a prophecy that sent them to London.

The game will have a mature rating.

This is a unisystem game, so to play you will need to own, have access to, or be familiar with the BTVS RPG corebook published by Eden.  I'm going by the revised corebook, but if you have the original, that's no big deal.

If you would like to submit characters for the game, please read the character submission guidelines.

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