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Sat 19 Jan 2013
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Episode  1-2
Picking up where we left off at the end of Episode1:

Michael moves like a blur down the hallway, following the path of the fleeing Turok-Han that leads him through the double doors which indeed turns out to be the school auditorium.

The sight that greets him, well............it's a good thing he doesn't breathe, otherwise the sight would suck the air from his lungs.

Turok-Hans.  A lot of them.  Fifty?  Sixty?  More?!

They like it here because the auditorium has no windows.  They watch as one of their number barrels in through the doorway and down the aisle.

Then they look up at what followed.

Fifty plus Turok-Hans all turn to face Michael.

OCC: And episode 2 is off and running.  Pick up where you left off at the end of ep 1.
Michael Smith
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Sat 19 Jan 2013
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Re: Episode  1-2
Turok Hans are fast. Hopefully, he's faster.

Because he suddenly about faces and RUNS like the wind! 4 at a time, great. 50? The laws of probability just don't allow for that. He doesn't mind taking them down in small groups, true enough, but yeah...fighting an army by yourself is just stupid.
Daniel Whitlock
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Sat 19 Jan 2013
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Re: Episode  1-2
As Daniel's beat up Plymouth GTX made it's way into the town the first thing he noticed was nothing.  As in the absolute nothingness of what seemed to be a ghost town if it wasn't for the fact that there were cars left behind he would have to wonder if the streets ever saw any use before.  "Not a creature stirring not even a mouse, I think Santa's working early this time of year.  Just what in the hell?"   There were certainly rumors that the town was rife with problems.  But now he had to wonder who was even around to spread that talk in the first place.

"I'm guessing stopping by the Denny's to get a bite to eat is off the table.  Now where am I going to get my daily dose of processed garbage?"  Suffice to say he had absolutely no idea what he had gotten into.
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Sun 20 Jan 2013
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Re: Episode  1-2
A horde of Turok-Hans rush towards the auditorium entrance in pursuit of Michael.

But the auditorium entrance, even with double doors, wasn't designed to fit that many ubervamps through it at the same time.  They crash into each other, created a bottlenecked mob at the entrance with none of them fitting through at once.

Our heroes have a slight head start.