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Episode 1 X 4
In the Summers Kitchen:

Mike is the first to enter the kitchen.  He sees four people in the kitchen. All four wear black robes with hoods, they have pale white flesh, and there are peculiar symbols where there eyes should be.

All four pulls out large curved knives.

Meanwhile in the street in front of the Summers house:

Daniel puts on the brakes bringing the bus to a halt in front of the house.  He turns his head to see someone in a black robe and carrying a big knife sneaking towards the front door.

The figure turns at the sound of the bus arriving and changes direction, now heading towards the bus.  The girl with Daniel shouts "Oh no!  A bringer!!" as she ducks behind the seat.

OCC:Here we go.  To the combat thread.  four bringers in the kitchen, Mike has initiative on them. One out front coming towards Daniel on the bus, Daniel will have initiative if he rushes out to meet him.
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Tue 26 Feb 2013
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Re: Episode 1 X 4
Out front:

Daniel turned his head to the frightened girl before calling out.  "What's a bringer?" His question would have to wait whilst the hooded man came slowly towards the door.  The man had seen enough horror movies to know the guy lumbering forth with the huge knife wasn't exactly on friendly terms.  "Wait here!"  The girl obviously knew something, which at the very least meant she wouldn't do something risky like jumping out of the bus.

Pulling the lever to swing the door open he would make his way out.  Sword clad in hand.  "You know in retrospect I could have just ran you over."  Of course that wouldn't have been quite as fun.  Daniel would waste no time, the moment the blind man came near enough he swung his elbow into the guy's jaw. Gripping his sword's hilt firmly as he readied himself for the ensuing assault. The man backed up a step, grunting in pain, but not saying anything.  He lunged forward with his large knife at Daniel who evaded the attack.  Amazingly, a lack of eyes didn't impair his accuracy.  He took a couple of steps forward to the bus open doors, apparently more interested in the bus than Daniel.

Mike, like all vampires, just didn't get tired. And bringers weren't all that dangerous to him, really. So he aimed vicious punches at two of them and they both dodged his attacks. Mike then presented a flawless defense for the same two, while the two he didn't try to whack circled around and made a run for the living room.

Reaching the living room, they encountered Merry, Graham, and Annabelle.  Both then rushed towards Annabelle, knives ready for action.

OCC: On to next round.  Two bringers in the kitchen fighting Mike, one outside with Daniel, two in the living room with the other three and both going for Annabelle. Heroes have initiative.
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Thu 28 Feb 2013
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Re: Episode 1 X 4
Out front:

Spurred into action to keep his passenger safe, Daniel quickly moved to intercept the path of the Bringer.  Swinging down with his blade, he sliced his spry blind target, then made a follow-up with a thrust into the Bringer's chest.  It didn't matter if he really pierced the thing's heart as long as he managed to get its focus away from the bus.  Prepared to fend off any attacks without a moment's hesitation Daniel squared his body to defend himself.

But it did in fact pierce the heart, the bringer's grunt of pain from the first attack was cut off by the second, as he then collapsed to the ground.  Dead but not dusted.  Unfortunately, dead bringers leave a mess.

In the house:

"Oh crumbs, not these bloody freaks again!!  Watch out, they can see even though they dont' have eyes!!"she shouts to the rest just as she noticed they were both coming at her.

Wanting to stay alive, she focused on avoiding their big knives and managed to deftly dodge out of the way of the knives from both bringers.

"Are they...are you ignoring me?!  No one ignores a Crowley!"  Merry looked at the bringers, aghast and leapt forward, whipping her saber at the leading bringer with an angry growl before snapping back to deflect any counterattack.

The bringer grunted in pain then turned his attention to Merry as the other stayed on Annabelle.

Mike continues launching vicious punches at the bringers...with identiical levels of skill to the last time around and the bringers dodged yet again. He got frustrated this time, however, and his defense isn't anywhere near as flawless.
Both bringers took advantage, driving both of their knives into Mike's undead flesh.  Luckily for Mike, not as much of a problem since most of his vital organs aren't as necessary as they used to be.

Meanwhile, Graham having been upstairs, comes down in time to see the fight going on in the living room.

OCC:Next round.  Four points of damage to Mike.  Went ahead and resolved this round without Graham this time.  Daniel's bringer is dead, he's free to run inside and help if he wants.  Two in the living room, two in the kitchen.
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Sat 2 Mar 2013
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Re: Episode 1 X 4
Pain, though relatively minor as it was, brings clarity, and he steps up his game, attacking with slightly greater skill as he punches the first bringer, knocking him onto the kitchen floor while the second manages to dodge him, and defending with greater skill as well but not enough to avoid another successful stab from the still standing bringer.

"Well this isn't going peachy at all."Annabelle said.  At least she only had to deal with one bringer at the moment, hopefully Graham would mount a successful attack and Daniel would get back soon.  Judging by the sound coming from the kitchen, Mike was otherwise occupied.  Once again Annabelle concentrated not being on the pointy end of the bringer knife and succeeded as she dodged out of the way of another stabbing attack aimed at her body.

Merry grinned as the Bringer seemed to focus his attention on her.  She threw back her head and gave her best haughty laugh (which, it must be said, was magnificent).  She whirled her saber into another withering riposte, sticking it into the bringers midsection, then jerked it back into a hurried parry.  "Come on then, love!  Show me your best and I'll show you the finest swordsmanship daddy could buy for my birthday!" But this bringer wouldn't be showing his best, since that last blow finished him off as he slumped to the floor.

Daniel turned his head around ignoring the corpse now laying on the lawn and poked his head into the bus.  "Listen don't let anyone in unless they're with me.  You'll be safe in here...I think.  Look I will be right back."  Daniel didn't wait for a response from the girl, he couldn't.  Rushing to the front door he would make his way back in.  Immediately calling out as he got inside to alert anyone that may be around.  "Honey, I'm home!"  The I Love Lucy joke was mostly to get the attention of anyone that shouldn't be expecting him.  IE Blind knife wielding nuts.

And that's exactly what he sees, two more of the bringers engaging Merry, Graham, and Annabelle, although it appears Merry just finished one off.  Daniel doesn't see Mike or other bringers but the noise coming from the kitchen gives him a good clue.

Coming out of the bathroom upstairs, Graham is greeted with the sounds of battle downstairs. "A guy can't even go to the restroom for five minutes around here without a fight breaking out. God I've missed Sunnydale," he mutters to himself as runs down the stairs. Drawing his combat knife, he jumps down behind the on on Annabelle and slashes into his back. The creature grunts in pain but doesn't scream as Graham's knife slashes his fleash. He then prepares himself for Mr. No Eyes' counter attack. The bringer then turns his attention to Graham but quickly sees his fallen partner and the fact he's now outnumbered four to one.  He glances in the direction of the door.

OCC:Next round.  Two points of damage to Mike, he only has one bringer to worry about this round, other one is slowly getting to his feet after shaking off Mike's punch.  One bringer left standing in the living room.
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Tue 5 Mar 2013
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Re: Episode 1 X 4
Seeing the Bringer was distracted looking toward the door, Graham slashed out with his knife, trying to put it down quick.  But the silent fiend still had enough left in him to avoid Graham's attack.

Mike seems to be getting better the longer he fights the bringers.  This time, he aims his first punch at the Bringer still standing, landing a bonecrushing blow to the bringer's face. His followup at the one trying to get up is an easy hit, since he had a harder time defending. His defense was virtually perfect as the still standing bringer seems to be moving in slow motion as he rams his knife in Mike's direction, but only connects with the air.

"Good show Merry.  I'm so glad you decided to take those fencing lessons yourself rather than have your chambermaid take them in your place like you told me you were planning back in school." Seeing the remaining bringer was covered in the living room, she rushed to the kitchen to give Mike some help.  She opted to go after the bringer just getting to his feet and aimed a kick at him. It barely manages to connect, and likely only does since Mike's blow set him up.

"You know, I'd thought of having her do it, but the silly cow was right-handed.  And I can't have my servants representing me with the wrong hand!  Bloody lucky I didn't have it cut off to make her learn to be a lefty..."  Merry called back to Annabelle as she joined Graham in attacking the other Bring in the living room.  She slid a hand behind her back in a classic fencing stance, then lunged forward, whipping her saber back and forth to slash into the bringer.  That finished him as he dropped to the floor, still and unmoving.

Seeing as the pair of Merry and Graham had the Living Room fully covered, Daniel opted to follow suit when Anabelle rushed by towards the kitchen.  The sight of the two bringers immediately spurred him on to action.  Running forward, he jumped using the side of the fridge as a leverage point to assist the motion of his acrobatic display as he spun in the air with a kick that slammed into the rising Bringer's head aiding Annabelle, and sending him back to the ground, appaently for good as this bringer appeared to be pummeled to death.  Daniel then nimbly landed on his feet rather than land pathetically on the ground or through some kitchen furniture.  "I get the feeling everyone in town wants us dead."

Only one bringer was left standing now.  Knowing he was outnumbered, he made a dash for the rear kitchen door.  Then he froze in place as if he hit an invisible forcefield.  He was frozen for a second before falling over dead on his back, a huge bloody stab wound in his chest.

Standing in the doorway was the girl who Daniel rescued from the high school. She was holding a bloody bringer knife in her hand, which she retrieved from the bringer Daniel had finished out front.  She pauses for a moment, then looks up at the group.  "Uh, I think I got him.  Can I have a glass of water please?"

OCC: And this fight's a wrap.  All bringers dead.  But not dusted.  Time to cleanup the bodies. 
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Re: Episode 1 X 4
The girl had made a bit of a 180 from the terrified state she had been left in.  Daniel simply pointed at the fridge in response to her question before looking down at the dead body.  The fact that they were abandoning the Summers home sounded better when coupled with no cleanup duty.  But it didn't change that the bodies should probably at least be drug out to avoid piling up a stink in case someone ever needed to come back.  The last of anyone's concern would be police intervention it was obvious that enforcing the law wasn't a concern around this town.  At least not anymore.

"Well that was something.  So why is it these guys are called Bringers?"  He'd openly ask the room while reaching for the dead Bringer in front of him to toss him out the door.
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Tue 5 Mar 2013
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Re: Episode 1 X 4
"The Bringers, also known as the Harbingers.  They are the high priests of the First.  They are somehow able to see despite being blind.  And as of late, their mission has been to kill all Slayers in training and their watchers, which is why they were going after me." Annabelle says, keeping her eyes on the newly arrived girl.  She finished off that last bringer with little trouble.  Annabelle then watches as Daniel begins the process of disposing of the bringer bodies.  Well, I hope they don't expect me to help with that, and I doubt Merry will either.  Carrying heavy packages, digging holes, dispoing of dead bodies: that's what boys are for.  Like my mum always says, she thinks to herself.
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Wed 6 Mar 2013
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Re: Episode 1 X 4
"If you want my help with cleanup, you'll have to wait till nightfall. I can dig easily enough, but not if I'm on fire."

With that point made, he waits again.
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Wed 6 Mar 2013
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Re: Episode 1 X 4
"It's fine I wasn't thinking of anything as elegant as giving them a proper burial.  Just tossing them outside.  Unless we plan on sticking around here, we might as well let them decompose all natural like.  I met this witch once who cremated all her leftover bodies with a spell, that was neat."  Daniel responded with a chuckle before moving to swing the door open and toss out the Bringer into the lawn.
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Wed 6 Mar 2013
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Re: Episode 1 X 4
"You know, corpses are supposed to make such wonderful mulch for an herb garden...don't look at me like that!  I only heard about it!"  Merry mused as she watched the boys going about the properly manly (and plebeian) task of body disposal.  It was a fleeting reminder of home...a notion that probably should've been a little wrong, but not to Merry.  Instead, she marched herself over to the new girl and gave her a patented Meredith Crowley once-over; her unique method of using a person's looks, wardrobe and speech to decide just how unworthy they were of being in her social circle.  "And who might you be, my dear?  It's becoming a bit of a ghost town around here, though I daresay most ghosts I've met don't ask for a glass of water.  Instead, it's all doom and gloom and 'oh, your cousin Nigel sacrificed me to a Great Old One...'"

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Re: Episode 1 X 4
"I think once we clear out the bodies we should probably clear out of this house," Graham said as he hauled a body out the front door.