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Episode 2-1
Just outside of Sunnydale

8:00 am

Begin with a camera shot high in the air.  Pan down towards a highway in California.  You see five figures on motorcycles.  All wearing black leather jackets, gloves and motorcycle helmets.

Camera then moves to their point of view and you can see where they are going as you see the "Welcome to Sunnydale!" sign.  They enter the town limits without a problem, the force field lets you in, it just doesn't let you out.

All five motorcycles keep going until they make it to main street and come to a stop.  The human shaped figures each get off their bikes and look around the deserted town.  One removes his helmet.  He is not human. Green skin, large black eyes with no pupils, although he does have brown human-looking hair.  The other four remove their helmets, their appearance the same as the first one.  None of them say anything.  They put their helmets back on, start up their bikes, and continue traveling through Sunnydale.


9:00 am

Exterior camera shot shows Sunnydale City Hall.

Cut to close-up of the badge of the Sunnydale Police Chief.  Camera pans back to get a good look at the new chief of police.  Yes, NEW chief, not the man we've seen before, and by the way he's a vampire.  He's sitting down, and not too far away from him are two other vampires.  One is in a suit, the other wears the uniform of the fire chief.  They are in an office with the shades drawn to keep the sunlight out.

The one in the suit speaks: "Yes Mr. Mayor, we will have the electricity back on by noon."

"Very good, we're right on schedule gentleman."  says the voice on the other side of the camera that we can't see. "Now congratulations to our new chief of police, whose first official duty will be to see to the retirement party of our outgoing chief. After which you'll pay a visit to Lieutenant Williams out at the military base and tell him his services are no longer required. Then we need to start dealing with the flys in our ointment.  I understand that initiative commando we had in custody has escaped.

"That's right Mr. Mayor.  But don't worry, we're going to take care of him and all his friends too.  That is if the remaining Turok-Hans don't finish them off first."

"Yes, nasty creatures aren't they?  Alright, you boys go about your business.  Remember to take the back entrance where the sun isn't shining this time of day." says the voice of the mayor (whom we still can't see).

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