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Mon 22 Feb 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10
Inside City Hall

Well that went swimmingly." Annabelle said as she dropped the now empty crossbow and drew her smaller pistol crossbow, pointing it at the Mayor's heart again.

"Aaron! Lance! Run for it!  I'll try to hold him off!"

"Great. Always with the running." Aaron turns and dashes out of the room. "You too Annabelle!"

While not too keen on running and letting the slayer alone Lance also knows he is no match for the Mayor. Rolling towards the door Lance then bolts upright and dashes for the doorway with the intent of only getting clear but not leaving the building or the slayer behind. He yells in his best Snaggle Puss voice "Exit stage left even!"

As Aaron and Lance dash out of the conference room, the Mayor rears his fist back, utters something in Russian, then pumps his fist forward.


Annabelle is struck by a seemingly invisible fist as she is hurled back against the wall and then crumples to floor.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Lance make it out and down the hallway to the East side building exit.

But when Aaron tries to push on the door, it won't budge.  Not even a fraction of an inch as if were held in place by some mystical force.

Then a voice shouts behind them; "Aaron!  Lance!  I did it!  I've destroyed the Mayor!"

Both turn to see Annabelle running towards them.  So it appears.

OCC: Aaron and Lance both need to make a willpower doubled roll.  As indicated above, the door in front of you won't budge at all, no exit this way.

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Mon 22 Feb 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10
Outside City Hall

Mike sees two beat cops...and since they present little threat (except in numbers) Mike decides to assassinate them both.

He tells Buffybot, "Sneak and stake. Don't let them so much as scream."

But the bot has decided to just sneak, heading off to the East side of the building.

Mike then goes into stealth mode and sneak up on the beat cops. He stakes one..... FOOM!...then the other...FOOM!

Nothing stopping Mike from getting to the front entrance now.

Meanwhile, Buffybot has made it to the East side entrance to City Hall and when she tries to reach for the door handle...........she can't even touch it.  It appears there is now an invisible force field blocking this door.

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Tue 23 Feb 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10
Mike notices Buffybot having trouble, and tries the door himself. With luck, the forcefield might be keyed to vampires...and since he counts as one, he should be able to pass through. It's unlikely the caster would want to keep his own troops out.
Aaron James
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Tue 23 Feb 2016
at 11:20
Re: Episode 2-10
Aaron takes a moment to glare at the forcefield in disgust before turning his attention to other ways out. Even if Annabelle truly has taken care of the mayor then they will still need an exit of some kind.

OOC: 12:19, Today: Aaron James rolled 11 using 1d10+8.  Will x2.

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Lance Chambers
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Tue 23 Feb 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10
Lance narrows his eyes as the slayer came up behind them. It seems that it all happened a bit to quickly but Lance shrugs it off and turns his attention to the door.

OOC: 11:49, Today: Lance Chambers rolled 8 using 1d10+6.  Willpower x2.

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Tue 23 Feb 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10
Inside City Hall

Annabelle approaches Aaron and Lance.  "I don't think we can get out this way.  Let's try the second floor." she says as she turns to the right and heads up the stairway located a couple of yards away.
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Tue 23 Feb 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10
Outside city hall:

Mike reaches for the handle and is unable to touch it just like Buffybot couldn't.

Then you both hear a voice in the distance.  "I wouldn't worry about getting in the building punk!  You've got bigger problems out here!"

You both turn to the sound of the voice, where about ten yards away you see the chief, his two remaining elite SWAT henchman, and two beat cop vamps.  They outnumber you 5 to 2.

"Come on boys, let's finish them off!" The five vamps take a step forward, then......


Large growling noise from the left of the vamp cops, and you see the four remaining Turok-Hans rushing up in a pack to the vamp cops.
Each Turok picks a partner, engaging the two super swat vamps and the two beat cop vamps.
"Dammit!  You four finish off these animals!  I can handle these two!"

The chief begins to move forward again towards Mike and Buffybot.

OCC: Chief is moving on you two and will attack next round.  His four troops are occupied with the Turoks.   You can either proceed to the combat round and engage the chief or try to run for it around the building, remember you can't get inside the building. 
Aaron James
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Wed 24 Feb 2016
at 18:38
Re: Episode 2-10
Aaron nods in agreement. There is certainly no way through this forcefield. At least, not with their current arsenal. "Very well. Up we go." He quickly follows Annabelle up the stairs.
Lance Chambers
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Fri 26 Feb 2016
at 15:22
Re: Episode 2-10
Lance looks at the slayer "You lead" and steps like he is about to follow but when the slayer turns  he puts his hand on Aarons arm to hold him back a second and gives him a quizzical look and whispers, "Other than through a window are there any exits to the ground from the second floor? Not only that, but if the mayor is destroyed then who is keeping the force field on the doors in place?"

OCC:Lance post moved by me.
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Fri 26 Feb 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10
Inside City Hall

Annabelle pauses at the top of the stairs to wait for the duo to catch up.

"Well, are you two coming?" Annabelle, says raising her voice just a notch.
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Fri 26 Feb 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10

Buffybot turns around to see the Turok Han that were seemingly forgotten. She then grins at the Chief. "Let's see how you handle this on your own. Showtime!"Buffybot charges the Chief....and promptly gets nailed by the Chief's high kick to the jaw. WHAM!

Mike uses a measured advance, and since the Bot already ran in, he does his best to take advantage of flanking to further improve his assault. If he can just not get knocked down by the chief's attack..............so much for that plan.

The chief nails Michael with an awesome judo throw that puts him on the ground.
"Stupid Order of Aurelius punk.  The Master was a loser and so are all his progeny." 

Buffybot managed to remain standing and threw a punch at the chief, he nimbly dodged it.  "Useless machine.  Maybe if I'm lucky I can sell what's left of you on ebay for spare parts."

Meanwhile a few yards away:

The other cops run up to engage the Turoks.  One SSV hurls a punch at a Turok and misses.  The Turok in turn hurls a kick and misses.  The two turoks enagaing the beat vamp cops have better luck as they avoid the cops' attacks, then nail each one with a punch of their own.

But the other SSV unleashes a brutal attack against his enemy: punch to the face, kick the gut, he the draws his wooden stake from his belt and plunges it in to the Turok's heart.  Thok!  FOOM!  One dusted.

It's now 4 against 3, advantage: cops.

OCC: Back to the combat thread.  Mike takes 13 points of damage and is on the ground, he'll begin next round on the ground at -4 to the chief's attack before he can snap to his feet and attack.  Buffybot is still standing and can attack normally, her life score now at 34 with the DP spending.

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Aaron James
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Fri 26 Feb 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10
"Not yet." Aaron says thinking furiously on Lance's words. "If the mayor is dead then we should take this time to search for any tomes of magic that he may have stored here. If we can find such we may have a chance of countering the magics he has used."
Annabelle Berkshire
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Sat 27 Feb 2016
at 13:39
Re: Episode 2-10
"Aaron!  Lance!" shouts a voice from around the corner.

Then the watcher and the agent see Annabelle standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Oh thank God, your............" The Slayer's jaw then drops at the sight she sees at the top of the stairs.

"What the bloody?!!!  I'm Annabelle!  That's an imposter!"
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Sun 28 Feb 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10
Inside City Hall

The eyes pop out of Annabelle at the top of the stairs.  "You're dead!  I killed you!  It's impossible your still alive!"

The image of Annabelle at the top of the stairs begins to shimmer and then stands revealed as the Mayor.  They were tricked by his hypnotic illusion.
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Mon 29 Feb 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10
Inside City Hall

"Perhaps your magics aren't as powerful as you think! Aaron! Lance! Get down!" Annabelle shouts as she aims her pistol crossbow at the mayor and is about to shoot towards his body.

The mayor remained stunned at seeing Annabelle standing there, stunned enough to hesitate for a moment giving the heroes the initiative.

Aaron dodges out of the way and away from the mayor as Annabelle calls her warning. That the mayor had the skill and power to pull off such a transformation or illusion on the fly was a dangerous precedent.

Lance likewise ducks the shot the slayer lets fly and fires a taser shot of his own, if nothing else to distract the Mayor and maybe let the crossbow shot find it's mark.

SSHHHRRAAK!!  The taser blast flies through the air, but the mayor moved fast as he dodged the blast that struck the wall behind him.

With her allies out of the way, Annabelle fired her crossbow shot that the mayor also dodged.

This bought the threesome enough time to get down the stairs and around the corner.

OCC: Back to the combat thread.  You three are now down the stairs and around the corner.  You can either run like heck down the hall and try to stay out of the mayor's reach (you can't go outside due to the field, but it is a big building) or wait at the bottom of the stairs to ambush the mayor, which would give you initiative for this round.
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Mon 29 Feb 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10

Goddamnit. Who trained the police chief in jujitsu? Mike feels an urge to stake that vamp. However, he has more important things to do first. Like snap to his feet and continue the attack. Seeing that the tide has turned against the Turok Han, well, that means reinforcements are coming for the chief, but he can't count on reinforcements himself, as the magic splitting the party isn't likely to come down anytime soon.

"Ya know, you're right. The Master was kind of a loser. Unfortunately for you, he's not the progenitor in my bloodline you should be worried about."

"Would that be Angelus? The most overrated vampire of all time?  If he were here right now, I'd be kicking his ass as easily as I'm kicking yours!" the
chief said as he aimed a kick at Mike's downed form...and misses.

Because then Mike is back up and swinging, a moment of prescience seeming to fall over the vampiric warrior.  Fighting like a damn superhero, he springs to his feet with great evasiveness, and this time successfully grabs and tosses the chief into the building and possibly through a window. Let's see how thorough that spell is.

Very thorough actually.  The chief slams into the building, or rather into the forefield surrounding the building and crashes to the ground on his back.  The window he hit isn't even cracked.

Buffybot was now back in the fight. The Police Chief clearly wasn't playing around. Also Mike took a wallop from the Chief. "So showing your true colors or just showing off. Show isn't over yet...."

She ran over to the chief's downed form and plunged the stake into the cheif's heart once.....twice....and after two direct stakes to the heart, the chief is still solid.  This guy doesn't dust easy.

Meanwhile, a few yards away.

One super SWAT vamp engages what appears to be the toughest Turok Han.  He throws a punch and misses.  The Turok then lurches forward, grabbing him around the neck and twists....CRACK!....and again CRACK!, but the SSV is still there.  His partner who just finished off the other Turok shouts "Hang on!  I'm coming to help!" he runs over, and plunges his stake......into the heart of the other SSV from behind.  FOOM!!  One SSV is dust.  "I didn't say I was coming to help you you crooked cop!  The chief found out about that family you were keeping as your own personal blood supply without telling us!  No room for crooked cops on the Sunnydale vamp PD!"

WHAM!  WHAM!  The other two beat cops are getting pounded by the Turoks.  They could use some help, hopefully not the same kind that traitorous SSV got.

OCC: Back to the combat thread.  THE CHIEF HAS INITIATIVE and will begin the round by springing to his feet and going after the two of you.  On the other side of the field, it's now 3 against 3. 
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Fri 4 Mar 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10
Inside City Hall

As the trio rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs, Annabelle reached out and pulled Aaron's sword from its sheath.  "Need to borrow this for a moment Aaron." she whispered as the Slayer took ambush position as she waited for the mayor to come around the corner.

Lance runs just to the edge of the range of his taser to the ambush the slayer has planned. If the mayor gets past Annabelle, Lance will be ready to tase again.

Aaron moved slightly further down the corridor prepared to thread a shot between his allies when the mayor arrived. "Not a problem."

Five seconds later, the mayor turned the corner, making no attempt to defend himself from their ambush.  Sssshhhh!!!  Sssssshhh!!!!  Annabelle's borrowed sword slashes twice across the mayor's chest, splattering blood on the walls.

The mayor turns to her, he's not amused. "Young lady, do you no how much this suit costs??!!  Or how difficult it is to clean up blood on the walls??!!  Blasted teenagers!!  You think money grows on trees!!!!!" 

THOK! THOK!  Just then Aaron's two arrows impact the mayor's chest.  "Well, I didn't expect this.  You three managed to catch me with my britches down.  I thought for sure you would run.  You've got courage if not much brains."

The mayor smiles as he looks down the hall at Aaron and Lance. "Come closer my sons." The mayor raises both hands and Aaron and Lance feel themselves lift off the ground and being pulled towards the mayor.  Then they come to a sudden halt and land gently on their own two feet, but standing mere inches away from the mayor.

The mayor quickly glances back and forth to all three of you.  "Now then, I believe I've had enough of your nonsense."

OCC: Back to the combat thread.  The mayor has initiative this round.  All three of you are standing on your own feet, but only a few inches away from the mayor. This fight's not hopeless, that last round took a nice chunk out of the mayor's life points.
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Sat 5 Mar 2016
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Re: Episode 2-10
Outside City Hall

Mike, determined to get the better of the jujitsu match, first must make sure he doesn't get countered.  The chief lunged for Mike, but didn't come close as the ensouled vamp countered perfectly.

Upon achieving that, he goes for the usual grab and toss and fails as the chief dodges out of the way, and remains on his feet.

"Finish it!"

To the Buffybot.

Buffybot grins. She didn't waste a single moment...."You read my mind Mike!"

Buffybot made a perfect one in a hundred stake thrust to the heart.  The cheif is still solid.  And again.

The chief is still solid.

"That was a million dollar shot robot, but you're just not good enough to finish me off!"

On the other side of the field:

The remaining super SWAT vamp and the toughest Turok have another stalemate as neither one can tag the other.

The other two Turoks wrap their hands around the necks of each beat cop vamp. And squeeze.  Crack Crack Crack Crack.  Two heads pop off.  Four piles of dust explode.  Now it's 3 against 1, advantage Turoks.

OCC: Back to the combat thread.  Chief still has initiative this round.  You're both still on your feet, and so is he. 
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Mon 7 Mar 2016
at 20:34
Re: Episode 2-10
Mike was once again an absurdly evasive target as the chief fails to tag him.He goes for another grapple attempt and succeeds in grabbing the chief by the neck. But since Buffybot's best efforts weren't finishing the guy, he decides to do it his way. With a good old fashioned Neck Break.

"Heads. You lose."

But the chief doesn't lose as his neck becomes a wall of steel and refuses to twist. "I'm not the one losing tonight punk......you are!"

Buffybot growled a bit at the Chief snide remark. "Not bad for a tough guy but you're still going down!" She  aims another stake to the heart, nailing him from behind as he engages Michael.

"And now you snot nosed punk, I'm gonna........uh oh."


That was the chief's final words as he explodes into dust, that last stake attempt was finally enough.

Across the field

The last SSV delivers a high kick to the toughest Turok, then whips out his stake, driving into the hearts of the other two.  FOOM!  FOOM!  They both explode to dust.

Turok-Hans aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer, but this one saw this one "regular vamp" dust his two comrades and decides discretion is the better part of valor, and runs off at top speed.

The SSV lets him go, turning his attention to the other fight just in time to see:

FOOM!  "Chief!  You dusted the chief! You're both dead!"

The SSV charges forward, dashing across the lawn to engage the duo that just dusted his leader.

OCC: Back to the combat thread.  Good news: You finished the chief.  Bad news: The last Super SWAT vamp is coming at both of you, and he has SWAT armor on.  The bad guy has initiative.

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Tue 8 Mar 2016
at 16:52
Re: Episode 2-10
Lance let his taser fall at his side supported only by the strap upon his shoulder. Then he slowly works his hand to the hilt of his knife. He looks to the slayer ready to follow her lead as a bead of sweat runs down his cheek.

"And we've had far more than enough of yours!!" Annabelle screams at the top of her lungs, more angry than afraid as she swings her borrowed sword at the mayor's mid-section again.

Aaron steps swiftly to the side to avoid Annabelle's incoming attack and  aims his knee up towards the mayors groin as he does so. After all a cup can only do so much.

But before any of you can launch your attacks, the mayor utters something in Summerian, and points his hands to the floor.

All three of you immediately drop to the floor and can barely move.  It feels like a giant invisible hand is holding you to the floor.  You talk, move your fingers, and raise your heads a couple of inches, but that's it.

The mayor begins to pace in a circle around you three as you are pinned to the floor.

"Don't bother trying to get up.  Now then, you three have been a huge thorn in my side.  You've nearly wiped out my police force.  I underestimated you.  I should have disposed of you personally.  You have no chance against me of course.  My power is so great, you're just flies buzzing in my face. Now how can I dispose of you in an amusing way.  I know, I'll hynotize you into fighting each other to the death." 

OCC: Back to the main episode thread for you three. Mayor's going to gloat for a moment while you three are pinned to the floor. Feel free to trade insults with him.  In a few moments, the force holding you will weaken and I'll let you try to break free.  Then I''m to give you a way to increase your odds of beating him.

Annabelle Berkshire
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Wed 9 Mar 2016
at 01:05
Re: Episode 2-10
"Yet it was these "flies" who decimated your vampire police army.  What does that make them?" Annabelle said to the mayor, managing to raise her head three inches off the floor and look in his direction.

"And I sincerely doubt, your hypnotic powers will be effective against us.  Lance has already resisted you once.  And as for me, we Slayers are more resistant to that sort of thing.  You'll have to do your own dirty work."
Lance Chambers
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Wed 9 Mar 2016
at 14:30
Re: Episode 2-10
Lance lets the Slayer distract the Mayors attention while he struggles desperately to get a good hold on his knife. If I just get one good throw maybe I can take an eye out or something he thought to himself.
Aaron James
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Wed 9 Mar 2016
at 14:38
Re: Episode 2-10
Like Lance, Aaron also maintains his silence. Instead using the time to study the mayor in detail in hopes of discerning something new about him
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Thu 10 Mar 2016
at 14:33
Re: Episode 2-10
Inside City Hall:

The mayor continues to pace.

The insolence of these three is inconceivable!!!

"Do you have any idea who I am?!  What kind power I wield?!  You should be begging for your life!! How many vampires have you encountered who have my strength, my mental powers, my knowledge of magic?!  I have an occult book collection upstairs that would make the watcher's council fall over dead from shock, if they weren't dead already!!"

The mayor walks over to Annabelle and spits on her. "Insolent child!" Then walks over to Lance and spits on him too.  "Soldier boy playing vampire hunter.  You shouldn't have gotten so far out of your depth." Then he walks over to Aaron and spits on him. "You shouldn't have gotten involved you fool!  You should have done what watchers do best; sit back and watch!"
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Fri 11 Mar 2016
at 17:43
Re: Episode 2-10

"You show unusual loyalty to a big pile of dust. Since all 3 of your Swat Vamp friends are dead, and your chief is dead, I should think you'd be thanking me for your promotion to chief and retreating about now. But if you insist on fighting to the death like all your friends and your boss...well, your ashtray."

Mike wasn't giving any openings, but he wasn't finding many either.

As the SSV got closer, he pulled off his helmet and threw it at Mike like a cannonball, but missed as Mike was moving like a gazelle.

But the SSV was no slouch himself as he evaded Mike's attempt to grab his neck.

Buffybot sighs at that vamp SWAT cop. "Yeah yeah you'll be joining them soon." So she charges him and plunges her stake into his heart..... and again.  He's still there, those SWAT vests are worth every penny.

OCC: Back to the combat thread.  The SSV has discarded his helmet, leaving him unprotected from any attacks to the face and head.