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Fri 27 Mar 2020
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Maps and information
This will be the official thread for maps.
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Sat 11 Apr 2020
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Maps and information
- they have human levels of intelligence, they could be smart enough to hide their victims belongings
- they can probably understand language(s)(common most likely), but can they speak?
- they are ambush predators and have lots of patience and will power.  It was in the dining room all day with food smells and didn't attack anyone until there was a battle near it and fresh blood.
- their adhesive is dissolved with strong alcohol or Universal Solvent.  It also breaks down shortly after the creature is killed.  It can probably exude more adhesive after an unknown length of time.
- They are very difficult to detect.  Both Bobble and Conan were mere feet from it and had no idea it wasn't a chair.
- They are strong, about as strong as Conan
- They are slow (movement speed), slower than Bobble
- While they can change shape, their mass and size remain the same and their appearance has a hard and rough texture.
- this mimic was young("teenager") and starving.
Apparently the rat population at the inn has almost disappeared, probably thanks to the mimic.  The local population of stray dogs and cats have also seen a decrease and food has been disappearing from the kitchen, so they put in a night watchman with a dog last week.

- Mimics breed by budding/splitting, usually in 2 but sometimes more than 2.  So there is a possibility of there being more of them around.
- Mimics (like reptiles and snakes) can eat a lot and then go without food for awhile

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Sat 11 Apr 2020
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Maps and information
Diridon the Dashing
Your life was going along like normal until your mother fell ill/got cursed/whatever and the local spellcasters/healers could do nothing for her.  The only clue/divinations were that it was connected to your never seen father, Diridon the Dashing.  He was a bard that came through your area, made love to your mom and then left, never to be seen again.  But he left behind a gift for your mom, you.  So you have left home to find this man and find a way to cure/help your mom.  You have heard from a travelling merchant that a bard named Diridon the Dashing has been playing in inns over the pass in Molthune.

At the Gnarly Oak Inn
- However, how can this be as Bobbles(age 46) father was a gnome, Conans(24) a human and Yin/Yangs(17) was a halfelf.
- "He left all sudden like.  It wouldn't surprise me if he got run out of town by a group fathers and husbands with the way he was carrying on."
- The manager can tell you he got a letter and left for Dawnton, a town a couple days away to the west.
- DtD is a 40-50 year old human male, good looking and a fine entertainer...and quite the womanizer.