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Wed 29 Sep 2010
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treasure and stuff
Alton's mw studded leather (human)
Alton's mw short sword
several keys
footlocker (with key- has a place for a set of manacles that is currently empty)
    masterwork manacles (dc30) with key
several sea charts and maps (1 does show Smugglerís Shiv)
captainís log
2 Belaying Pins (clubs)
1 fishing nets
a grappling hook
1 bullseye lanterns
6 flasks of lantern oil
five shovels
Various odds-n-ends (a spoon, a cup, 1 full set of mismatched clothes)
darkwood model of the Jenivere in a glass bottle worth 100 gp,
long leather satchel a dozen potions for emergency use:
(all are well marked in several languages)
    four potions of cure light wounds
    a potion of cure moderate wounds
    four potions of lesser restoration
    a potion of remove disease
    a potion of water breathing
    a potion of water walking
Sea Bag
    10 complete sets of various types
    a bag with a well made carving of Ieana (worth 20gp)
    1 unmarked potion
    mw woodworking tools

Shelter is made out of;
  50' of rope (broken into various lengths)
  a block and tackle
  three large canvas sheets
  The ships Helm/wheel
  20' rope ladder

Tand's trident
Aura's small crate
  masterwork dagger,
  a suit of leather armor (human sized)
  two potions - clw
  a holy symbol of Nethys
  a spell component pouch

a cask of rum
16 days worth of emergency rations
bottle of fine brandy worth 50 gp
small coffer containing 350 gp of various coinage
1 bullseye lanterns
6 flasks of lantern oil
1 fishing nets
1 Belaying Pins (clubs)

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