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Sat 28 Aug 2010
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This thread is to talk about the GURPS system, games you're in which use that system, or characters you have which are built using that system.
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Sat 28 Aug 2010
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Edit: This post is old.  I do not believe most of these games are still going.

I am currently involved in 4 GURPS games; possibly 5 if I join the one I have been looking into recently.

I play Julian in this game: link to another game

It's a fun game, but right now the pace has slowed to a crawl.  It is a fantasy game which takes place in the Banestorm setting.  The game I play Ixendaar in (see below) is also in the Banestorm setting, but is placed in a different area of that world.  The differing styles of the two GMs also have a way of making both games feel very distinct from each other.

The game I play Jaewynn in is this one:
link to another game

In some ways, Jaewynn is very similar to Julian.  Both characters were created around the same time, so a lot of the same mentality is behind both.  However, Jaewynn is the darker character of the two.  Where Julian is social, outgoing, and talkative; Jaewynn's charisma and intelligence comes through by being cunning, somewhat twisted in his logic, and hypnotic like a dangerous snake with pretty scales.

Unfortunately, this game has also recently slowed to a crawl.  I'm unsure what setting this game takes place in.  I think it uses an area of the old Greyhawk D&D setting.  So far, this game was full of twists and turns.  Jaewynn is currently working as an advisor for the villain the rest of the party is trying to kill.

Ixendaar is in this game:  link to another game

So far, the pace of this game is very quick, and I highly enjoy it.  The GM is a little bit strict, but he is also very fair.  The GM is also somewhat old school; you'll never see what results you get on a die roll because he does it all in secret.  However, I do enjoy his style of GMing, and he seems to have a really good handle on moving the game along as well as the rules of the game.  Characters will not be just a set of stats and combat statistics in one of his games; if you take a disadvantage or a role playing quirk, it will come into play.  Ixendaar's megalomania has already gotten him into trouble with the city guards.  This game takes place in the Banestorm setting.

John Copper is in this game: link to another game

This game is a modern day game.  From what I understand, it will have some similarities to something like the X-Files.  So far, the group has been invited to a dinner with a professor (Dr. Shear) at Ohio State University.  Doc left the room to check the door as the doorbell rang; the group heard a shot, and we rushed out into the hallway to see Dr. Shear laying on the ground.  Near him was a woman with a gun.  Before the cops and EMTs arrived, Dr. Shear's body turned into a puddle of goo.  Right now, I have no idea what the hell is going on.  The characters involved in the game are being interviewed by the police.  John is loosely based on myself.  The pace of this game is pretty good.  Everyone usually posts at least once a day.

The game I am considering joining is this one: link to another game

It is a low level supers game.  The character I am considering playing will be King Kodiak; a pro-wrestler turned crime fighter.  I have no idea what pace or GM style to expect in this one because the game hasn't started.

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Tue 28 Sep 2010
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I just double checked that low end supers game you said about. They've started but it seems like it might go under since thier co-GM has gone away. Not sure if you still wanna get to that or not.

On my end of the spectrum, I've been toying with putting together a game myself. Something simple and fun. Some ideas I had include a TL3 zombie uprising, a late 1800s western game, or a dungeon crawl. I haven't quite decided yet. Since its my first foray into running a game online, I'm going to try to keep things low powered.

If you can think of something you'd like to play and its not overly complicated, lemme know.
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Tue 28 Sep 2010
at 21:07
I'd like to do a pirate game, but it seems as though not too many people are open to that.

A dungeon crawl might be good if you want to try running the game in an environment that is easy to control.

I'll have to give it some more thought.
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Tue 28 Sep 2010
at 21:48
Pirates huh? I'd need to pick up on any nautical books or rules they've got around if you know where to find them. I was thinking about just having you as a player playing multiple characters.

I was also thinking about getting something small started on Wednesdays at Waydes. The more experience I get running this stuff the better. Eventually i'd like to be able to tackle something akin to a mech-suit game where players design thier machines and thier pilots.
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Tue 28 Sep 2010
at 23:22
I wouldn't mind running multiple characters.  Another option would be to have me run the main character and then have a group of allies or servants.  Perhaps a knight with his squire and entourage or something like that.

You mentioned doing something low power.  What era/genre do you think would make it easiest for you to learn the game?
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Wed 29 Sep 2010
at 00:28
I was leaning toward the TL3 zombie rising. Something like 150 points with -50 in disadvantages. No exotic or supernatural advantages. Max attributes of 20. Something simple like that. More of a realistic survival campaign... with zombies.

Probably play the Fright Check rules if i can figure them out. I haven't gone over them extensively yet. Maybe we can get Edd on here to play as well. Then again he doesn't have any GURPS books to call on. I don't wanna invite newer folks just yet. Not until i get everything down well enough. I figure you being the player will help, let me know if i'm screwing anything up. I wish i had some map making stuff that made sense to me. I like the GMS map in Aussir's game.
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Wed 29 Sep 2010
at 01:29
I'm not real good with the map making stuff either.  I haven't really had a chance to fiddle around with much of it yet.
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Wed 29 Sep 2010
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Oft forgotten options

Deceptive Attack
You may designate any melee
attack as “deceptive” before you roll to
hit. A Deceptive Attack is intended to
get past an opponent’s defenses
through sheer skill. You can use this
option to represent any number of
advanced fighting techniques.

For every -2 you accept to your
own skill, your foe suffers a -1 penalty
on his active defenses against this
attack. You may not reduce your final
effective skill below 10 with a
Deceptive Attack, which normally limits
it to skilled fighters.
The GM may opt to speed play by
limiting Deceptive Attacks to a flat -4
to skill, giving the target -2 on his
active defenses.

This is a full-turn maneuver used
to aim a ranged weapon (or a device
such as a camera or telescope). You
must choose a specific target. You
can’t aim at something that you can’t
see or otherwise detect.
Specify the weapon you’re aiming
with and your target. If you follow an
Aim maneuver with an Attack or All-
Out Attack with the same weapon
against the same target, you get a
bonus to hit. Add the weapon’s
Accuracy (Acc) to your skill, plus any
bonuses for targeting systems used:
sights, targeting computers, etc.
If you brace a firearm or crossbow,
you get an extra +1 to Acc. A firearm
or crossbow is braced if you can rest it
on a sandbag, low wall, car, etc. A onehanded
firearm (e.g., a pistol) is considered
braced if used two-handed. A
two-handed firearm (e.g., a rifle) is
considered braced if you are prone
and using a bipod.
If you Aim for more than one second,
you receive an additional bonus:
+1 for two seconds of Aim, or +2 for
three or more seconds.
Your combined bonus from all targeting
systems (scopes, sights, computers,
etc.) cannot exceed the
weapon’s base Accuracy. For instance,
if you add a telescopic sight that gives
+4 Acc to a pistol with Acc 2, the
bonus is +2, not +4.
Movement: Step. Exception: You
cannot step if using a braced, twohanded
Active Defense: Any, but you automatically
spoil your aim and lose all
accumulated benefits. If you are
injured while aiming, you must make
a Will roll or lose your aim.

This maneuver is the melee combat
equivalent of Aim. It lets you take time
to study an adversary in order to gain
a combat bonus on a subsequent
attack. You must specify one visible
opponent who is close enough to
attack unarmed or with a ready melee
weapon, or whom you could reach
with a single Move and Attack maneuver.
You are sizing him up and looking
for the right moment to strike.
An Evaluate maneuver gives you
+1 to skill for the purpose of an Attack,
Feint, All-Out Attack, or Move and
Attack made against that opponent, on
your next turn only. You may take multiple,
consecutive Evaluate maneuvers
before you strike, giving a cumulative
+1 per turn, to a maximum of +3.
Movement: Step.
Active Defense: Any. This does not
spoil your evaluation.

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Thu 30 Sep 2010
at 01:39
Seems odd you giving me those while Aussir gets his ass kicked in the arena. =)
Its all good with me though, I believe I can make a better fighter styled character. This is provided that he dies and the GM lets me make another one.

Speaking of which, I see yours is in the Inn again. Welcome back,lol.
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Thu 7 Oct 2010
at 06:00
link to another game

sounds like it could be cool
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Sun 5 Dec 2010
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helpful information for aspiring mages

To cast a spell, you must usually
perform a ritual that involves gestures
and speech. If you can’t perform the
ritual, you can’t cast the spell! For
instance, if the ritual for a spell
requires you to speak, you cannot cast
the spell if you are gagged or under a
spell of silence.
The higher your skill with a spell,
the easier it is to cast: it takes less time,
requires less energy, and has less stringent
ritual requirements. See the list
below for details. In all cases, “skill”
refers to base skill, not effective skill.
The only modifier that matters here is
the -5 for low mana, if applicable.

Skill 9 or less – Ritual: You must have
both hands and both feet free for
elaborate ritual movements, and
you must speak certain words of
power in a firm voice. Time:
Doubled. Cost: As listed.

Skill 10-14 – Ritual: You must speak a
few quiet words and make a gesture.
Time: As listed. Cost: As listed.

Skill 15-19 – Ritual: You must speak a
word or two or make a small gesture
(a couple of fingers are
enough), but not necessarily both.
You are allowed to move one yard
per second while taking the
Concentrate maneuver. Time: As
listed. Cost: Reduced by 1.

Skill 20-24 – Ritual: None! You simply
stare into space as you concentrate.
Time: Halved (round fractions up
to the next second). Minimum casting
time is still one second. Cost:
Reduced by 2.

Skill 25-29 – Ritual: None. Time:
Divided by 4 (round up). Cost:
Reduced by 3.

Skill 30 or more – As above, but for
every five levels of skill beyond skill
25 (that is, at levels 30, 35, 40, etc.),
halve casting time again and reduce
energy cost by one more point.

Certain spells always require a specific
ritual. Such requirements override
the rules above. For instance,
high skill has no effect on the cost to
cast Blocking spells (p. 241) or the
time to cast Missile spells (p. 240).

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Fri 17 Feb 2012
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This is a copy & paste of a "Kromm note."  Sean Punch a.k.a. Kromm is the line editor for GURPS 4th Edition.  Suffice to say, he's the guy who writes most of the rules.  From time to time, he will comment on how things are supposed to work and/or how he feels they best work.  This particular note addresses defending in GURPS.

Note that Block works differently in this note; the Basic Set rules give you 1 block per turn, but I am considering adopting the multiple block option.  Feedback is appreciated.

Parries and blocks are subject to a lot of contributing effects, but they're easy to understand if you treat these effects separately:

I. Multiple Defense Penalties. The single most important detail to note here is that multiple-defense penalties accrue per weapon or hand, not overall. The specific penalties are:

    Parries: -4 for parry after the first with that weapon or hand (0, -4, -8, . . .).
    Blocks: -5 per block after the first with that shield (0, -5, -10, . . .); see Martial Arts.

Several effects mitigate these penalties. You may halve penalties (rounding against, where applicable) in these circumstances:

    You're using a fencing weapon to parry.
    You're using a long, balanced two-handed weapon to parry; see Martial Arts.
    You have Trained by a Master (TbaM) or Weapon Master (WM).

Items 1 and 2 will never apply at the same time, because no fencing weapons are two-handed. Item 3 is cumulative with item 1 or item 2; that is, if you have a fencing weapon or a long, balanced two-handed weapon and TbaM or WM, divide the multiple-parry penalty by 4. Item 3 only ever applies once; if you have TbaM and WM, you don't get to halve the penalties twice. This makes the basic defense sequences:

    0, -4, -8, . . . for most parries.
    0, -2, -4, . . . for parries with fencing weapons or long, balanced two-handers, or with other weapons if you have TbaM or WM.
    0, -1, -2, . . . for parries with fencing weapons or long, balanced two-handers, and TbaM or WM.
    0, -5, -10, . . . for most blocks.
    0, -3, -5, . . . for blocks if you have TbaM or WM.

II. Off-Hand Penalties. There is a -2 on all one-handed parries with the off hand unless one of the following applies:

    You have Ambidexterity.
    You have Off-Hand Weapon Training with that weapon (this is a technique in the Basic Set but a perk in Martial Arts).
    You're using a skill that explicitly ignores off-hand penalties; e.g., Karate or Main-Gauche.

If any of those apply, then ignore the -2.

Off-hand penalties never apply to two-handed parries or to blocks.

III. Encumbrance. If and only if you're using Judo, Karate, or a fencing skill, subtract your encumbrance level from all parries. Ignore this for all other skills.

IV. Shield DB. If and only if you have a shield or a cloak, add its DB to all active defenses, of all types, regardless of how many you attempt.

V. Retreating. You may retreat from one foe each turn. This gives +1 to most blocks and parries, +3 to parries with Boxing, Judo, Karate, or fencing skills. This adds to all defenses against that one opponent.

Items I-V are completely independent of each other. Just add them up.


A fighter who has two non-fencing weapons and no special abilities defends like so:

    0 (master-hand parry #1)
    -2 (off-hand parry #1)
    -4 (master-hand parry #2)
    -6 (off-hand parry #2)
    -8 (master-hand parry #3)
    -10 (off-hand parry #3)

One who has Ambidexterity defends like so:

    0 (master-hand parry #1)
    0 (off-hand parry #1)
    -4 (master-hand parry #2)
    -4 (off-hand parry #2)
    -8 (master-hand parry #3)
    -8 (off-hand parry #3)

One who has two fencing weapons and no special abilities defends like so (and gets +3 if he retreats, but has to worry about encumbrance):

    0 (master-hand parry #1)
    -2 (off-hand parry #1)
    -2 (master-hand parry #2)
    -4 (off-hand parry #2)
    -4 (master-hand parry #3)
    -6 (off-hand parry #3)

One who has two fencing weapons and Ambidexterity defends like so (and gets +3 if he retreats, but has to worry about encumbrance):

    0 (master-hand parry #1)
    0 (off-hand parry #1)
    -2 (master-hand parry #2)
    -2 (off-hand parry #2)
    -4 (master-hand parry #3)
    -4 (off-hand parry #3)

One who has a shield and a non-fencing weapon defends like so (and adds shield DB):

    0 (parry #1)
    0 (block #1)
    -4 (parry #2)
    -5 (block #2)
    -8 (parry #3)
    -10 (block #3)

And one who has a shield and a fencing weapon defends like so (and adds shield DB, gets +1 to blocks but +3 to parries if he retreats, and has to worry about encumbrance on his parries):

    0 (parry #1)
    0 (block #1)
    -2 (parry #2)
    -4 (parry #3)
    -5 (block #2)
    -6 (parry #4)
    -8 (parry #5)
    -10 (parry #6)
    -10 (block #3)

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Mon 3 Dec 2012
at 03:38
House Rules I am considering using

HR: +1 swing damage for all two-handed axe/mace weapons

Why?: After being involved in some discussions about GURPS, I'm of the opinion those weapons need a little bit of a damage boost.  Kromm (the guy mentioned in the previous post) said they had considered changing it, but -at this point in the game's life- it would require rewriting too many books.

HR: +1 thrusting damage for the shortsword

Why?: Similar reasons to what was mentioned above for two-handed axe/mace weapons.  Also, it helps to make the shortsword different from the long knife.  Currently, those two weapons are very very similar.

HR: Both Per and Will are their own attributes. They start at 10, and can be raised or lowered for 5 points/level. IQ is unchanged, at 20 points/level.

Why?: This is one I stole from somebody else, so I'll just copy & paste his reasoning.

"This is a big change, but an important one. As written, if you lower your character's Per and Will, you'll see that IQ (just IQ by itself) costs 10 points/level. Compared to the price of Talents, Magery, and even skills, that's just too little. Now that mental skills cost more per level, it's unbalancing to make IQ cost less.

In addition, it makes themetic sense for Will and Perception to be divorced from IQ. Intelligence certainly doesn't affect alertness -- look at any animal to see that. And your strength of will isn't related to how smart you are, otherwise nerds would intimidate jocks, not the other way around.

This does slightly change the cost of building characters, so you'll want to mentally add about 10-15% to the starting character points suggestions in the books.

(Note that Affliction (Attribute Penalty, IQ) no longer reduces Per and Will. Instead, the Attribute Penalty enhancement may be bought for each at +5% per level. Similarly, Steal Will and Steal Per are +100% enhancements for Leech.)"

There are a few different House Rules I've considered stealing from the same person I took the above one from.  He has a website here:
In particular, I like the different way that he handles signature gear, and the different way that he handles trading character points for money.

His house rule about Combat Art and Combat Sport make sense as well.

He also makes a good argument for why Arm ST and Arm DX should be priced differently.

While there are other houserules there which also sound good, I'm not completely sold on the other ones yet.

Feedback appreciated
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Wed 5 Dec 2012
at 03:42
All of this looks good, provided we can get everyone together to play online, I'd have no problem submitting to the House Rules. We just need players and you, Johnny. Hopefully we can run something on here ; everytime I join a game it dies. I wanna play.
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Wed 5 Dec 2012
at 05:03
I still need to settle on what I want to run.  Like I have said before, I lean toward fantasy because that is what I feel the most comfortable with.  However, I understand if other people are a little burnt out by it.
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 any world you imagine
 I guide you there
Sat 30 Nov 2013
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Dungeon Fantasy errata
DF Errata

DF 1

P. 19. Under "Clerical Spells," Cleansing is listed twice. The correct spot is under Power Investiture 1. Its inclusion under Power Investiture 4 is redundant and wrong.

New! P. 22. Under Holy Abilities, "Resistant to Evil Supernatural Powers (+3) or (+8) (PM, -10%) [5 or 9]" should be "Resistant to Evil Supernatural Powers (+3) or (+8) (PM, -10%) [5 or 7]".

DF 2

P. 17.Under the entry for DR, the 3' wall should read "a 3' wall has DR 468, HP 135."

DF 3

P. 9. The leprechaun should have Reduced Consumption 3 [6], not Reduced Consumption 2 [6].