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Sat 28 Aug 2010
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D&D 4th Edition
This thread is to talk about the D&D 4th Edition system, games you're in which use that system, or characters you have which are built using that system.
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Wed 1 Sep 2010
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Re: D&D 4th Edition
I was reading more about Essentials today.  I think I have figured out a potentially brutal combo.  This combo involves a fighter and magic missile.

A multiclass fighter (unlike a hybird fighter) can mark with any attack power he knows; even ones gained via multiclassing.  The new version of magic missile is an autohit/auto damage power.  There was some debate about whether this new version was an attack due to not involving an attack roll, but a preview of The Rules Compendium has clarified that Magic Missile is specifically said to be an attack.  So?  What is the combo?

With Magic Missile being an attack and an auto-hit, this means a McFighter can gain a way to mark from range and deal damage without fail.  Likewise, since it does count as an attack, certain fighter feats can up the damage.  In particular, Marked Scourge allows you to do +5 damage whenever you attack a creature you have marked.  Marked Scourge + Magic Missile = ranged auto damage which hurts.