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GURPS creature emporium
a place to find beasts, adversaries, and foes
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Re: GURPS creature emporium
The following link is a good resource for creatures.  I did not create these; this is a resource I found via the SJG forums.
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Re: GURPS creature emporium

The link in this post was also found on the SJG fora.
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Fri 12 Nov 2010
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Re: GURPS creature emporium
This is a collection of D&D creatures Powered By GURPS which I found online.
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Thu 30 May 2013
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Frost Giant Warrior

Frost Giant Warrior

This giant looks like a thick, muscular human. It has frost-white skin and long, light blue hair that it wears braided.

ST 30, HP 30
DX 10, Will 11
IQ 10, Per 11
HT 13, FP 13

Special: HT is treated as 3 higher versus cold and ice based afflictions, spells, and environmental effects which are resisted with HT. (for example: Frostbite, pg 189 Magic)

Speed 6, Move 6

Dodge 10, Parry 11,
DR 7/5 torso; DR 5 arms and legs and feet; DR 3 (Tough Skin) elsewhere

Giant Great Axe (15) 5d+10 cutting. Reach 2-4*
Giant Punch (14) 3d crushing. Reach C,1

Traits: Combat Reflexes, High Pain Threshold, Night Vision 3, Bad Temper (12), Temperature Tolerance 5 (-50F to 70F), Resistant to Cold Based Afflictions (+3), Enhanced Move 0.5 (Ground Speed 9),
Sure-Footed (Snow), Huge Weapons (ST), DR 3 (Tough Skin)

Skills: Two-Handed Axe/Mace-15, Brawling-14, Throwing-15, Wrestling-14

Class: Giant

Notes: Carries a SM+2 Great Axe with SM+3 grips (ST 30, 50 lbs, $940). Wears mail on the torso, heavy leather on arms and legs, and heavy leather boots on feet; both are factored into the DR listed above. The Axe is an unbalanced weapon and cannot parry and attack on the same turn.

This is a baseline specimen.
More seasoned warriors may have better attributes and weapons. It is also common for some warriors to use better armor; those who regularly do combat with smaller foes tend to put heavier armor on their legs and leather on their chests. Most commonly, slabs of wood or ice are carved into leg guards which offer heavier protection to the fronts of a giant's leg. In the case of wood, the DR is 6F (on top of the 3 from tough skin) on the leg and semi-ablative. In the case of an ice slab, the DR is 6F as well, but it is ablative and vulnerable to fire -losing an extra 1d of DR from a fire based attack. Giants who are more wealthy or better equipped may have actual metal plates on their legs.

It's also possible for a GM to simulate a weaker member of the race by reducing some of the attributes which would make attacks with the axe at a penalty or use a less cumbersome weapon. This may be desirable for wanting to use a Frost Giant as part of an adventure, but toning it down for a weaker or less experienced group.

Huge Weapons allows Frost Giants to treat their ST as one higher for the purpose of meeting weapon ST requirements. Sure Footed allows them to ignore some of the penalties associated with fighting on on unfavorable ground, but only when fighting on snowy ground.

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Thu 30 May 2013
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Frost Giant Slave Master
Frost Giant Slave Master

Many Frost Giant tribes practice slavery, and, whenever possible, take captives from their destructive raids. This serves many purposes. First, it is a way to establish status, and having slaves is akin to having a work of art, nice piece of jewelry, or toy to show off. Secondly, Frost Giants can use slaves to supplement their diets when necessary. A captured slave which is uninteresting, troublesome, or doesn't possess any noteworthy skills can expect to become a meal sooner than later. A skilled slave or one capable of entertaining by way of song, dance, or some other skill might find themselves performing the task of living toy. Slave Master is a feared and respected position of authority within Frost Giant society. Slave Masters are responsible for making sure slaves don't escape, divvying out slaves as food in lean times, and arranging trades.

ST 28, HP 28
DX 10, Will 12
IQ 11, Per 12
HT 13, FP 13

Special: HT is treated as 3 higher versus cold and ice based afflictions, spells, and environmental effects which are resisted with HT. (for example: Frostbite, pg 189 Magic)

Speed 5.75, Move 6

Dodge 9, Parry 8 -Whip or 10 -unarmed,
DR 5 everywhere except for hands (DR 3) and head (DR 3).

Giant Whip (15) 5d (0.5) crushing. Reach 2-9*
Whipper Snapper (11) 5d+2 (0.5) Crushing. Reach 2-9* A Frost Giant Slaver can choose to target a hand or arm with this attack with the usual penalties for targeting a limb; if the target fails to defend, it takes damage as normal and must also make a Will roll to avoid dropping anything held with that arm/hand.
Giant Punch (14) 3d-2 crushing. Reach C,1

It takes two seconds for a Frost Giant Slave Master to ready his whip after attacking or parrying. A Frost Giant Slave Master is capable of using the special options under the Whip entry listed on Campaigns p406.

High Pain Threshold, Night Vision 3, Bad Temper (12), Temperature Tolerance 5 (-50F to 70F), Resistant to Cold Based Afflictions (+3), Enhanced Move 0.5 (Ground Speed 9), Sure-Footed (Snow), Huge Weapons (ST), DR 3 (Tough Skin)
Skills: Axe/Mace-12, Brawling-14, Throwing-15, Wrestling-14, Whip 15

Class: Giant

Notes: Carries a SM+2 Whip with SM+3 grips (ST 25, 12.5 lbs, $188). Wears heavy leather armor which is factored into the DR listed above. The Whip is an unbalanced weapon and cannot parry and attack on the same turn. There is a 2 in 6 chance of a Slave Master being encountered with 1d slaves tied together in a line. Alternatively, the GM can simply decide a Slave Master either does or does not have slaves with him when encountered.

This is a baseline specimen. As with warriors (described previously), it is common for Slave Masters who have a lot of interaction with smaller creatures to more heavily armor their legs. It is also common for Slave Masters to employ a dire wolf or other suitably large and vicious animal as a guard to keep watch over slaves.

Huge Weapons allows Frost Giants to treat their ST as one higher for the purpose of meeting weapon ST requirements. Sure Footed allows them to ignore some of the penalties associated with fighting on on unfavorable ground, but only when fighting on snowy ground.

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Geppetto [15]

Spirits obsessed with being part of the mortal world and being able to experience it, Geppettos found a way to craft bodies which they then bind themselves to. The most common material for these bodies is a type of wood which grows near their place of origin; there is some manner of innate connection to the material which allows them to easily inhabit it. The process of creating a body and helping one of their kind binding themselves to it is an elaborate ritual and is viewed as a special occasion.

While they do not need to eat or drink, their bodies do require maintenance. Once per week, a Geppettos will take time to make minor repairs to its body. This usually involves making sure bugs haven't infested the wood, oiling joints and hinges, and other such things.

Likewise, while they do not necessarily sleep in the same way most creatures do, they do require a period of inactivity in which they refresh the connection with their inhabited bodies. Once per year, they also need to visit the Soul Cauldron to engage in a ritual which refreshes this connection. During the yearly visit, Geppettos also exchange stories about what they have learned about the world, their experiences, and any newly learned methods for overcoming the limitations they have in their ability to perceive the material world.

In the event that a Geppetto 'dies,' its spirit returns to the Spirit Cauldron until such time it is called upon to inhabit a new body. In essense, it loses the experiences it had while 'alive,' and will arise as a completely new member of the race with no memory of who it was before or what it had experienced. Though there are rare cases in which some residual memory may be retained. Because of this loss, 'death' is something which is just as undesirable for Geppettos as it would be for any other race.

Attribute Modifiers

Secondary Characteristics
Basic Speed -1 [-20]

Ambidexterity [5]
Blunt Claws [3]
Detect Spirits (vague) [5]
Doesn't Breathe [20]
Doesn't Eat or Drink [10]
DR 2 (Semi-Ablative, -20%) [8]
Immunity to Metabolic Hazards [30]
Intuitive Repairman (own body) [1]
Injury Tolerance (Unliving) [20]
Lifting ST +5 [15]
Patience of Job [1]
Unaging [15]
Unkillable 1 [50]

Chummy [-5]
Dependency (The Soul Cauldron) (Rare; Yearly, 1/10; Aging +30%) [-13]
Disturbing Voice [-10]
Fragile (Combustible) [-5]
Low Empathy [-20]
No Sense of Smell/Taste [-5]
Numb [-20]
Obsession (experience the world; find ways to enhance perception of it)[-10]
Requires Maintenance (1 person; weekly) [-5]
Unhealing (total) [-30]
Xenophilia (15) [-5]
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Fri 22 Nov 2013
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Dungeon Fantasy Half-Ogre
[20 points]
Choice Professions: Barbarian, Knight.
Marginal Professions: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Wizard.

The rare ogre afflicted with lack of Magic Resistance can
sometimes interbreed with an orc or a human thanks to the
inherent magic of a dungeon fantasy world. The result is a
half-ogre, which isnt as huge, clumsy, or stupid as an ogre, and
thus can pass as a big, dumb (mostly) human. A half-ogres
Social Stigma applies even among those who dont know his
parentage hes clearly half-something, and wholly uncouth.
Determine a half-ogres height and weight normally from
modified ST.
Attribute Modifiers: ST+4 [40]; IQ-1 [-20]; HT+1 [10].
Advantages: Damage Resistance 1 (Tough Skin, -40%) [3];
Fearlessness 1 [2]; Night Vision 3 [3].
Disadvantages: Appearance (Ugly) [-8]; Social Stigma (Savage)
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Mon 18 May 2015
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Woem [5]

Woem morphology strongly resembles upright domestic cats that walk upon two legs. Their front paws have evolved into a form more similar to a hand which allows them to manipulate items in a manner consistent with human hands.

Average Woem height is between 3 and 4 feet tall, and average weight is between 35 and 45 pounds. These numbers (as well as fur colors, patterns, and other outward physical features) may vary depending upon bloodline and clan, but the average generally tends to be the same.

The native Woem language consists of a series of yowls, 'vrows', and various other cat calls which can be difficult for other races to learn.

Basic Attributes
ST -3 [-30]; DX +1 [20]

Secondary Characteristics
SM -2; Per+1 [5]

Catfall [10]; Claws (sharp)[5]; Fur [1]; Night Vision 3 [3]; Teeth (sharp) [1]

Phobia (Entering Water)[-5]; Curious[-5]

Tail (neither a manipulator nor enough of a problem
to interfere with armor).

Notes: Many Woem have Cynophobia (fear of canines). At the GM's discretion, you may substitute Cynophobia for Curious. More Night Vision is also common. At the GM's discretion, beginning Woem characters may start with up to Night Vision 5.

Designer's Notes: I had considered making Cynophobia a set part of the template so as to make the point cost 0. However, I felt that having two phobias set in stone might be potentially crippling for a player.
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Mon 18 May 2015
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Dragonforged [18]
a.k.a. Xwurkadarastrix

We are born of two parts, and our existence brings forth two questions. The question we ask our spirit is 'Who am I?' The question we ask the world is 'What am I to do with my life?' When you are old, withered, and gone, you will be remembered by how you chose to answer those questions.
-Naosthyr, Dragonforged Mystic

The spirit and ferocity of a dragon barely contained within a humanoid form; in a previous age, Dragonforged were a race created by the dragon Malzvirdask. While they could technically be considered her children, she was hardly the most loving of mothers, and their position was mainly one of soldier and servant. Individuals might earn some amount of free will, but the majority of the race was meant to serve Malzvirdask's will. A human mother might discipline her children with a swat on the bottom; Malzvirdask might well roast you alive and have your carcass for an appetizer.

Using foul magics, unspeakable lore, and an archaic sort of genetic engineering, she found a way to corrupt the embryos of various humanoid mothers with her essence. Discarding the undesirable specimens and moving forward into further generations, she eventually had shock troops and servants with which to wage of a war of tyranny and greed against the rest of the world; seeing herself as the rightful heiress to the mantle of god in a world where such beings no longer acted directly. The same magic she used to create the Dragonforged was also used to create a magic orb which she then bound their minds to. Through the orb, she had complete dominance over her creation.

Against odds, the world managed to throw off the growing yoke of Malzvirdask's influence. Part of the victory against her involved shattering her prized orb and throwing her servants into disarray. Today, Dragonforged still exist, and have evolved into a race which breeds true. Suffering from both a social stigma based upon their past and uncertainty about what a future free of guiding purpose will bring, they seek to find their way in the world. Introspection about their true nature and place in the world has lead to a culture of philosophy and spiritual exploration even as their natural gifts often lead them to serve as hired muscle.

Physical Description
Dragonforged are pretty much what you'd expect a humanoid dragon to look like. They have large pointy teeth inside of a draconic head, sharp claws, tails, and scales. Most also have the capability to exhale fire. Standing a head taller than most humans, this makes for a fearsome figure.

Dragonforged scales usually range from a sandy yellow to a gator green, but many other reptilian colors are possible. Gold, black, and red tints, patterns, or flecks among the scales are also common. Many Dragonforged seek meaning among the exact coloration and pattern of their scales as well as that of the egg they hatched from. Unusual colors or patterns may be viewed as an omen among some tribes or family units.

The sexual dimorphism of the race differs greatly from that of humans and other mammalian humanoids. Males often have vestigle horns, horns, bone formations, boney head frills, skull spikes, skull nubs or other such formations on their heads, and males also tend toward thicker and more rugged scales. Females do not have breasts, but are instead often marked by soft head frills of various patterns; they also tend toward smaller scales which are smoother.

Dragonforged are 4 inches taller than a human of the same ST and weigh 25 lbs. more.

Attribute Modifiers
ST+2 (size -10%) [18]
HT+1 [10]

Secondary Characteristics

Burning Attack 1d (Jet, +0%; Reduced Range 2, -10%; 2FP cost, -10%; Requires 5 seconds to recharge, -10%) [3]
Claws (Sharp) [5]
Damage Resistance 1 (Tough Skin, -40%) [3]
Nictitating Membrane 2 [2];
Peripheral Vision [15]
Striker (Tail; Crushing; Clumsy, -2 to hit, -40%)[3]
Teeth (Sharp) [1].

Social Stigma (Monster) [-15]
Increased Consumption 1 [-10]
Disciplines of Faith (Mysticism) [-10]
Greed (15) [-7]

Features: Born Biter. Head armor isnt interchangeable with
human head armor. Armor isnt interchangeable with human armor. Hatch from eggs. Scales.

This is the base template. The draconic ancestry of the race does not always manifest the same way in each specimen. At the GM's discretion, a Dragonforged PC may choose to have different natural gifts than a Burning Attack.

Other common traits for males are head horns (which can be used as a limited arc impaling, piercing, or crushing striker -depending upon the size and shape), thicker skull DR, and/or a heavier (more damaging) tail striker.

Other common traits for females are Breath-Holding, Flight with the winged and controlled gliding limitations, and/or lighter tails which are less damaging, but more accurate.

Other common traits for either gender are Fire College aspected Magery, more strength, thicker scales (more DR), a modified breath weapon, and/or an acute physical sense.

None of this is meant to suggest any of these traits is strictly the realm of one gender or the other, but is meant to detail which traits are commonly found among the two genders. In any event, if you wish to substitute any of these traits for part of the racial template or if you wish to gain them (perhaps through spending time meditating and releasing more of your inner dragon,) you should speak with your GM.
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Mon 18 May 2015
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racial templates
Pirmaikin [15]

Brief Background
"First Children" in the words of the human tongue, Pirmaikin claim to be the direct creation of a being they view as the "One True God." As the story goes, this being created them at a time when it was active on the material realm. While not all agree on the exact specifics surrounding their God's departure from the material or the circumstances which will herald their God's return, there are shared beliefs concerning the nature of that God and what manner of deeds should be done to maintain purity of spirit. Believing themselves the be the precursor to humans, they often refer to humans as Otraikin --"Second Children" in the human tongue.

Physical Description
Pirmaikin look more or less like humans, but with some decidedly non-human features. Their skin tones range from silver to light blue. Their hair tends toward white, but colors similar to that of humans are common as well. Their eyes are always some combination of gold, bronze, silver, or white; with one color being that of the pupil and the other of the eyeball itself. In spite of their unusual features, there is a sort of otherworldly attractiveness contained within their facial features. It is exceptionally rare, but not completely unheard of for Pirmaikin to have facial hair.

Acute Senses (all) 1 [8]
Appearance (Attractive; Universal, +25%) [5]
Healing (Extra Time 4, 20 seconds; Pact:Fanaticism) [14]
Longevity [2]
Recovery [10]
Resistant to Disease (+3) [3]
Spirit Empathy [10]

Alcohol Intolerance [-1]
Clueless [-10]
Extreme Fanaticism* [-15]
Horrible Hangovers [-1]
Unusual Biochemistry [-5]

*Each Pirmaikin chooses three virtues to dedicate themselves to. These virtues should be discussed with the GM, but are generally similar to "good disadvantages" (i.e. honesty, truthfulness, charitable, and some elements of the Gentleman's Code of honor.) The severity of which falls somewhere between quirk level and a full blown disadvantage. Pirmaikin are also usually intolerant toward what they view to be supernatural evil such as undead and demons, and are intolerant of such creatures. A vow to slay a type of such creature counts as a virtue.

Not choosing a virtue doesn't mean a Pirmaikin doesn't value them; they simply aren't as dedicated to the others as they are to the chosen three. Many Pirmaikin have disadvantages and/or quirks relating to the other virtues, but are not fanatical toward them like they are in regards to their chosen virtues. The reason for differing beliefs among the race is due to there being some amount of debate over the exact nature of the god which (supposedly) created them. This debate is never normally (but see Launumkin below) enough to cause large scale conflict among the race, but sometimes the chosen virtues of two Pirmaikin might lead them into conflict with each other.

Designers notes: I tried to keep the details behind their Fanatacism somewhat vague so as to not too heavily tie them to one set of beliefs --especially since those sort of details are something which are not set in stone at this point of the project. It also gives potential players some amount of freedom in how to portray a PC instead of the entire race having the exact same personality.
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Mon 18 May 2015
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Re: racial templates
Launumkin [15]

Brief Background
By all accounts, Launumkin ("Fallen Children" in the human tongue) were once the same race as Pirmaikin. Long ago, when the Pirmaikin god became distant from the world, a splinter faction were of the belief that the being had abandoned them. They turned against their usual nature and sought to make their own way in the world without connection to the ways of old.

While the exact nature of the Pirmaikin God (not all races in the world believe in the same religion) may be debatable, what isn't debatable is that a change occurred. What Launumkin once were is undeniable due to the similarities to their Pirmaikin counterparts, but severing their connection to their past did produce noticable physical change as well as some change in their abilities.

It is important to note that their nature is not one of inherent evil; they simply chose to turn away from their past. As a race, their changed nature took place long enough ago that they now have become their current form. Simply embracing the old ways isn't enough to regain their true form. Though there are those among both races who believe it possible for Launumkin to revert to what they once were. There is some animosity between individuals of both races, but there is not universal intolerance. If anything, many Pirmaikin view Launumkin with a lightly veiled sense of pity, and some Launumkin view their counterparts as being patronizing and too stuck in their ways.

While the name of their race was given to them by the Pirmaikin, and it does have something of a negative connotation, Launumkin as a whole have not embraced another label. There are those who dislike the term and have started using what are essentially bastardizations of it, no other term has become universally accepted enough to replace it. Free of the old ways, they have more freedom to be individuals, but also have a less of a overall racial identity set into the proverbial stone.

Physical Description
Launumkin look more or less like humans, but with some decidedly non-human features. Their skin tones range from an ashy fleshtone to a sort of red-tinted pewter. Their hair tends toward white, but colors similar to that of humans are common as well. Their eyes tend be of similar colors to that of their Pirmaikin counterparts, but with more human-like white eyeballs. While they do not have the otherworldly attractiveness of their Pirmaikin counterparts, Launumkin do tend toward a kind of rugged attractiveness in spite of their unusual features. It is uncommon, but not unheard of for Launumkin to have facial hair.

Acute Physical Senses (all) 1 [8]
Appearance (Attractive) [4]
Channeling (costs 2FP; Unreliable: 14 or less) [8]
Longevity [2]
Medium (costs 1FP; weakened without 1 hour of preparation) [7]
Recovery [10]
Resistant to Disease (+3) [3]

Alcohol Intolerance [-1]
Horrible Hangovers [-1]
Unusual Biochemistry [-5]
Vulnerability to oak struck by natural lightning (x4) [-20]

Designers notes: My original design had more elements, but I was trying to keep the point cost down and had to cut some things. Certainly not what I feel is one of my most creative efforts, but I needed a counterpart race to one I had already posted so as to complete the story I had in mind. "Natural Lightning" in their vulnerability description was mostly meant as a way to curb easily exploiting their weakness in world which might have magic. Magic can still be used to induce lightning by creating a storm, but I wanted to avoid enemy mages being able to easily produce items by hitting trees with lightning bolts so as to keep the rarity of the material. I also wanted something of a divine feel to their vulnerability.