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Pathfinder Planning
First off, link to pathfinder info:

Since we're starting at level 4, these charts only need be shown for 4 levels.
The features of an archetype have letters to show which features share the same slot. For example, Stunning Fist is in slot C, so if you choose Redirection, you have to replace Stunning Fist since they are both in the same slot.

The * means the ever rare "you ADD this to the ability instead of replace the ability"

Monk archetypes and featuresRaichelTimothiusBOTH
ArchetypeLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Basic MonkA) Bonus feat
B) Flurry of blows
C) Stunning fist
D) Unarmed strike
E) Bonus feat
F) Evasion
G) Fast movement
H) Maneuver training

I) Still mind
J) Ki pool (magic)
K) Slow fall 20 ft.
Drunken Master..I) Drunken Ki.
Flowing MonkA) Bonus Feat (Flowing Monk)
C) Redirection (Ex)
E) Unbalancing Counter (Ex)G) Flowing Dodge (Ex).
Hungry Ghost MonkC) Punishing Kick (Ex)...
Ki Mystic..I) Ki Mystic (Su).
Maneuver MasterA) Bonus Feat (Maneuver Master)*
B) Flurry of Maneuvers (Ex)
.I) Maneuver Defense (Ex)K) Reliable Maneuver (Ex)
Martial Artist..I) Pain Points (Ex)K) Martial Arts Master (Ex)
Master of Many StylesA) Bonus Feat (Master of Many Styles)
B) Fuse Style (Ex)
Monk of the Empty HandWeapon and Armor Proficiency (Empty Hand)
B) Flurry of Blows (Ex)
.I) Versatile Improvisation (Ex)J) Ki Pool (Su)*
Monk of the Four WindsC) Elemental Fist (Su)...
Monk of the Healing Hand....
Monk of the LotusC) Touch of Serenity (Su)...
Monk of the Sacred Mountain.F) Iron Monk (Ex).K) Bastion Stance (Ex)
B) Advice (Ex)
E, F) Insightful Strike (Ex)..
Weapon and Armor Proficiency (Sohei)
A) Bonus Feat (Sohei)*
C) Devoted Guardian (Ex)
Unarmed Strike
..G) Monastic Mount (Su)
K) Ki Weapon (Su)
TetoriA) Bonus Feat (Tetori)
B) Graceful Grappler (Ex)
..K) Counter-Grapple (Ex)
Weapon AdeptC) Perfect Strike (Ex)F) Way of the Weapon Master (Ex)..
Zen ArcherWeapon and Armor Proficiency (Zen Archer)
A) Bonus Feats (Zen Archer)
B) Flurry of Blows (Ex) (Zen)

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