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Saga Houserules
  1. PHB 42: Noble's starting HP is 24 + Con score, not 18 +

  2. PHB 45: Scoundrel's starting HP is 24 + Con score, not 18 +

  3. PHB 49: Scout's starting HP is 27 + Con score, not 24 +

  4. PHB 74: Treat injury.  Delete the sentence that says "cannot benefit from additional first aid for 24 hours."

  5. PHB 93: Regarding the dark side.  Replace all mentions of the word "evil" with the word "dark."  Hopefully this should clear up a few things that this game isn't going to be about moralizing The Force.  Also, because what counts as a "dark act" is debatable, I'll end the debate here and now.  If the GM says the act is dark, it's dark.  If a player says that their character's act is dark, it's dark.  Only if player and GM agree unanimously that their character's intended action is not dark is it not dark.  So be prepared to have your character turn into a loonie NPC rather quickly if they're going to be torturing prisoners all the time (that's an extra darkside point for each additional fingernail you remove) because this GM is of the opinion that while it can be argued that such interrogations may not be "evil" in some circumstances (need to get this info in the next 50 seconds or the planet blows up), they are always dark.  Worth mentioning is that non Force Users are just as prone as Force Users to this, so playing a rogue is not a free pass to play a character that enjoys harming people.  Also, some acts are so dark that they automatically grant multiple darkside points.  Kicking a puppy, for example.

  6. PHB 97: Force Grip.  Add the darkside keyword.

  7. PHB 97: Force Slam.  Add the darkside keyword.

  8. PHB 98: Move Object.  Replace "object up to X size" with "small object no bigger than a lightsaber." and later, ignore all mentions of increasing size of objects with force points.  You can only increase damage dealt with this power, not fling frigates or space stations around for funzies.  (What were they thinking?!)

  9. PHB 100: Remove the Sever Force power.  This one is not going to be in the game at all.  Forbidden to players and NPCs.

replace -5 with -2

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Sun 24 Dec 2017
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Saga Houserules
Starting wealth of classes:

JEDI: 750
NOBLE: 3000
SCOUT: 1875

JEDI: 3d4 x 100
NOBLE: 3d4 x 400
SCOUNDREL: 3d4 x 250
SCOUT: 3d4 x 250
SOLDIER: 3d4 x 250

Replaced 3d4 with 7.5

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