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The Slaying Stone
Under construction.  I'm starting this thread for just Tim and David in hopes I can get my D&D fix on a daily basis.
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Thu 6 Oct 2011
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Re: The Slaying Stone
"I plan to plunder those murderous bastards," was what Gale told you when she invited you along on this adventure, "Poetic justice for what they did to the people of Kiris Dahn.  Every coin, and every drop of blood they lose will be payback for those poor folks' ruined lives.  What you do with your share is up to you, of course, but there's a lot of homeless children I plan to feed with my share."

Of course, no good deed goes unpunished.  It's been a long and grueling journey.  As if that weren't enough, the weather has turned sour.

A cold wind whips sleet at you and tears at your cloaks.  The moon is shrouded behind a gray haze, and you hear wolves baying in the dark woods all around.  Against the dusky sky, you can just make out the shadow of a low tower.  A  lantern burns in one of its windows and begins to sway, beckoning you toward the safety of shelter.

The lantern swinging in the window ahead reflects off several sets of eyes in  the forest around you.  You hear low growling as wolves emerge from between the gray tree trunks.  Most of the wolves look half-starved, and they charge toward you.

"And just as we're about to make it to shelter,"
Gale sighs, "If these wolves turn out to be more than we can handle, we should make a break for the tower."
Gray Wolves
Thu 6 Oct 2011
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Re: The Slaying Stone
The wolf to the south picks out Liberty as the smallest target and charges at her, tearing at her arm with it's teeth!  The wolf to the north sees an opportunity to take down Gale and flanks with the other, but Gale sees it coming and puts her staff in the way!

wolf1 v gale
1d20 +8
8 + 8 = 16 miss!

wolf2 v lib
1d20 +8
19 + 8 = 27

1d6 +5
5 + 5 = 10

Liberty HP: 22-10=12

Until Shakkra posts initiative, it will be assumed that it is 0.  Which makes it Bridget and Gale's turns.

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Sat 8 Oct 2011
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Re: The Slaying Stone
The promise of a reward was simply an added bonus for taking this job, more than likely going to donate most of her share of this money to similar purposes to Gale.  Murderers.  I cannot abide them.  They'll never know what hit them because they won't even see it coming.  She said, noticing the shelter in the distance.

As the wolves begin to emerge from the woods, she gets the large bow from off of her back and reaches into her quiver on her hip, pulling out not one but a pair of arrows, taking shots at two of the wolves while they were in mid stride, hoping that arrows would serve as a strong enough deterrent, which they didn't.

Attack: Twin Strike

Versus G. Wolf 1: Roll of 18.  Enough said.
Versus G. Wolf 2: Roll of 4+8=12.  Miss

Damage: 1d12: Roll of 8.  +2 quarry dmg. 10 Damage total.

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Sat 8 Oct 2011
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Re: The Slaying Stone
All she had really known was that she was going to be able to earn some money, and that was plenty enough reason for her to go on this job.  Not that she liked the idea of starving children, but she wasn't about to give up a considerable amount of money like others would either.  A coin or two maybe, but nothing more.

As they walked, she had to shield her face from the annoying weather.  It would turn into this.  She grumbled.

The wolves stalked out of the shadows of the woods, drawing a heavy sigh from her.  ...By the nine gates...  She muttered, taking a step back before flicking her wand in the direction of the wolf trying to nom on Gale.

Attack: Vicious Mockery.

Heal Liberty for 10 hp. Hi! Back to full HP!

Versus G. Wolf 2: Roll of 8.  Just barely hit.

Damage: 1d6+6 Psychic Damage.  Roll of 4.  10 total Damage.

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Gale Sargas
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Sun 9 Oct 2011
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Re: The Slaying Stone
"Indeed," Gale says, summoning a darkness that takes hold of the furthest wolf, "Don't let them flank you.  If they do they'll knock you down and tear your throat."

Grasping shadows hits Ravenous_Wolf1.  minimum damage 6, but slowed.
Ravenous_Wolf1 HP: 19

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Mon 10 Oct 2011
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Re: The Slaying Stone
Bridget doesn't comment on Gale's suggestion, but she smacks the wolf in front of her, pushing it as Bridget takes ground. "Everyone, hit this wolf! Then focus on whatever wolf I attack next!" Remember, folks, her exclamations marks do not indicate emotion. They indicate volume only. OK, so that's impossible to imagine, so Bridget sounds like a stern commander, which hints at angry emotions. But whatever... she is a commander and will guide the group through.

(Standard: Tide of Iron v Wolf1. Hit(18)!)
 dmg: 8 and marked, push 1, enter vacated space.

Gray Wolf 1 HP: 28 - 8 = 20 and marked

Ravenous Wolves
Mon 10 Oct 2011
at 03:20
Re: The Slaying Stone
The ravenous wolves move in closer and attack!  One grabs and savages Gale's leg, while another gets Shakkra's!

23:15, Today: Narrator rolled 17 using 1d20+7. Wolf 3 charge Shakkra.
23:15, Today: Narrator rolled 11 using 1d10+3. damage to Shakkra.
23:16, Today: Narrator rolled 24 using 1d20+7. Wolf 2 charge Gale.
23:17, Today: Narrator rolled 4 using 1d10+3. damage to Gale .

Shakkra HP: 12 AND GRABBED!

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Mon 10 Oct 2011
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Re: The Slaying Stone
"In a bit." Liberty answers Bridget. "I'll pile 'em up for you first." she waves her hand and the wolves no longer see her. She then walks among them effortlessly before suddenly turning to punch a wolf. All three wolves in front of her go flying 5 feet back!

(Free: Forceful Push v Ravenous Wolf 3, positioning him away from Shakkra)
(Standard: Memory Hole v Gray Wolf 2, Ravenous Wolf 2, 3. Hit(16), Hit(24), Miss(6))
 dmg: 10 and invisible to hit targets.
 ((This was Augmented with 2 Power Points))
(Move: To below Gale. No AoO due to being invis to wolves)
(Standard: Force Punch v Gray Wolf 2. Hit(23)!)
 dmg: 9 and push GW2, RW2, and RW3 all 1 square (towards Gray Wolf 1)

Gray Wolf 2 HP: 28 - 10 - 9 = 9
Ravenous Wolf 2 HP: 25 - 10 = 15

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Wed 12 Oct 2011
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Re: The Slaying Stone
I can do that, as long as I can see them and with my eyes, not hard at all.  She said, sliding to stand behind Bridget before pulling out two more arrows and letting them fly, both of them whizzing by Bridget to strike home in the wolf, the woman smiling.

Got you covered, Bridget!  She squees and smiles.

Shift to her right to get behind Bridget.

Attack: Twin Strike, both against Gray Wolf 1

Attack 1: Roll of 8 + 8 = 16 Hit!
Attack 2: Roll of 16 Enough Said

Damage: 2d12 (10 + 8) 18 damage total

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