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Scales of War
First visited in the 3rd edition adventure Red Hand
of Doom, Brindol has a smaller population than it
did before the events of that adventure. But the last
decade has brought mild prosperity to the region,
with only bandits (such as Sinruth and his ilk) disturbing
the peace.
Population: 6,700; another 1,000 live within
a five-mile radius of the town itself. The people of
Brindol are mostly humans, half-elves, and dwarves.
The town’s population swells by several hundred
whenever some connected halfling clans known as
“the river people” are in town.
Government: A town has a council, two-thirds
of whom are hereditary landlords and the remainder
of whom are guildmasters from the city’s
important trade guilds. Lord Warden Harrik Orenna
is the public face of the council and commander of
the city militia.
Defense: The city has 200 soldiers under arms
at all times, with about one-quarter on duty at any
given time. In times of crisis, the Lord Warden has
access to another 200 well-equipped but poorly
trained soldiers by calling up the militia.
Inns: Chatrenn and Sons; The Red Door; Avandrian
Hostel; The Silk and Spoon; Pantashi Inn.
Taverns: Ilya’s Cardhouse; The Marooned Schooner;
Cleftie’s; Brindol Gentleman’s Club; the Blue
Parrot; the Antler and Thistle.
Major Guilds: Prospectors; Blacksmiths and Smelters;
Teamsters and Farriers; Weavers; River Bargemen
(halfling controlled).
Supplies: Alchemy by Adronsius (currently closed);
Gavriel Arms and Smithy; Staghunter Outfitters;
Alpenglow Trading House.
Temples: Temple of Erathis; College of Ioun; Shrine
of the Sun (Pelor); Moondust Temple (Sehanine);
Shrine of Bahamut (no permanent clergy); Shrine of
the Open Door (Avandra).
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Tue 1 Nov 2011
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Re: Scales of War
After spending an uneventful night and another half day traveling the following day, the team finally makes it back!

Unless most of
the prisoners perished, the town is delighted with
the PCs’ success, and they throw a great feast in the
repaired Hall of Great Valor to honor them.

XP so far:

Bar Fight! Encounter Level 1 580
The Ogre Bombardier Encounter Level 1 (650 XP)
The Summons (Skill Challenge lvl 1) 200XP
Interrogating Morrik (Skill Challenge lvl 1) 200XP
Tracking the Goblins (Skill Challenge lvl 1) 300XP
Chamber of Fame unbound (Encounter lvl 1) 550XP
Goblin Warren (Encounter lvl 1) 500 XP and Action Points
Von Ur stadt Cr ypt Encounter Level 2 (600 XP)
Sp iderw eb Landing Encounter Level 1 (550 XP) and Action Points
Rivenroar Family Crypt Encounter Level 1 (525 XP)
Fresco Chamber Encounter Level 1 (550 XP) and Action Points
Von Jallach Crypt Encounter Level 1 (525 XP)
Von Adrez-Kauthin Crypt Encounter Level 1 (550 XP) and Action Points
Honor Guard Crypt Encounter Level 2 (650 XP)
Mushroom Chamber Encounter Level 1 (500 XP)

Major Quest—Rescue
Rescuing the prisoners from Rivenroar amounts
to a major quest. The PCs don’t earn the quest
XP until the prisoners’ fate has been determined,
and those still living returned to Brindol.
Reward: 500 XP (and 200 gp if the prisoners
are returned).

RUNNING TOTAL: 7,930 (of 11,250k needed for lvl 3)

Loot so far:
Parcel 1: Magic item, level 5
Parcel 2: Magic item, level 5
Parcel 3: Magic item, level 4
Parcel 4: Magic item, level 3
Parcel 5: Magic item, level 3
Parcel 6: Magic item, level 2
Parcel 7: Two potions of healing, 100 gp
Parcel 8: One 100 gp gem, 80 gp
Parcel 9: 260 gp

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Thu 10 Nov 2011
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Re: Scales of War
Timothius is leaning back in his seat, giving a sad smile as he enjoys the gratitude of the people. That boy's father had died and was found in a web in a gruesome manner. And a good number of enemies had to die. But these people he and his sisters rescued are safe. He was sure to give the boy Thurann attention and kept him near himself and/or his sister Raichel. Mittens, though, Tim is careful to keep Thurann from since he knows Mitts doesn't like dealing with anything awkward.
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Thu 10 Nov 2011
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Re: Scales of War
Raichel had quite the appetite, so she was more than willing to aid in the devouring of the feast. The "Have lots of food on us" almost feels more rewarding than the magic gear after going through what they have. The only reason the magic gear feels more rewarding is it helped with surviving.

Raichel looks at Mittens. "I don't know if it's because I ate too much, or because of what we just went through, but I'm not feeling too well. I think I'm up for a nice, hot bath followed immediately by sleep."
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Fri 11 Nov 2011
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Re: Scales of War
Mittens appreciates being shielded from little orphans about as much as Timothius appreciates being shielded from executions.  Maybe.  She at least enjoys pigging out as much as Raichel.

"Hope you get well soon," Mits answers, "But some personal maintenance and rest sounds like a good idea.  I'd like to go looking for those stolen items first thing in the morning if you're feeling well enough.  Which reminds me...  I'm through with day-long marches.  I'm buying us horses."
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Mon 12 Dec 2011
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Re: Scales of War
Raichel nods back to Mittens. "K. Let's get going then. The earlier we can get started tomorrow, the better."

She then heads to the nearest available tub, bathes, and then heads for bed. Timothius follows shortly after.
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Mon 12 Dec 2011
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Re: Scales of War
What happens when you drop an electric Raichu into a bathtub?  BRRZAAAAP!

Anyway.  Next day comes uneventfully.  Mits is nomming breakf with her sibs, eager to get started.

"I can't wait to get back on the road!" she says, "Though, not so excited about the walking.  We should buy horses."
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Mon 12 Dec 2011
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Re: Scales of War
Timothius heads off with his sisters to the nearest stall and begins discussing prices with the man there. Of the sibling trio, he was always the one to deal with making sure a conversation ended well. And since none of the three were good at bargaining, that left Tim with just making sure the end result didn't turn out with an angry horse keeper.