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Sun 25 Sep 2011
at 18:35
Bruga only
After Bruga disappears from the party view he merely feels as if he opend the door except you are no longer in Lotan. Bruga looks around and sees he is back in the swamp surrounded by rather alive looking gypsies.

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Bruga Honeyfinder
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Tue 31 Jan 2012
at 03:51
Re: Bruga only
Does the door open toward Bruga or away from Bruga?
Clair Brandywhine
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Tue 31 Jan 2012
at 23:24
Re: Bruga only
In reply to Bruga Honeyfinder (msg #2):

Into the other room.  All the doors open into their own rooms and not this main room.
Bruga Honeyfinder
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Wed 31 Oct 2012
at 05:54
Re: Bruga only
Bruga relates what he sees and hears.

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