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Wed 10 Nov 2010
at 17:01
Bulletin Boards
Jobs/Adventures will be posted here with the location of the posting

GTI= Golden Trumpet Inn
AG= Adventurer's Guild
BR= Barracks (outside)
WP= Wanted Poster

I will sometimes post a job that may be of a higher level then the party is ready for, so be wary.

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Sat 20 Nov 2010
at 16:46
Re: Bulletin Boards

Reward: Lost cat. If found return to Captain Nagal city gaurd for reward.

Wanted: Able bodies to assist in the loading of ships at the docks. See Dockmaster Fesk for details.

Caravan guards needed check with Grant Ovard at the Merchant's Guild.

Messengers: See Captain Rusk at the Barracks for details


(would include those above as well as these)

Needed: Rat exterminators for dock warehouse see Dockmaster Fesk for details.

Seeking able adventurers to collect a small list of material components. See Grand Wizard Osk at the Wizards tower. Will pay well.

Messengers- See Captain Rusk for Details

WP: Wanted: Lozak Grim reward 500g crime: murder
WP: Wanted: Gregory Trask reward 50g crime: theft
WP: Wanted: Molak the strange reward 1000g  crime: murder and illegal experimentation
WP: Wanted: Astar Logan Kidnapping and Slave Trading 150g
WP: Wanted: Livias Grand: Treachery 100g
WP: Wanted: Gephrekian Tallbow: -Classified- 1000g

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