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Sat 12 Feb 2011
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Broken Baronies - Character Creation
Here will be the Character Creation and rules of the Broken Baronies.

The Broken Baronies Characters will be Between the Levels of 10 - 13th level, your choice. I will be placing creatures and fights against these levels.

If you are going to play a strange creature, please justify in Back story, why and how you are in the Baronies.

The Baronies was a LOW magic world until recently, where magic is just coming back into play and the populace of the world are needing to deal with it.


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Sat 12 Feb 2011
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Re: Broken Baronies - Character Creation
Forgot to add my house rules, will edit this as they come up cause I cant remember them all. These are the House rules I use for my Table top games.

1st- Death
you go to Neg your Con verses Neg 10, so what ever your con might be, thats where you can drop to before dying.

2nd- Death
if you Do Die, you can have your priest / divine caster call for Divine Intervention. Pick a number on the Percentiles, and roll. If you are within your caster level to it, your Deity was listening and saves the party member to unconscious but stable. If the god is listening and saves him, he will have a " touch " of the god within him. DM's decision.

Eg - you are 3rd level, you call 72, and roll 30, they still die. You call 72 and roll 75, he comes back to life. Write your guess in the " reason for attack "

3rd - Wizard Spells
Wizards study in the morning and regain all their spells like a Cleric or Druid does. I find it difficult to keep track of when the wizards cast, and what they can pray for or not, so I altered them to be like the others. They still NEED 8 hours of rest and for every interruptions, add an hour in the morning, but they get all their spells, even if they casted that night.

4th - Hit points
The way I work it is, you roll. If you do not like the result, you may have a player roll for you but you cannot go back if they roll lower. If you do not like this number, the DM may roll for you, but this is the final roll. I am of the belief that " adventurers " are stronger then normal.

5th - 40 point buy, as per the DMG
8 - Costs 0
9 - Cost 1 pt
10 - Costs 2 pts
11 - Costs 3 pts
12 - Costs 4 pts
13 - Costs 5 pts
14 - Costs 6 pts
15 - Costs 8 pts
16 - Cost 10 pts
17 - Costs 13 pts
18 - Cost 16 pts
Again, Adventurers should be stronger.

6th - Casters - Eschew Materials Feat, up to 99 GP ,
For my casters, I have granted the Eschew Materials feat for free, so that you need not worry about spending on Spell components. This works only up until 99 Gp, so yes, you still need your 100 GP pearl for identify. Essentially, the way I look at it, is that when you travel, you are always on the look out for components, and collect them in the " empty " space. It is your choice as to whether you take this or not. Components can make for some good writing.

7th - Skills

If you roll a Nat 20, you add 10 to this total. If you roll a Nat 1, you -10 to this total.

If more come up, I will add to this list.


Also, if you have any, feel free to suggest them.
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Sat 12 Feb 2011
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Re: Broken Baronies - Character Creation
The Writing in the main Story does not have to include dice rolls, they can be left in the dice roller as I can see them there. Some of your characters are Free form and I am placing it on Trust as to you as the character to write accordingly.

Each Character Description will have a Character Stat page as well. I would like your base Stats of ( 40 point buy )

Hit points, Max at 1st level and Reroll ones.



AC  Touch and Flat Foooted

Base Attack

Melee Attack
Ranged Attack

and All the Class Skills with Ranks and their totals.

I would also like to have an idea of what weapons and armour you are carrying and any other items of Importance

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Sat 13 Aug 2011
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Re: Broken Baronies - Character Creation

The Way init Works.

You all roll for Init.
You all post your actions when ever you can.

You have 3 days to post during a fight. Then I move the fight to the next round. If you do not post in that time, you are considered as " Holding your action and missing the round "

I will then do a big post, with all the actions of the players in order of Init, and the next round starts.
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Sat 13 Aug 2011
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Re: Broken Baronies - Character Creation
Character Activity

If your character has not logged in and posted in over two months, without a PM to me explaining that you will be absent, then you will be removed from the game.

To many join the game, post once, then leave. This is to cut down on the Excess characters.

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Thu 31 May 2012
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Re: Broken Baronies - Character Creation
Just to Clarify Alignments.
I do them Slightly different then most.

Alignments are Based on a 21 point system  with Good/Evil having 21 points and and Law/Chaos having 21 points. ( As no one can be perfectly Good or Evil )

Example - a Patron may have Evil 16 Good 5 Law 15 Chaos 6 So he is LE for the most part.

One Might read Evil 11, Good 10, Law 8 Chaos 13 Which Would be about CN

Evil 10 Good 11 Law 10 Chaos 11 would be as near as neutral as you can get.

Evil 6 Good 15, Law 2, Chaos 19 is CG

No one can have all 21 in one slot, so the Highest would be 20 points, and 1 point.

If that all gives you an idea, feel free to add it to your character sheet.