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Thu 18 Nov 2010
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Jafilla - Bio
My name is Jafilla

I am Known as Jafilla, I am about 524 years old, though I look more like 16, thanks to my Fey, Elf and Draconic Heritage. I have a Petite Frame, Standing merely 54 in height. I have Long Dark brown hair that reaches just past my waist which is silky soft when cleaned. I have a heart shaped face, Silver eyes, with a soft white glow deep within, that are framed by thick black lashes. Lips are pouty and a soft pink. I sually wear Gypsy type dresses.

I have seen alot of things come and go within my life time. My mother, is Felarica, she is 3/4 silver Dragon, 1/4 Faerie, and my father is Sabourin, a full Fledged Faerie. This makes me all of the about to some degree. My father left along time ago, and so I was raised by my Mother.

I was raised as a recluse, and so am very innocent to the outside world, though this does not mean that I am a fool. My mother ensured that I studied all, and learned ways that I would need within my life.

I Have been gifted with powers from our Heritage. From both my Mother and my Father. Powers that will come into play as I advance through my life. I have a calm nature, preferring to think things through, rather then reacting without thought. This does not mean I cannot react, for at times, I do react quicker then would be expected.

I cannot talk, not verbally anyhow but for a few spell casting words in Draconic, for it was something I was never born with. My means of communication is a magical scroll that I can write upon that all can read, and telepathy once I am sure I am welcome within another's mind. I cannot read thoughts without magic, but am able to place my thoughts within another's mind.

I am soul bound and in love with M'lord Itzal
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Sat 18 Dec 2010
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Re: Jafilla - Bio
This character was created on Myspace, and has been transferred over to Rpol. The Game is Freeform, based on history of D20 system.

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