Absences.   Posted by Felarica.Group: 0
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Tue 13 Sep 2011
at 21:29
Here the players can post, if they are going to be absent from the game for any length of time just so as it doesnt get lost in the OOC threads.

Like on Holidays, no internet, Work stuff, Needing a break etc.
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Tue 13 Sep 2011
at 21:33
Re: Absences
Like me !

I am heading down to Eugene Oregon to FW's again from Sept 15 to Sept 20 and will have limited to NO Internet. Will catch up on the 21st. !

The White Fairy
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Tue 13 Sep 2011
at 23:02
Re: Absences
Same with me as well, heading over to Eugene Oregon as well.  Limited to no internet but will bring my laptop no matter what so hopefully I can still keep up on posts.  Otherwise will be back to regular posts when I get back.
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Wed 14 Sep 2011
at 06:16
Re: Absences
Me as well. Also bringing my laptop, but lets face it: FAERIEWORLDS! I dont think I will be opening it much.
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Thu 15 Sep 2011
at 01:29
Re: Absences
I am going to be so lonely here.
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Thu 15 Sep 2011
at 01:31
Re: Absences
They did say they would be around hopefully. Plus Jafilla's still posting.
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Thu 15 Sep 2011
at 01:53
Re: Absences
Jafilla is going as well. Tonight is my last night home.

WE'll see how much time we have on the 2 laptops that were going.

Crystal Shine
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Sat 22 Oct 2011
at 10:26
Re: Absences
From Thursday the 27th of OCT to 31st of OCT, I will be away and unable to post