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Thistles World

Welcome to Thistles World. Thistle is a Small Pixie Healer, often in her human Form. She is the Adopted Daughter of Nathaira, of the blood keep Kingdom and rules in her Mama's Absence.

I am willing to Run and Create a game if someone is interested. Please Rmail me and we can discuss it.

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Re: Thistles World
Lures of the fey

Alcohol - The finest wines, ales and mead's are an easy way to draw the fey, particularly satyrs, korred, fauns and especially cask imps

Black Sand - When placed inside of a large opalescent seashell outside the mouth of a sea cave, black volcanic sand somehow attracts water living and water loving fey.

Blackberry Brambles - Black Berry brambles are the home to many small fey creatures, most notably bogies and Faeries. Because of the association with these fey races, some cultures forbid people to eat blackberries. Many academic feel that the berries are a delicacy among the free bogies.

Black Thorn - For reasons not shared with mortals, the Fey hold this plant sacred. The Luantishees are blackthorn Faeries.

Bluebell flowers - Faeries dangerously enchant fields of blue bells in both Fey lands and mortal lands.
A favorite prank among the lesser fey is to make the blue bells actually ring like metal bells when disturbed either by wind or walkers among them

Bouquet of flowers - Fey, especially sprites and pixies are drawn to the scent and beauty of freshly bloomed flowers.

Cinnamon - Feeeorin and Faeries love cinnamon. They frequently cook with it, wear perfumes infused with its oil, and use its aroma to make a foul smelling area more pleasing.

Clover - A four leaf clover can break fey spells

Colorful magics - Fey, especially pixies and bogies are attracted to brilliant flashes of light and color that detonate in the sky, and illusion and lightening are more apt to attract them then fire.

Conflicts - Everything from a small skirmish to a full scale battle has a chance of drawing the attentions of Feeorin and especially the knights of the fey

Flowers - Bundling fresh flower together and casting them into coastal waters sometimes attracts Sirens to the shore.

Ginger - The fey, especially Feeorin love Ginger. Baked into cookies it is an especially relaxing treat. Consumed raw however, it has been observed to be extremely intoxicating to mortals, but far more so to fey.

Hollow trees - In folklore, ancient, hollow trees ( called bull oaks in England, bell oaks in Scotland and Ireland.) are trees that stood in old sacred groves. They were often believed to be home of spirits, elves, faeries or demons.

Holly - While grown wild or in shrub, holly is often brought indoors as a seasonal decoration. Tiny fey are drawn to the natural decoration and use the holly as shelter against the cold when outside.
The a fey resides in the holly, before it was harvested, they could come into a home unbidden with the holly boughs

Love poems - Reading love poems aloud attracts any fey within hearing distance

Music - Like many of the arts, music is adored by the fey. Great music due to its aural nature can draw a fey from afar to listen to the music and observe the performer.

Paintings - Beautiful portraits and colorful scenic paintings hold many a feys interest for hours as they marvel at the skill and dedication it took to produce the work.

Primrose - While not a major lure, this flower has ties with fey lore.
It is a main component in extending the durations of See invisible and second sight spells

Primrose Ragwort- The Springy and tough boughs and vines of this plant are used as horses by fey.
Tales speak of entire tribes of faeries uprooting an entire bramble and galloping away collectively on it

Rowan - A fire built from the wood of a Rowan tree aids in summoning fey creatures and enhancing divination's about or by the same.

Sage - A bundle of fresh cut sage placed in the crook of a tree will attract any Dryads in the area.

Salt - Thrown across the face of a glacier, salt attracts fey with an Aspect of winter.

St johns wort - This herb protects the bearer against faerie Spells if worn either freshly cut or dried.


Alderwood - This wood is an effective adjunct component in the casting of dismiss fey.

Ash Berries - Placing Ash berries beside a sleeping child decreases the chance that they will be attacked by a fey from between.

Bells - When attached to the legs of dancers, ringing bells can drive fey creatures away

Clothing - The act of wearing clothes inside out disgusts most fey. An inside out glove tossed into a fey ring, forces the fey to make a concentration check to maintain the revel. Wear odd socks or turn your sweaters inside out and fey are less adapt to approach you or disturb you.

Cold Iron - The much storied " Death at the touch of Cold Iron " for fey is true to a point. A dagger or cold iron spike in your pocket is enough to deter any fey and they will not willingly touch cold iron.

Cow slip elder - Placing a child in an elder wood cradle could cause it to be pinched black and blue by Fey.
Whether they do this out of spite or not, Fey cannot abduct a child from a cradle such as this

Flax - Scattering seeds or stalks on the floor of a house will keep the fey away.
Purging flax is also called Faerie Flax

Holy Objects - Clerical holy symbols and the prayers of Priests can repel a fey, as can holy water, prayer books religious reliquaries and relics.
Strangely mold from holy ground also repels fey creatures through both its presence and its scent

Red ribbon - Red Ribbons tied about the tales of livestock, or around chests of infants, dissuade the fey from stealing them.

Salt - While fey like salt moderately, they cannot cross a line of salt.
Sprinkling an unbroken line around an object prevents a fey from disturbing or removing something

Silver - Carry Silver coins in your pockets in your pockets to keep the fey at bay. Throwing silver coins at the fey, causes them to run away.

Whistling - This drives fey creatures into fits of rage, for while all fey can sing or dance or perform many entertainments, they cannot whistle.
Fey are most jealous of whistling above all mortal talents
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Re: Thistles World
Thistle Dreams - Transfered from Myspace.

Thistle stumbles back to her rooms, feeling utterly exhausted from her healing of the old man, having not expected to get into a wrestling match when she was notified that there was a sick man to be cured. Having to deal with his fits of hysteria, his strange words of lunacy and what prophecy’s he had seen and what he will see, while trying to keep him from strangling her, beating her and just an all out war as she attempted to cure it. She sighs softly, knowing she had not the strength to face men like that and when she did have to, it was usually with magic and they were usually a known enemy.  She opens the doors to her chamber, as she recalls the same lunacy that Wind had towards the human race, wind being her friend Thorns animal companion.  She recalls the measure of relief that they felt when they figured out how to cure him, a slight smile crosses her lips as she recalls how often the big bear danced from her fey magic’s in order to save one of the servants of their own castle. Her thoughts drift further back into her past as she enters her room. Having tried the same technique on the old man but noting he seemed to have shrugged it off, knowing very few ever shrugged it off. She crosses the room silently piling her potions on the table in disarray before she strips her off her clothes and crawls into the bed, her blond hair spilling about her, framing her face as her eyes close, falling asleep before even making it under the duvet

Her dreams take her many places, drifting to the King and Queen of this realm, of Blood Keep as they call it and how at home the Queen has made her feel here within the castle, recalling all the talks that they have had, and how she had soothed Thistle on more then one occasion, and finally adopting her as a daughter. Her thoughts then drift to her Father, recalling her first meeting, and how he appeared to have not liked her, just before he was killed. Gone for three years, before returning magically from the dead, with a temper inside him, directed at the queen for the most part, and now he was missing once more. Flickers of thoughts run through her mind of the night he was trying to show her that she was not to fear him, but having seen his anger directed towards one he supposedly loved, had her doubting his words and fear within her eyes. Recalling how he did eventually calm her fears and relax her about her father. Wondering where he is right now exactly and hoping, despite all the differences they had initially that he is alright. They then shift to Kamui, her new brother, one who also commands a kingdom in Egypt and helps Mother with this one, wondering how he does it before her thoughts take her to her true brother. Knowing he is out seeking his own adventures now and praying that he is safe.

Leaving this kingdom Her dreams shift further into the past, drifting back and back, as flickers of her own adventures run though her mind. Drifting back to the first time she fought for her life, much as she had done with that fellow today, thinking his strength was strong for an old man, but then those not all together there, have strange abilities, as Fritz crosses her thoughts. Fritz, her own personal angel or rather a god for he certainly didn't look like an angel. Her dreams recall how he would toss up a handful of rocks and none would hit him, remembering the wonder of how he could do that, yet while not appearing to cast magic’s yet learning he had the ability to rewind time over and over to suit the best out come and the infinite patience he needed.

Her dreams continue to drift back as darkness swirls within her dreams briefly, before she is walking once more in the woods, with Rynne, Kazara and Thorn. The birds were chirping, the leaves rustling in the gentle breeze and all seemed to be at peace. She was perched on Kazara's shoulder as she could not yet fly, for she was never taught, as her parents were killed before she fully grew up and had to learn her powers her own way. Thistles green eyes turn as Thorns spies something in the woods, all within a cluster as they lay, as if tossed away, was a pile of small animal bones. This most certainly could not be good for she was definitely small, hugging in closer to Kazara.  Then they heard it, the wail of something hurt, the one that can send shivers down your spine, feeling the pain as if it was your own. Thistle cringes, the healer within her already feeling the pain of the creature and wanting to go immediately to save whatever was hurt but seeing the hesitation in her companion’s eyes, she knew it would take some convincing.

 " Oh, we have to help them " her lips move softly in her sleep as she voices her own words, already showing signs of being a healer before she even grew up. " Hurry Kazara “urging her forward, until they stand at the edge of a small clearing, none daring to take another step forward. Within the center of the clearing, was an old tree trunk and the screaming was coming from around it somewhere. Her dream sifts through the conversation, none being brave enough to go in, thinking it was a trap, and knowing it was a trap. ‘its a trap, it has to be’ one of us needs to check ' well who will ' not I ' but what if they are in pain ' it sounds like it ' I cannot leave the injured animal there,’ But its human nature Thistle, creatures get eaten’ Yes, but they do not scream like that if they are eaten, its like it is being eaten alive. Yes, I agree with Thistle, we need to check it out ' I will go, I can sneak in and if something attacks, I can turn invisible, part of being a pixie,  ' its done, Thistle will go in then ‘Thistle shifts restlessly on the bed, recalling how all of them conveniently forgot that there were only small bones at the outskirts of the clearing, knowing a lot of pain could have been saved had they paid attention to that.

 Her hands clench within her sleep, her mind telling her to stay back, knowing what was going to happen, knowing the pain of being consumed, but her dream continuing forth. Her feet continue to move despite the desire not to have them as Thistle creeps forward into the clearing, her eyes scanning everywhere. She spies a small fuzzy creature at the base of the tree and nothing else that could be making that sound. Tip toeing up, she kneels by the creature, petting it softly in a soothing and calming manner " shhh, it will be alright.  “Whispering softly, not wanting to draw any more attention to them.  Examining it for wounds and noting none. Standing up to her full height of one foot, she peers about the tree and spots nothing, though hearing the wailing still of the creature. Shivering at the sound, noting it is coming from the tree itself, within the small hollow. Pulling herself up onto the Tree, she peers in, seeing the tiny little bird within, apparently having a broken wing. Feeling the need to soothe the poor Injured Bird, “ oh, you poor little thing, “ noting the noise was coming from it.

Things happened so swiftly, but the instant the wailing stopped, Thistle felt pain. Great amounts of pain, her cry was cut short as she slides down the creature’s throat, feeling the burning of Acid and the crushing of its stomach against her. The pain enters her body as she arches from it, both in the dream and the waking world, wanting it to end but knowing it would not.. Being the fighter that she was, she closes her eyes and mouth, trying to hold her breath, not allowing any in any more Acid than she had in the shock of ending up here.  Her hands fumbles, recalling thinking there was a fair amount of room inside a creatures stomach, as she clasps her daggers and attempts to kill it or cut her way out. Time slowed as agony over took Thistle, her thoughts darkening as every thing burns, every thing hurt and she weakened, nearing death, before the Dagger slips from her hands when darkness finally takes her.

Thistle bolted wide awake, sitting up in bed, Shivering As she recalls that first fight for her life in clarity, her eyes look around the darkened room, feeling her stiff muscles and pain from her earlier fight. Sighing softly, she pushes herself from the bed to go soak in the bath, needing to sooth both her body and her mind.