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Ronald Weasley
Mon 22 Nov 2010
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Platform 9 3/4
Through this barrier, of course, lies Platform nine and three-quarters, home of the famous Hogwarts Express. There a look back at the barrier reveals it is instead a wrought-iron archway with the words "platform nine and three-quarters," and over the scarlet steam train billowing smoke, a sign announces that the Hogwarts Express departs at eleven o'clock. The platform also has a distinct smell - one which lifts the spirits of young wizards who, like Harry, look forward each summer to the start of term.

Though the platform is normally only used six days a year (round trips for the beginning and end of term, as well as the Christmas and Easter holidays), the platform on those days is awash with activity. Steam from the scarlet engine floods the platform as cats wind their way around the wizards' legs and owls hoot to each other (PS6), as hoardes of students and parents move around through the steam "like dark ghosts," their voices carrying through the mist.

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Robert Smith
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Wed 1 Dec 2010
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Re: Platform 9 3/4
 The sight of all the people rushing about and getting aboard various train's was slightly scarey as he tried to take it all in and remember where he was within the grand train station.

 His mother had said that it was differant from the muggle stations but he would see in the morning. They had rushed thru breakfast and a last minute check to be sure he had everything for his school.

 Now he was here it was beginning to dawn on him that he was going to be away from his family and the local friends he had meet here, ahead of him was the unknown of the school and what would the kids be like?, what would the teachers be like?.

 He walked next to his dad with mother leading them to a section between platforms 9 and 10. He looked around for a sign saying 9 and 3/4 but didnt see any, glancing over to his mother who had a wide smile for both dad and him, Come take my hands both of you, its time for my surprise. Just follow my movements and close your eyes while you move, its easier that way the first time.

 He grabbed her hand in perplexity and dad grabbed with one hand while pushing the cart with the other, he had a look of doubt but seem willing to go along with her. She glanced around her at the muggles and with quick steps she headed straight for the brick overhang, her speed caught him off guard and by the time he started to hesitate they were already moving thru the bricks and were standing on another platform that clearly said 9 3/4 and a red train with steam clouding around it. On a sign it stated Hogwarts express.

 Now he was nervous and slightly scared but his dads hand on his shoulder and his mothers smile eased it somewhat. Loading the steamer trunk and his owl aboard the train she handed him his ticket and kissed him on the forehead.

 She spoke softly with just a touch of tears around her eyes. I will write at least once a week. Be good and listen to your professors. I am so proud of you and am sure you will have fun there, study hard and we will see you at christmas time. Write to us and tell us all about what you are learning.

 He hugged them both and was hustled aboard the train with his school supplies.
The feeling of something new and the fear of leaving his safety made war within him but he would make them proud.

 "time to find a cubicle for the ride. he waunders up the isle looking inside the little rooms till he found one empty and moved inside before setting down and looking out the window to see if he could see his parents and wave at them.

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Athene Shoe
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Thu 2 Dec 2010
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Re: Platform 9 3/4
Athene rubbed her eyes as she headed back up to her dorm to get her trunk after breakfast.  She was followed by the other four girls in her dorm.  They were laughing and singing an old Sting classic, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic in honor of her big day, rather poorly she thought but she didn't say so out loud.  She probably would have joined them singing any other day but she was just too tired; after lights out last night, Athene had spent half the night trying to read the first few chapters of all her textbooks under her covers with a flashlight she had pinched from the mop closet.

Once in the room, the rest of the girls turned on the radio and helped check everywhere to make sure she had indeed gotten all her things in the trunk and book bag last night.  Once she was satisfied, she closed and lock the trunk.  She was reaching for her book bag when Sally grabbed her arm and insisted on playing one last game of air hockey with her before she left.  Rolling her eyes, Athene none-the-less, got out her phone and opened the game while Sally did the same on Nancy's.

They continued playing games until a knock came on their door.  It opened to reveal the Matron and Prof. Bones.  The Professor smiled, greeted all the girls and with a flick of her wand shrunk her trunk half it's size.  After shouldering her book bag, Athene was able to easily pick up her trunk.

It was like a parade as the Professor and the Matron led Athene down to the front door, all the other orphans coming out to say goodbye.  Even Cookie came out of the kitchen carrying a box lunch for her; which she carefully tied to the top loop of her book bag.

After all the final goodbyes, the Professor and Athene got into the taxi she had hired and they sped off to King's Cross Station.  Crossing into the platform for the Hogwart's Express had been fun, but she questioned why it was necessary to keep it hidden like that.  The Professor smiled and said, "Keeps the curious away, I guess.  It's busy enough without having tons of people gawking about.  Now come along, dear."  She led Athene to the luggage car and they gave the trunk, restored to it's normal size, to the people responsible for loading before leading her back up to where the carriage cars were located in the middle.
Claire Cowlings
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Thu 2 Dec 2010
at 02:56
Re: Platform 9 3/4
Mum had come and gotten her from the slumber party in Amanda's room this morning and she hadn't seen the other two girls since then.   They'd bundled into the public floo, and come out in the train station.  Mum didn't even give her a chance to think, just told her to push the cart toward the wall, and boom, they were through.    Once they came out, she saw Prof Bones and Athene  standing near the cars.  Mum followed her there as she pushed the trolley toward the train.

"Athene."  She waved.
Amanda Davis
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Thu 2 Dec 2010
at 03:26
Re: Platform 9 3/4
Despite the fact that Amanda and the other girls at the slumber party had stayed up later than normal chatting, playing games, and playing with their familiars; Amanda woke bright and early nestled cozily in some of the extra blankets and pillows she had arranged for the night before.  A hint of excitement was already showing in her expression as she quickly showered, dressed, and brushed her hair.  As she was packing a few last things, Mrs. Jones knocked at the door to make certain that she and the others were awake and to see if Amanda was ready to head downstairs.

After a light breakfast (Amanda was feeling a bit too nervous and excited to eat much) and after purchasing a box lunch from the Leaky Cauldron, Mrs. Jones and Amanda floo’d  to the King’s Cross Station.  The station itself was bustling with people, many of whom were dressed strangely or carrying unusual items, and Amanda glanced around curiously as they walked towards the platform.  Before long, she found herself pushing her cart towards the brick overhang, closing her eyes for the moment it took to pass through to the other side.

Platform 9 ¾ was just as crowded, if not more, than the rest of the station.  Everywhere she looked there were parents saying goodbye to their children.  Amanda waved to a few students  she knew as she searched through the crowd for her parents.  The thought, ~Maybe they aren’t here.  Maybe they were too busy and just couldn’t make it~ kept playing through her mind as she continued having trouble finding her Mom or Dad.  Just as she was about to give up, she finally spotted them.   Her smile quickly returned as she hurried towards them and was pulled into a quick hug.

“There you are.  Your Mother and I were starting to worry that we’d missed you.”  Amanda’s father pressed a few coins into her hand, “Here, some money for the tea trolley.  Be sure to write to us tonight and tell us how the sorting went."

Amanda’s mother looked proud as she said, “I’m am certain that you will excel in your classes and make many new friends.  Your father and I will write to you at least once a week.  But you’d better hurry onto the train, you’ll want to get a good seat.”

Amanda sighed slightly as she headed for the train, wishing there had been a bit more time to tell her parents about her shopping trip and her new owl.  After stowing her trunk, she walked quickly down the corridor, checking to see if Claire had already found them a isle.  Since she didn’t see Claire anywhere, Amanda took a seat in an empty compartment towards the middle of the train and pulled out a book to read while she waited.

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Athene Shoe
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Thu 2 Dec 2010
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Re: Platform 9 3/4
Athene saw Claire even if she wasn't one hundred precent certain that the girl had called to her; it being rather noise, but she waved back.  The Professor spotted the exchange and smiled, "Now here's your ticket, why don't yo go see if you can sit with the Cowlings girl on the train; it's always nice to have someone you know you first time on the train.  It's a long ride to Hogwarts, but you've got a lunch so you should be settled."  She smiled at her again and was obviously thinking over something for a moment.  Coming to a decision she handed Athene a few sickles with a wink, "There's a witch who'll be selling treats on the train.  Buy yourself something sweet to go along with your food."

Athene shoved the coins in her pocket and smiled back, "Thank you, Cordelia." she said before heading over to where Claire was.

"Hi Claire... Mrs. Cowlings." Athene greeted the pair of them when she was within conversational distance.
William Talvins
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Thu 2 Dec 2010
at 04:09
Re: Platform 9 3/4
Will moved through the brick overhang without much of a problem.  He had been coming down to this platform for eight years now, but this would be his first time actually getting on the train itself.  He let his two older brothers move through ahead of him, or rather they forced their way ahead.  One brother the one he came down the stairs with at the leaky cauldron, and an older one.  His two brother seem to be chatting with each other, back and forth about the upcoming Quidditch try outs, while Will just follows along quietly pushing his own cart.  He turns his trunk over, only grabbing one small box with holes from the top of his cart.

Once the trunks are loaded on the train the three go their seperate ways, one towards the Hufflepuff car and one towards the Gryffindor car.  Will heads towards the car where all the first years seem to be going.  He walks along the corridor of the train, peeking into the various compartments.  He finally found one with only one boy he didn't know in it.  He made a polite cough to get Rob's attention.  "Mind if I share this one with you?  Some of the others seem a little, uh, over full."
Claire Cowlings
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Thu 2 Dec 2010
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Re: Platform 9 3/4
In reply to Athene Shoe (msg #6):

"Hello."  Mrs Cowling smiled down at them as she hugged Claire.  You two should get on board, I think I already saw Amanda's parents."

Clairee grinned.  "Come on, we can find Amanda, and maybe Vwalda, the girl in the shair.  We stayed up half the night."  She led Athene up into the train, and while it was horribly crowded, it didn't take long to find Amanda sitting in a compartment.

"there you are, missed you on the way out.  HAve you seen Vwalda?  You remember Athene, from the ice cream shop?" as she opened the compartment door.
Amanda Davis
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Thu 2 Dec 2010
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Re: Platform 9 3/4 - Girls' Compartment
Girls' Compartment

“Hello Claire, Athene.”  Amanda tucked her historical novel back into her bag, and moved over to make room for them.  She shook her head in response to Claire’s question.  “No, I didn’t see Vwalda.  I was busy trying to find my parents.  I knew the platform would be crowded, but I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find them in the crowd.  But, I’m sure she’ll either find us, or we can find her once everyone is onboard the train.”

“Did you have a nice evening Athene?”

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Athene Shoe
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Thu 2 Dec 2010
at 05:30
Re: Platform 9 3/4
"Hey.  It was okay; listened to some music and played some games.  Personally I would have preferred to just study, but they went to all the effort to make up a playlist of every song they could find with either magic or witch in the lyrics, so what could I do?" Athene shrugged.  She entered the compartment and after untying her boxed lunch, stored her book bag and lunch before sitting down.
James Evans
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Thu 2 Dec 2010
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Re: Platform 9 3/4
James was almost unprepared by the time Mr. Snape came through the door to his room with the barest of knocks.  The dark man stood frowning in the corner as James finished his morning ablutions.  He flicked his wand at his trunk causing it to levitate.  The trunk followed them down into the common room where James turned in his key.  What followed next was sheer confusion.

In the past, his parents has used enchanted muggle cars so it was James's first time in the Floo network, seeing as their trunk wouldn't come along in sidealong apparition, so that was the way to travel.  It was very very confusing and he almost ended up in the wrong spot.

At last, they erupted into a boiling sea of chaos and confusion that made him even more uncomfortable than Diagon Alley had.  Taking the 'stroll' under the brick arch into platform 9 3/4 did not make the problem any better, it only made it a seething crowd of wizarding folk instead of muggles.

James wanted badly to do nothing more than get on teh train quickly and quietly so he could find a corner to hide in, but he needed to do something first.  So, as he was handing off his luggage to the porters he turned to Mr. Snape, and found him holding out a pair of Galleons.

"A gift from your father...  something about making friends on the train."

James said nothing and grabbed the coins before jumping aboard the train.  When he turned Mr. Snape was already gone.  Only the slight popping sound said he had headed back to Hogwarts.  he surely had plenty to do in preparation for the coming events.  James walked down the corridor of the car with the first years in it.  He saw Robert and William in a car and almost walked buy, except he heard the two coins clink in his pocket and it gave him pause.  So, instead, he walked into the cart.

"Morning guys,  Mind if I have a seat?"

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Valdemar Grints
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Thu 2 Dec 2010
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Re: Platform 9 3/4
Surprisingly for val, he was nearly (by his own standards) late. He took the run up to the brick overhang at full speed and nearly left his Grandaprents behind.

It was a mad morning and no mistake. After bathing, combing his hair and brushing his teeth (240 strokes of the brush for top set and bottom, making sure he got the that awkward spot at the back where a stray bit of beef always seemed to get caught); he got dressed. Then he unpacked his trunk and repacked it twice (counting and doing inventory to make sure everything was in it's right and proper place).

All of this while grandad beamed from ear to ear and gran looked on in stony silence (she argued all night, Grandad only read his newspaper - nodding at the appropriate moments and tutting at himself when Gran pointed out the many errors of his ways). They then went, all three, downstairs for breakfast before Val realised what time it was and urged his grandparents to hurry up. Grandad pointed out that there was plenty of time to spare, but Val was quite distressed that he would not make it platform 9 3/4 at least one hour early - all the better to catch the excitement of the morning.

So they took the floo network to the station.

Ratatosk chirped and squeaked away from his hiding place in Val's robes. Apparently he was just as excited as Val was. Gran punctilliously kissed Val on both cheeks as he got on the train. Grandad's farewell was warmer and more hearty - a huge hug and a ruffle of the hair ("Grandad!" Val groaned, as he fished his comb out of his back pocket). Grandad then dropped a small purse of coins in Val's hand with the advice "spend it wisely."

Val then set out to find James and Will. He enjoyed their conversation of the night before and looked forward to explaining to them his new concept in home entertainment - a roleplaying game where you take on the roles of muggles and describe in minute detail how they live their daily lives. Unfortunately Val got many of the details wrong, but the rulebook was an impressive thousand pages long already. He was rather disappointed that James and Will couldn't understand the concept, but he looked forward to trying to convince them.
Robert Smith
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Thu 2 Dec 2010
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Re: Platform 9 3/4
 Looking back at the sound of boys voice and he see's one of the boys he remembered from Diagon alley. Just glad to have someone to share the compartment with he smiled and waved a hand towards the padded seats.

 Sure, come on in, lots of room for us. He paused and glanced again at the window to wave once more at his parents before turning back around to the boy who had just entered. Hi, Iam Robert, Robert Smith from america. Since i havnt seen many older kids i have to guess this section of train is for the first year students isnt it?.

 About that time he heard another voice at the open door and glanced up to see the other shy boy from Diagon alley asking if there was room. Hi James, Come on in, This is...? He shrugged remembering he hadnt gotten the boys name yet.