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History Lesson
Will slowly add details of the alternate History here.
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Re: History Lesson
Cannon Characters-

Ron Weasley
Ron, after Harry and Hermione disappeared, became a force for good.  He was among the greatest fighters of the Order of the phoenix and took down several death eaters himself.  That's why when, ten years ago, Lady Red appeared his defection was such a massive betrayal.  Ron soon became one of Red's most senior and feared Aurors and was personally responsible for the killing of several rebels after Voldemort's forces were destroyed.  The rebellion is broken; imprisoned, exiled, or dead.  Ron himself located and executed Bill and Fleur.

Today he is the head of magical law enforcement and the Auror's Office.  He is rabidly loyal to Lady Red.

Family:  Ron has never married.  And, has no interest to do so.  However, he adopted the children of his brother Bill after killing him and has raised Victoire and Dominique as very proper ladies.  Eleven years ago he surprised everyone by adopting a child, Rose.  He is a distant parent though, and the children were raised by a governess.

Rose enters Hogwarts this year while Victoire and Dominique and are fifth and third years Gryffindors respectively.

Draco Malfoy
Draco was always a reluctant member of the Death Eaters and defected almost immediately to Lady Red's faction.  he and Ron made for strange but fast friends and a terrifyingly effective force.  After the take over Draco became Minister of Magic and takes care of the day to day ruling of Lady Red's nation.  Draco killed both his former allies, Grabbe and Goyle, as well as Percy Weasley in the wars.

Family:  Draco married Astoria Greengrass and they have twin children, a boy and a girl.  Scorpio and Scorpiana Malfoy are carbon copies of each other and their father.  Though they were more lovingly raised.  They are new to school this year.

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Re: History Lesson
Under Voldemort, of course, muggle born wizards were eradicated.  But, the Lady Red is far more tolerant.  A sanctioned Mud-blood is patronized by a wizard or wizarding family as not a 'thief.'  they must carry identification and are suspect to random interrogation and searches at all times.  They also can not obtain positions in the government.  It is much like the treatment of Catholics in renaissance England.

Muggel-borns under Lady Red can get status as 'Wizards' or 'Witches.'  They do so by having someone vouch for them upon receiving notice or the letter.  This is not as grim as it sounds.  Many muggle sympathizers vouch for muggle borns as a matter of policy.  Cordelia Bones is one who is good for it as are the Lovegoods.  However, she has only been in power for ten years.  Not that that should be all that impactive.

It works similarly to how Rowling said that Muggle borns find out in her story.  Instead of a mysteriously delivered letter they receive a visit from the ministry.  A representative is sent along with a prospective vouch-safer if that is deemed necessary.  However, since the masquerade is down, suspicions about amgical children can arise in families and some muggles actively search for a patron for their children when they suspect that their child is magical.

For wizards the world is as was imagined under Voldemort, but a bit lighter.  People go about their business, but instead of the pseudo democracy it is a monarchy again.

There are a few significant changes like the war with the sub-humans (Gringotts remains open, but the Goblins are even more surly).  Also, the government is far more oppressive, think communist Russia.

The Masquerade is no longer going but for the most part things operate a lot like they did.  Now, muggles just ignore wizards for their own good and peace of mind.  The muggles know that the Minister of Magic rules for their Queen, the Lady Red.
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Re: History Lesson
George Weasley
Though there was no Battle of Hogwarts, Fred did fall in 1998 to Deatheaters.  It went hard on George, but the versatile and wily Weasley had little time to mourn during the wars and only tried to live up to his brother's memories after them.

Family:  He has married Angelina Johnson and has two children; Fred and Roxanne.  Fred is a fifth year student and Roxanne is a third year student.(updated for new year)

George owns and operates Weasley Wizarding Wheezes and the subsidiary he opened in Hogsmeade.  It is one of the few businesses in the world that brings light to it.  It remains curiously unsuppressed by Lady Red's regime.

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Re: History Lesson
Historically known as the War of the Wizarding Worlds, most people only refer to it as 'the wars.'  It began with the Battle of Diagon Alley, a full blown battle between death eaters and the Order.  IT was the only win the Order would manage.  Afterwards, the deatheaters hunted down, ambushed, and killed many of them.  Though Ron and several others fought hard and long the war was won by Voldemort's forces and the rebellion was forced underground.

The reign of Lord Voldemort, this was a dark and terrible time.  The Order was broken and its members scattered.  Many loyalists fled to America or Australia.  Voldemort began to expand his rule beyond England slowly.  The going was slow though, as other countries were far more prepared to fight him.  Mud-Bloods fled for their lives in droves and few have returned since.

This was the time when the Lady Red showed up began her campaign to take over.  Lord Voldemort was on the receiving end of his own tactics.  His large cumbersome government was slow to deal with the small, ruthless, and effective forces of Lady Red.  In the summer of 2008 Lord Voldemort was reported as dead and Lady Red ascended to the throne of England.  Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy are among her most trusted of lieutenants.

The reign of Lady red while not as dark as Voldemort's is certainly not the way it was before.  Muggles and Muggle born witches and wizards are oppressed and England is ruled as Lady red's personal fiefdom.  The rebellion is even weaker than before but still amanges to resist in small ways.  Underground printings of the Quibbler appear once in a while and attacks occur occasionally as well.  It is said that an alliance between the Rebels and the Sub-humans exists.

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Re: History Lesson
Parvati Patil

Parvati and Padme Patil were active members in the Order of the Phoenix after they graduated, but Parvati broke when Padme was killed in a raid on a safe house they were in.  Parvati was never the same.  She spent the next several years smothering the pain with opiates and alcohol.  She only sobered up years later when she discovered she was pregnant.

After Ashoke's birth Parvati straightened out and got a job in the Obliviator's Office.  Currently she is head of the office and is a very devout follower of Lady Red as well as very good at her job.  She is a hard woman this side of her ordeals.

Ashoke is now a second ear student...

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Re: History Lesson
Luna Lovegood

Luna was a member of the Order after Voldemort's takeover, but quit when she got married and started a family.  She married a fairly odd, but nondescript muggle boy who took her name (upon her insistence.)  While she wasn't an active member, she continued to publish the quibbler in secret.  When Voldemort's minions found out about this though they raided the Lovegood home; Xenophilius and Rolf (Luna's husband) were killed and the home confiscated.  Luna wasn't there and she soon disappeared with her children.  A couple years later Lady Red rose to power and Luna (whom all had thought also dead) reappeared.  While she was for the most part unchanged in personality, she declared rather publicly her support for Lady Red and that she was not going to publish the Quibbler any longer.  Instead, she bought the Florean Fortesque shop (which had been closed for some time) and reopened it to great review.

Luna has two children; Rolf Jr., and Xenatia who are sixth and third year students respectively.  They take very much after the Lovegood family.  It is Rolf who secretly publishes the Quibbler.  He doesn't know that his mother is aware and approves.(updated for new year)

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Re: History Lesson
Lee Jordan

In the years since his graduation Lee has become Britain's most popular Quidditch announcer.  No longer held back by Professoer McGonagall Lee has attracted this popularity by heavily favoring certain teams while still giving a fair call.  It is rumored he player in an illegal South American league the first couple years out of school.

What no one knows is that he was actually acting on the Orders behalf as an international relations person.  He garnered much support abroad and recruited many foreign members when Voldemort was trying to expand his rule over seas.  Now, in addition to his legit job he is also the voice of the rebellion.  He broadcasts his pirate radio program 2-3 times a week under the pseudonym 'Fred's Ghost.'  Some people even believe that the show involves Fred Weasley's ghost itself.

Lee has only one child, a baby girl with his latina witch wife Selena Jordan.
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Re: History Lesson
Rubeus Hagrid

Hagrid was a target in the era after Voldemort took over.  Snape protected him for a small amount of time, but in 1999, when it was apparent Harry Potter had disappeared, Hagrid was forced to go on the run after he was attacked by the Carrows.  He killed Amycus and injured Alecto.  He fled into the Forbidden Forest.  Hagrid was one of the last to give up on Harry reappearing, and while he believed he worked very hard as the Orders liaison to France and the non-humans.

When the Lady Red ascended, Hagrid finally lost heart.  He still believed in Harry, but the events of her rise caused him to leave England.  Currently he resides in France with Maxine and their daughter, the 7 year old Heloise.  He still does occasional work for the rebellion as a liaison, but stays clear of more dangerous work for fear of endangering his family. (updated for the next year)

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Re: History Lesson
Sub-Humans and Half-breeds

England - In England many of the opinions about sub-humans are the same only more aggressive and vocal.  Flitwick lost his job because of these sentiments.  In England, Half-breeds are frowned upon, but not officially outlawed or discriminated against.  However, many crimes committed against them are never prosecuted.  because of this many have fled overseas, where attitudes are far more liberal.

Overseas - Attitudes are far more liberal.  In several countries certain sub-humans are even seen as good things and Half-breeds are seen as boon upon the family (especially in the far east.)

Muggles -  Of course, with the masquerade down, there was a reaction from Muggles to the existence of magical creatures.  Many sciences and religions were questioned.  Wars were fought in America, England, and several other places.  Most of these wars have settled into uneasy truces.

The wars - In England the wars are mostly led by Goblins.  The official term is wars,but it is more like a very violent civil rights movement.  Magical creatures want right, including the right to fight back against Muggles.
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Re: History Lesson
Nymphandora Tonks-Lupin

Nymphandora Tonk's story is one of extremes.  She has been both very happy and very sad.  After Ted was born (in 2002 in my game) She and her husband R.J. Lupin withdrew from active duty in the Order to focus on raising their family.  Remus did not want his son growing up without a father or mother, but they suffered extreme prejudice due to Lupin's condition.  The family ended up moving to Italy where their daughter Jane was born.

In 2009 they tried to return to England for a friends funeral and there was an incident with customs.  Remus was identified as a werewolf and Aurors were summoned to arrest him.  The resulting scuffle became a small battle as members of the resistance showed up to rescue an old ally.  There was a lot of ado in the Prophet, A few Aurors were sent to St' Mungo's, JAne's hair changed color for the first time, and Remus Lupin died.  the funeral was a grand affair and attended by many of the surviving member of the Order.  His young son and infant daughter received many condolences.

Since then, Nymphandora has live with her mother Andromeda who has helped raises the children; Ted and Jane.  Nymphandora is still usually her cheerful, bubblegum haired self, but occasionally she sinks into a morass of depression.  Still, Tonks is an avid opponent of Lady Red.

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Re: History Lesson
Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy

The Malfoys were very reluctant followers by the time Voldemort was in full control.  They suffered continual abuse from both Voldemort himself and the Lestranges.  They spent a great deal of time on 'trips' out of country.  In truth, the were brought over to the side of the Order by Snape in secret, but would not fight Voldemort out of fear, so they stayed on the sidelines until Lady Red's rise.

They, along with Draco, were fast and fierce converts to Lady Red's side.  Lucius and Narcissa both fought in the battle of Godric's Hollow where several of Voldemort's lieutenant were killed, they are among the witnesses interviewed by Rita Skeeter about the event.  Afterward, the aging Malfoys retired.  ANrcissa played a large roll in the raising of her grandchildren and Lucius became an author.  His memoirs are an international best seller and his supplement to Bathilda Bagshot's history covering the last twentieth and twenty-first centuries are now part of the History curriculum at Hogwarts.

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Re: History Lesson
The Noble and Most Ancient house of Black

With the deaths of Regulus in the seventies and Sirius in the nineties the direct line of Blacks came to an end, and the family estate and fortunes passed to Sirius' godson Harry Potter.

However, the lesser lines of the family are not content.  Harry has not been seen in twenty years and some claim he is dead and thus are trying to lay claim to the fortunes, and some are trying to lay claim to the name.  The families in main contention are the Lestranges, the Malfoys, and, a family of French wizards descended from Phineas Black, the Noirs.

the Noirs- Descended from the muggle-loving disowned second son of Phineas Nigellus, Phineas Black.  Phineas suffered much pressure from the climate of English wizards at the time, so he moved to France.  There he changed his name to Noir and started a life.  The next couple generations of this family lived in France and went to Beauxbatons.  The current heads of the family are Sirius Noir and Gabrielle Noir (ne Delacour).  They have moved to England to press claims to the Black name and Black fortunes.  They have instructed their daughter Serena to use the Black name and have enrolled her in Hogwarts.

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A Little World Fluff!
The nineteen volume set of Guides for Young Witches and Wizards is the perfect addition to any family’s reference library.  Designed for children who have not yet started attending Hogwarts or one of the other fine magical schools, these guides are an excellent resource for providing your child with the basic education they will need to excel.

The Guides for Young Witches and Wizards features a classic blend of photos, illustrations, fiction, and non-fiction to capture and keep the interest of a young student.  These engaging books provide key facts and concepts about plants, animals, literature, people, and the world.  Students will discover a wealth of information on a wide range of topics from the crafting of magical objects, to art and music, to cultures around the world.

Even once your children have started their formal education, they will likely return to this reference collection again and again.

When you purchase this collection, you will receive:

1. Poems and Rhymes
2. Stories and Fables
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6. About Animals
7. The Green Kingdom
8. How Things Work
9. How We Get Things
10. Holidays and Customs
11. Places to Know
12. Make and Do (assorted children’s games and activities)
13. Look and Listen (art and music)
14. About Me
15. Other Beings
16. Conquest of the Land, Sea, and Sky (travel)
17. Owls, Cats, and Other Familiars
18. The Puzzle Book
19. Guide for Parents (provides you with the tools needed to help your child use the series in the most effective manner).

Order your set today.
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Magic Aire
I have decided that the Wizards saw the benefit in airplanes as they did cars and trains and thus there is a magical airline called Magic Aire.  The hub is secreted at Heathrow, much like the Hogwarts Express platform at King's Cross.  They use a fleet of magically enchanted DC-7s and serve magical folk exclusively.
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Re: Magic Aire
Ovidian Schwartzwald IV

Anyone who looks into him will find out the bare minimum of information, he graduated Hogwarts in the late seventies, was an eminent expert on pensieves and memory, and disappears from the record in 1980'. July 30th.

In the picture you all see, the snake is a large species resembling a Black Mamba. Anyone who does some research there will note that it is a magical species called a Lightning Serpent. LS are extremely fast and highly dangerous. They are eradicated when near human populations and never kept as pets. Salazar Slytherin was said to be fond of them. Their venom can be used in a both a potent antidote and one of the world's most potent memory charms. It is also a deadly neurotoxin.

This thread will be updated with info as people research and ask questions. Yes, he is important. No guessing who he is Amanda!

His entry into the Hogwarts Ledger:
Ovidian Swartzwald IV attended hogwarts between ???? And ???? ( I am fuzzy on these dates)
His family was an old, pure blood family from the black forest area of Germany and it was a near thing he attended. Hogwarts, he received an invitation to Durmstrang's as well. At Hogwarts he excelled and was in House Slytherin, where he was Head boy his fifth year, but never prefect. During his third year, Schwartzwald expressed as a Parseltongue.

Potions E
Charms O
Arithmancy O
Transfiguration O
Astronomy P
Herbology A
History of Magic P

Potions E
Charms O
Astronomy P
Herbology O
History T
Trnsfiguration O
Arithmancy E

Upon graduating from Hogwarts, Schwartzwald attnded the Thamauturgical University of Cairo at the Lighthouse where he studied Healing Magic and graduated at the top of his class. (GMs world note, His grades would not have been good enoughh for that prestigious university if not for old blood and massive family wealth). Upon returning to England he took a position at St. Mungo's for a year then took a research position for a company doing research into memory. His graduate thesis, "Three Uses of Lightning Serpent Venom," was seminal for its development of the Memory Gate potion (GMs world note, you will find nothing on this potion in any record or a copy of this paper). In 1976, Schwartzwald unexpectedly took a position with a very tiny company in London researching magical serpents. He made many trips to northern Africa subsequently. He is the world's foremost expert on African serpents and is writing a book on memory charms due out in 1980. (GMs world not, the entries just stop. No note of his disappearance or otherwise, his entry is simply never updated again and the students, as they read, do feel their eyes trying to slip over the entry?)
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Re: Magic Aire
There are many, many different schools of magic in the world, each with their own histories and traditions. The most well known and acclaimed are listed here:

Beauxbatons: Located on France, Beauxbatons is over 700 years old and has a prestigious and pearly reputation for propriety, academics, and nobility. The school has been closely related to Hogwarts for centuries and is part of the Triwizard Competition. The students here have a strong focus on all-around academics and knowledge. The Dark Arts are not a subject here. During the reign of Voldemort, the school accepted many refugee students from Hogwarts and was a target of Voldemort's wrath as they did not care anout blood purity. Fortunately, being unplottable and Voldemort having no connections to the school, he was not able to find it before he was overthrown. The school stands in relatively good stead with Lady Red's administration.

Durmstangs: Located in the frozen norths of Norway, Durmstrang's reputation is as dark as Beauxbatons is light but they both posses an arrogance. This school is ancient as well and has a focus on the dark, physical, and powerful. They, too, are memebers of the Triwizard competition and were quick to ally their interests with Voldemort. They are not estranged from Lady Red either. They focus on power more than purity but see muggle-born students as abominable and do not admit them, though they do allow the occasional half-blood. Durmstrang students tend to be powerful practitioners of transfiguration or attack magics.

Guaman Poma de Ayala Escuela de Magia: This school is located in the Andean highlands and founded by a long dead Incan noble named Guaman Poma, who was a christian convert and activist for his people under Spanish rule. The school is only 400 years old but gains a bit more prominance when it absorbed the campus of a much older Incan school once located in Machu Picchu but which fell out of prominence as Christianity replaced the old Incan religion. The school specializes in a magic which combines christian thamaturgy, Incan mysticism, and Amazonia herbalism. The school's herbology, potions, and magical flora and fauna cpurses are well renowned.

Kunlun: Located on Jade Mountain, the whole of which is unplottable, and this is the singularly oldest school of wizardry in the world. It was founded by Huangdi, grandson to the Yellow Emperor himself. The school is also, without peer, the greatest magical school in the world. It in no way fails to measure up. Kunlun has many sattelite campuses which have specialties and accept a variety of students, but the main campus accept only pureblooded wizards and occasional half-bloods if the magical lineage is old enough with unimpeachable talents. All other students are sent to the sattelites. The school teaches a variety of Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian philosophies and has an exclectic array of magical courses. It has the most elective courses of any magical schools in the world and students are pushed hard to master many subjects.

Mahoutokoro: This school is located on the island of Megijima, taken from a tribe of Oni by its founder Momotaro. The school's age is only about 500 years and it has a very inclusive attitude about bloodlines, though pureblood Japanese guard that lineage they have no qualms with their children learning alongside others. Still, pureblood parents groom their children for Kunlun if they can. This school has an actual Oni teaching its equivalent of DADA and the Akuma Karyuudo it produces are legendary for their knowledge of and ability to battle dark creatures. This school and Japanese society sent allies and agents to England during Voldemort's reign as they feared a repeat of the follies of Hitler and Emperor Hirohito. They remain distant but cordial with Lady Red.

The Salem Witches' Institute: Founded by a trio of witches who survived the trials, the school is located in a relatively small brownstone in the city of Salem, Massachusetts and hides itself in plain sight from muggles. The building is, of course, massive on the inside, unplottable, and heavily enchanted. It has no specialties within magic or potency and is amongst the you gest of schools at under 400 years old, but it shows its American roots in that it has a vast array of different styles of magic available to learn.only Kunlun has more electives, but no school covers the breadth of magical topics that Salem does. It was a staunch opponent of Voldemort and is very hesitant with Lady Red's regime. The American Secretary of Magic is a vocal opponent of the draconian rule of Lady Red.

Uagadou School of Magic: This mysterious school was founded somewhere in southern Africa, but no one knows when or by who except its alumni, who never speak about it. Students are sent their invitations to the school via dream messenger and the invitation seems to extend to any student of African descent. They travel to Johannesburg then a magical village north of there, but disappear from sight after that only to reemerge for vacations and graduation. The students seem to have an affinity for a variety of traditional African magics, especially curses, hexes, and jinxes. They are also excellent with magical creatures and plants. During both wars in England, the school never weighed in on the matter.

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The State of Politics on the World
There are three categories of information relating to the world at large in the current political climate: English-World relations, World-World relations, and Magical-Muggle relations. Each has its own troubles, trials, travails, and boons.

As much as it might like to think so, neither America nor England is the center of the world. In the 2020s, much of the world would be recognizable to those from a decade earlier. There are only a few major differences brought about by the wizarding masquerade being dropped and certain conflicts.

For instances, global terrorism is still a serious problem. religious extremists as well as crusaders and magical zealots are all news events of some regularity. The only new and strange part are the muggle and magical extremists who perpetrate crimes against magical and muggle folks respectively. The Catholic and other judeo-christian faiths still held the position that magic is the basis of miracles and, therefore, the domain of God and not mortals. Thus, witches and wizards are outlawed in most Catholic countries. This sounds more extreme than it actually is; In the world only a handful of countries followed the Vatican's lead and passed such laws. Even then, in those countries, the centuries old magical communities just stayed hidden as they always had been. Government pogroms are, thus extremely rare outside of the Vatican City or certain fundamentalist Islamic nations. Unofficial pogroms are much more common. In many countries around the world, anti-wizarding organizations popped up and work secretly or overtly to eradicate witches and wizards from the world (notably, most Neo-nazi organizations are as heatedly anti-magic as they are antisemitic or anti-colored.) Another notable group are the Followers of Hassan who work in the shadows to assassinate important magical figures. There are rumors that they have infiltrated the magical world using radicalized wizards who plan to kill themselves last in purging the world. For their part, wizarding folk are no less guilty. Many groups similar to the Deatheaters have always existed, but in the current environment are radicalized as well. The American Nightmare Corps, the German Söhne Grindelwald, and the pan-asian group Red Society all are active at some level in terrorist strikes at muggles or trying to take over muggle nations. The Red Society, in specific, is faction within the political party structures of many Asian nations seeking stronger magical control over governments.

One of the worst cases was in America, where the Salem Wars broke out between wizards and muggles. After the masquerade lifted, many Americans were shocked and fell back upon fundamentalist religious motives. Other Americans were convinced my pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck that Magical folk were part of the government conspiracy. The newly revealed position of Secretary of Magic, which had existed since the founding fathers, was attacked violently as un-constitutional. Unfortunately, the landmark case of People V. Kringle (the current holder of the position) was decided in the favor of the position, since none of the cabinet posts were established in the constitution and de-classified documents revealed its official establishment under the presidency of George Washington himself. So, the office, its history, and all its former holders were the talk of the news circuit for nearly six months (amazing considering the rate at which American news turns over). High School Government classes and University PoliSci departments rushed to fit this new development into their curriculum. Over the first five nears of the 21st century, the matter was rapidly digested and debated. True to American fortes, it was grossly misunderstood. Groups of Americans splintered off and formed communities nominally non-magical. Wizarding folk scoffed at this as impotent maneuvers. Smarter people saw the first tremors. Central to the debate, and brought up by Glenn Beck himself in one of his rambling, illogical rants, was the Salem Witch Trials. New documents relating to this event were also revealed and they were used to spew rabid, rancid drivel about Witches, quickly become a slur in America. The existence, therefore, of the premier magical academy in America, Salem Witches' Institute, in 2004 was the blow that sent several radical groups over the edge. Battles were fought all over the country as Neo-nazi and other groups attacked supposed magical communities. AS in the Salem Trials, most of those attacked were in no way magical as the Wizarding community was still good at hiding, but a few were and the irate wizards struck back. Congress scrambled, via an emergency session, in the year 2006, to pass an amendment to the Bill of Rights extending all legal rights to Magical-Americans. The battles continued; some of the most infamous were the Battle of Chicago (where a small community of witches in the suburb of Woodstock were attacked), The Second Battle of New Orleans (where an ancient family of Creole Witches and Wizards were annihilated under suspicion of cursing an election in 2004), Chinatown Massacre (where a mob of angry muggles invaded, sacked, and pillage San Francisco's Chinatown), and the Night of Beasts (where a coordinate strike across America struck five magical communities in Portland, Denver, Minneapolis, Cincinatti, and Charlotte.) In 2008, campaigning in support of the 28th Amendment, Barack Obama, the son of a Nigeria Wizard and American Witch, was elected and the Amendment ratified (Note: Michelle Obama is a muggle, so the "mixed" family was a hot topic. Sasha and Malia are both SWI graduates at this point in time). Since that time, America has been at relative peace but is still seen as one of the world's centers of anti-magical sentiment. The organization known as Black Day, which commits atrocities against magical folks, is said to be centered here.

Most elsewhere in the world, magical traditions were still a very common idea, so when people found out Buddhist Monks, Turkish Whirling Dervishes, or other people had been, in fact, magical, they shrugged and said "it figures" or "Knew it all along, stupid Americans." These days, an international congress in held in Constantinopal (a magical in city in the heart of Istanbul) every year between world leaders and leaders of the magical world.) This has been necessary as the damage done by Voldemort's attempted invasion of Belgium had shocked the world. Standards and treaties were needed between magical and muggle people about so many topics from those as mundane as "what terms do we use" to "do magical societies observe the same geo-political entities and muggle people?" OF course, with rare exceptions, most magical folk considered themselves as American or British or Chinese as they were magical. The exceptions were a few communities in Russia, who were organized as entities under the Russian Premier of Magic, some African traditions, the Aboriginals of Australia, and the Amazonian tribes. For each of the latter cases, the Provost of their major magical academies were appointed posts in each of the respective countries needed. IT took almost a decade of yearly meetings and negotiations year round to sort.

These days, outside of those few radicalized, most people go about their lives much as before the masquerade dropped. The fear of a new age of witch hunts, mostly a European fear, proved a, antiquated fear. There are some aspects in societies where magic is now seen, but most wizards and witches prefer to keep to themselves and muggles prefer them unseen. Bigoted notions still exist but are being negotiated in a speed and manner that makes many other oppressed groups a bit annoyed.

Recently, the magical world decided that its own interconnections needed to be more extensive. The fallout of Voldemort's aggression during his reign was to distance many previous allies, notably Canada, India, and Australia. Lady Red's administration has been working to repair these connections though and her Minister of Foreign Affairs has worked hard at each conference and between to establish friendly, working relationships to powers such as China and America. It is rumored that a big announcement should come out of the 2021 conference.
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Re: The State of Politics on the World
In 1983, Sir Rowland Thistlewaite wrote his seminal, 23 volume, treatise on History of Magic in Africa entitled "A Brief Magical Account of Africa." The farcical name was a tip of his hat toward the oft ignored history of magic in Africa outside of Egypt or Carthage. Thistlewaite never saw anyone grow to treat the history of that massive and noble continent the way he wanted as a few years later he died on a safari in the Congo, Bitten by a Lightning Serpent of all things. He had this to say of the continent in the introduction to his book: Few people realize the depth and breadth of magical knowledge, tradition, and understanding the Aboriginal peoples of Africa have build in the millennia that magic was practiced there.

What follows is a summary of the introduction that Henry Thistlewaite II wrote for his grandfather's work's third printing.

Millennia! We here in England are so proud of our history and the thousand years Hogwarts has taught witches and wizards magic. While Uagadou School of Magic has only existed since 1665, founded by the last descendant of Cleopatra herself, Cleopatra Philopator LII, magic has been practiced in Africa since prehistory. Not even pompous English wizards deny that the shamans of the San Bushmen practice one of, if not the, oldest magic on Earth. They, in fact, practice a magic both old and potent.

African wizards adopted the wand as a magical instrument late by European standards but have a plethora of other magical practices: the weaving and word magics of the potent Arabic illusionist, the Houdoun magics of the Congolese and Western Africans, the Warrior-Wizards of the Zulu, and the animistic magics practised the continent over. Africa also boast the highest number, per capita magicum, of animagi in the world. There are even pockets of strange European wizards as were once seen graduating from the now gone Liebendorfer Magical Academy in South Africa. When European wizards first began to penetrate sub-Saharan Africa alongside muggle imperialists, they encountered new and varied magics practiced by the Aboriginal tribes, kingdoms and empires ruled by African wizards, and they reacted poorly. Practices such as Zulu Heart magic, the resistance of Queen Nkisa of the Mbundu, the fouler magics of Queen Karthal, and the presence of several supposed dark magics had the European wizards seeing a continent of Dark Wizards and both sides reacted poorly.

It was Cleopatra Philopator and and her longtime companion Rasul Badem who tried to prevent the bloodshed that ensued. The woman, even at that time ancient, was unsuccessful and ended her life founding the school that would become the seminal institution of magical learning on the continent as a show that African Wizards and Witches were just as civilized as their European counterparts. It is a good thing the location was kept a dark secret as the Europeans were having none of it, especially the French, Portugese, and Belgians. The actions of the Zulu and Queen Kathal's successors were very much to blame.

While the Zulu and Shaka were misunderstood, the Heart Magics they practiced being bloody and primitive but noble, their resistance to and treatment of Europeans trying to proselytize their beliefs and turn them against the aboriginal magics of their ancestors drew ire from Muggles and Wizards. Queen Kathal herself died in 1693 and her empire in the Congo basin fell to infighting and splintered. The zombies and other dark creatures and Wizards she used to rule committed atrocities that, sadly, were blamed on the African mentality. Eventually, Belgian Wizards stepped in to stop the massacres and dark rituals and the land came under the rule of their muggle king, which we all know ended even worse that Karthal's reign had.  Eventually, manipulated by European Wizards, the Zulu Kingdom was overthrown as well, to put a stop to so-called dark magics.

No help to this political nightmare landscape was the formation of Liberia by the Americans in 1847 and the arrival of the Voodoun religion, a spin off of traditional AFrican beliefs, to Africa. A Dark Wizard who called himself Baron Samedi came with fleeing American justice and set up a fiefdom which he tried to expand into surrounding territories and many dark things occurred. He was not seen as a product of America so much as a son of Africa by the French and Germans trying to deal with him and the native kingdoms saw him as European, causing a wider divide. Finally, a brave wizard, Ndidi Afolayan, battled and defeated him in a duel in an effort to bring the sides into negotiation. This same wizard would later, when he was older, be instrumental in the peace that came some sixty years after the fall of the Zulus

After the fall of the Zulus, the Continent was in European control more or less until the 1950s. Wizarding imperialism was never so authoritarian or oppressive as muggle rule and, though they tried to destroy such infamous dark magics as the Tsetse and Kutu Msumari curses, it is hard to find Wizards who do not wish to be found and to stop a people from practicing arts they value as part of their families, histories, and cultures. Uagadou was central to this resistance until wizards such as Karim AlGhazzawy, Ndidi Afolayan, Cebo Lelethu managed to forge a lasting peace between Europeans and Africans, muggles and wizards.

In the 1950s, post WWII, Europeans began to grant independence to former colonies and the long oppressed peoples of Africa began the long, laborious process to development. Ndidi Afolayan, now quite old and the Headmaster of Uagadou, was at the front of this effort and work tirelessly until his death in 1976 to form a council known as the Pax Africanus which would unite and guide the various and myriad magical communities of Africa into the future. Eventually, the Treaty of Alexandria was signed in 1983 which established Uagadou as the Normal School for African education in honor of Alofayan. To honor AlGhazzawy the school instituted a system of guest lecturers from around the world in the various traditions and practices of magic globally. From the ancient practices of the Carthaginians and Egyptians to the aboriginals, the Houdoun, the magics of the Levant and European colonizers: all were studied and part of the education at Uagadou.

During the wars of the Eighties, Nineties, and two-thousands in Europe between wizards, the Africans remained silent and guarded their borders. When Voldemort turned a weather eye on the world, they responded with aid but no people to the resistances. They remain cool but optimistic toward the reign of Lady Red and the Pan-Afrian Magical Council, headed by the South African Minister of Magic, Headmaster of Uagodou, Provost of the Alexandian Lighthouse, the Kenyan Minister of Magic, the Morrocan Vizir, the Tunisian Vizir, the High Shaman of the Congo,and advised by a dozen aboriginal and tribal advisors from various groups, sends a representative every year to the World Conference on Magical Cooperation.

Unique African Systems of Magic
Zulu Heart Magic - A magic whereby the strength and knowledge of the deceased might be passed on via the blood of their heart. It is related to pensieve magic except a wizard might store his experience and knowledge in the "blood of his heart" and when he passes, this knowledge may be imbibed by someone and added to their own. The technique of this magic can only be learned via the magic, through imbibing a small amount of the teacher's lifeblood. By this magic, Lifeblood is somewhat different from actual blood, being an alchemical substance. It was mistaken for some type of Dark Magic and outlawed by Europeans for two centuries. Never the less, it persisted.

Voodoun - A Dark Art practiced by African Wizards that deals in spirits, ghosts, and raising the corpses of the dead as servants. It was always frowned on by good people and is persecuted stikll but remains practiced in the darker parts of Africa, especially the Congo Basin and the western coast of Africa. Baron Samedi was the most famous dark wizard who walked this path.

Arabic Illusionists - Long ago, the Arabians were famous for their knowledge of illusions, the magic of fire and air and sand, but with the rise of Islam the practice was sent to the shadows where is persisted. Illusionists are a rare breed these days and prefer wands with Genie hair in the core, never the less they are potent as misdirecting the senses, confusing the mind, and trapping their foes. Many of them are also quite skilled at middle-eastern Weaving magic which produces flying carpets and many other unique artifacts.

San Shamans - The Shamans of the San people are rare but extremely powerful animistic wizards. To be inducted as a Shaman you must go through an extensive apprenticeship ending with the completion of the animagus ritual, what they call the "spirit animal." San Shamas use staves instead of wands and practice Mask Magics, through which they gain incredible physical and spiritual powers through the wearing of specially crafted and enchanted masks made from sacred trees.

Signature African Spells
Tsetse Curse - This dark spells mimics the affects of the Sleeping Sickness caused by the Tsetse fly. A bolt of dark purple energy fires from the wand and strikes a person causing them to fall into the comatose state of the sickness within an hour. It is a dark art on parallel with Avada Kedarva and it outlawed globally.

Kutu Msumari - The Iron Nail curse supposedly puts a doom on the target. No known modern victims of this curse exist, but supposedly you will die in a very strange way within a month of being cursed.

Shaharizad - A legendary illusion magic which creates an entire illusory world for the target and can last a lifetime. It is the most powerful of the Arabian Illusionist spells and thought a lost art. The illusion exists only in the mind of the target and is so real it can, supposedly, kill. The caster of the spell has limited control over the illusory world.