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Wed 1 Dec 2010
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The Daily Prophet
A thread where I will post Daily Prophet articles of note.
Rita Skeeter
Wed 1 Dec 2010
at 23:59
Re: The Daily Prophet

Yesterday, according to authorities, the was an attempted break in at Gringott's Wizarding Bank.  Sources state that the perpetrator got no farther than the shallowest vaults and did not enter any of those.  But, this author asks, when did this heinous act occur?!?  Why, right when we were all bustling about our lives in Diagon Alley getting supplies for the new term at Hogwarts.  Our lives, our children's lives, and our shopping experience was made a problem by our ignorance of these seedy and nefarious proceedings.  This reporter thinks that said goblins were expressing their anti-wizarding sympathies, allying with their cousins in the war, in hoping that this crime might flow out of their premises and into the peace of our day.

One wonders what other plots the Goblins have brewing.

this article is sitting right below a picture of a shifty looking goblin standing in front of Gringott's.  In the background Ronald Weasley and a team of Auror's can be seen on the scene.
Rita Skeeter
Tue 4 Oct 2011
at 12:57
Re: The Daily Prophet

In a show of daring-do, High Auror Ronald Weasley tracked down and captured or killed a band of goblin rebels in Diagon Alley Yesterday.  The event did, unfortunately, occur right during peak shopping hours and several patrons of Fortesque's were put in harm's way by the devilish goblins, but the heroic actions of Mr. Weasley allowed for a peaceable end to the fray.  It is rumored that the creatures had just broken into a store front in Knockturn Alley, one Borgin and Burke's, and ransacked the place before absconding.  Mr. Borgin was on premise and remains at St. Mungo's in critical care.  Neither Mr. Borgin, Mr. Burke, nor Mr. Weasley were available for comment, but this reporter is abhorred at the reckless abandon of these creatures to put good young wizards and a few muggleborns at risk in such a manner.  They deserve whatever they are receiving in the dungeons of the Ministry.  Further evidence of the goblin conspiracy.

There are two pictures by the article.  One of the Goblins running before Ronald, though it could easily be construed as the goblins and people running from him (there is no elf in the picture).  The other picture is of a Ice Cream shop in shambles.

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Rita Skeeter
Mon 13 Aug 2012
at 22:12
Re: The Daily Prophet

This reporter has, at great personal risk to her person, tracked down and learned the truth of last month's events which left three students seriously injured and the community astir as to the safety at Hogwarts School of Witchraft and Wizardry.  That most nefarious of men, Headmaster Severus Snape, tried his best to thwart the media, but none shall prevent me from exercising my freedom of the press.

It has apparently been a secret from the founding of Hogwarts has been the culprit in this event as well as an event from the notorious school years of that true villain, Harry Potter.  That's right, the Chamber of Secrets was opened!  One has no doubt that it was the deranged Bellatrix Lestrange, recently imprisoned for the most heinous murder of the beloved father of our beloved Prime Minister, Wizard Lucius Malfoy.  We are glad that this situation was solved with only this most lamentable of mortalities and some injured children, but one must ask what sort of school is Severus Snape running when things like this are allowed to happen.  One has got to suspect some influence of his previous mentor Albus Dumbledore, a most mercurial and machiavellian plotter who laid the ground work of the second Wizarding war.

What is more, the event was covered up for nearly a month! It was March the first before the world heard of these tales.  Rest assured, the identities of those involved will be sought and exposed!  We, the people, deserve to know what dangers our children are in and whose hand is the one that guides them.  We deserve the truth, citizens, and we shall have it!

This is published on March the fifth.  In my world, Rita Skeeter is a notorious mouthpiece of the government, by the bye.1

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Rita Skeeter
Tue 14 Aug 2012
at 21:45
Re: The Daily Prophet

This reporter has been following the trial of the notorious murderess, Bellatrix Lestrange, and is happy to report that of March the 31st, 2020. Bellatrix Lestrange has not just been sentenced to life imprisonment, but has received the death penalty for her crimes.  She is set to receive the Dementor's Kiss on July the 31st.  It is a grand day for justic in the commowealth my friends, a grand day!
Rita Skeeter
Sat 25 Aug 2012
at 19:52
Re: The Daily Prophet

No story shall forever remain indecipherable to the steady eye of the press!  It has come to this reporter's ear the events of that day in February on the grounds of Hogwarts.  It appears that a group of students were allowed to roam free during a school lock down after Professor Lavender Brown was attacked in her offices.  Why would children not be kept a better eye upon by the staff of that prestigious institution.

The names of the students have been withheld, under my protest, but suffice it to say that the security and competence of Hogwarts has been compromised and that an investigation will soon be under way.  The Prime Minister himself, Draco Malfoy, said in response to my question that a review of the institution is already being instigated.

It should be known that the Headmaster, Severus Snape, was last on the scene and, if he had been more prompt, the illustrious Wizard Malfoy would not now be interred in his family plots.
Rita Skeeter
Tue 4 Sep 2012
at 16:00
Re: The Daily Prophet

Parents, lock up our children.  Business men, consider an extended holiday!  Politicians, woe to you!  All righteous and Queen fearing citizens, the Lestranges have escaped Azkhaban.  It is not sure how the feat was accomplished, but in a moment of daring do not seen since the abominable Sirius Black or Barty Crouch Junior, two of the most highly guarded prisoner of Azkhaban have been registered as missing.  The details are, of course, still being withheld from the press, but m inside source says that another person was found in Bellatrix's cell, an unnamed squib, and, when checked a while latter, Rodolphus Lestrange was also found to be missing.

The couple are assumed on the lamb together and extremely dangerous.  When quizzed on it by yours truly, Prime Minister Malfoy had little to say other than 'steps were being taken.'  When asked if there was concern about an grudges that Lestrange may have, he only responded that 'additional security is being assigned.'

Beware England is all I have to say on the matter.

The story is accompanied by moving mugshots of the two.  Bellatrix looks, if anything and impossibly, more insane than before while Rodolphus has a dark brooding and dour visage that stares blankly at the viewer.  Published July 15.  The escape was June 30.

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Rita Skeeter
Sat 8 Sep 2012
at 00:41
Re: The Daily Prophet

It has come to the attention of this reporter that certain elements in the Muggle government have been making noises about the handling of the incident at Hogwarts this winter.  It was leaked to this reporter that a complaint was filed with the muggle ministry that deals with children and their health and care.  The report I have here on my desk states that the children involved in this incident, I will withhold their names, suffered severe mental trauma at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange and experiencing the death of a beloved Professor first hand.

The office of the Prime Minister had tried to suppress this report, but I urge that every parent of a child send letters to both rime Minister Malfoy and Headmaster Snape until something is done for the mental health of our children!

Further developments will come later... This is published at the end of June.

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the Daily Prophet
Tue 16 Oct 2012
at 03:56
Re: The Daily Prophet
Note; this article is NOT written by Rita Skeeter.

The auror's office responded to an accident at the shop of the famous Ollivander, purveyor of wands, and were seen to escort the aged wandmaker away during the heights of back-to-school traffic.  This left his daughter and head apprentice with a bit of a sticky wicket, but she 'muddled on.'  When asked later what had happened, she only commented that a student had touched a thing eh shouldn't have, that her father had left out when he shouldn't have, and that a a lot of shouldn't haves turned into quite a bit of bother and misplaced merchandise.  It was confirmed this morning that Ollivader was back at work as usual, spooking people and making wands.
Rita Skeeter
Sun 3 Mar 2013
at 01:14
Re: The Daily Prophet

Concerned minds have to be curious about the erratic, even for her, behavior of the former Professor at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry, Bellatrix Lestrange. Even for her, a member of a notoriously unstable family, that behavior had to be beyond the pale. I, like you dear reader, wondered about what would cause such a woman to abduct and assault children.


Perhaps, poor Bellatrix was driven to extremes by the revelation of the love child of her husband, the imprisoned Rudolphus Lestrange! After some serious digging, good journalistic investigating, and the help of a confidential informant, I have found evidence that such a child exists. Wht womwn could not understand the frustration and irrational behavior such a thing would produce? It might not be as bad as if her husband had froliced witha muggle, but it is not much better to find out that your husband, the man who should be loyal and faithful to your family and bloodline, is consorting with the parish harlot. HArlot is too nice, CHarlene PArker, as many of us knowns, was little more than a common working girl.

Not always, true. With some serious effort, I managed to obtain this devil-woman's transcripts from her days as a schoolgirl, oh the lost and forfeit innocence. It seems she had excellent marks right up until her seventh year. Perhaps, this was when she set her eyes on another woman's husband? Such sweet tainted youth; such a terrible waste of a good witch, reaching beyond her station. And the terrible effect it had upon the good Professor's mind. That was why such awful things happened,; things this reporter does nto want excused. However, there was a reason for it. That's all I want to say.

As for the unfortunate product of this ilicit union? After her motehr died penniless and wanton in a hotel, surely of the worst type, the child was to become a burden upon her aging grandmother and her husband. SHe evne now attends Hogwarts! One wonders what sort of seventh year she will have. One wonders if she is not the reason that Rudolphus escaped from Azkhaban? One wonders if even she is aware of her moral inheritance. Here's to hoping her grandmother is more an influence in her life than her tramp of a mother. It would not be in good taste to reveal this child's name, but my sympathies go out to her and to the tormented Bellatrix Lestrange.

Rita Skeeter

It takes no student very long to figure out that Claire is this child and teh rumors and bad looks run rampany like bunnies on exstacy. No one makes a point out of it or teases her for it, but everyone knows and, worse, they tiptoe around her and give her pitying looks.
Rita Skeeter
Mon 19 Aug 2013
at 19:47
Re: The Daily Prophet
Expose! Bellatrix Lestrange sighted in France!

Today, the French Department des Affairs MAgique Reported to the Aurors office that Bellatrix Lestrange, escaped murderer and deranged lunatic, whom you might remember has a lamentable but understandable desire for revenge on her husband's illegitimate offspring, was sighted in the company of one Sirius Noir, a distant relation of hers. She was not apprehended, French diligence no doubt, and has fled France it seems.

That isn't the shocking part, ladies and gentlemen. The shocking part is that the French are just reporting this and this occurred shortly after her escape, months ago! She could be anywhere! Instead of being apprehended and transported to St. Mungo's, where she could receive the grief counseling she so clearly needs over the betrayal of ehr husband, she is at large and could be anywhere.

This reporter, if she ahd any, would certainly be locking up her illegitimate children.
Malificent Quigley
Tue 18 Feb 2014
at 18:00
Re: The Daily Prophet
A letter to the Editor in the December the 24th Daily Prophet

Dear Editor,

My name is Malificent Quigley and was an Obliviator. I first served this country in the early nineties during the Second Wizarding War and had the honor of fighting alongside The Order of the Phoenix in that great effort, serving with many of the greatest witches and wizards I have ever know, including the great Maggie and Charlene Parker. None of you will hve ever know these women though as, once the Red Lady took office, it was also my greatest shame to Obliviate them.

Why do I write this when it will almost assuredly cause both mine and my good friend, Constance Greene's, own disappearance? Because good men have suffered for it and a good woman died. Her child deserves to know; Maggie deserves to know.

Who are these people suffering: Rodolphus Lestrange and ???(Claire's Da). One loved a woman and was imprisoned for her very murder. The other was set as a guard and came to love the women he watched. I cannot possible hold it in any longer that Rodolphus Lestrange, whatever crimes he may have committed otherwise, was not the man responsible for the death of Charlene Parker; it was his insane and jealous wife. How do I know: I have in my possession the memories, personally removed, to prove it. I expect that they will never see the daylight.

I make no excuses for my cowardice except that I feared for my life then; may I be forgiven for my betrayals,

Malificent Quigley

"The next day, the new editor of the Daily PRophet, Lawrence Bentley (A lady Red Toadie), retracts the piece and men are sent to round up every copy of that issue they can. Constance Greene and Malificent Quigley are reported to be imprisoned for treasons but it is soon out that they have disappeared.

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RIta Skeeter
Tue 20 Jan 2015
at 11:43
Re: The Daily Prophet
Dear Readers,

Rita Skeeter here. AS many of you know, I have been writing for the American Daily Shadow paper as well as my home here at the Daily Prophet. You might also know of the series of strange events these last years in America as well as the near devastating Libel prosecution that is resulted in concerning me. Well, happy day! The infamous Dark Wizard known as the Nightmare has been defeated by some plucky youngsters. It seems our cousins across the pond share our own tendency toward courageous and somewhat disobedient children! As part of the good will involved with such wonderful news, My editor granted me permission to reprint here for you readers some snippets from my articles in that paper concerning the matter.

I hope that you enjoy the reading:


Nightmare attacks Whimsic Alley
The Dark Witch known only as the Nightmare assaulted Whimsec Alley today as students for the Salem Witches Institute were present in large numbers buying last minute books, supplies, and uniforms for the new school term. The assault consisted of Loquar Birds, which as our readers might know, produce a song which has an effect similar to the presence of a dementor. It appears that the main mission of the Nightmare was to destroy the Darrow twins' wand shop and kill as many students as possible. She is surely a terrible monsters!

Thanks to the presence of Headmistress Noble, the Nightmare was repulsed - despite her skill with unforgivable curses, but not before uttering a threat to destroy the Wizarding World: "I will kill them all ... I will murder each Wizard, Witch and magical child by this time next year"

St. Rafael's Sanatorium for Wizarding Sickness and Injury and their Office of Preventative Health has produced a pamphlet on Umbra for educational purposes and for general safety in response to the recent outbreak of Umbra. This document is a guide and should not replace the expertise of your health care provider. St Raphael's would like to assume the Wizarding World that currently it appears the outbreak is an isolated incident.

  • Complete eradication of  Umbra (polio amongst muggles) is the goal of both the muggle organization World Health Organization (W.H.O.) and the wizarding World Organization of Health Practioners (W.O.O.H.P).
  • Umbra is a highly infectious disease caused by Anhela spores, these are only produced by Anhela Butterflies.
  • Prior to the 19th century, Umbra occurred sporadically. During the 19th and 20th centuries, Umbra became an epidemic and reached a peak in the mid 1950s.
  • There has been a major decrease in the world wide prevalence of Umbra due to extensive hunting of Anhela Butterflies combined with aggressive immunizations in both muggles and wizarding kind.
  • Clusters of wild Anhela are still found in some areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, and India.
  • The last outbreak of Umbra in the United States occurred in the late 1970s among unprepared and hermetic groups in the Midwest.
  • In 2000, an outbreak of Umbra linked to the purposeful breeding of Anhela Butterflies occurred in Haiti and Dominican Republican.

  • Only one treatment exists for Umbra, continuous injections of Lucida for six months. Lucida is a highly complex potion and the ingredients of which are difficult to attain. Do not attempt to brew this potion by yourself.
  • Supportive therapy is also usually required, specifically the use of a modified bubble charm is required to help with the compromised respiratory systems caused by the disease.
  • Physical therapy is often employed to retain mobility through the disease process.
  • Some symptoms, such as fever, headache, muscle aches, and fear may be treated as necessary.

Jacobstowne enters quarantine
Quarantine is declared as the Department for Magical Catastrophes isolate the town to stop the spread of the deadly Umbra plague. Seventeen Witches and Wizards have already lost their lives to this deadly disease....

SWI burns with Fiendfyre during Mabon Ball.
The Nightmare penetrated the school's defensive systems and burned large sections of it, including what is believed to be her target: the potion stores, which had been stockpiling Lucida potion. Two teachers are in critical condition in St Raphael's: Professor Ball and Professor Howard. Both were praised by the Headmistress, Miss Noble, who thanked Professor Ball for putting out the Fiendfyre despite the cost to himself and Professor Howard who took serious injuries rescuing two students: Jack Blackley and Liu Bao-Yu. 'Without her [Professor Howard's] intervention, those two students would have joined the death toll. She is an example to us all' the Headmistress was quoted. She is surely a model for us all despite a sketchy past.

Magical Plague spreads -
Death toll from the plague exceeds a hundred Wizards and Witches

SWI produce cure for Plague.
Lessons cease in SWI as the entire school moves to mass production of the Lucida potion, the only known cure for Umbra plague.

Magical Plague stopped
Umbral caves deep in the Silverpine Forest which surrounds SWI were located by students who reported the matter to their Headmistress and the Aurors. "A fine example of scholarship" the proud Headmistress was quoted "It shows that library work can result in very real wins to our magical world, a lesson that I wish some of our other students would take to heart. The seven students involved: Nicole Davenport, Liu Bao-Yu, Jack Blackley, Declan Feeney, Jennifer Holmes, Bethany Allerton-Good and Shilloh Thibalut will each earn their Covens 100 points, and a letter of commendation".

Recent Doxie attacks on three magical populations: Venice, Jacobstowne and Whimsic Alley have been stopped. The Nightmare was unmasked as culprit for the unprecedented swarm attacks. Aurors praised SWI students for their work in locating and destroying breeding grounds. "We would like to thank the students of the Salem Witches Institute for their timely efforts in putting down this plague." said Andarius Gray: the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement "Doxies are normally a minor pest, but in their hundreds of thousands as they were here, they form a very real threat to even a healthy adult Wizard or Witch. We would like to thank the same seven students that you will be familiar with from the stopping of the Umbral plague, who used their in depth knowledge of the Nightmare to unmask the fact it was her behind it, and find and destroy her breeding colonies"

The Nightmare is Dead
We know our readers will join us in celebrating the end of the Nightmare, despite the high cost.

A showdown in the Bank of Memories between the Nightmare and the Salem Witches Seven resulted in the death of the Dark Witch. Jack Blackley was blasted with an unknown curse by the Nightmare and is believed Lost Forever. His girlfriend, Liu Bao-Yu, killed the Nightmare. The Department of Mysteries has arrested the Salem Witches Six for trespass 'Who knows what threat to National Security they now pose', and we would ask our readers to sign a petition asking for leniency.

Students awarded the Order of Circe
In recognition of ridding the world of the Dark Witch the Nightmare, now unmasked as Celanor Delacroix, the Secretary of Magic Horatio Colt has issued them a full pardon for their crimes committed during their investigation, and has awarded the Forever Lost student Jack Blackley the Order of Circe (first class) posthumously. The other members  Nicole Davenport, Liu Bao-Yu, Declan Feeney, Jennifer Holmes, Bethany Allerton-Good and Shilloh Thibalut are all being awarded the Order of Circe (second class).

In related news the Department of Secrets has decided not to press charges against the Salem Witches Seven owing to the extenuating circumstances. The head of the department, who also heads the Unknowable Service that protects our President, was quoted as saying 'But if they try it again, I'll hand them their asses. Whatever their circumstances. I've got my eye on them'. A teacher from their school is quoted as being very proud of them, but hopes that they have learned their lesson that sometimes it is better to tell the authorities. If they had, perhaps Mr Blackley: a world class junior duellist and Captain of the Coven Proctor Quidditch team, would perhaps be able to continue his career.'

Of course, the American's don't thrive on my true writing potential, so I had to take much of my normal color and commentary from the articles. Whatever the case, it is a wonder that seven children managed to defeat a dark wizard and a boon that they did. Never have children been so instrumental in fighting a dark wizard since the days of Dumbeldore's Army and the Order of the Phoenix in the 1990s. This reporter certainly hopes that these children will take their teachers' and the Director of teh Department of Secrets' warnings to stay clear of adult matters in the future. I know a certain group of students at Hogwarts that might also heed such warnings so that the school can be made safe again and parents would be willing to send their children to that distinguished school once more.
Anonymous Reporter
Tue 17 Feb 2015
at 11:45
Re: The Daily Prophet


The notorious criminal and murderess Bellatrix Lestrange has been captured trying to cross the border from England to France via the chunnel on May the 15th. An anonymous tip was called into the staff room of the Daily Prophet and this was then passed on to the Department of Aurors. They found the notorious dark witch sleeping in a private cabin aboard the train and was apprehended with only minor conflict.

She has been transported back to Azkhaban and awaits trial on new charges.

After this announcement is a long review of Lestranges crimes and previous convictions. All of them are being reviewed by the Ministry.

No word has yet reached this publication of the location or comportment of Bellatrix's husband Rudolphus Lestrange. Aurors assured our offices that every resource was being expended to locate the convicted dark wizard. His last known whereabouts were somewhere near the Forest of Dean as of early May. No word has come about him since then.

As always, the Daily Prophet will keeps its ears to the ground and appraise the people of any developments in such matters.
Lifestyles Section
Wed 18 Feb 2015
at 17:19
Re: The Daily Prophet
If you read the Daily Prophet, this article might catch your attention.

August the 5th, 2021 - St. Mungo's ---

Much to the relief of family and friends, one Anotnia Duckworth was today released from the Mind Healing Ward of St. Mngo's Mrs. Duckworth, as some will recall, suffered a mental break ten years ago when her son, Vincenzzo, was attach by Bellatrix Lestrange and killed. Her illness had always been a bit of speculation on the part of those who knew her. Her husband had been quoted at the time as saying, "Funny, Tonia always seemed made of firmer stuff than that."

Either way, her condition persisted, neither worsening or bettering, for the last decade when the other week, she simply woke up in the am and asked where she was and where her boy was. This wasn't so strange as she often had psychotic breaks of the nature, this reporter learned form her husband, but upon being informed gently for the thousandth time of his death, she grew grim and determined rather than hysterical as she always had before and swore bloody vengeance on Lestrange.

When we asked Mr. Duckworth of the response, he seemed to think it far more "like Tonia than that whiny, crying, and sobbing the last decade, innit?"

St. Mungo's now suspects that Antonia had been under the effect of some curse or another this last decade rather than mental frailty and an investigation is being started into Bellatrix's involvement. This will further delay her new trial as the Ministry investigates claims of an assault upon Mrs. Duckworth's mind
Rita Skeeter
Wed 18 Feb 2015
at 17:34
Re: The Daily Prophet

This reporter has found out that one Alisoon Prince, who worked this year as the DADA professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a suspected vampire! I, for one, would not send any child of mine to this school with its reckless disregard for the safety of said students. While there were no circumspect altercations with any dark wizards or witches, the school's Whomping Willow, which many of us remember from our days there, exploded for no apparent reason.

I would like to call into doubt the stability and mental fortitude of one Mr Severus Snape and his capacity to execute the duties of the office of Headmaster of Hogwarts. There are rumors about the job search to replace Miss Prince as she vacated the position shortly after the end of the school year. I cannot express my doubt as to whether any good will come of it.

Let me tell you why:

We all have heard about the FAIWGACF by now, some type of international cooperation festival to be held inaugurally at Hogwarts next year. A very splendid plan brokered by Prime Minister Draco Malfoy at the last International Wizarding Conference, but this witch has it on good authority that the ignominious Headmaster plans to allow visiting professor from the representative schools to teach the vacated position at the behest of our noble PM. But you know he cannot leave such an olive branch untainted, yes? No, I have learned that he plans to invite Headmistress Emilie Narolie, a bit young for the position, and the notorious Rashomon Sensei to fill the position jointly. It is an outrage to have a foreigner and a nonhuman instructor in this important position.

If you share in my outrage at this affront, please write in about it.

Yes, many people write letters of outrage that are reprinted in the Prophet as well as supposed letters written to the PM and Snape. Those who are paying attention will see this as pressure from the government on Snape and his allies at Hogwarts. This report was published in late June of 2021.

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Rita Skeeter
Wed 18 Feb 2015
at 18:04
Re: The Daily Prophet
Published in late August 2021.


It has just come to this reporter's astute attention that a curious paradox has occurred at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Due to recent funny business with certain staffing decisions, this reporter took it upon herself to look into several others of the Hogwarts staff. Of course there was the obvious cronyism in the hiring of Penelope Clearwater, Ulyusses Howell, and Peter Prewett. Such inside hiring is to be expected of the disciple of Albus Dumbledore. Why search for more qualified staff when your friends can make a mockery of the position, yes? I will not even mention the ties that I uncovered connecting Concepta Thrussington to Severus Snape or Eustace Scrub to the Goblin Resistance. No the most shocking thing I discovered was concerning Mrs. Antonia Duckworth.

You will all recall the touching and deeply moving story of Mrs. Duckworth's recovery from earlier this month. Well, imagine her surprise when a payslip arrived from Hogwarts arrived at her address two weeks ago. It turns out that, completely to her ignorance as she was shut up in Mungo's, she had been working at Hogwarts as the Mindwitch to help students deal with the fallout of certain, unmentionable and disastrous, events the last two years!

Now, if Headmaster, and that is said with barely concealed disdain, Snape was half the man that Dumbledore was or that Dolores Jane Umbridge had been in her brief tenure as Headmistress, however received by that school, he would never have allowed the nonsense that occurred last year and the year before involving certain unnamed schoolchildren, and the reporter wishes to stress children, then such a position would not have been needed. And I wonder if ti was needed since Snape apparently employed a woman who was a raving lunatic at the time. This reporter has done some digging and spoken with a few students who visited this supposed Mind Witch.

All of them describe her as overly friendly and that strikes me as suspicious. Who is it exactly that Severus Snape had in his employ? We may never know as the impostor seems to have disappeared, the real Mrs. Duckworth is indisposed recovering from her demetia, and Snape could not be reached for comment. This is just further proof that Snape is dangerous and needs to be questioned as to his competency. Please, loyal readers, continue your campaign to have this miscreant and nepotistic man brought before the ministry for a job performance review.

Feel free to ahve aprents show concern over the summer, after this article is published, about Snape.
Rita Skeeter
Wed 18 Feb 2015
at 18:19
Re: The Daily Prophet
Big News from Constantinople

May 31, 2021

It has been the greatest honor this reporter has had since she covered the International Congress last year, to cover the meeting of the 2021 Annual International Congress. OF course, we all know that the Congress was instigated by Lady Red after removing the dark wizard ruling previously from power to repair Britain's relations with foreign wizarding communities and make sure that such a miscreant never rises again.

Of course, all the normal high society events occurred, some exibitionary sporting events, a ball and one of the most auspicious announcements in that august body's ten year history. It seems that in an effort to broker international cooperation and unity, schools from all over the world will work together each year to bring our nations closer.

Each year the International Wizarding Goodwill and Cooperation Festival will be held at one of the cooperating 8 schools for the length of that year to share culture, customs, and educations. This reporter thinks it a rather splendid idea and while she cannot guarantee it was the brain child of our illustrious leader or her valiant PM, she suspects as much.

So, as these students journey from around the globe to our nation, let us show them good British cheer and hospitality! The participating schools will be Hogwarts, Beauxbatons Academy, Durstrangs Institute, Kunlun School, Mahotokorou, Uagadoe School of Magic, Salem Witches' Institute, and Guaman Poma de Ayala Escuela de Magia. Each has a history and majesty that, while perhaps not rivaling Hogwarts, is to be applauded. I am sure we have much to learn from them.

Similar announcements with less of Rita's flair will appear in Magical newspapers around the world with their own colors of interpretation about the Festival. Up to you how you think your country might write it up.