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Sat 20 Nov 2010
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Age: 11
House: (all players are Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw)
Background: Half-blood or pure or sanctioned mud-blood
Brief History:
Character Sheet (the rules are in the rules thread):
Sample Post (at least one good paragraph):

Role (what role do you see the character playing in the game?):
Allegiance: Rebel or Dark Servant or Neutral

Statement of Age:  I <user name> hereby certify that I am <age> years of age and it is legal for me to view adult material where I live.

This game is mature because I expect it to get very dark and a little violent.  Sexual content is going to be frowned upon, you're bloody well eleven!

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Wed 7 Jan 2015
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For our Fourth Year, I am advertising for some guest positions. The students from the other schools, obviously. They will be around for one year most likely. They should look in the Rules thread for the post on how they should make characters of the appropriate age.

As a note, I am taking on one character from each school listed in the History thread Post #18. Also, please read the History thread so you can make sure that you fit into the world. I would love creative persons to fill in details and character to each school as it inspires them to make their characters seem more flush with life. I will be adding some events to the History Lesson/Daily Prophet threads to add some details to the world on what it is like in my alternate history. I am opening the game for RTJs now but the application process may be quite long as I want you and me to work on making your character full of detail and to flesh out his school, magical culture, and party he is arriving with. There are also some details to add about why you were selected to visit Hogwarts this year, for the First Annual International Wizarding Goodwill and Cooperation Festival.

Of note: some development was made on some of the schools available for character generation, but that can be still retconned a bit to make fit a PC student. Just express interest in one that is available.

The Schools are (struckthrough schools are already taken):
Guaman Poma de Ayala Escuela de Magia
The Salem Witches' Institute
Uagadou School of Magic

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