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Tue 23 Nov 2010
at 07:39
Request to Join & Character Creation Rules

As far as RTJs, this isn’t first-come, first-served.
  I am looking for four to six good players/writers.

I don’t want a full character sheet with your RTJ, but I would like to see the following information:

Player Age

Player's Current Occupation

Number of Days per week you can post:

"Slow Days" or days that you cannot post:

Character Name (if known at this time) :

Character Plan
 (Please list what "direction" you hope this character can take, especially such things as possible interactions/adventures,  multi-classing, or possible prestige classes (if known).  If you are uncertain at this time, then a basic "reason" for adventuring will be acceptable.)

Very Important
Writing Sample
(This could be a link to a public post in another game, something involving your proposed character, etc.  Be creative and be wonderful!  The sample does not need to be long, but more than a paragraph would be necessary.

If your character idea and personal maturity is promising, then we can discuss further details about your character via Private Message.

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Thu 2 Dec 2010
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Re: Request to Join & Character Creation Rules
Ability scores will be generated by using EITHER:
the RPOL Dice Roller with "4d6, drop the lowest"


the PATHFINDER 25 point buy system.  If you do not have access to a book, you can use the PATHFINDER table below.

PATHFINDER Point Buy Table
Score Point Cost
7      –4
8      –2
9      –1
10      0
11      1
12      2
13      3
14      5
15      7
16      10
17      13
18      17

You do not have to choose a method first.
Some people want to be in complete control and others like the idea of chance creation; however, sometimes the Dice Roller here is amazing and sometimes it is brutal (more than once I have seen a set of 6 rolls on 4d6, drop lowest with none of the abilities higher than 9).  So, this gives the player an "escape" if that happens. HOWEVER, you only get to roll one set; you can't keep trying for a good cycle by the Dice Roller.

If that's clear as mud, just ask and I'll try and help.

Character Classes from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook or Advanced Player's Guide unless the GM grants you special circumstance.
Characters will begin at 3rd level.

The world of Golarion will be our Campaign Setting.

You can find a link to the *Savage Tide Player's Guide* here:

A well-written Physical description, basic personality, and character background (which can remain private between Player and GM) is mandatory.

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Fri 3 Dec 2010
at 16:29
Re: Request to Join & Character Creation Rules
Helpful Resource Page:

Starting Gold: