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Titanverse Modern History
  In the early 1800s, there were many stories of people who where capable of fantastic feats: Reading thoughts, Feats of Strength, Levitation.  However, it was difficult to corroborate these stories and they merely became more fantastic via word of mouth.  Many of these amazing feats were performed at fairs and circuses, and the how it was truly done was always shrouded in mystery.  With the advent of cameras, some of these feats were photographed, but skepticism still remained.

  Near the turn of the century, many of these 'paranormal' performers found themselves becoming very rich.  It was one man, the son of a Circus strongman and an accomplished trapeze artist, who began using his gifts for more than just profit.  Nicknamed 'Sentry', he was seen throughout America, rescuing children from fires, pulling people from flooded rivers, and stopping criminals from escaping.  Stories of his good deeds spread like wildfire, and soon there seemed to be half a dozen 'Sentries' all over the world, each with different powers and appearances, but always the same trademark red bandanna mask.

  At the same time, there seemed to be several extremely powerful criminals making headlines.  Bank robbers vanishing into thin air, invisible assassins and vicious wolf-men.

  Soon, the first moving pictures of Supers were made, and skepticism began to fade.

  Then World War I broke out.  Dozens of people with 'super powers' volunteered to fight.  They came from every country and background.  Their abilities varied greatly.  From simple powers like moving small object with their mind or extremely accurate eyesight, to incredible feats like wing-less flight or hurling balls of fire.  Governments rallied their supers, giving them flamboyant costumes and nicknames that suited their powers, and using them for motivation, propaganda and even secret missions.

  After the war many of the supers chose to return to their normal lives, while others stayed on and made the military their life.  Vigilante 'Heroes' popped up in major cities around the world, seeking to do good and help the weak with their powers.

  The outbreak of World War II saw a whole new generation of 'Specials' step forward to defend their countries.  Some were the children of those who'd fought in WWI, and they even seemed to be more powerful.  Additionally, these new supers were more skilled in the use of their powers than previous generations, having learned from their older peers.  The attack on Pearl Harbor was led by the 'Two Winds of Nippon', identical brothers who flew in amongst the swarms of Zeros, laying waste to the American fleet with their formidable wind powers.  America responded by drafting vigilantes into the Army and using them primarily in the Pacific Theater.

  One of the Japanese twins was vaporized by the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima.  The other immediately flew all the way across the Pacific and attempted to lay waste to San Francisco, but in his weakened state, he was defeated by a group of Civilian Paranormals (Seeps), and imprisoned for war crimes.

  After the war, the government-funded Seeps continued to patrol America's cities, some finding it difficult to turn their powers against their fellow Americans.  After the end of the CP program in the 50's, some of these groups would later be reformed as City Superteams.

  An upsurge in the number of children manifesting super powers began in the 60's, with many of the number nearly doubling in China, Russia, and the United States. Doctors rushed to suppress what was quickly labeled as an epidemic, and many children were taken to laboratories and studied.  No link between nuclear radiation and manifestation of super powers was ever discovered.

  In the 70's, as super powers continued to manifest around the globe, scientists reported a genetic link to the cause of these powers.  Initially proposed as a left field theory, Doctor Joshua Walters suggests that these abilities might indicate a mental evolution in the human race.  He begins to refer to anyone with these powers as ‘Homo Sapiens Novus’.  The term 'Novus' is widely accepted as a generic term for a super.

  Novusi rights are hotly debated, including the continued acts of vigilantism by costumed supers.  These individuals are hailed by some as saviors, defending helpless citizens against the super-powered criminals of the world.  Many Novus joined police forces, emergency services and the military.  Eventually, the government created a deputization program where Freelance Heroes could bring criminals to justice.

  Teams of heroes formed in big cities, helping out at emergencies, natural disasters and fighting the occasional super villain.  New York was the first city to formally start funding a super team, and the New York Towers (later Manhattan Towers) were born.  Major cities in the USA quickly followed suit, forming super emergency response teams of their own.

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National Avatars
  Many countries have a ‘National Avatar’, a Novus who acts as a figurehead or spokesperson for the country.  Each country has a unique relationship with their avatar.  In the US, there are two, and they answer directly to the president as a Novusi Liaison and adviser.  It is an appointed position, selected by the president and ratified by congress, but it does not provide a salary.  Metas are within their rights to refuse appointment.  Maintaining a private identity while off with the president is difficult, so few bother to try.  National Avatars may still embark on Sentry work, but they mainly deal with public opinion, appearances and advising the president.

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  X-Factor (coined by Stan Lee)
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ERT Superteams
This is the working list of United States Superteams and where they're based.

I basically looked at a map and selected the big cities and some smaller ones in lesser populated areas that might need an Emergency Response Team.  Alaska, for instance, has three because it's HUGE!  (BTW, I'm from Alaska)

NAME means I have not come up with a name for this team yet.  Suggestions and comments welcome!

Albany                              Hudsons
Albuquerque (New Mexico)            Neutrons
Anchorage                           Eagles
Arizona (Phoenix)                   Asgardians
Atlanta                             Olympians (formed in 1996)
Atymsburg                           Ions

Baltimore                           Battilion
Boise (Idaho)                       Bonevilles
Boston (Massechusuetts)             NAME
Buffalo                             Blaze
Charleston (South Carolina)         NAME
Charlotte (North Carolina)          NAME
Chicago                             Wind Storm
Cincinnati                          NAME
Colorado Springs                    NAME
Dallas                              Dynamos
Denver                              Dragons
Detroit                             Steel
El Paso                             NAME
Fairbanks                           Freeze
Fresno                              NAME
Green Bay                           NAME
Houston                             Hammers
Indianapolis (Indiana)              Explosion
Iowa (Des Moines)                   NAME
Juneau                              Gold Stars
Kansas City                         Krushers
     Royal, T-Bone, Cowboy, Monarch

Las Vegas                           Rollers?
Little Rock (Arkansas)              NAME
Los Angeles                         Rumble
     <i>Blayds, Big Lady, Brickette, Spilt Milk, Wallop, Ravenheart, Stormcrow, Extreem</i>

Maine (Portland)                    NAME
Memphis (Arkansas/Tennessee)        Volunteers
Miami                               Gale Force
Mid-West                            NAME
Milwaukee                           NAME
Minneapolis (Minnesota)             NAME
Montana (Great Falls)               Mustangs
     Major Montana, Solstace, Golden Eagle, Rook, Showstopper

Nebraska (Omaha)                    NAME
New England                         Minutemen
New Hampshire                       NAME
New Jersey                          NAME
New Orleans (Louisiana/Mississippi) Lazers
New York (Brooklyn)                 NAME
New York (Manhattan)                Towers
New York (Queens)                   NAME
Norfolk (Virginia)                  NAME
North Dakota (Bismark)              NAME
Northwest                           NAME
Ohio (Cleveland)                    NAME
Pensacola                           NAME
Philadelphia                        NAME
Pittsburg                           NAME
Portland (Oregon)                   NAME
Rapid City (South Dakota)           Relief Squad
Reno                                NAME
Salt Lake City (Utah)               NAME
San Antonio                         NAME
San Diego                           Bolts
San Francisco                       Tremors
Santa Clara                         NAME
Seattle                             Xtreme
Spokane                             Spartans
St Louis                            NAME
Tampa                               Thunderhead
Vermont                             NAME
Washington D.C.                     Monuments
Wichita (Kansas/Oklahoma)           Wind-Hawks
Wyoming (Cheyenne)                  Wolverines

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World Avatars
This is the working list of World Avatars.  This is like the United Nations of superheroes.  Each is selected differently based on the country, and some might not even be officially recognized by their country.  But as far as the world is concerned, that Novus represents and/or embodies a specific country.

Most of the Names and Archetypes are kind of random suggestions and few are set in stone.  The archetypes come from Mutants & Masterminds Instant Heroes.

Country         Name            Archetype
Argentina		        Psionic
Australia	Steel Dingo	Construct
Brazil	        Defiance	Martial Artist (Capoeria)
Canada		                Elastic Hero
China		Iron Palm
China		                Psychic
China		                Teleporter
Egypt		                Tracer
France	        Le Petit	Shrinker
Germany	        Blazing Brand	Perfect Specimen
Greece	        Hopestar	Eternal Champion
Iceland	        (Siggy)	        Gageteer
India	        The Yogini	Illusionist
India		                Tech Head
Iran	        Tower	        Grower
Italy		                Bionic
Italy		                Air Controller
Japan		                Battlesuit
Japan	        Shining Solar	Light Controller
Panama		                Bulk
Russia	        Red Star	Costumed Adventurer
Russia	        Rasputin	Mystic
Saudi Arabia		        Psychic
Scotland	Scoutmaster	Speedster
South Africa		        Gageteer
Spain	        El Fuego	Fire Controller
Switzerland	Tick-Tock	Braincase
Thailand	(Fauna)	        Shapeshifter (Animals)
Turkey	        (Grand Turk?)	Psychic
United Kingdom	Mob Rule	Mind Controller
United Kingdom	The Agent	Morph
United States	Platinum Dawn	Powerhouse
United States	Razor	        Weapon Master

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Potential Historical Novusi
The following list is just a few historical figures who have been potentially theorized to have been Novusi:

Name                    Powers
Nikola Tesla		Super Intelligence
Leonardo da Vinci	Super Intelligence, Masterful Artist
Spring Heeled Jack	Super Leaping, Claws?
Emperor Norton I	Super Charisma
Wyatt Earp		Never got shot
Jack the Ripper		Natural Weapon, Teleportation?, Hide in Shadows, Morph
Jesus		        Healing, Resurrection, Duplicate Other, Walk on Water
Socrates		Super Wisdom
Rasputin		Hard to Kill
Joan of Arc		Skilled Warrior
Alexander the Great	Skilled Tactician
Neapoleon		Skilled Tactician
Abraham Linclon		Super Charisma
Adolf Hitler		Super Charisma, Suggestion
Nostrodamus		Pre-destination
Cleopatra		Super Charisma
Beethoven		Super Musician
Genghis Khan		Skilled Tactician
Edward Leedskalnin	Telekinesis, magnetic control?