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Fri 10 Dec 2010
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Prelude: Surge
     A loud crash stirred Birch from his peaceful slumber.  He glanced around and heard shouting from behind the far wall; From the living room.  Birch let out a breath and stared at the wall, trying to piece together the horror that was occurring beyond it.

     'Not again,' he thought.  There was another crash and the wall vibrated.

     Birch closed his eyes and pulled his knees to his chest.  It usually wasn't this bad.  Edwin would yell and scream until Mom cried and then he would storm out to the bar.  Birch glanced at his clock.  Three a.m.  He'd been to the bar and back.

     "Don't tell me how to ..." was heard through the wall.  Birch stared hatefully at the wall, imagining Edwin behind it.  It was time he did something about all of this.

     He leapt out of bed and moved to his door.  As he reached for the doorknob, he paused in reconsideration.  He was only 16.  Edwin would make oatmeal out of him.  But he couldn't let him keep hurting his Mom.

     'No guts, no glory,' he thought, quoting some movie.

     He pulled open the door and turned into the living room.  His Mom was on the floor, backed against the armchair, cringing in fear.  Edwin was standing over her, his face pink with rage.

     "STOP CRYING!" Edwin screamed.  "Do you hear me?!"  He pulled his arm back and Emily threw her hand up.

     Birch was suddenly right next to Edwin and holding his cocked arm with both hands.  Startled, Edwin stared wide-eyed at the boy.

     "Leave her alone!" Birch screamed.

     "Birch ..." he heard his Mom whisper.

     "You little Fuck!" Edwin yelled, pulling back his other arm.  Birch watched Edwin's fist tighten as he prepared to throw his punch.

     Birch lifted his foot and pushed Edwin back, releasing his arm and sending him onto the couch.  He knelt down to hold his mother.

     "Birch ... get away," she whispered through the tears.

     "No, Mom.  It's going to be okay."  Birch held his mother close.

     "Why you little son of a ..." Edwin said, preparing to spring over the coffee table.  Birch shot him a glance and then lifted his arm.

     Edwin jumped and was hit mid-leap by a bolt of blue electricity.  The electricity passed through his body, short-circuiting and frying nerve endings and rendering him instantly unconscious.  His limp body fell to the floor just in front of Birch and his Mom.

     Emily stared at Edwin's form as it gasped for air.  She then looked at her son and stared.  Birch was staring at his hand.  He noticed his mother's stare and looked right into her eyes.  Taking her shoulders, he pulled her close again and hugged her tight.

     "He's not going to hurt you again," Birch whispered.  "I'll make sure of that."