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Notable NPCs
NPCs that players have either met or know something about, and are significant enough within the story to keep track of.  As PCs learn more about them their topics will be edited and updated.

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Re: Notable NPCs

Sraider is a middle aged half elf and one of the clerics in the temple of Pelor.  His slender body extends to well over six feet and his clothing usually consists of simple cleric wardrobe.  His hair is dark brown and short, parted to one side.  Since the battle for Lighfall and the assault on the Grand Node began he has been seen wearing his chain mail armor constantly and tho usually clean shaven, now has a beard.  The beard and his gloomy demeanor now is likely due to lack of time to keep himself well groomed due to the worldwide conflict.  He has a war hammer as his primary weapon, mace as his secondary, and a shield.  His large holy symbol of Pelor hangs around his neck on a long chain and is clearly visible.  When in battle he fastens his holy symbol to his wrist to be able to use it without letting go of his weapon.

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