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House Rules
General Rules

1.  I am GM, my say is final.

1.1 This game is rated MATURE.

2.  Play nice and be respectful toward other players.  Character bullying will not be allowed either.

4.  There is no restriction on alignment yet, tho this may change if things get too evil for me.

5.  All rules are a subject to change at any point.  You will all be updated upon any rule changes or rule additions.

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Re: House Rules
Game-play Rules
These are the rules I have either added to the game-play or tweaked.

1.  Regarding natural 20 critical hits and critical successes:
You don't have to confirm a critical hit when rolling a natural 20, but you do have to re-roll the attack to determine its potency.  If on the next roll you roll another natural 20 that attack becomes triple max damage for all dice.  Or, in the case of three natural 20s in a row, you have just dealt a killing blow (in most cases).

Example:  You swing to attack and you roll a 20.  You roll again just to see if there is a chance you really hit a vulnerable spot.  You roll another 20.  You're overjoyed but you're not done yet.  You roll again to see if you can end it in one shot and low and behold BOOOM!!, another natural 20.  Lets say you were a 3rd level fighter standing up for yourself foolishly against an ancient red dragon.  Well, you just hit the lotto and killed him with one shot.  So remember.  Three 20s in a row is a killing blow. (in most cases)

Same for critical successes on skill challenges.  You re-roll the 20.  If you roll 3 in a row you have automatically succeeded in the most glorious fashion.

Skill challenges have usually a prerequisite number of successes you have to roll to complete it, by rolling one 20 that counts as 2 successes in one try.  You may move more than one square on difficult terrain trail, or climb a bit faster, whatever.  If you roll two 20s in a row that counts as 4 successes in one try, and three 20s in a row is, you guessed it, an automatic success (in most cases).

Notice how I said in most cases?  Well that's because in case of very very special events, I wouldn't want things to end too early because of an awesome roll.  Or, that NPC is not supposed to die yet :).

It doesn't matter if you roll a 1 after rolling a 20 all that means its just a normal critical, or rolling a 1 after rolling two 20s.  All that means is its a double crit.  The 1 after a 20 just means you're done rolling for potency.

2.  Regarding natural 1s, critical misses and failures:
Critical miss with melee weapons:
  Critical miss in melee means you miss terribly and look laughably bad doing it.  But you get to roll for potency with critical misses as well.  Two 1s in a row is a broken weapon (unless it's an unbreakable weapon or a +2 or higher magical weapon).  Three 1s in a row is a broken weapon (unless its an unbreakable weapon or a +2 or higher magical weapon), you fall prone, you are disarmed, your turn for the round ends, and you suffer 1d10 damage from such an awkward fall (in most cases).

Regarding Ranged:
  Two 1s in a row with ranged attacks of weapon type mean that your weapon is broken unless its unbreakable or +2 or higher magic weapon.  With three 1s in a row, same as above plus: the projectile (regardless of type) is ruined, damage of 1d10 is taken from misfire, character is stunned until the beginning of your next turn, and your turn for the round ends (in most cases).

Regarding Spells:
  Two 1s in a row with a spell attacks prevent you from casting that spell again until the encounter is finished (unless a magic focus (wand, staff, holy symbol etc) of +2 or better is being used for the spell).  Three 1s in a row is same as above but with 1d10 damage to yourself (spell damage you cannot resist at all in this case), your turn ends and you are stunned until the beginning of your next turn (in most cases).

Same goes for critical failures during skill challenges.  One natural 1 counts as two failures, two count as 4 and three is an automatic failure of the most horrible kind.  If you are climbing a rope and you roll three ones in a row, your grip either slips or you just lose muscle stamina and can't hold on any longer, and thus you will be in free fall............. (in most cases)

Critical success and hits are worth extra experience points naturally and the more potent it is the more xp it is worth.  There is no xp loss for a critical failure or a miss no matter its potency.  We just get to laugh at you, or your character rather.

3.  Taking 10s:
In some cases taking 10 is allowed.  In my games it is only allowed if you're
1.  Trained in the skill or proficient in the type of roll (dex, con, etc).  Or -
2.  If you have the supper attribute associated with that check.  Or -
3.  If you have a +2 or higher bonus to the associated attribute.
Yes, this means you can take a 10 in combat on some checks even in dire situations.
However, you cannot take a 10 on a saving throw regardless.

For example: Eddy has a clear path to a goblin he wants to attack but there is a 5ft square that is occupied by a fire that is somewhere in between them.   He wants to just run straight for the goblin, jump over the fire and close the rest of the distance to attack.  Jumping is strength/athletics check.  If Eddy has +2 mod bonus to strength, or is proficient in the athletics skill, or has strength as his super attribute, he can take a 10 on the jump roll.

If the situation is not dire, if a character is not hurrying, & if the task is fairly easy, I might permit the use of taking a 10 when a character does not meet the above prerequisites.

4.  Reminder for Heavy Armor:
This came up in previous games so here is a reminder.  Heavier armor interferes with the wearer's ability to move quickly, stealthily, and freely. If the Armor table shows "Str 13" or "Str 15" in the Strength column for an armor type, the armor reduces the wearer's speed by 10 feet unless the wearer has a Strength score equal to or higher than the listed score.
House rule modification for swimming in heavy armor:
Swimming in heavy armor for anyone that does not meet the armor prerequisites will have disadvantage on all checks in water that is above their head.  Their speed is also halved as it normally would be for all.  If just swimming in calm waters endurance will be taken into consideration after 1 minute. Holding of breath will begin to take affect after 2 endurance failures.  These types of characters cannot swim in rough waters while wearing heavy armor.  Endurance checks will start right away and holding of breath will begin immediately after first endurance failure as long as they remain in  rough or stormy waters that is above their heads.

5.  Special Traits:
Beginning at level 1 in this campaign you get to choose a special trait for your character.  These are similar to feats and racial traits as they are innate things your character is born with.  These are like extra racial traits in a way but have to be chosen at the start of character creation as a bonus to the build in a way.  It is meant to make character unique and stand out amongst their peers.  You only get to choose one and there are no changes later in the game.  These do stack with racial traits and class abilities too.

Super Attribute -
  At character creation you start with a 9 in this attribute instead of an 8 when assigning attribute points.  You're also considered to be proficient in saving throws of this attribute even if your class does not allow it.  You can also take 10s in just about any situation on any checks with this attribute regardless if you're trained in the skill pertaining to it.

Very Attractive -
  Your character is deemed considerably more attractive than average.  In diplomatic encounters a character with this trait would roll with advantage when addressing those that would naturally find them attractive.  Their lies are more believable (deception), their stories and other acts (musical, juggling, etc) are more entertaining (performance), and they are more convincing (persuasion).  This trait affects any charisma checks where looks might come into play.  However, the advantage roll bonus of this trait excludes the intimidation(cha) checks regardless of the target audience.

Extraordinary Eyesight -
  Your character has great eyesight.  You have advantage on all rolls regarding active perception checks that deal with sight.  Gain darkvision trait after spending five rounds in darkness or low light if playing a race that doesn't have a darkvision trait.  +5 to sight based passive perception.  See 10 feet further than normal in any condition except magical darkness.

Extraordinary Hearing -
  Your character has great hearing.  You have advantage on all rolls regarding active perception checks that deal with hearing.  +5 to hearing based passive perception.  You can make a bonus action as a reaction when blinded, to hear the enemy and not endure disadvantage on attack rolls toward that enemy, or grant advantage on defense (as long as you can hear them).

Hardly Hungry -
  Your character can survive on half the needed food and nutrients easily.  They crave a lot less food and water and double their resistance to starvation and hunger/thirst effects.  You have advantage on rolls when fighting off starvation.

Exceptionally Tough -
This trait replaces the Tough feat from the players handbook.  Choosing this as a Special Trait allows you to double your con mod at first level hp start and then +3 from this trait.  And then still + 3 from each level thereafter.  For example at 1st level = (full hit die of your class + (con mod x2) + 3 from this trait)
Each level thereafter = (hit die of your class (roll or take whats offered) + con mod + 3 from this trait).

Born Lucky
This trait is the same as the Lucky feat from the players handbook except that the player has 4 luck points instead of 3 after each long rest, and they may also spend them on other characters rolls as well as NPCs as long as the actions of the character, or the rolls in question, might somehow affect the character with this trait.

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Dice game Gambling: Triple Dragon
Triple Dragon
At the some pubs there is usually a gambling table set up of some kind.  Triple Dragon is a very popular dice game where players of two or more roll three six sided dice from a normal  cup.  The rules are simple.  A double has to be rolled and then the third dice is counted.  If no double is rolled the roll is counted as an empty roll which has zero value.  If a double is rolled and third dice shows a six, the six is counted for that individual as their score for that round.  After the round is over the highest score takes the pot.  The doubles only count as a part of the score if there is a tie in the score, otherwise what the doubles dice show doesn't matter.

So a 1, 1, 5 wins over a 2, 2, 4, but loses to a 2, 2, 5, or 1, 1, 6, or 3, 3, 5/6 etc.  If a triple is rolled that is the strongest score and beats all other scores and the higher the number showing the better, so naturally the strongest roll is a 6, 6, 6, which is also known as the triple dragon.  If a true tie is thrown in a round which is exactly the same numbers showing for two or more players in a round, those players re-roll the dice for that round until there is a winner.  The round only ends when there is a winner or parties agree to stop the game in which case the pot is split.

Example  Round 1
17:20, Today: Yannick rolled 8 using 3d6 with rolls of 1,5,2.  gambling round 1 .
17:21, Today: Yannick, on behalf of Adrianna, rolled 9 using 3d6 with rolls of 5,1,3.  Gambling round 1.
17:21, Today: Yannick, on behalf of Eldin Grimm, rolled 10 using 3d6 with rolls of 4,3,3.
17:22, Today: Yannick, on behalf of Darius, rolled 10 using 3d6 with rolls of 4,4,2.
17:23, Today: Yannick, on behalf of Meer Moramu, rolled 12 using 3d6 with rolls of 1,5,6.
17:23, Today: Yannick, on behalf of Aldwyn Valorson, rolled 6 using 3d6 with rolls of 4,1,1.
17:24, Today: Yannick, on behalf of An'Vera, rolled 10 using 3d6 with rolls of 1,4,5.

Eldin Grimm is the winner of round 1!

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