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Tue 20 Jul 2021
at 02:12
General Discussion
This topic is for ideas, questions, announcements, and just basic conversation.


I have added to the RTJ section the following points.

Starting level is 7.  Multiclassing is allowed of up to a limit of 3 classes right now.

Additional starting gear
Since you're starting at level 7 it is assumed that you obtained some magic gear.
You start with a +1 Weapon (or magic/spellcasting/holysymbol focus), and +1 armor.
Weapon is +1 to attack and damage with no other effects and armor is just +1 to AC.  If you'd rather have a different magic item to start than either of these talk to me and we'll figure something out.  It would be cool to include how these were obtained in the character background.

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Fri 23 Jul 2021
at 19:22
General Discussion
Hey everyone.
Meet Sraider.
He will be your friendly supporting cast, first of many, tho more directly involved probably than most.  I have a particular purpose for this NPC and his involvement in the party will be brief so don't get too attached.
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Fri 23 Jul 2021
at 23:33
General Discussion

The following rule has been updated.  The text that's in red is what was added.
Super Attribute -
  At character creation you start with a 9 in this attribute instead of an 8 when assigning attribute points.  You're also considered to be proficient in saving throws of this attribute even if your class does not allow it.  You can also take 10s in just about any situation on any checks with this attribute regardless if you're trained in the skill pertaining to it. 
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Mon 26 Jul 2021
at 12:05
General Discussion
Tony asked me to put up a message about this. It isnt just for my continued involvement, but an observation as well.

Let's face it boys, we arent spring chickens anymore able to pound MTN dew all day and play DND with no repercussions. I have a bunch of friend that have switched to shorter sessions and upped to a couple times a month instead of one big one once a month and it seems to work out well. I know from being GM myself that it can become taxing after many hours and planning for such a big event can also drain a person.

I think they play 2-3 hours at a major encounter or maybe a few smaller ones and some quality RP time. I know a few who do it after the kids are in bed, or whatever, as the kids get older they can police themselves a bit too.

Just a thought, by no means is it something that I feel has to be done.
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Thu 29 Jul 2021
at 03:40
General Discussion
Yes, I am down for shorter sessions.  Not because I'm no longer a spring chicken, I still am even at level 40, buuuut, considering I planned 3 combat encounters and one skill challenge encounter last time that took over 8 hours without barely any RP down time, I think it got too run on (much like this sentence).

Anyway, the reason I'm for shorter sessions for now is to get more inclusive content that is easier to follow along to, and not have to mess around with moving players on the map on the floor.  I think that took most of the figuring out and lessened the flow a bit.

So, for next game lets plan for a shorter session to see how it goes on RpoL as I try to figure that system out a bit better.

As always, if anyone has any suggestions post them here.  If you want it to be private send me a PM here or text.

Till next time my D&D fam.
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Mon 9 Aug 2021
at 22:28
General Discussion
In reply to Yannick (msg # 5):

Good points.
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Tue 7 Dec 2021
at 00:23
General Discussion
Some house rule additions below:

3.  Taking 10s:
In some cases taking 10 is allowed.  In my games it is only allowed if you're
1.  Trained in the skill or proficient in the type of roll (dex, con, etc).  Or -
2.  If you have the supper attribute associated with that check.  Or -
3.  If you have a +2 or higher bonus to the associated attribute.
Yes, this means you can take a 10 in combat on some checks even in dire situations.
However, you cannot take a 10 on a saving throw regardless.

For example: Eddy has a clear path to a goblin he wants to attack but there is a 5ft square that is occupied by a fire that is somewhere in between them.   He wants to just run straight for the goblin, jump over the fire and close the rest of the distance to attack.  Jumping is strength/athletics check.  If Eddy has +2 mod bonus to strength, or is proficient in the athletics skill, or has strength as his super attribute, he can take a 10 on the jump roll.

If the situation is not dire, if a character is not hurrying, & if the task is fairly easy, I might permit the use of taking a 10 when a character does not meet the above prerequisites.

4.  Reminder for Heavy Armor:
This came up in previous games so here is a reminder.  Heavier armor interferes with the wearer's ability to move quickly, stealthily, and freely. If the Armor table shows "Str 13" or "Str 15" in the Strength column for an armor type, the armor reduces the wearer's speed by 10 feet unless the wearer has a Strength score equal to or higher than the listed score.
House rule modification for swimming in heavy armor:
Swimming in heavy armor for anyone that does not meet the armor prerequisites will have disadvantage on all checks in water that is above their head.  Their speed is also halved as it normally would be for all.  If just swimming in calm waters endurance will be taken into consideration after 1 minute. Holding of breath will begin to take affect after 2 endurance failures.  These types of characters cannot swim in rough waters while wearing heavy armor.  Endurance checks will start right away and holding of breath will begin immediately after first endurance failure as long as they remain in  rough or stormy waters that is above their heads.