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The People of Naishou
NPC list for those in Naishou. I will add as people come up. Let me know if you feel I missed someone. Thanks.
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Wed 24 Sep 2014
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Re: The People of Naishou
Miya Ansho - Acting Interim Governor of Naishou. He is the one who will decide which Clan gets control of Naishou

Miya Iaimiko - Daughter of Ansho. Newly arrived in Naishou. According to rumor a real firebrand

Akodo Fizu - General of the Lion army. Subordinate to Miya Ansho by Imperial request

Ikoma Sheikei - Fizu's political attache. Lion representative to Ansho's court

Isawa Suzuhiho - Phoenix ambassador to Ansho's court. Red haired and green eyed. Lovely if flighty

Ide Kemari - Unicorn ambassador to Ansho's court. Formerly Shinjo Kemari but adopted by Ide Tuni after his father's fall from grace. Bitter

Shinjo Juhi - Drunken Unicorn swordsman. 'Retired' to Naishou

Akodo Iku - Second in Command of the Lion occupation force

Shiba Gaijitsu - Governor of Koso Mura

Usuwai- Lixue's major domo. No one of importance

Edakumi Osuna - Assistant to Sparrow Mission

Matsu Godon - Kambe's assistant

Bayushi Itaru- Scorpion General and ambassador to the Governor's court

Kakita Seisho- Crane ambassador. A drunkard

Kasuga Hitsuko- Head of the Toirtise embassy

Daidoji Hanati - A member of Kakita Seisho's entourage

Otomo Burusachi - Imperial envoy

Hida Uko- Widow, retired to Naishou

Doji Ayumi- General of the Crane army

Goji- Missing merchant, associated with the Crab

Meichou - Samurai who has lost his name

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Wed 24 Sep 2014
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Re: The People of Naishou
Iku is probably important.
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Fri 26 Sep 2014
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Re: The People of Naishou
I'm going to add them as they come in. But yeah, he definitely needs to go on the list.
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Tue 2 Dec 2014
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The Mantis
Tsuruchi Junko- Leader of Junko's Arrows. A band of men for hire

Tsuruchi Kawasowo- Junko's lieutenant
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Tue 2 Dec 2014
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Re: The Toirtise
Kasuga Yuna - Head of the Kasuga's merchant interests in the city

Kasuga Ikada and Yakada - Yuna's odd and silent twin brothers
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Tue 9 Dec 2014
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Re: The Sparrow
Edukami Osuna- Talkative and naive courtier

Suzume Hideyo- Poet of some questionable talent

Suzume Ekozu - Witness of the Three Man Alliance

Suzume Imioni

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Re: The Dragon
Mirumoto Haijitsu- Dragon ambassador
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Tue 3 Mar 2015
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Re: The Oriole
Tsi Obanu
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Re: The Hare
Ujina Bosuko

Ujina Tatsu

Ujina Hirotome

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