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Old Wounds
Fear is stupid.  So are regrets.
                                            -Marilyn Monroe
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Little Teacher (msg # 1):

Lady Iuchi-sama?

Nia calls from the other room.  You shake your head and put aside your recollections.  No word from Yuna yet, but she promised she would look into Mino's actions in further detail.  The Lion left the matter to her.  It seems they are more concerned about face at the moment.  Having the Toirtise clean up their own mess is just one more rice ball off the Akodo's plate.

You call back to Risa that you will be right there and finish adjusting your robe.  There.  This is as good as you can look with the bruise Okiro-san left you.  It's a small thing that is healing as it should.  But it is right on the corner of your cheek.  You have better scars from riding accidents.  But these low landers are so particular about such things.

You tuck the fan you selected into your obi and head to the hallway.

Ochube is seated at the table, watching Nia try to steady her shaking hand.  For some reason, she is in constant fear of Doji-san.  She manages to get the tea she is pouring into his cup before filling one for you.  Ochube smiles up at you, rising enough to bow.  Konichiwa.  How is Risa? And yourself
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Little Teacher (msg # 2):

Lixue tries to wear her bruise with a lack of self-consciousness.  It is only a badge of her willingness to face danger to accomplish even a small amount of justice.  In truth, Lady Yuma's reluctance to beat the truth out of Mino-san stings more than the bruise.   As far as Lixue is concerned, he is a slimy little coward that should have the truth wrung out of him.

Lixue returns the bow, a smile curling her lips to see Ochube-san.  "Your company is as sweet water."  She responds, "I am well, but worried for Risa."   She joins Doji-san, ignoring the stark terror of her new maid. "How is your uncle?"

OOC: How is Risa?  Is she awake?
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Tue 16 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 3):

You may inwardly sigh as you give the status report on Risa.  An hour ago you had to be firm with her about staying in bed.  So the fact she is wanting to get up and take care of the house is probably a good sign.  But she put up only a little struggle and fell asleep rather quickly.  The doctor believes she will recover.  But everyday she is not bustling about is one day with one more worry attached to it.

Ochube nods.  Uncle is fine.  He is busy.  The Governor has asked him to assist in thanking the guests who accompanied his daughter on her hunting trip.

You take that to mean Uncle-san has been asked by the Governor to help him do damage control.  The whole mess is going to have repercussions.  It is just a matter of who gets stuck with them.

He picks up his tea cup.  I have dutifully written up a report of everything I saw and heard.  But how does one describe that fiasco?  I apologize.  That utter fiasco.  I am a bit concerned with how the matter will play out for the Akodo.
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Wed 17 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
Almost absently she suggests gently, "Nia, why don't you go spread a little bird seed in the garden.  I am sure Lord Doji would appreciate their song."

She lets the maid escape, it seems cruel to unnecessarily to terrify her.

"I do have the impression that the Akodo could use some friends just now." Lixue comments quietly, disliking the unfairness of the Lion taking the blame for this situation.   How could they have known a bunch of Tortoise would go on a murder-thieving spree?

"I dislike a waste of honorable lives. I dearly hope that it wouldn't go so far.." Lixue admits, her expression making her words a very keen understatement.  "How bad is it, and who is..prolonging the excitement?      From the narrowing of her eyes, she likely has some guesses.   She apologizes for her Unicorn directness, I know this is the third worst kind of gossip, but you are saving me several hours of Lion assuring me that everything is fine."

OOC:  So I spent my xp, and Lixue is rank 3.  Can she take a rank in magistrate?  I think she may meet the requirements, but I'm not sure.

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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 5):

I think so, but let me look it up and get back to you.  I need to do XP anyway.  But before that, let's get something settled

Ochube nods, watching Nia leave the room.  It occurs to you that you are alone with him.  Your sensei would have some kind of attack if he knew.

Ochube laughs of a sudden.  He picks up his tea cup and swallows quickly.  I will of course be willing to share all my thoughts on that matter with you.  It seems I have become quite used to doing that.  Sharing my thoughts with you.  Iuchi-san.  Let me be direct.  I am an unmarried man and my family is appalled at that.  I have to address that concern.  As of late, I find myself thinking the solution to that may be before me.  Do you think that might be the case?
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Fri 19 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Little Teacher (msg # 6):

Lixue froze like a fawn in the grass.  Her ears flushed as she caught the essence of Ochube-san's proposal.  "I think it very likely that is the case."  Lixue agreed softly.  She had been pausing at odd moments to think what kind of Unicorn horse Ocube-san should ride.  "Although we should discuss what marriage means to you.   We have done well when we putting out thoughts together, and I think this strategy should not change when we have such an important subject."
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 7):

Agreed.  I would very much like your insight and opinion on the subject.  He calmly sips from his tea cup.  If you will forgive the implied arrogance of this statement, I am not looking for the typical wife.  My position opens me to dangers and enemies who would not hesitate to move against me through family.  So I think a potential wife should be aware of the potential hazards before a union was agreed to.  I suppose at a minimum I would be looking for a woman who is not afraid of risk.  My preference though would be someone who has a quick eye and calm head.  Someone who I could speak of my cases with in absolute surety of confidence.  But more so...someone who would not be afraid to assist or take ownership of an investigative matter.  A partner if you will.

A woman who will just kowtow to me would be of little value I am afraid.  I would need someone who was unafraid of telling me that I might be wrong.  Because it is possible I might be wrong.  Not likely.  But I suppose stranger things have occurred.

It would be nice if she had strengths I lacked.  And perhaps might be happy that I had strengths she lacked.

And good teeth.
  He sips his tea.  That last one is just to make sure you were still paying attention.  He sips his tea.
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Tue 23 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
OOC: Is Ochube-san nervous?  20:55, Piercing the Veils 43

Lixue pauses, and it is quite the pause.  After Ochube-san's extraordinary description of a desirable wife, she isn't exactly sure what to say.  His making terrible jokes is also bewildering.

She ventured tactfully, "Why have you avoided seeking a wife before now? You seem to have given the matter a lot of thought.  Had you not wanted that kind of relationship, I would not expect you to have spent so much time thinking about it."

Lixue adds with a air of innocence, "I notice you haven't mentioned affection. How does that enter into your plans?  If this lady is as wise as you wish, she is unlikely to mistake elaborate gifts and fine manners for deep feelings."

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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 9):

Yeah.  He's not exactly Mr. Smooth at the moment.

Just to give you a little behind-the-scenes.  When a NPC first appears I think might become important later on, I make a roll just to see how they might be inclined towards the PC.  Of course events and role play are the ultimate deciders of the interactions.  But the roll gives me a starting point.

Anyway.  When I first introduced Ochube, I did the roll.  Lixue rolled something beastly like a 59. It was the second highest roll in the game up to that point.  Now it's like the fourth highest roll.  I rolled for Ochube.  He got like an 8.  So yeah  The guy was pretty much doomed from the start.

Ochube takes another sip, though this time you think he is doing it to settle himself.  He is nervous.  The image of him practicing this scene in his mind many, many times floats through your head.

It s not that I was avoiding it.  I just...  He shrugs.  I simply was not interested.  It is not that I had not met any wonderful women.  I had.  It is just that none of them seemed to fit.  That seems to be the best word I can come up with in answer to your question.  I just could not find a good 'fit'.

We both know that affection in marriage is not usually the most important factor in setting up a union.  Over the years, I have seen far too well what that can lead to.  Bitter marriages.  Infidelities that end in blood.  People who spend their lives sleeping next to a stranger, never bothering to introduce themselves. How many marriages these days have the same level of warmth as two travelers who end up sharing a tatami because the inn was crowded for the night?  Quite a few.  Perhaps I thought what was the point.  If I was going to be lonely, I might as well be alone. That may have been foolish in hindsight.  But if I am honest, that is probably the truth of it.

He looks you in the eye.  I have only recently begun to understand it does not have to be that way you see.  Or perhaps I just have begun to hope it does not have to be that way.  Well.  I hope that makes sense.
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Thu 25 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Little Teacher (msg # 10):

Lixue feels a pang of sympathy for Ochube-san.  This is clearly an uncomfortable conversation.  Even though it is worth having.  Both of them have seen some terrible marriages.  For Lixue, both Lonely Shore and the tragic Winter Court had stunning examples of Things Going Very Poorly.  Ochube-san hasn't spoken of the things he witnessed, but he did not seem to bat an eye at Sebo-sama.  At least not within her vision.

Despite these terrible examples, he is still willing to try.  Even if it is not gracefully spoken as the pillow books would like.

How lucky I am my parents are still very fond of each other..

So she meets his eyes, "I do not think marriage needs be lonely, or bitter or cold.  I think if two people are honorable, and capable of deep feelings they have a good chance at real warmth and connection between them.  I would like to take that chance with you."

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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 11):

He blinks, a look of horror overcoming his face.  What?  I was not talking about you

Just kidding.  That doesn't happen
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Fri 26 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 11):

Here's what does happen

Ochube says nothing, his face going blank, his mouth opening, then shutting, then opening again.  But then the ends of his lips begin to rise, drawing his mouth up into a large, unabashed smile.  He laughs quickly and, for some reason, slaps his knee.

Yes. I-yes.  Let us do that.  Indeed.  Yes.

He laughs again and covers his face with a hand.  He brings his hand down and looks at you.  Sorry.  That just happened much more...I do not know what to say.  I will just say I love you Iuchi Lixue-chan.  And leave it at that. With your agreement, I will ask my uncle to send to your parents to seek agreement.
Iuchi Lixue
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Fri 26 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue

Lixue feels her stomach tie itself into a knot while she endures Ochube-san's stunned reaction.  She cannot take back such bold words.  But there is nothing to do except wait for Ochube-san to regain his wind.

 Her shoulders relax abruptly as she hears his startled agreement, and her stomach unwinds itself from its fearful knot around her spine.    She smiles radiantly, and laughs with relief herself. "Oh, was I too bold?"  But her heart fiercely doesn't care if she was.  It is too filled with happiness for such concerns.

Lixue blushes as Ochube-san's admission of love.  It is a beautiful surprise.  For a moment she can only be silent in her happiness, touching her fingers to her lips.

After a moment she nods at Ochube-san's suggestion. "Yes, I will write my mother and warn her to expect such a letter.  I haven't admitted to her how special you are, I didn't know how you felt."  She admits shyly, "I think she will wish to meet you."

"I've often wondered how you would see my home."  Lixue confesses simply.
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Iuchi Lixue
In reply to Iuchi Lixue (msg # 14):

It produced you.  How can your home be anything short of paradise?  He laughs.  Sorry.  That may have been too 'Crane' a thing to say.  But I do believe it to be true.

He looks at you.  I will do everything I can to make you happy Lixue-chan.  I have waited a while to call you that.  Alright.  I see no reason for delay, do you?  It will already take quite a bit of time for missives to reach their desired places.  And for us to receive responses.  I will go see my Uncle now.  Will you come to dinner tonight at the embassy?
Iuchi Lixue
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Tue 30 May 2017
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Iuchi Lixue

Lixue grins, a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. "I assure you it's no hardship to endure your lovely compliments."  They are lovely because they are sincere, and his happiness is like the sun coming out behind a cloud. She is curious about when he decided that he wished to call her endearments, but there is much to do.  It will make better discussion during the long wait from the North. "But I suppose my vanity and curiosity are not very good reasons to delay. And I should write my mother.  Yes, I will come to dinner tonight."  She agrees merrily.

More seriously she promises, "I will try to make you happy too. I trust you Ochube-chan." She looks aside, shyly.  "it's very strange to call you such a dear name aloud.  Even though your name has such a sweet sound in my heart."

She does frown as her thoughts gather themselves, "I know you are careful, Ochube-san.  But be more careful still? This place it's.."  She make a little wave of frustration, "If the first plays of last year's junior artists came to life--it would be this court." They would be here until dinner to discuss everything wrong with it.

OOC: Alright, a little poetry is leaking out the edges, but he's really adorable.