Are people still interested in playing this game?   Posted by Segev Stormlord.Group: 0
Segev Stormlord
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Sat 8 Oct 2011
at 15:33
Are people still interested in playing this game?
I ask because I have seen only 3 players log in at all this month, and nobody else since the early-middle of last month. I would like to try to pick up the pace of this game to at least update once a week. Faster, if people are up for it, but I am not trying to push anybody to spend time they don't have on it. At the rate it's going, however, I can tell it's spiraling into the state where nobody posts because everybody's waiting for somebody else to, or feels that they have nothing to which they have a response.

So, I have sent most of you rmails in hopes that will draw your attention here if you haven't been checking in lately. If you've written the game off, that's fine, I just would like to know. If you haven't, please let me know what I can do to help get you back into participating. I am genuinely not trying to ignore any of the characters. I simply haven't heard from many of you in nearly a month, and the updates - on my end as much if not more than anybody else's - have been so sporadic that I don't blame people for feeling left out.

So please, let me know, if you're still interested in playing, why you haven't been posting and what I can change to give you something to post in response to. What are you interested in seeing happen in the game? What sorts of things would your character react to? What do you want to see them doing? I can name one truly active PC right now, and two who are at least paying attention, and I CAN run with just three players. But I would rather not leave anybody who's still interested in playing out.

So, I am going to try to start pushing the players who are still interested to at least post once a week. If you honestly haven't got time or don't know what to post or to reply to, say so in an OOC thread, please! It is something I need to know, so I can help change that! It's my job as ST to ensure that everybody's feeling engaged, and nobody's being ignored. If you just don't have time, letting me know when you will have time will keep me from having annoying ST spasms, and let me know when I can remind you to take a few minutes, again. I know it's easy to simply forget after a time away due to lack of time.

If you are not interested (either because you're one of the players who'd already taken a leave of absence and you don't want to come back yet if at all, or because you just don't want to play anymore), please either let me know in this thread or in a private message - whichever you're more comfortable with - so I can plan accordingly.

I really do want this game to go places. I have some plot threads cooking that I'm trying to reveal and leave hooks lying about for. Unfortunately, "episodes" of things that lead to such things aren't my strong suit. I rely heavily on the PCs responding to the scenes I set up to push things along. I am thrilled to provide things to react to, so if you're not seeing something useful, let me know, and I'll do my best to throw something at your character, specifically! This is a cooperative storytelling game. I AM the ST, and I WILL do everything I can, but if you've got ideas or feel left out, talk to me and we'll work something out!

Let's get this game back on track. I am setting a personal goal of one post a week from each player, barring real life interference. I will post as often as I can and have something to post in reaction to.

In any event, I want to thank you all for playing, and for letting me try being your ST.
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Sat 8 Oct 2011
at 17:18
Re: Are people still interested in playing this game?
I am most certainly still interested.  As my character mostly plays off other characters I have been waiting for Beatrix to post.  But that can lead to situations like these so I will, moving forward, take a more active role and post more preemptively.
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Sat 8 Oct 2011
at 18:45
Re: Are people still interested in playing this game?
In reply to Sevastian (msg #2):

My apologies.

Very interested.

I know some of this is my fault since I didn't want to get to involved before the two conferences I went to and then once I got back I was drained physically and emotionally.

However, I am now back into the normal routine, if you can call it a routine whenever there is a little baby involved. Wednesday was my first real day back, as it were and I have been trying to catch up ever since.

ALSO, I have discovered that MMO's are literally Idols in the Old Testament sense. I was playing 2 of them and now I have completely stopped and will not play another one ever again. This was a hard decision to come to, in some ways, since they are addictive, but in the end anything that I think about all day is an idol and an affront to God Almighty.
Segev Stormlord
 GM, 258 posts
Sat 8 Oct 2011
at 22:59
Re: Are people still interested in playing this game?
Heh. There are numerous things in this day and age that live up to the Old Testament definition of Idolatry. MMOs can be. I don't play them largely because I just don't enjoy them, personally.

You are two of the three players I know are still paying attention. I'm hoping rmails will get the others' attention at least long enough to decide whether they're going to play or not. I will continue with just three players. I can even rattle one of those three's cage a bit more often. *gets out the rattlin' stick*
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Sat 8 Oct 2011
at 23:11
Re: Are people still interested in playing this game?
In reply to Segev Stormlord (msg #4):

I wish that my many table top friends would get into 2nd Edition. However, White Wolf, in its infinite wisdom, has pissed off a lot of people by coming out with new editions without giving any kind of discount to people who purchased the entire 1st edition line. SOooooo, my friends will not play 2nd edition because they will not buy the books (although finding almost all of them online is not a problem :-P). Soooo they won't play in 2nd Edition games.....and finding 1st edition games online is hard.
Segev Stormlord
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Sun 9 Oct 2011
at 01:07
Re: Are people still interested in playing this game?
In reply to Merlin (msg #5):

I've known NO companies that ever gave discounts for having purchased prior editions. It's just not feasible. (2E came out years after 1E, too.)

But, to each their own. They are quite free to keep playing 1E; it gets them their money's worth! :)
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Sun 9 Oct 2011
at 06:09
Re: Are people still interested in playing this game?
In reply to Segev Stormlord (msg #6):

Yes, that is basically what they are thinking. Also, its about a $1000 to get the full set of 1st Edition and 2 of my friends have that, I and 1 other are very close (only because we will not purchase the Fae book and see no reason to fill in the 2-3 missing other books).
Beatrix LeSchaye
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Sun 9 Oct 2011
at 12:20
Re: Are people still interested in playing this game?
Of course I'm interested! More peeps and more posts would be nice, but we may just have to deal with this being a small, slow-paced game. Forum format works well for that regardless.

Also, people can sometimes be weird about game books. Or editions, for that matter. I can't really get into D&D 4, while I have some friends who still play AD&D. Although I don't think cost of books has ever been cited as an issue.