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Segev Stormlord
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Sun 9 Oct 2011
at 01:30
Setting Discussion and General Topics
At the suggestion of a player, I am opening this thread for any questions about the setting - whether Exalted's Creation or specifics about the history, local area, or just how things are going in our individual game's canon - and general conversation about the game and what is going on and the like. The hope is that this can keep up interest by giving people a sort of ongoing overview of what's happening.

So, if there are any questions or inclarities, or any ideas or the like you want to ask or discuss or even suggest for inclusion, feel free to post in here!

Also, I and one of the players hang out on If you want, I can create a channel for us to all converse in in real-time, whenever we all happen to be on at once. I'm usually lurking even if I'm not at my computer.

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Sun 9 Oct 2011
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Re: Setting Discussion and General Topics
In reply to Segev Stormlord (msg #1):

Eewww......sounds fun. I played a game on AIM once and IRC works very similar.
Segev Stormlord
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Sun 9 Oct 2011
at 13:42
Re: Setting Discussion and General Topics
I wasn't suggesting moving the game to IRC. Just using it as a place to chat about the game in semi-real-time, if people are online at the same time and interested.
Segev Stormlord
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Thu 13 Oct 2011
at 21:35
Re: Setting Discussion and General Topics
A little background on the area:

If you note in the map that's here: , Falan and Trademeet Dale are located in the region surrounded on three sides by rivers, with Greyfalls about 200 miles to the north (and on the other side of a river). Ma Ha Suchi's lair is about a month or two of walking-distance travel north of the northernmost border of Falan, and the Yanaze river to the south is probably the biggest "highway" for travel and trade through the area.