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Festivals are Good for Business!
Trademeet Dale.

A township with the independence of a city-state, its relative unimportance would seem its only protection for that freedom. That will surely change. Already, the Trademeet traders are beginning to be known, spoken of, weeks and months of travel away. Many are rumored to be part of the Guild, while others manage their affairs privately.

If it is ever a quiet settlement, this is not the case today. The Sun shines down in a clear, bright day, illuminating hostels packed to the gills, private residences sold out of extra rooms, and tents spread out for nearly a half-mile around the town's low (but extent) walls. Many tents belong to the travelers staying in them, but some enterprising Trademeet citizens have even set up large cloth constructions of their own to rent out still more sleeping space, hawking them as if they were the finest wares. The port has only a handful of vessels in it, but its expansion is still being constructed, so those vessels are keeping it busy beyond capacity.

By far the most ostentatious tents belong to a circus that forms the entertainment centerpiece of the massive festival being held. Myriad other goods and services are offered, almost entirely of the wholesome variety. People mill about from stall to store to pavilion, doing business, enjoying entertainments both free and costly, and generally having a blast while the businesspeople rake in the silver and spread the word of Trademeet Dale's prosperity.

The Maharishi of Excellence, a Spirit clad in the affected garb of a Southern Sheik, is prominent in almost every act of organization, and obviously the money bags behind its funding. Jovial and outgoing, he has opinions on everything and is unashamed to proclaim them whenever even vaguely topical. However, it is clear that he accepts nothing but the finest and demands the best from all in his employ, for he spares no expense in ensuring each and every guest of the festival can find what they want and have a great time doing it!

As for the purpose of the Festival itself, an Exalt has been Chosen from amongst Trademeet Dale's most excellent traders. Beatrix LeSchaye is rumored to be almost as beautiful as she is business savvy, and the Maharishi is effusive (but sincere) in his delight that his adopted hometown should be so blessed. This surely means even greater things to come; after all, an Exalted businesswoman can only be good for business!
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Mon 17 Jan 2011
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Re: Festivals are Good for Business!
The dirt crunches under iron-shod boots, as Aya makes a rather aggravated path across the dirt of the road. Like always, she wears her heavy coat, collar turned up, gloves encasing her hands. Said hands grip the handle of a parasol, on her right, the shade from it leaving her deep red eyes a slightly luminous tinge, for those that can see past the magic guarding them, the left gripping her customary blue-jade fan, the thing a blur as it does it's job of keeping the heat a bit more away.

On one hip is a bag, roughly the size of a thick book, or perhaps two, made of thick cloth, and actually chained shut, and to her waist. She grumbles under her breath, as she keeps up her slow pace, making it look for all the world as if she were a lady out for a morning stroll.
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Tue 18 Jan 2011
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Re: Festivals are Good for Business!
Nexus has been a fun place, but the boat ride up the river had been oh so boring. The Northern man with the red hair, crystal blue eye, and freckles marched off the boat and onto the wharf. The sound down at the docks was almost deafening with the business of moving ships and boats in as fast as possible.

Looking back, the man known as to some as Merlin says, "Well my willy friend, it seems we have found ourselves in the middle of another thriving metropolis. Shall we find a place to bunk, even if they gauge us with their prices?"
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Sat 12 Feb 2011
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Re: Festivals are Good for Business!
Evangelical Design sits inside the most comfortable tent of them all.  The tent is square, and light blue on the outside, and quite spacious.  Seeing inside the tent from the outside is impossible.  Inside is two beds, one for Evangelical and one for Sevastian, which are both surrounded by curtains hanging from the ceiling (best not to wonder how that was managed).  The floor is not grass or dirt, but what looks like carpet instead.  Indeed, the walls of the tent look quite solid from the inside, and are firm to the touch.  There is also a table with seats for two, a dresser with a few things Evangelical decided to bring (and Sevastian carried), and a separate room that leads to some sort of restroom, strangely tuned with magical plumbing.

Perhaps best is that the air inside the tent is a nice, room temperature and there isn't a single insect to be found.  It is clearly a luxurious way to live.  But again, it is just another blue tent on the outside.  Such are the benefits of being a trained Sorcerer.

Evangelical sits at the table.  He's an attractive man, six-feet tall with shoulder length dark blue hair.  The Sidereal dresses casually today, wearing a thin, silken white robe that's mostly see-through.  It's parted, revealing his chest and a necklace with an amulet depicting the lesser sign of Serenity, for any who would even recognize such a symbol.  He wears loose black pants and sandals.  Over all, he looks like a very comfortable, and very wealthy man.  A black blindfold covers his eyes.

Yet Evangelical Design wears a Resplendent Destiny, appearing basically as himself, with the removal of the blindfold.  His eyes do not have the obvious mechanical components they usually do, and instead look like the eyes of a normal man, with a sky blue iris.  This is the Destiny of "Contemporary Ideal", a shrewd businessman.  Though not a big name, he has done business with the Guild from time to time, selling fine jewelry and clothing items.  Most of his activity is with "financial advice", and he has turned the tides on several businesses.

Before him are papers with details on the economy of an island nation outside of Coral, far to the West.  It details their financial incomes for the past decade, numbers of boats they have, relations with foreign countries, and an overall view of their economy.  It's all packaged in a neat little folder.  Evangelical--no, Contemporary Ideal--smiles.  This is a little "test" for this rumored Exalt.  His information in Yu-Shan told him more than enough, but isn't quite as specific as he'd like.  Evangelical had already divined the likely financial future of the nation through several possibilities, and eagerly awaited to see what this young Solar would chose when presented with the situation.  If she'd indulge in his game at all, that is.

Putting the paper down, he looks up to Sevastian.  Sevastian was a trustworthy man, the son of a butler who had served Evangelical's past incarnation for centuries.  Evangelical would trust Sevastian with his life, and more importantly, with making his tea.  Evangelical was peculiar in that sense.  He would be Evangelical's first butler in a lifetime spanning millenia.  Evangelical was sure that he was setting quite a high standard, yet Sevastian was to be the father of the family that would serve Evangelical Design, and he trusted in his ability to pass on his talents.  Were it not for Sevastian, who would make Design's tea, or ready his outfits, or do his paperwork?

"Sevastian, I have a task for you.  This festival is being held in the honor of a newly Exalted businesswoman, or so we've heard.  I'd like to speak with her.  Go out and persuade her to come back here.  Whatever method you find appropriate: persuasion, force, or even seduction.  I trust your judgment.  I just want to have a better grip on who she is while we perform this investigation.  I will leave the tent as well, and I'll trust Fate to guide me back here when the time is right."  He looks up with a cocky smile.  "If you catch my drift."

With that, the Sidereal stands.  His sword (not the one from a year ago, as Evangelical makes so many swords every year that bringing the same one would get boring) is lying on his bed, untouched.  He goes to depart from the tent, plotting his next plans.  Heaven had entrusted him with this mission, and that was all he needed to know.

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Re: Festivals are Good for Business!
The Pavilion of Five Saints is large and open, surrounded by a circle of limestone arches grown thick with trimmed, flowering ivies. Currently it is, like much the rest of the town, full of people there for the festivities, because who doesn't like a party? There in the thick of the crowd, the local hero and cause célèbre, Beatrix LeSchaye is busily hobnobbing with dignitaries and foreigners of all stripes.

Tall, hauntingly gorgeous and impeccably graceful, clad in the finest this and the most splendid that, and wearing a winged, jeweled tiara, Beatrix seemed of a piece with the diplomats, which was perhaps why she was doing such a good job of negotiating with them.

"It is done then," she comments to a Lookshayan diplomat. "Ten talents of black jade per season guaranteed, with additional finds above and beyond this amount receiving a bonus. Compensation is supplied in coin and military escorts for trade caravans, as well as a contingent for guarding the city."

The diplomat nods. "Yes; here is my seal. It is now official. A pleasure working with you, Princess."

With just the faintest hint of a smirk, Beatrix replies. "High Trader. We have no royalty here in Trademeet. All positions worth having, including he Mayorality and a seat on the Council of High Traders, are meritocratic. It was, however, quite a pleasure doing business with you, I shall take the mistake as a compliment, and I look forward to further deals we may enter into together."

As the diplomat frowned in evident confusion, Beatrix took the sealed document, put it in a leather casing, and set it on a swiftly growing pile in the care of a smartly dressed attendant of hers.

Walking past a number of canopies and tents set up to provide shade or semiprivate space for conversation, or else for the hawking of goods and services, she comes to one selling a variety of delightful-smelling meats on sticks; a number of these mysteriously vanish before she gives the proprietor about twice what the snacks had been valued at (arguably closer to what they ought to be worth), and moves on.

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Re: Festivals are Good for Business!
The road along which the grumpy, all-concealed noblewoman walks is not empty, and though her muttered grumblings keep the more observant in the crowd from pushing in too closely, the density of people increases as she continues towards the bustling...carnival? Fair? She thinks she sees buildings in the middle of it, but there's a veritable tent city all around. By far the most ostentatious - though maybe only contending for largest - is an obvious circus tent around which the crowds go from "thick" to "positively impenetrable."

Vendors hawk wares both consumable and permanent, from doubtless local flavor to exotic. At least three attempt to push jewelry and other finery in her face, extolling her unquestionable (but artfully concealed) beauty and expressing how well their goods would accentuate her features (whether they're visible or not), if she would but buy them.

Some recognize the fan's material for what it is. This only seems to spur them to greater lengths in their attempts to earn her custom, as clearly she is a truly wealthy individual. Some young men, wielding straight swords or bows or mismatched armor, even go so far as to offer their services as bodyguards. While many of the crowd who overhear scoff at the idea that Trademeet Dale would be unsafe, her would-be hired protectors assure her that even the safest of places are made more so for women of her status by the presence of an armed companion.

There are even small gaggles of children here and there, skittering about between and beneath the legs of the adults. A trio of urchins jostle her, not even noticing her finery, while another tugs on her robe. "Could I have a silver, Miss? I would like to buy an apple," he asks.

Her most recent would-be guard tugs on his peach fuzz, scowling in what he probably thinks is an intimidating glare. "You should be more careful about who you let touch you, Lady. Pickpockets thrive in this sort of crowd," he warns, not taking his eyes off the young beggar.
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Re: Festivals are Good for Business!
She keeps up her slow stroll. No real attention is payed, other then the slight movement of a hip, here, or a leg twitching to the side, there, subtly dodging around, as she presses forward, keeping anyone from touching her. The corner of her eye is sparred, as she moves inexorably forward, for such cries....rare as it may be, some goods can be worth it, but, it's unlikely.

Less attention is payed to those would-be protectors, outside of a very slight tinge of pink, hidden behind her high collar. That's the one issue she's had, when she's left her Archives. People always, always bothering her. Her fingers clench just a bit more around the fan...the fact that it is likely a far deadlier weapon then anything they carry lost on them, the delicate carvings of the maple leaves glimmering in the shadow of her parasol.

Even so..her gentle movements are not enough to dodge when someone sneaks up from behind and grabs a hold. Her eyes flare wide, aggravated, as she turns around, mouth opening...until one of the others speak up. Her fan snaps shut, shoved into an inner pocket, as she checks the outer ones. She...doesn't have much, her Archive provides the food she needs. So, other then buying the occasional book...she has no need for money.

"Just let me check.." Her voice is throaty, and just a touch raspy from disuse. She's not had anyone to speak to, for a while, what with K being out and busy, and her own disinterestedness in people. "If nothing's been taken, I might be able to spare it..." Her sentences tend to trail off, as if she'd already started on a new thought before finishing the first.

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Re: Festivals are Good for Business!
As she pats around for her coins, she discovers that the place she usually keeps them is distressingly lacking in clinking metal. The young boy looks gratefully up at her, already saying, "Oh, thank you, miss," before she's even pulled out money.
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Wed 19 Jan 2011
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Re: Festivals are Good for Business!
A slight narrowing of her eyes, as she glances at him. But, it's just money, nothing -important-, and...this would likely just gather more attention then she either needs nor wants. For now...best to let it go.

"You're welcome...if you know any pick-pockets, be sure to let them know to leave me alone, yes?"
There's a slight glint, as her fan re-opens...the edge very obvious for just a moment, before she's fanning herself once more. Her voice still has that raspy quality, it shall be a while until that leaves her.
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Wed 19 Jan 2011
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Re: Festivals are Good for Business!
The boy's happy expression crumbles, and he looks down. "But...you didn't..." he turns and walks off, looking dejected.

"Hmph," says the most recent would-be bodyguard. "He stole your purse, did he? Not nearly enough guards around here. Have you already got a room? Would you like me to shake the coins back out of him?"
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Wed 19 Jan 2011
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Re: Festivals are Good for Business!
"No. It's fine...he'll get the hint around. Worth a little."

Red eyes turn to him. "And, I can find my own lodging, thank you. I don't plan to stay long. I just need to..confirm..something.."

Once more, she starts her slow walk.