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Segev Stormlord
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Sat 10 Nov 2012
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Chasing the Guildy
After some discussion and calculation of travel times, Prince Deen suggested that Merlin and he accompany the Lady LeSchaye and the others in their pursuit of the duo galloping across Falan. Merlin's flying board can get him back north to meet up with his father and the army when they are nearing the Beastmen, and in the meantime, Salf can use the Viewing Mask to track the duo and Deen can help guide to them.

And his suggestion probably has only a little to do with wanting to keep the company of the lovely ladies and the new and interesting "Captain Galen" for a while longer.

After Beatrix's promise to help increase the value of Azalea's gems and use the proceeds to buy a she-goat was relayed to Ned, the little goat-boy was profuse in his thanks and more than happily accompanied the troupe. He seems, as they travel, to be hitting it off with Deen in a kid-brother sort of way.

Merlin notices even before Deen gestures for everyone to come to a stop so he can cover his eye and use his connection to the Viewing Mask again: the game trail they've just come across was used recently by two horses carrying riders. Within the last few hours. Deen's indication that they're directly along that route is thus no surprise. It is, however, sunset. "I think we might catch them by dawn if we continue!" suggests the prince with the eagerness of a teenager who doesn't think about sleep until he's falling over tired.

Ned, on the other hand, is already only keeping up and awake out of sheer determination not to complain. His goat offers no comment, simply keeping pace and munching on any scenery that gets in reach of his blunt teeth.
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Sat 10 Nov 2012
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Re: Chasing the Guildy

Azalea doesn't seem to have any problems with long travels, although she doesn't seem particularly strong or of any notable constitution, and in fact she offers Ned a piggyback ride when she evaluates he is tired.

The goat is on his own, though. He's spoiled enough as it is.
Captain August Galen
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Sat 10 Nov 2012
at 10:46
Re: Chasing the Guildy
"Hmmm..." Galen notices Ned's fatigue, but reaching these potential interlopers early in the game was too important. Besides, The Captain was very confident with the large group of Exalted and heroes in there group. "I think you are right. Let us press on & get this over with."
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Mon 12 Nov 2012
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Re: Chasing the Guildy
Merlin, for his part has been rather silent. When he can he takes to the trees and moves amongst them as a flanker and scout for the main party. At one point the group finds three rabbits which have been cut in half with some sticks and twigs to make a fire. This means that Merlin is probably hungry and has provided meat for the 'table'. Taking a bit to rest and get a hot meal in now, when it wont easily be detected might not be a bad idea. Moving on afterwords will be easier, perhaps.
Segev Stormlord
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Tue 27 Nov 2012
at 18:33
Re: Chasing the Guildy
The tracks left by the duo are only subtle because they're following regular game trails. It does not appear, to those with the expertise to tell such things, that they stopped at the next clearing across which the trails run. Not surprising; they would have passed by hours earlier, and then it would have been mid-afternoon. Now, however, if one wanted a place to stop, it could be ideal, provided there are no unpleasant surprises the unwary might miss.
Captain August Galen
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Tue 27 Nov 2012
at 22:47
Re: Chasing the Guildy
Galen, not being a good tracker, hangs back in the procession, hoping to at least help defend the groups' rear and flanks.

EDIT: OOC: Should we make any rolls?

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Segev Stormlord
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Fri 30 Nov 2012
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Re: Chasing the Guildy
In reply to Captain August Galen (msg # 6):

(OOC: Entirely up to you guys; if you want to take an action, stunt taking that action and make a roll. If I deem it deserves stunt dice, I'll let you know and you can edit the stunt dice in if it might make the difference in how well you succeed.

I'm kind-of waiting on you guys to make a decision. The targets are so far ahead that they'd have to be deliberately using magic to hear anything you say, and at that point, your travel noise would alert them as much as anything else, so this is as safe a place to talk as possible while friendly NPCs are around. If you just want to continue on, that's fine, too. Just need to make your decision and follow through on it in-character so I can continue as appropriate!)

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Captain August Galen
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Sat 1 Dec 2012
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Re: Chasing the Guildy
In reply to Segev Stormlord (msg # 7):

((OOC: Well, I think the rest of us are currently going to ride straight on without stop until we catch up with the two travelers while Merlin expertly scouts ahead, unless others have any suggestions IC for us to proceed differently?

Oh. Idea.))

While Galen is not a tracker or wilderness expert the brigand has been a student of the art of war and understands the advantages & disadvantages of various landscapes in pursuing targets. While hanging back, The Captain tries to see if there possibly noisy streams that run parallel to the hunting trails their targets travel.

If so, Galen suggests traveling near the streams to cover their noise and catch their targets unaware. Galen also constantly searches for new advantages in the terrain that might present themselves.

((OOC: War Roll: 3 Successes
21:51, Today: Captain August Galen rolled 2 successes using 8d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7. War,take advantage of terrain,+1 Willpow.

I can also roll Per+War for looking for other terrain advantages, if Segev thinks it's appropriate.))

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