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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
Another Lunar!  A fierce, rasping hiss escapes Austringerís throat before he can control it.  If thereís one thing a Steward ought not do, itís slaughter a bunch of inoffensive mortals.  Never again! thinks Austringer.  Pouring more essence out through his anima, Austringer folds back his wings and dives down out of the Sun, hoping to use the power of his dive to drive the heavy, essence-infused talons on his feet into this ravening monsterís body as a mospid would stoop upon a vole.

(OOC: Diving for up to 50 yards, which easily should take him down to the other Lunar: diff 1, Dex+Athletics+tail bonus+flying specialty, for 11 dice total.

Austringer rolled 6 successes using 11d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7. Diving.

The enemy Lunar should have 0 DV due to being surprised and attacked from above and out of the sun.

Striking at the end of the dive with first foot: Dex +Martial Arts +natural weapon specialty+2 for CotSM Acc bonus +3 for channeling Compassion (protecting the mortal workers) -2 for two actions in the flurry, for 13 dice total.

Austringer rolled 8 successes using 13d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7.  (First attack roll) Plus 3 successes for 3 purchases of Essence Triumphant (DEX) gives a total of 11 successes.

9 dice for second kick.

 Austringer rolled 6 successes using 9d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7. (Second attack roll).  No bonus successes purchased for this one.

Please let me know if the enemy Lunar's using anything applying external penalties or has some sort of supernatural effect that would enable him to dodge or parry, and I'll take care of the damage rolls.

Note that Austringer's anima power is now active reflexively for burning 15 motes during the scene.)

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Mon 2 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
The befeathered monster never saw it coming, but as Austringer's dive collides perfectly with its winged trajectory, his silvered talons pierce the pinions on its back with an argent shockwave rippling from the point of impact outwards, the creature's flesh turning to solid metal beneath his assault!

((OOC: Invulnerable Moonsilver Carapace: +15 Soak over whatever its normal value is, and minimum damage is reduced to 0. Your attacks hit a 0 DV, however, so roll damage with all successes on the attack rolls as bonus dice!))
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Mon 2 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
(OOC: The first, more powerful strike (presumably Austringer's leading foot) hits with a respectable 4 str+8 CotSM damage+ 11 successes, for a total of 23 Lethal, with the secondary attack hitting for 18 Lethal.  Soak reduces each of these by 15+, for something less than 8 and 3 respectively.  Given that we're dealing with a fairly high-Essence Exalted monster here, I suspect the second strike simply bounces off the chimera's Moonsilver Carapace.  Minimum damage would normally be 3 for Austringer's Essence or 2 for CotSM itself, but that is obviated by the defensive charm.  In any case, I do need to know the enemy's full soak before the damage roll.)
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Tue 3 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
((OOC: At the moment, the total lethal Soak of this monster is 29, due to 2L from Stamina, 12L from 4m committed to Armor-Forming Technique (I apologize, I should have described more visible armor plating in the feathers before-hand), and 15L from the aforementioned Invulnerable Moonsilver Carapace. The 15L will cost at least 6m/action to maintain, so likely can't be kept up indefinitely, however. Full Moon Lunars in war form are very tanky.))
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Wed 4 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
Austringerís talons rebound from the ravening Lunarís armored, moonsilvered hide.  His wings thrash wildly as he balances for a moment on his adversaryís back.

There's no way he can punch through this monster's hide.  He could carry an ordinary foe off into the sky and drop it on a rock face like an eagle cracking open a tortoiseís shell, or grapple it and hold it under the Yanazeís waters until it drowned.  But neither route will work against protean body of a Lunar thatís already displayed the forms of a river dragon and a flying creature.

Maybe thereís another way, he thinks. Got to find out what it knows, got to exhaust it Ö He quickly glances around at the work site now that heís down at a level where he can see it better.  In particular, he tries to see what the building looks like, whether there are any ropes or heavy pieces of material around, and, most importantly, whether the workers made it to the temporary safety of the shelter.

And, in those same moments, he takes a look at the monster thrashing beneath him, searching for moonsilver tattoos or for anything that might suggest a Tell.

(OOC: Let me know if I need to roll Per for either thing, since weíre right in the midst of combat.)

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Thu 5 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
The creature's expenditure of Peripheral Essence on the Invulnerable Carapace has made the glowing traceries of Moonsilver tattoos quite obvious. The water splashing beneath its tread has a feathery-softness to its sounds that seems unnatural, as if hushed by the passage of an owl's wings.

Its head rotates about to look at the small mospid on its back, and lashes out with a razor-sharp on a snake-like neck, arcing up and around and down like a reverse scorpion's tail to pin the smaller Lunar against the silver-shelled feathers rippling about his where he landed.

((OOC: Attacking with 15 dice to hit.))
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Fri 6 Jun 2014
at 03:28
Re: Crossing the Yanaze
Segev Stormlord:
... the small mospid on its back ...

(OOC: Keep in mind that Austringer's in his warform and thus of significant size, though still smaller than the other Lunar.  At this point, he's only been on the enemy Lunar's back for a second or two and wouldn't be able to balance there much longer, anyway.)

Austringer hisses involuntarily.  He kicks violently away from the creature's striking head, pushing off from its back and attempting to backflip away while simultaneously throwing his foe off balance.

(OOC: Austringer has a total Dodge DV of 9 (including the effect of his hearthstone bracers), plus any stunting bonus he might get for kicking off the foe's back and doing a flip.)
Segev Stormlord
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Fri 6 Jun 2014
at 18:41
Re: Crossing the Yanaze
((OOC: My apologies; I somehow missed that he assumed war form. You're probably about the same size, then!

The enemy Lunar has rolled 10 successes to hit. Unless you have a defense reroll charm, the raw damage of the attack, pre-soak, is 6L. If you have a defense reroll Charm, please apply it; if not, please apply hardness or Soak and any appropriate Charms.))

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Sat 7 Jun 2014
at 03:12
Re: Crossing the Yanaze
(OOC: Austringer has a Lethal soak of 5L in warform, leaving 1L damage [unless the Lunar is using an Overwhelming effect that would allow it to use its Essence or some higher value as a higher minimum damage, if I read the rules correctly].)

The bite just barely clips Austringer as he dodges away.  He splashes to a landing and bares his teeth in pain and fury.  "What's it like to fight someone who can fight back?" he hisses.  He edges back slightly, toward one of the less sturdy-looking structures on stilts.  "Killing unoffending mortals-- you are no true knight of Luna!  We have a name for your kind where I come from, and that name is ANATHEMA!"

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Sat 7 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
((OOC: Essence is always minimum damage (assuming raw damage was at least that high) unless something says otherwise; if you have Hardness of 6L or higher, it stops it all, otherwise there are still 4 dice in this Lunar's damage pool. Rolled 1 success, so Austringer takes 1L.))

Swooping up in an eerie silence, the creature rises above Austringer, but allows its forward momentum to die. The screams and panicked flight of the mortals continue all the more energetically now that there are two monsters on their small sand bar. In a muted voice, like a woman's but with all the higher pitches hushed away, it replies, "Your words sound Casteless and naive, though you mean them to be insulting. Who scribed your tattoos that schooled you so poorly? By what right do you presume to judge who is offensive to whom?"

The silver fades to mottled gray on brown as the Full Moon caste mark blazes in the center of a stryx-faced forehead, four wings replacing any arms while legs longer than any natural bird's curl beneath it until it extends them to stand in the water with a grace that removes any need to descend to land.
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Mon 9 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
Wincing at the cut from the creature's beak, Austringer struggles to bring his fury under control, to fight smart, as Master Harrez would say.

"My tattoos were inscribed by Harrez the Rough, master of the tooth and javelin," he says, his voice dropping from an avian rattle to a softer but equally fierce reptilian rasp, "and I'll advise you just once not to speak of him so lightly.  I judge by the evidence of my eyes and the right of my Stewardship."

His wings twitch half-open, distracting from the fact that he continues to back up until he stands near one of the wooden stilts holding up one of the deserted buildings.  "And if my words are Casteless, then your deeds are chimerical!"  He gestures with a nod of his head toward the frightened mortals fleeing the mospid and strigiform Full Moons. "What could these mortals possibly have done to deserve death?  We are the Stewards of Creation, not its ravagers!"

(OOC:  Austringer rolled 4 successes using 6d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7. Reflexive STA+Res to close his wound, diff 2.  Also, how high and how sturdy is the stilt near which Austringer is standing?  I.e., will the two Lunars be able to stand up "under" the building?)
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Tue 10 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
"Well said; a Steward needs justify his judgment to none," retorts the other Lunar. "But out of respect for Harrez, I will tell you that these mortals serve a liar or are traitors. I mean to find out which, though either way, they deserve what's coming to them."

((OOC: Since I didn't specify and it has not been established, things like the height of the building's stilts and whether or not you can stand beneath it are well within the purview of a 2-die stunt for you to determine.))
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Wed 11 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
Thinking that the owl-Lunar's "judgment" seems to involve nothing of the sort, Austringer resolves not to be equally impulsive himself.  There's obviously some history here of which he knows nothing.  But while appearing relaxed, he tenses himself beside the bamboo stilt at the corner of the building, just in case.

"What liar?" he asks.  "What treachery?  Who are these people working for, and what did they do?"
Segev Stormlord
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Wed 11 Jun 2014
at 22:21
Re: Crossing the Yanaze
"Their mistress claims she will not traffic in men, but they buy what is rightfully tribute from those who have no right to sell it," replies the older Lunar as it turns nonchalantly towards the largest building once more. "I've been listening to them for days. I will take the head of this place back to their mistress and confront her. You may come or not, as you like."

With an eerie silence, the Lunar's clawed feet cut through the water and leave no splash.
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Thu 12 Jun 2014
at 18:49
Re: Crossing the Yanaze
Austringer carefully parses the other Full Moon's language.  So, he thinks, these people are slaves and slavers.  If this chimera is offering them any freedom, it is the freedom of Lethe.  If I trust this creature to settle whatever's going on here, this will end in a blood-slick on the Yanaze's surface.  And this matter of people as "tribute" ... I really don't like the sound of that.

"Wait!" he calls out commandingly.  "Tribute to whom?"  His scarlet eyes narrow.  "I told you who scribed my tattoos.  Who is your master?"

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Fri 13 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
With an exasperated ruffle of feathers, the other Lunar states, "My tattoos were scribed by the Praying Matron, but it is by Ma Ha Suchi that I was introduced to the ways of the Silver Pact. And it is his tribute that has been misappropriated. Worse, if these people are - as I suspect - a front for the Guild, the tribute could be ultimately feeding the enemies of Creation."

To hear the full of this admittedly short diatribe, Austringer would have to take wing once more. Something about this Lunar's voice doesn't carry any better than the hushed flight sounds of passage, and the Lunar is not stopping its relentless advance on the biggest building.
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Fri 13 Jun 2014
at 17:37
Re: Crossing the Yanaze
Austringer glides a short distance after the Full Moon, catching the end of its eerie whispering.

His eyes narrow.  "That's what I thought you'd say," he whispers equally softly.

Slave-holders abusing slaves and a chimerical Lunar "punishing" everyone in sight indiscriminately.  He's been here before.  Never again.  Never.  Again!

He can sort out this conspiracy of slavers later.  Right now, he has to ensure that this Lunar never helps any more "tribute" pass into Ma-Ha-Suchi's clawed hands.  Ever again.

Austringer pounces on the owl-thing once more and locks his talons, attempting to seize it as a mospid would seize a weaker bird.

(OOC: Austringer rolled 10 successes using 12d10 with the White Wolf Exalted system with a target of 7. Clinch attempt.  Standard DEX+MA+specialty+CotSM; no excellencies.)

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Sat 14 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
The Lunar jukes sideways sensing the attack coming. The flash of sunlight on the water blurs with the gray-dappled feathers, and Austringer almost loses sight of his target for a moment, but the maneuver was too early, and he can adjust in time to wrap talons and limbs around a warm body.
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Sun 15 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
"Never again, do you hear me?"  Austringer's voice rasps with the inhuman rattle of a mospid.  "Never again!"

Austringer's essence-sheathed claws dig in as he braces himself.  Slewing himself around with his momentum, he flings the silent Lunar toward the support strut he examined earlier, in hopes that it will crash through it and perhaps be crushed by collapse of the small building.

Let's see you shrug that off, you horrible thing! he thinks.

(OOC: Assuming the Lunar can't stop its flight through the air [I've learned not to underestimate this thing's ability to mess with my tactics ;)] ... I'm not sure distance really matters here, but Austringer can likely fling this thing pretty far, about 21 feet, with his base Strength of 4 in warform plus an extra 3 for his Full Moon anima flare.  Rules imply that the owl takes no damage from cracking through the support, but it might take some from the building falling on it, to the extent that happens.)

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Sun 15 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
The support wobbles under the force of the man's body impacting with it. If he's still alive, he won't be for long with the essence-sheathed claw wounds piercing his torso and bleeding out into the water. People continue to scatter before the advancing Lunar, who takes a moment to locate, as it continues to move in eerie silence.

The foreman - marked by the way everybody first crowded towards him, but now are pulling away as the Lunar closes in - is likely regretting his decision to come out to see what the commotion was, as he is now pinned against the door by the Lunar's argent gaze.

((OOC: Running Through the Herd. This Lunar can, indeed, mess with your tactics.))
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Mon 16 Jun 2014
at 01:25
Re: Crossing the Yanaze
Austringer screeches in frustration and shock as he realizes this foe is beyond his ability to stop.

But the man he injured is more important than this seemingly invulnerable monster.  He rushes to the injured man and attempts to stabilize his wounds with his admittedly limited knowledge of first aid, thankful that Master Harrez made him learn it.

He does his best to keep one eye (and ear, so much as possible) on on the Full Moon as it advances on the foreman.

(OOC: Appears to be a diceless action to stop the bleeding because Austringer has Medicine 1.)

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Segev Stormlord
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Mon 16 Jun 2014
at 04:12
Re: Crossing the Yanaze
While Austringer is binding the wounds - a tricky task with only the man's own clothes from which to make them, especially with wounds so deep - a towering owl of silver light, shedding feathers like leaves in autumn, erupts at the building where the Lunar is confronting the foreman.

Eyes glassy with pain, the green-haired man Austringer is treating gasps out, "...why?"
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Mon 16 Jun 2014
at 19:19
Re: Crossing the Yanaze
How can Austringer answer the most difficult of questions?

It was an accident?  The other monster used magic on me?  Hardly sufficient.

Because I'm hopelessly overmatched?  This man has enough to worry about without shouldering Austringer's burden of anger and frustration.

Because it's not enough for the chimerae of the Silver Pact to treat mortal lives like Gateway counters; they have to make the rest of us accomplices to their crimes?  That is his own guilt and self-pity talking.  Even if it is true.

"Because I failed you," he says.  He lifts the man onto one of the stable pieces of debris projecting out of the water.  "Rest now.  Try not to move.  I'll be back to check on you when this is over."  He hurries past the frightened workers outside the building now wreathed in a baleful essence flare.

"If I survive this," he adds to himself.

If there's a place he can watch what's going on inside without being easily seen, such as a knothole in the wood or an appropriately placed window, he stations himself there.  Otherwise, he pauses on the threshold of the building to take in what is happening and, hopefully, listen (to the extent he can hear his near-silent foe at all).

(OOC, Edit: On a reread, it isn't clear to me if the silent Lunar and foreman are outside or inside.)

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Wed 18 Jun 2014
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Re: Crossing the Yanaze
"--didn't know!" squeaks the foreman, head held high not in hauteur but to hold his neck as far from the bladed silver feathers gently pressed against it as possible. "I just bought them from the Guild to do work. I thought it was better than them going to feed the Fair Folk!" He is not a large man, and has the soft look about him of one who was recently overweight but has not been eating as much lately. His skin is tanned, but that could be natural coloration or from hours spent each day in the sun, overseeing the workers.

"Your mistress claimed she had no slaves," retorts the Lunar, raising the man higher on the wall.

He gasps for breath, trying not to slip down onto her sharpened pinions. "She doesn't!" he says, eyes shifting slightly as he avoids the piercing, terrifying gaze of the owl-serpent-beast. Tears at the brightness of the towering avian anima slip down his cheeks. Or perhaps they're tears of terror. "Um, I mean, she doesn't know. Because we have... ...I mean we didn't know they were for the great Ma Ha Suchi!"

To Austringer's ear, this is the clear dissembling of an underling to a noble (and abusive) superior. He's not being fully honest, scrambling to say anything he thinks will keep him alive in the face of this monster. Yet, the Lunar's expression - unreadable, likely, to those unfamiliar with the distortions a hybrid form applies to one's face - twists thoughtfully, considering the words and possibly even buying them.
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Thu 19 Jun 2014
at 18:52
Re: Crossing the Yanaze
Austringer's eyes narrow.  These people likely aren't very well-off as slaves here, but at least they aren't being brutalized and then eaten by Ma-Ha-Suchi and his beastmen.  There may be a way to turn all this to these people's advantage, maybe even free them, but the most important thing is to make sure the chimera doesn't kill any more of them or worse, drag them off to her monstrous patron.

To formulate a plan, he needs more information, about this "mistress" and about this pathetic overseer's Guild contacts.  Ideally, a chance to question the man himself, out of the ken of the other Lunar.  If it really believes this laughable charade, then it may depart without further incident, and Austringer can deal with things himself.

He's just got to be sure the chimera doesn't kill this man before Austringer's had a chance to talk to him.  Besides, though Austringer has little but contempt for this man, he is at least a man.  The chimera's words and deeds have shown that it's not even that.

Austringer continues to listen without interfering for the moment, unless the Lunar appears likely to attack or kill the man.