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Segev Stormlord
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Wed 12 Apr 2017
at 00:43
Moving the Game
Hello, all;

As everybody's doubtless noticed, nothing's happened in the PbP for quite some time. In the interests of trying to revive it with a format that might be more engaging, I am looking at doing something we discussed and dismissed a while back: moving it to a weekly (or maybe semi-monthly) game, run via text chat. I'm thinking IRC, though I've had other proposals I'm willing to consider.

I'm looking at Saturdays at 9 or 10 am Central US Time; I am willing to hear counter-proposals.

I know this may not work for everybody, and to those for whom it's a deal-breaker, I'm sorry. But clearly the game is dying or dead here, and my prior efforts to revive it have fallen flat (in no small part due to my own slowness in responding). I'm hoping that a more actively engaged, regularly scheduled meet time will work out better.

Please let me know your thoughts, discuss amongst yourselves, or contact me in private message or rMail if you prefer. My tentative (re)start date would be not this Saturday (day before Easter), but the weekend after, though that, too, is flexible for now as I'm feeling people out for their interest and availability.

I'll keep this forum open, either way, too. It could be a good place to do incidental things between sessions if people are interested.

Thank you to everybody who's played and helped make this game as fun as it was while it lasted on here!