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Rulings and House Rules
This thread is where I'll post rulings and house rules.

Arcane Fate:
• Noticing a Sidereal who is not calling attention to himself suffers a -3 internal penalty
• Sidereals receive a +3 bonus to impersonating artificial identities made through Resplendent Destinies.
• Recalling a given event with a Sidereal requires a successful (Wits+Integrity) roll with a -3 internal penalty
• Failing this roll once means it is forever forgotten, unless somebody who remembers correctly brings it up again. This allows a new roll if it contradicts the false memory one’s constructed
• Making this roll a number of times in a row equal to the Sidereal’s Essence forever allows the character to recall that event with clarity
• Making the Sidereal’s Essence in successes on a single roll means that character never suffers that Sidereal’s Arcane Fate again
• The process of building an Acquaintance actually revolves around continuing and repeated encounters of sufficient emotional investment to get the Acquaintance to channel Virtues, spend willpower, or whatever it takes to finally make that many successes on one roll

Lethality issues and additional Charms

Combat should rarely be the only option the party faces, though it may be the most expedient or easiest. If you are not kitted out for it, I will generally have means for you to avoid it.

That said, I have always been of the opinion that imperfect defenses should be attractive enough to use that people can lean on them instead of paranoia, if they desire. Though there are some Charms (especially in the Dodge tree) on this page that probably will need to be tweaked or re-written after playing with them a bit, I will be allowing Charms from my custom set that I have worked with over time:

Additionally, unless there's objection, I'd like to try out the Solar and Abyssal Melee Charms I modified in there. (If there is objection, we can use the canon rules instead.)

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Segev Stormlord
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Wed 11 Apr 2012
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Re: Rulings and House Rules
Regarding 2.5

I will be slow in implementing 2.5 changes. If anybody has anything they WANT to use from it, call my attention to it. Particularly Charms that have been altered.

The two things we WILL be using as of right now are the modifications to Combos and to weapons, minimum damage, and the costs of PDs.

Combos in 2.5

If you have a combo, your exp spent on it are immediately refunded. When you wish to activate more than one Charm in the same Action, you may do so freely, exhibiting a Combo flare if you wish to use it as part of a stunt but otherwise not needing to. Charms used must be legally able to combo together, but you need not build the Combo with exp ahead of time, and it costs no wp to use one.

Minimum damage in 2.5

Minimum damage is now 1, unless a weapon has the "O"(verwhelming) tag. All Artifact weapons have been modified such that they have at least O2.

Perfect Defense Costs

Solar PDs all cost 8m now. Sidereal and Lunar ones cost 10m.

If these changes impact your characters in negative ways, please let me know and we'll work something out. Given how rarely combat comes up, most of these shouldn't be a huge issue, but I do not want anybody to feel screwed over.