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Segev Stormlord
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Sat 12 Feb 2011
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Experience Points!
I'll keep exp totals and awards listed here. People should keep track of what they've spent, themselves, though.

From before: 8 exp

The party has met and somewhat gathered (2/12/2011): 12 exp

For the travel and investigation on the road that led to the Falanian meeting (7/13/2011): 20 exp
I note that you also have roughly 3 days of travel which can be used to train things if you wish, during this travel out to meet with the Falanians.

After the Hostage Negotiations thread (8/7/2011): 10 exp
The total trip to Oredol will be about a week. When I say you've reached there, any training times you wish to devote to that while traveling are that much closer to completion. Please do mention somewhere what you're training, or what training you're doing, in the IC thread, just to give a sense to others how you're devoting time to it.

After the Shepherd's Shack thread (5/10/2012): 20 exp
It has been four days' down time. You've got a trip to Watch Hill that you're on now; feel free to advance time if needs be. I don't expect this next thread to take very long; it's here for you to catch up with each other and to clear up any OOC/IC misunderstandings or inclarities in what's going on. Feel free to ask me questions. If we can move things along a bit faster IRL, I'll hand out exp commensurately faster. Sorry it's taken so long.

Having made contact with the Duke and learned a bit about Watch Hill's situation, and dealt with one of the (apparently) key figures in the whole slave-trading scheme (6/27/2013): 40 exp
There's not been a lot of down-time in-game, but at least a few days have passed, and if you want to apply some of this exp to training you might have done in downtime with the last batch, feel free.

Total so far (including all awards below as well): 160 exp

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Segev Stormlord
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Sun 29 Jun 2014
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Re: Experience Points!
Wow, it's been a year to the day since the last EXP award. My apologies that it took so long to get to a good spot for it.

I think it calls for a good 50 exp, for beating the Blood of the Forge, for fighting an army of Beastmen, and for learning so much about what's going on from another perspective while taking on an overpoweringly strong combat Lunar.

Total EXP so far: 160