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Rules of Conduct
SECTION I. The Mature Rating

This game is rated Mature, which means we will be dealing with very dark subject matter, but will not exactly go into gory, gritty, or graphic detail. Please take the time to review the RPoL Terms of Use and the RPoL Mature Games Policy. Anyone found in violation of those terms and policies will be immediately banned and reported to the administrator.

While I am not restricting this game to players above a certain age, keep in mind that I have to be comfortable with the maturity of any players I accept into the game. The type of players I am looking for must be people I would be willing to game with around a table. People I can have fun with, but also individuals who are serious, level-headed, and responsible.

SECTION II. General Etiquette

Be polite, be respectful. Use common sense. Engage others with those basic precepts in mind, and you'll do fine.

I will be working off a very basic three strike system for any offenses.
  • First and second offenses = Warning
  • Third offense = Removal from the game

In addition, there are three offenses which will result in being immediately banned and possibly reported to RPoL administrators.
  • Repeated disrespect to any GM or player = Removal from the game
  • Violation of RPoL Terms of Use = Removal from the game, Report to RPoL Admin
  • Violation of Mature Games Policy = Removal from the game, Report to RPoL Admin


This game will be using a home-brewed version of Dungeons and Dragons.

Please see the Reference: System thread for more details.

SECTION IV. Absence Policy

If, for any reason, you need to take a leave of absence, please let me know via private message. Doing this is not only a courtesy to your fellow players and me, but will enable me to make up for your absence and continue the game in the best way possible. I understand that sometimes situations can flare up without notice, but please make sure to let me know as soon you can.

SECTION V. Posting Policies

Write each post with correct spelling and grammar, making sure that it is clear and well-written. Each post should be between two or three paragraphs. I hate to read one-liners, and likewise, I don't want to read an entire novella from each player. :)

Narration should be in 3rd person past tense.
  • James eased the door open with great care.
Use styled text with quotation marks to convey verbal speech. Pick a color, and stick with it.
  • "Yo, I'm talkin' to you here!"
Use styled text with italics to convey thoughts.
  • Ugh, Mark is such a jerk!
Use styled text enclosed in angled brackets to convey directed telepathic thoughts.
  • ~Can you hear me now?~
Confine Out of Character remarks to PMs or OOC threads. However, if you must use an In Character post for OOC comments, use the Orange style tag.
  • OOC: Jane is ten feet away from Arthur. Ben is dazed and cannot make any actions this round.
If you are requesting access for this game, place your answer to the following at the end of the player questionnaire: Which would win in a fight, a gun or a wand, and why?

I wish to maintain a fairly rigorous posting schedule, with one post per day per character. However, the players won't be policed on whether they go faster or slower than that benchmark; for example if you post three times one day or skip a day because of other commitments.

However, if I notice that you have not posted for a week, I will hand out a warning. Unless I've already been informed of your absence, via the above absence policy, you may face eventual removal from the game.

Be mindful of your fellow players. If you find yourself posting three times per day while other players are posting only once per day, that may be a signal that you should rein in your own enthusiasm and wait for others to post before you post again.

Keep in mind that the GM will typically advance the story forward with only one post per day from Monday through Friday. I do not expect the players to post on the weekend.

SECTION VI. Character Portraits

Players should use photo-realistic images for their character portraits. Drawings, cartoons, animation, etc. are not permitted, although a particularly realistic painting might be. If you can't find one, consider submitting one to .

SECTION VII. Open Door Policy

Please feel free to private message me with any questions or concerns you may have. If I've made a confusing ruling, or my scene description is incomprehensible, you have my permission to shout at me for an explanation! Open communication channels are necessary for a healthy and thriving game, so be sure to use them!

Most importantly, let's have fun! :)

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