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READ THIS FIRST: House Rules, Character Creation, Q&A
This thread is where I will keep all relevant game content that you, as players, will need to be aware of, including my own house rules, any changes to gameplay that will affect you, frequently asked or important game-related questions, and so on.

A few major notes:

1) My rulings are final. All of them. There will be no discussion about this, no argument, no debate. I have work to do and a family to worry about, and I spend time on RPoL because it's convenient and I enjoy roleplaying. I do not have the time to waste faffing about with you over something that shouldn't matter, nor the desire to ruin my own, personal RPoL experience by dealing with someone who'll cause me trouble when I can just as easily ban them. If you feel the need to bang your head against Rule #1, find another game, or leave.

2) Don't be a dick. We're all here to have fun; if you can't work something out with a fellow player in a PM, you can bring it to me if you must, but I dare--bloody DARE you--to screw up the game for anyone else. I will reach through the Internet and rub a giant frog on your face.

3) It's called roleplaying--do it. There will (hopefully) be enough of everything to satisfy everyone. If it turns out there's not, PM me and let me know what you'd like to see; I'll do what I can, within reason. But for RPoL's sake, stay in-character, try to keep yourself separate from the person you're playing, and for the love of Gary Gygax, if you start seeing unicorns or something, get help. Don't bring it to me, I think unicorns are filthy parasites, so I won't help you.

4) Follow the rules. If there's a house rule that you forget about or misinterpret, I'll gently correct you, in private. Heck, I may not remember all of them myself, all the time, since they're generally unique to this game, so you can even (theoretically) correct me. I'm not infallible. But--and this is important--you should make an effort to follow the rules I've set down, and the rules in the book, in order to keep the game clean and orderly. This is not to say they can't be stretched; after all, that's what it should be about. But let's all remember what game we're playing, here.

For hard-and-fast rules questions, I own the Core Rulebook, which will be the final arbiter.

5) Post. I expect my players to post regularly, regardless of what schedule it's on. Once a day is not unreasonable for most people. If you say that's when you can post, then post on that schedule. If you cannot make that commitment, for whatever reason, then don't even bother with an RTJ--I'm too busy.

I hold myself to the same rule. I understand that things happen, but "RL" is the number one cause of vanished GMs, lousy players, and abandoned games on any PbP site, including RPoL, because it's simply too easy to just disappear without saying anything on the Internet. If you're having troubles, let me know or post them in the Announcements thread--that's what it's there for. If you want or need to quit, again, let us all know. I will extend the same courtesy--if I must take a leave of absence, or find that I am unable to continue running the game, I will make sure everyone is made aware.

That said, a little temporary slowdown on occasions is expected and planned for, but if you drag your feet too much for too long, I'll cut you. I don't have time for it, and there's a long line of people behind you waiting to play--I can promise you that.
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Character Creation
We will be using the Pathfinder rules for this game, because I like them better and it's overall a better system. Don't worry, though--for those of you who do not own the Pathfinder rulebook or otherwise have access to it, you can find a link to the official references under Game Info -> File Links. The website should have everything you need to know.

If you are not up on the Pathfinder rules, please review them via the reference link and make sure you'll be alright with them before getting into serious character design, or maybe even requesting to join.

Characters will start at 7th level. Yes, yes, I know that's not what the original module says. Shut up. It's 2E, it's old, and I'm having to update as we go along, so just enjoy the ride.

Please note: For this game, there must be at least one person of the other gender, whatever the dominant gender happens to be. If somebody won't take one for the team, then I will roll randomly and change the sex of a single character. You have been warned. I doubt it will be necessary, but I don't want anyone being a poor sport and saying I didn't tell you. In recompense, if that's the way it goes, then whoever's character gets changed will receive some small gift or benefit, to be fair.

There will be no alignment restrictions for this game, provided that players keep their characters within bounds. It's perfectly acceptable for an evil character to be friends with a good character; I think it's silly that many believe evil characters can't experience love, friendship, loyalty, conscience, compassion, or honesty. But it must not disrupt the game. A chaotic evil character who runs around kicking the heads off babies will be struck by lightning and bitten by penguins. You are warned.

Finally, on the subject of prestige classes: They will be allowed, however--both prestige classes and unusual base classes or multiclass combinations (i.e., those from the Advanced Player's Guide, or any others not in the Core Rulebook) must not only be approved by me, but characters will also be disallowed from taking levels in them willy-nilly.

To simplify: You have a chance, at level 1, to become a wizard. If you choose to be a rogue, instead, then you have also chosen to skip out on being a wizard. If you then later wish to become a wizard, you must find a wizard willing to teach you what you'll need to know and serve an apprenticeship, or whatever else I deem appropriate, before you can place levels in wizard. You don't just magically become a wizard (pardon the pun) overnight because you wish it so.

This same restriction applies to all prestige classes, all non-core base classes, and all multiclass combinations that require significant training and investment (mostly spellcasters). As you progress through the game, you will be given the chance, through deed and socialization, to "unlock" character options. I will be reasonable about this--tell me in advance what your character goals are, within a meaningful amount of time before you reach the level at which you want to apply a specific option, and I will provide a method in-game for your character to accomplish his/her/its goals.

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1st-Level Stats
We will be using heroic stats for this game. To generate stats, roll 2d6 + 6 for each stat, rerolling 1s. This will give you a minimum of 10 in each stat.

If, after rolling, your highest stat is a 15 or lower, then replace your lowest stat with a 16. Additionally, if your total combined stats do not equal at least 80, reroll until they do. This supercedes the 16 minimum rule above.

Hit points will be maximum at 1st level, then roll at further levels, rerolling 1s. You also gain bonus HP at 1st level equal to your Constitution score.

Starting gold will be 19,000gp for all characters (unless they take certain basic traits).

Traits are enforced in this game; everyone gets 2 traits at 1st level, no two from the same list. Traits may be found in the Advanced Player's Guide (p326). The Additional Traits feat is viable.

Hero points will also be in use for this campaign. As 7th-level characters, everyone will begin play with 2 hero points, and will receive an additional hero point upon the completion of their character's individual and group backstory, bringing them to the normal maximum of 3 hero points. Feats and other elements related to hero points are viable for this game, and can be found in the Advanced Player's Guide (p322).

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Posting Etiquette
For the sake of convenience and efficiency, I'm going to request that players follow these simple rules when posting:

1) Please select a single text color and highlight all dialogue in that color consistently. Thoughts or internal monologue should be in italics, rather than quotes:

"Look, you sodding letherheaded berk," the tiefling says, "stop rattling your bone-box or you'll hit the blinds so fast that you'll think you've learned the dark of the maze before your soul gives your mortal coil the laugh and your own stupidity pens you in the dead-book. Or something."

God, what a stupid, convoluted sentence that was. And it totally went nowhere!

I'd suggest that you avoid orange, as that is the color most commonly used by GMs and players, alike, for OOC commentary and mechanical notation. Orange dialogue tends to make a post look confusing if OOC material is the same color.

2) Please separate the upper half (in-character) of your post from the bottom half (out of character) with some recognizable symbol, such as a line of asterisks:


or a hard rule:

or hide it behind a spoiler field:

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
Like this.

and put your OOC actions in orange, so they stand out. Label different actions like this:

[insert skill] [insert check result] to accomplish task X.
Intimidate 15 to threaten the cornugon with grievous bodily harm.

Or like this:

Move: Move 30ft toward the Lady of Pain.
Standard: Think about what you just did.
Free/Swift/Immediate: Scream like a little girl.

3) When speaking in a language other than Common, please precede the statement with the appropriate language in superscript, and close it outside the quotes with an asterisk when you return to Common. You can wait to place the asterisk until after you have made several statements, unless you're going back and forth between languages quickly; no need to repost the fact that you're speaking Abyssal every couple of lines for two paragraphs if it's all in Abyssal. Like this:

The tiefling sighs. Infernal"Look, cutter," she says tiredly, "I've had just about enough of your shenanigans. Also, I enjoy pie and long walks on the beach with my cat. Eat at Joe's!"*

4) It would make it really convenient for the GMs if you would please use your character profiles, beneath your portraits, to provide your current/max HP, AC/touch AC/flat-footed AC, and saves, in some fashion. However, this is a suggestion, not a requirement, as many rolls and checks will require us to take a look at your character sheet, anyway.

5) Please post all in-character interactions in the present tense. For example:

OK: John looks at the door with some trepidation. "Someone should probably check it for traps," he suggests warily.

Not OK: John looked at the door with some trepidation. "Someone should probably check it for traps," he suggested warily.

Be sure not to mix your tenses. The reason for all this is that present tense is the standard for most players, and it can become confusing to read a long line of message when the tense changes between characters from post to post. It's like switching from drive to neutral and back over and over again--keep doing that, and you'll burn out your transmission before you crest the hill, see?

6) During combat situations, all players involved must post at least once per 24 hours, or they will lose their turn.

7) "Thought-sniping," defined here as any post or part of a post that can reasonably be construed as a direct or indirect attack upon a GM or fellow player, written in such a fashion or via such a device as to disallow them from addressing said commentary, is forbidden at all times and will be considered grounds for immediate GM review and possible banning from the game.

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Character Sheet
Name       :                 Gender  :                 Total HD        :
Race       :                 Height  :                 HP              : /
Type       :                 Weight  :                 Subdual Damage  :
Class(#)   :                 Age     :                 Damage Reduction: -/-
ECL        :                 Hair    :                 Spell Resistance:
Alignment  :                 Eyes    :                 Current Total XP:
Archetype  :                 Handed  :                 Next Level      :
Size       :                 Build   :                 Favored Class   :
Hero Points:                 Skin    :                 Speed           :
<Orange><b>ABILITY SCORES</b></Orange>

        Base   Racial   Age   Level   Magic    Final           Temporary
               Bonus    Mod   Bonus   Bonus   Ability            Score
STR  :   --      +0     +0     +0      +0      --/+0
DEX  :   --      +0     +0     +0      +0      --/+0
CON  :   --      +0     +0     +0      +0      --/+0
INT  :   --      +0     +0     +0      +0      --/+0
WIS  :   --      +0     +0     +0      +0      --/+0
CHA  :   --      +0     +0     +0      +0      --/+0
<Orange><b>ARMOR CLASS                                BASE ATTACK BONUS</b></Orange>

AC Total           : --               MELEE             RANGED
AC when Flat-Footed: --               Total:  +0        Total:  +0
AC vs Touch Attack : --               Base :  +0        Base :  +0
Base               : 10               STR  :  +0        DEX  :  +0
Armor              : +0               Misc :  +0        Misc :  +0
Shield             : +0
Dexterity          : +0
Size               : +0                        INITIATIVE
Natural            : +0                        Total:  +0
Deflection         : +0                        DEX  :  +0
Enhancement        : +0                        Misc :  +0
Misc               : +0
<Orange><b>SAVING THROWS</b></Orange>

       Total   Base   Ability   Misc  Magic
Fort  : +0   =   0  +    0    +   0  +  0
Ref   : +0   =   0  +    0    +   0  +  0
Will  : +0   =   0  +    0    +   0  +  0



<Orange><b>COMBAT MANEUVERS</b></Orange>

        Total   Base   Str   Size   Misc   Dex
CMB   :  +0   =   0  +  0  +   0  +   0  +  -
CMD   :  00   =   0  +  0  +   0  +   0  +  0  +  10
<Orange><b>RACIAL ABILITIES</b></Orange>




<Orange><b>CLASS ABILITIES</b></Orange>

<Orange><b>PRESTIGE CLASS ABILITIES</b></Orange>

<Orange><b>LANGUAGES</b></Orange> (Common + Racial + Regional)

<Orange><b>SKILLS</b></Orange>                    Max Ranks (HD):

CL? TRAINED ONLY          Ability  Base  Ability   Ranks   Class    Misc
[ ] Disable Device          Dex    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Handle Animal           Cha    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Knowledge []            Int    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Linguistics             Int    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Sleight of Hand         Dex    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Spellcraft              Int    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Use Magic Device        Cha    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0

CL? CAN USE UNTRAINED     Ability  Base  Ability   Ranks   Class    Misc
[ ] Acrobatics              Dex    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Appraise                Int    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Bluff                   Cha    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Climb                   Str    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Craft []                Int    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Diplomacy               Cha    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Disguise                Cha    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Escape Artist           Dex    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Fly                     Dex    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Heal                    Wis    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Intimidate              Cha    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Perception              Wis    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Perform []              Cha    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Profession []           Wis    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Ride                    Dex    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Sense Motive            Wis    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Stealth                 Dex    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Survival                Wis    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0
[ ] Swim                    Str    +0   =  +0        0       +0      +0

NAME  :           NAME  :
ATTK  :           ATTK  :
DMG   :           DMG   :
CRIT  :           CRIT  :
RANGE :           RANGE :
WGHT  :           WGHT  :
SIZE  :           SIZE  :
TYPE  :           TYPE  :
COST  :           COST  :
AMMO  :           AMMO  :
NOTES :           NOTES :
<Orange><b>ARMOR                                  SHIELD</b></Orange>

NAME          :                        NAME          :
TYPE          :                        TYPE          :
AC BONUS      :                        AC BONUS      :
MAX DEX       :                        CHECK PENALTY :
CHECK PENALTY :                        SPELL FAILURE :
SPELL FAILURE :                        WEIGHT        :
SPEED         :                        PROPERTIES    :
WEIGHT        :

Arcane Spell Failure = 0% (Armored Mage: ?)

                Base      Ability
Lvl    DC    Spell/Day    Bonus(+0)  Spells Per Day   Known
0      1-        -      +    -     =       -            0
1      1-        -      +    -     =       -           0+0
2      1-        -      +    -     =       -           0+0
3      1-        -      +    -     =       -           0+0
4      1-        -      +    -     =       -           0+0
5      1-        -      +    -     =       -           0+0
6      1-        -      +    -     =       -           0+0
7      1-        -      +    -     =       -           0+0
8      1-        -      +    -     =       -           0+0
9      1-        -      +    -     =       -           0+0
Epic   1-        -      +    -     =       -           0+0














PP  :            TRADE SCRIP:
GP  :            TRADE BARS :
SP  :            GEMS       :
CP  :            OTHER      :

<Orange>TRADE GOODS</Orange>

<Orange><b>EQUIPMENT</b></Orange>                                                  Weight      Cost

SAMPLE ITEM NAME                                              XXXlbs    XXXgp

<Orange>TOTAL WEIGHT:</Orange>
<Orange>TOTAL COST  :</Orange>

 - Please include your held equipment in this section, such as your weapons,
     armor, shield, and so on.
 - Weights in (brackets) are weights not carried
    (for example if they are in a <i>bag of holding</i>).
 - Magic items stand out better if highlighted in <green>GREEN</green>.

Total Weight Carried:
Now carrying (load) :

Light Load      :
Medium Load     :
Heavy Load      :
Lift Over Head  :
Lift Off Ground :
Push Or Drag    :

<Orange><b>HISTORY / BACKGROUND</b></Orange>

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Mon 2 May 2011
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Each player should come up with a wishlist for each character they control, which can be as long and as detailed as you like. Don't just restrict it to items, though--unusual spells, NPC encounters, RP opportunities, unique challenges or puzzles for your specific character to overcome, and more could all go on your wishlist. (Those familiar with Paizo's Plot Twist cards might find the mechanic a bit similar to this.) When you roleplay impressively and consistently throughout the duration of an adventure, I'll pick something appropriate from your wishlist (based on opportunity and level) and place it into your current adventure, usually towards the end, or the next one, as opportunity and story permits. Of course, you should also expect surprises.

Since we are RP-focused in this game, try to be creative and come up with thematic encounters or ideas for your character, rather than just powerful magic items. Would you like to put levels in a currently unavailable prestige class? Perhaps your two-weapon warrior could benefit from some magical gloves or a decent sword? Maybe you'd like to put your character through an exotic change, like acquiring a template; or, you'd like an in-character scene that will allow you to demonstrate or explain how you acquired a new feat or class feature. It could even be something like a change in the storyline--an important NPC goes missing, or a trusted friend turns out to be betrayer, creating plenty of opportunities for even more great RP!

Put it on your wishlist! Then just PM that wishlist to me.
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Sun 15 May 2011
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The Inn of the Clowns

The Inn consists of two stories and a cellar. There is a stable out back, with room for up to ten horses. An outhouse is between the inn and the stable.

The common room of the inn is large and spacious. A long, wooden bar has a number of stools before it. One long table and several round tables fill the rest of the room. Two fireplaces, lit at night, give off a cheery glow. A stairway next to the bar leads to the upper story. During business hours (approximately noon till just after midnight), 4-16 villagers on average will be in the room drinking and chatting. The bar is a friendly place. Conversations are cheerful, and occasionally rowdy or ribald, but Stephan does not tolerate outright vulgarity. The barmaids, Raquel and Carlotta, are always on duty. They flirt with all the customers, but dodge serious passes by villagers or characters.

The kitchen is neat and well-ordered. The cook is a sweet, fat lady named Winifred. She has a mean way with a frying pan, and is a good cook as long as she sticks to plain and hearty dishes. A stairway in the kitchen leads to the cellar.





The guest rooms are spacious and comfortable. Each contains a bed with a firm mattress, a wardrobe, a chamberpot, and a washbasin with pitcher. Each guest room has a window with shutters that can be fastened from the inside. There is no glass in the windows. Raquel and Carlotta daily make the beds, fill the pitchers, empty the chamberpots, and sweep the rooms. They politely refuse any requests for "additional personal service."

In addition to all the furnishings of the normal guest rooms, these larger rooms each have a luxurious featherbed, a closet, a desk, a table with chairs, and an empty trunk with a key in the lock. Inyotef and Apophis currently reside in one of these (N); the other, strangely, is locked as though occupied.

The outside cellar door is locked and barred when not in use.



This two-holer is simple, but clean.

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