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  the end of the world was supposed to be 2012. depending how one looked at it. It was. or Perhaps?  It was just the begining?

  Three Huge alien spacecraft appeared over  the shores of United STates, west Coast.  Two of them were a bit smaller then the third..the larger one was in bad shape, even to the naked  eye, as millions  viewed the appearance of the craft.

  Manned by beings who looked like Humans, asked to meet with the heads of all nations, for he had dire news of the future of this planet, as well as news that would shake history to its core.

  It did not take long  for the Heads of all the nations who wished to be there, to get in touch with the WhiteHouse..smaller countires, even tribes  sent leaders...the US picked up the tab to transport all that they could, to the LA Colliseium...the battered ship floated over the  stadium and 20 beings descend to midfield, on a stage made for them according to aliens. Using the Jumbotron and mircophones  and headsets..the 20  beings  spoke in unison. delivering a speech that shocked, frightened, and enlightened the world. This is the capsulized information...

 EArth is a penal colony, founded by the race of Humans from the other side of the Universe..The Rim..if you will. people were sent here to populate  this planet and help sustain it  for future  use by the Seekers, as they called themsleves. However..through the course of thier  travels, they have made as many foes  as friends..and the foes attacked the home worlds..the three Planets in thier home solar system that held thier orgins. No one came  to resupply the  guardians here...and as thier ark degrated in its orbit, groups were sent down to earth to live out thier lives  with the colonists that had no idea who they were...some thought them gods. And there were some who took up that mantle. using thier  intellect and devices to be treated as such, and as always, some chose the path of evil, as others  chose  the path of good...Is there a God then?..The Seekers believe there is..and they have searched for him..or them..but have yet to find them..but they say the hand of a higher power is easy to see.

  The reason they have come is this. The  Ravagers were coming. The name  for a dark collection of planets that conquer planets to use as they as a colony for them is now good..unless you are a Ravager...they have  come to help us help us fight and protect some of the last blood relatives that they have in the void of space. There  was distrubances in the staduim. A south American dictator shouted and shook his fist at the speakers, saying he would never join with some of the other countries...his rant was never  finished as a flash of light from one of the  alien Guard's  rifles turned him to dust..This  was not  the time  for petty differances..the  world would come together..or it would be cleaned of those who did not wish to co-operate, so the  planet and those who wished to survive, could go on.

  That was 50 years  ago. The Aliens helped to build space docks, the Moon was made into a fortified outpost...Mars was being terraformed and gun implacements  were being  set up there. Already two new space cruisers were docked there, and the first crews were training. all around the world bootcamps  were set up as people were tested by checking thier blood types...some folks had a certain tweak in thier DNA that made them more suited to space travel..they had prioity  over others  for training, and schooling..all others  were to be Home defesne  folks, or Colonists as the  Earth Space Navy moved outward to colonize  and head off any Ravagers they might meet.

  100 years  we are. The Commander of  The ESN Hermes watched the men and  woman on the deck. groups were practicing hand to hand, firing  blast rifles  and pistols..some practiced  using  jet packs, some were in simulators  of fightercraft, and just now. 5 of the craft  shot off the deck through the static  fields as they went  for thier grauation flights.  why you are here. A recruit on ESN 351 Hermes...can you help save the universe?

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Re: Backround
 More  backround.

  The folks  of Earth ( Earthers)..began to call the aliens "Angels" which, by thier language was pretty close  to what they called themselves.

  The Ravagers gained the name, Demons. as much for thier look as thier battles against our long-lost ancestors

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Re: Backround
  This  will be  a list of NPCs...I will add a few when i have the time. Hope this will help newer folks  with what goes on..however? there are 1000's and i will only list them  as  they become known...and?  as  PCs   RP, there might  be  more  that pop up....

 Admiral Hack:  The Man in charge of the  Hermes  and now, the Delta  Fleet Force; Military leader as well as the driving force behind the politics in The delta Quad  and beyond.

 Commander Si:  Angel, Second  in comand, and  HAck's spouse.  Commands the Hermes with Hack Now being the Fleet Admiral.

 Capt. "Rivets"  O'rielly: In charge of  keeping the Fighters, Shuttles  and  ground Craft working. Served on Mars.

 Capt. Washington Morris: Adj. Wounded   Pilot  from  Mars Colony wars. Sets up sorties  and  Flights, with  suggestions from the WC. Reviews all Gun camera footage to confirm kills.

 Major Felix  Monroe: Marine  Capt, Hack's Bridge Security Officer. Leads most boarding party Missions...rose through the ranks. Listed  as KIA

 MAjor  Rolf Cummings: By the book Marine Officer, in charge of Hermes  Marines...not well liked, normal in charge of  Prize crew marines...Father's, Father's  Father was a  Marine  war hero..opened  alot of  doors for assigned to the Ben Franklin, in charge of all the  Transport/Bases

   MST SGT  Norwood Miles:  Cummings  right hand  man...Toady, hated   even more then Cummings..if that's possible.went to the Ben franklin

  LT  Beth Morrow: Bridge  Coms  Wizardkeeps  the flow together  during  fights  and missiions.

  LT. Linda  Miller :  Helmsman, and will either  take command of prize vessels  or go over  with the LC to 'drive' it..Quarterback of the football team.

  Adm. Hennings:  Head of the ESN. CAreer officer who earned his  medals flying against   EAstern Block and   Middle eastern forces in the Russo-Angel war, and   Middle East Confrontation. Likes  warriors..hates  desk jockeys

 Cindy Worth:  Civie  Biotech...does not trust  Military folks, but  works   for ESN, to learn more of the new races

 Val Jensen: Lt Bio Tech, Henry's  right  hand  woman sees their work as a needed tool to beat the Empire.

 Jorge Olsen: Civie  Biotech..Cindy's  #1 asst.  they came  aboard together...not  much backround on Jorge.

 Lt. Stefi Simmons: on and off, the Head Medtech..she outlasted  2 Docs  so far..comes from the 'patch them up get them back out' school of docs.

 Petty Officer Drake (crew chief),

 Specialist Cally (Tech).

Lt  CArole Frans:  Leader  of A-Flight  and  Shadow's 2nd in command  for the WC duties. Father is now the Ambassador  of  Earth relations  to the  Demonic  Empire .

Capt Rolf McCloud: Leads the  Scottish 5th Space Raiders. though family had  money, he made his name fighting as an  LT on Astra and the First Avian Nest ship. Has since been assigned to lead a Commando unit  to help fill out the boarding teams needs.

Ambassador Frans: Lt Frans Father. Is not t he  Earth Ambassador to the Demonic Empire. He has  his   seat of power on Olympus. post of his clout comes  from the EVOL and EDT Monies. Rumors  have Ge-fi supporting him , in attempts to placate the Empire. Has grown in Power since Lady V's escape, and her rise of another EDT-like  organization.

Chief  Morgan: Tough as nails Mech rider with  many sorties under his Belt. Serves  with  Rivets on MArs. Was brought to the Hermes in a last ditch effort to keep Mechs alive as  something other them  security on colonies.

Mast Chief   Lyri Mullins: Academy Grad who took the path of Spec Opts .is the 2nd best sniper on the  Hermes ( but don't say that to her face!). Can be as Cold Blooded as any Empire  creature when it comes to eliminating enemies and those who support them. Turned down LT offers 2 times in the past.

Admiral Evert: Senior  Admiral of the Verian Navy, serving  as part of the ESN Board. Her Mate is the leader of Veria.

General Bale: Provost General. Handles  any legal aspects of the  Delta Fleet's  activities . Though he only served Briefly in the field, he  does have a soft spot  for warriors.

Shade... He has  a rounder head, 'concave' ears  on the side of his head.

  His skin color swirls between  the pale grey of Verians and  Fleshy cream of a Caucasian .He is roughly  3 feet tall. His  hands and  feet have  3 appendages , with the palms  of his hands  round  but concaved. ( he  could hold  a bit of  water in the 'cup' of his hand.

  he has a  Thin lipped mouth  like most Verians, But it appears his teeth are very much human. He has a sharp nose and very large oval eyes..the Colors  shift depending on his emotions ( like the  True Varians, but they seem to have a little more  control)

  at the Moment he has  ESN Blue shorts and  an ESN Blue T-shirt that has a tiny Hermes on the  left breast. He has a Belt that goes with the shirt that has a 'fighter Pilto's" uniform belt buckle ( IE: it has a Hammer on the Metal clasp)

  he  , almost always, has  a Vidboard that he seems to be  'upgrading' when ever  he can get a chance.

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Card game
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Re: Backround
EDT Stud.:

1d10 used.
roll one  1d10 at a time...players  bet after  each card.

 The 5th card is  the "traitor"  wipes out any other card that matches it, in your hand.

 to win? add up what cards you have left, the highest total wins.


Earth  Poker  and such:

if you want to 'play' a  poker hand.. use  'Manuel ' on the dice   roller ( off to the top left)..Type in  1d13.. it will go  as 1(ace) 11= jack...12=queen...13=king


Shuttle draw:

Quick game invented  by ground  troops  for playing  on shuttle runs.

Only 1 suite is  used with only 1-9 + the Ace.

 every one chips in 5  creds,  you roll 1-10 ( ace is 10).. the first one to get the ace  wins.

Find the traitor:

 10 straws are thrown into the air.. 2 of them are an odd color ( red Normally)  the players  have to grab at least one every turn, as long as they get at least one  red  straw.. they can keep going.. there is  some agreed on  Prize...

roll 1 1-d10..two times.. if you get a  1 or a 2 then you have grabbed them both.. if you get a 1,, you only grabbed one

 Angel Pool

the table was a  stretched Hexagon pockets  at each  'pushed out' corner  and a hole  in the Middle. two small , square Racks  were set up each would  contain 6  balls a Bright Yellow  one  in each.

 the  two  squares  where  on  either side of the  middle hole, which is..Just..big enough  to  drop a ball into.

 pointing  at the ,marks  on  either end of the  table, the fellow  talks a  sips of beer  and smacks his lips,..those  Dots  are called   North and south... the racks  are   east and west... Colors  on one side.. stripes on the other... 'cept  for them  yellow  balls? one each  per  rack... can hit any ball, into any pocket.. except the Yellows.... they  have  to wait until last.. and they have to go into the middle... player's  call it , The Black hole.... if you hit  another  Ball into the Balck hole.. all the balls  are  returned to the TAble  and you lose your turn.. you hit a  Yellow in before  they are the last  two left..ou lose yor  turn... you hit a yellow in lose the game.... You hit the cue ball in you lose   your   turn.. The  game can go long... people   will bet on who wins... who gets the last  yellow in..who can get both  yellows  in..and   who pocketed the most  balls...that's  important  , for  when the table gets repopulated  with  the  wrong  ball going in..

  You can win the game, even if you didn't get  anyother balls in..if you'er   lucky enough to get the  two yellows.. If  each   side  gets  one yellow, you go  ball total  balls dropped...

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Rec Dec
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Re: Backround
picture  a square ( more or less) the Northwest corner is the ramp that leads to the field...along the  north wall is the food and drink shops.. The Sims  are in the  Northeast corner..slightly  raised on a stage.

 on the  west wall is a ramp leading down as well as the elevator..there is an elevator on the EAst wall as well.

  the Middle of the  box is  filled with square  and round tables...raised  above that, by a couple of steps is  a 'ledge' of sorts that has tables set before  the  smallish windows, so  folks can look out at the stars ( ports side of the ship )
ESN Fleet Rule
Mon 4 May 2015
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Re: Backround
  Weapons  Carry..

 " all crew ( civies  included) are to have  one (1) sidearm and  one (1) bootknife at all times, in case of a surprise boarding action, orcombat emergency..."

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Time Zones
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Re: Backround
Times Zones of Active players... will edit  as  we  add/subtract  players.

 GM/Admiral/Shadow...  PA... eastern

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