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Sat 23 Mar 2019
at 03:33
Re: Information from squawk
 2 hours  or so after the  Send off...from the  Pit

 Attention... all hands..  some news  that needs to be told before the Media  runs  wild... about  15 Minutes ago.. There was  a Vampic ship detroyed  as  it tried  to  sneak in to   save the  Prisoner.. since they Broke the   rules  of  engagement .. the  ship was lost with all hands...there is also a rumor, that a second vessel, did  indeed  rescue the  Vampic ..but something  went   wrong, as  an explosions  ws  recorders...  Fighters  were sent... only debris  was  found...

 ..this  may sound  cold..btu considering  our enemies.. it  is fitting..   The  first   ship entered  the   area  as a spy craft... if there ws a second ship, it must have tried Stealth  as the  End?.. allies   do not do this...  we will continue   on this is  not  for us  to adpat  to our enemies, but  for them to adapt to the APF

 ..that is all
shore leave
Fri 29 Mar 2019
at 03:09
Re: Information from squawk
  The   Squawk lights  came on   and the Admiral's  face  appeared on the Vid Screens. He was smiling.

 Delta Fleet?.. we  are in the process of  docking at , what is  now, our  Home Base...... Minimum duty will  be in effect, save for those  who have to load, and unload..Today...tonight..  is  party  time.... Tomorrow , those    crew that are  interested  may go to the  Proving Grounds, or as the natives  call it..Woth... We plan on staying in port  3  days, In hopes   the  heavy  damage  done to some of  our  vessels  will be   made.... transfers in and out  made... and , depe3nding on how the   PG trials go... equipment  swapped out

 He  smiled a bit sadly,..Take this time to  relax, and  enjoy yourself... I will ...frown..upon getting  people out of  FUJI  keep that in mind....
Tue 27 Aug 2019
at 04:45
Re: Information from squawk
(( before Burian  Ball ))

 Now hear this.... now  hear this.... All Crew  headed to  the  will be  on the hanger  Dec  at 11:30 shops  time, with thier Escorts., if they  have one... Departure is  12:00 hours..

  People going   on shore leave , will  board the  Next ship headed  down  to the planet... pack  gear you will need  for  at least, a  2 day stay... shuttles  will not be running frequently

 As  always..pack what gear you may need  for.....shore  leave.... That is all...
Thu 28 Nov 2019
at 15:07
Re: Information from squawk
on the screens  around the Rec dec ( and  elsewhere)

 the   EDT  News broke in. A very good lookign woman   looked those who  are fighting the Good Fight to protect Earth from the APF and   Hack's DEelta Fleet.. we have  hurtful news! Offcier of the ESN who was  coming over to  our side, to fight this fight, was   Killed  when his  Shuttle  seeme to have been hit   by a stray asteroid  as he Fled to the Safe Haven LAdy V provides for thsoe    seeking to get away from  the APF's  oppression...  It also seems, but none can yet Prove, the ESN detonated 100s of   old  style Nuke    weapons.. this has  done  great damage to the safe passage to LAdy V's  safe  Haven... Please?  any of yhou seeking the Safety of LAdy V's arms, contact  your Local EDT  offcie   to see if...and when... you might  be  able to enter once more..That is all.. and may the Gods  save us, from The Delta Fleet!


 following that news.. the  APF  News  came on, and Older man dressed as  an Officer in the   Tech Services.

 ..Greetings.  As you have heard from our  counterparts on the other side... Lady V's  terrorists  seem to be locked in..or out of  her  Safe Haven... Those  who are abroad  should be hunted down, now that thier  escape  has been cut off  for the time  being..becarful... be  aware...
Sun 12 Jan 2020
at 05:49
Re: Information from squawk
 a break in on some  Vid shows   around the fleet and  The Balck..

  Mizka here at the Sanri news section. If have been gettign reports  from the fleet of  hostilities in Vera  Space, which may , or may not  evolve  into a civilwar, between the Udenses and the Verians, over   some  planets in Udenese  space... It is said the Fleet may be  comign in to negotiate  a peace of sorts..or... take action to aid the Udenese...

The Sanri's  arms  moves  as she   discarded   or picked up new  sheets has been confirmed, that teh Verians have Joined the  Empire... and may..indeed  draw the Vampic  into the conflict as well...adding moire   Empire  forces   , opposite  the  Galaxy  of the  Demon Homeword... whether this is a move  to stall the Delta  Fleet..or   some plan to  counter attack the rampaging Delta fleet..none  can tell...we will know, when the Fkleet reaches   Udenese  space..


 Across  APF  holdings.. there is much to be happy about, as  Homeworlds  and colonies  are bolstering their defenses  with aid of the  scarp   and captured  Vessels  on the Encounters... as well as  fire  fights  across  The Balck as smaller  fleets  hit and run with Empire  , Pirate  and  unknow  enemy is  ..indeed 'those who do not kill us, make us stronger!" she smiles at her own quip.


 ..things are turning  bad on Earth... ESN people  , academies  and  bootcamps have risen up  at the news  that Ge-FI with help, of  OPne CAptain Maris, covered up and made false  claims   for the Destroyer.. Neutron and her  crew... what was made  out to be  a foolish and inexperienced  Commander , is now a Hero  and   scored the first Victory against  superior  forces, of  4 Demon Cap ships.. Riots   on earth are  flaring up... Ge-Fi's  people  cannot  contain all of them, ESN groups  are now  redoubling thier efforts to get vessels  , troops  and  supplies  to  The Delta Fleet...

 In a COM  interview  with Admiral Oilver  Hack  with the  Chief Editor  of  the ESN Media Ship  'Open Mic".. The Admiral  has sent  this message,

 the vid showed,..People of Earthj and the Sol System... keep your  resoures there...find your  own  places  to hold  and strike out there . EDT..EVOLS, and  thje Sol System Navy are your enemies.. If Ge-Fi stands  in your way, then he and his people  are  your enemies  as well..Its Time Ge-Fi  picked a side... I cannot  promise you when.. Buy i will promise you this.... there is a time  the Delta Fleet  will come  back to the Sol sysetm... and if it need s cleaned up.. we will clean it up with our allies..Sanri.. Occui..Hyrians, Nivarians, Gava, Naragrans Burians, Angels... hack looked coldly at the camera.

 In the Balck we have expeiranced  traitors , we have seen the horrors  of thsoe who turn on thier own kind...not  hurts more, then to see the Humans  join the Empire..whether it s for greed and Power, Like  Ambassador Frans... or cowardfice  like GE-FI... or, those who would sacrifice thier  friends and Neighbors to save themselevs and MAke Money.. There are people on Earth who have been fighting the good  fight... they will contact  won't be  won't be fun... but tis better  to die with a weapon in your hand, then on a platter of a demon  dinner..or  hooked up in a breeding chamber.... You all saw the Vids... remember thsoe Vids  when you see  an Offcier   of the Sol System Navy... and keep in mind, the child they ate, could be yourse..or a friend...Its time Earth...The Delta Fleet is punching  noses, breaking legs  and ending lives... Show  Our allies.. the Earthers  can fight as hard for thier own planet, as  our allies have to fight  for thiers..... you enemies will be surprised , by the people in place on Earth...

 there  was a bit of s smile as  HAck raised his ehad and said,perhaps in the day... weeks..and months to come, we'll   we watchign Vids of   Sol System resistance , and porudly say, 'that's where the Delta Fleet started..."..Good Luck..fight hard...give us a home to come to...  He stood and Saluted... the Vid  went  Dark.

well, That is all we have from ESN news   now... this  report  will be repeated  every  4  hours   for the next two days... thank  you for listening... and..May the Gods   save the Delta  Fleet!
Fri 24 Jan 2020
at 03:01
Re: Information from squawk
 Beth's Voice  came on the COMs.

 Attentiom... we have a ALL COMs going out..Fleet wide....and to the Corners  of The Black...From  Warlord  Lilit..

   for thsoe who were  near Vids,   Lilit  was on the Dec of Uden's promise  , behind them  Undenese  Verians  we  Hustle  around  repairing  Battle Damage... Dusk stood  next to her    a cut still above her  forehead, that had yet to be attended  to and  smudge stains on   her  'shifting' colored  face.

  ..I give this announcement. with pride, and yet.. with sorrow.  Calimiteb  is  almost free of the Verian threat . The  base that was  built has been over run by Undenese...Calimite  and APF   forces,  What  verians may  have fled..are now beginning  hunted  down by elements of Naragrans, Gava, Burians  and Larg Trainers.. we expect none to survive.

  Found on the base where   Verian regulars..Empire Regulars and EDT  troops. It seems whatever  foothold they  wanted to  estblash , has beet  eliminated....

 that brings up a point of Vera , herself... Using the battle as a diverstion.. EMS   ship pounded  the CApitol city and  most of the land  around it  with ION  rounds... ION gas, or Dust , is like poison  to Verians... for Undenese ,if you be a sickness we could treat,,,,, We have not heard from Adem or Evert..but we are not foolish enough  to believe  they are Dead...... But for Now the Battle is won... Tomorrow  we  meet on The Hermes  to get a more ....excat  count of losses to both sides... the  following Dayt we will have a Victory  Ball in  Vesta, the Capital of  Uden, un the   Palace of   The one Tree..... The fleet will be given leave there  for the time it takes  for repairs  and  resupply .. I  Thank all  the members of the   APF for what they have  done  for us....

 the Vid  signed out
last chance
Tue 18 Feb 2020
at 03:34
Re: Information from squawk
  The Screens Lit up... as  an announcement when through... Lilly had  patched the Info through the best she  could, since Beth  was   off  duty.

 Hack Stood  with   Admiral Hirle on one  side and  Lilit on the other...he began to speak... Good Morning.... as  it is cracking the envelope  of morning here on the ESN 351  Hermes.  I am going to save time, since  i have alot  on my plate  for the next  24  hours or please.. every one who this is reaching, pay attention, there  won't be  'follow ups'

 ..The Delta Fleet   and our support fleets are  now  docking at  Uden, where  we are going to  celebrate  the Victory of the 1st Battle of Uden....and the welcoming of  Calimite to the APF as one of Uden's  colonies....

  ..Though some of our ships took a pounding, we  did not lose any..including the EMS HArvester.. who , sacrificed herself to save  The  Hermes..The Good  news? The Verians, Vampic and Roussians  were  more then kind enough to provide us  with More ships, that   increased the Delta  Fleet, and   those fleets who had  come to our aid. We are now a stronger  Presence  then ever  before...

 ..The fleet has  sent out its  awards... But I give  My thanks...with out  the People  who fight to free the galaxy of the  Empire... this would have been a cause, long  defeated....Admiral Hirle?

 The  Hyrian    gave a nod  and  spoke,  We, Hyrians were taught   three  things , By Admiral Hack  and the APF.... the first, is you do not cross them... you will lose..... the 2nd is...The Admiral does not make empty threats, but  hands out  heavy promises... and 3rd... If you  see the error, and  you  join to  make this  a Galaxy worth fighting  for.. you will be welcome  with open Arms.. Hyrian, Is Now and APF  world, and all her holding, now  fly the APF  flag... we   turn our attentions to both the Verians and the Vampic... with the aid of Everest, we  will  make   our Quad, solid, against the Empire!

 Lilit  smiled  As she stepped up......I have many reasons  to side with the APF.. My Daughter  died  , fighting the Empire  and their stooges. By Granmod   fight  as well... one at my side  on my  at his father's  side  on the Hermes...I have never been more proud... and seeing  How The Admiral has  handled  'Total War'...makes  me feel, confident..that the second  Battle of Uden  will be victorious  as well

 The she looked at the  CAM...we are coming for you Adem....

 Shade  was  behind them, he gave a thumbs up...

 The Admiral took  the  front again as he said...... I have been accused of  being   worse then the Empire.... but? that has  come from our  enemies, so? I take that as a Compliment... every....single....time.... I think i know what 'Total War' is... the Empire  ups the ante   abit....The suicide attacks  on the Hermes? I? I just didn't understand? The  best guess in numbers, is close to 1000 lives wasted  on the  run to try to kill the that's  counting    from the  total number of aircraft that advanced , before our  fighters  whittled  them  down on the first pass, and   chopped  away   more   as they chased  them...

 he   sorta    made a  small 'helpless  gesture' with his hands...They were stopped... but not  by me..  not by our   AA guns, not  by out  fighters... but by a rashy, and  brave choice  by  Captain Roles  of the  Harvester

 ..I Thank   EDT  Captain Maris  and  Adem for this..because now? I no longer have to feel badly, about  killing each and every enemy that chooses  to face us. I mean? why should i care if they die, when their own leaders..hiding behind a console  or safe in a Bunker. can send them to thier deaths. Now... Vera.. please take this message to heart, because  this...right now... is your one  and only warning...For the next 24 hours, we are going to be celebrating with all of our allies, the crushing defeat we handed Vera  and her   allies..... You know have   3  ships  above you planet..if you are   lucky..maybe the Vampics  send more.. or the Roussians... there is the smallest of chances , there might be an Empire squadron in  deep space, we do not know  about... but it won't matter.. we'll crush whatever   ships you throw at us, or capture them out  right, and use them against you.. in 24 hours, some of the Ordinance raining down on your Home world  we  be from  Verian, Vampic  and Roussian vessels , that now  bear  ESN names...

 ..Now  the Heavy Promise, Admiral Hirle talked  about. he  took a  deep breath  and leaned to the CAM , just a bit,There are  only two reasons  , Vera  is getting  this  warning...1...Vera  sorta  helped us  fight the BAttle  of the Line..I have to believe there are some Verians  that are still proud of   working with the ESN..though? I could be wrong.  The 2nd reason is.. i would rather now waste the time and the troops
 to  raze your planet, like a slum lord's crack house...

  Form   the end of this message.. until the fleet has   parked in orbit  around  Vera..  You..The  Verians.. have  in the neighborhood  of  48 hours to    send up a shuttle  with  Adem and Evert...if they do not surrender.. or...not turned over to 72 hours , no one  will recognize  Vera...all the   strides you made in 'perfecting ' your Race... and the advancements  you have  made, will be shattered , but the very people  you  left behind on  earth, when you tried to exterminate them with  floods... vessels were  be permitted in  or out of Vera.. anything  trying to escape, as you have seen.. will be destroyed or captured. You have no COMs  right now.. save  to contact the Delta Fleet..we have seen to that..Vera  is  alone, unless some allies  want to  pay a stiff price to aid her...

 If Adem  and Evert  surrender... or , if they are   turned over..and we  Verify the bodies...Vera  will be spared.. the  savage   onslaught the Hillites  suffered... H3  has  finally surrendered..  and some  'Blue  Hillites  are joining the  fleet... but keep in mind, the pounding  the Hillites   took, was  spread over    3 planets...The Pounding  Nivar took, was only as ahrsh as it needed to be, since many of the  Nivarians had   eagerly joined the APF.... Vera  could be  an asset  to the APF...but  it  does not offer as many resources  as our allies will not mind  pounding   your planet to box wood... I do not  feel sorry for    your 'civies"... because the chocie that is coming, is being made by thier  leaders ..and the leaders  are going to chose , life  or I have to get some rest, for eating, drinking and dancing.... I suppose we'll have another one, when we finished with vera...when the screen goes Blank... you have   47  hours..12 minutes...

 the screen went black.
Sun 10 May 2020
at 18:51
Re: Information from squawk
  ( 10 minutes  after Recall for  Calimate)

 A fellow with a  car salesman smile and    plastered hair   said..welcome to EUP  Independent media...from  the Ship  'Spotlight' here in the heart of the delta Fleet. We have , standing by, our   Reporter, Wendy. She was there  for the  sentencing of Adem and the signings of the articles of Uden System Joining the APF..Wendy?

 ..Yes... we have great film of the   'last death' match of Adem vs the erstwhile  LC  Kray Shadow, who seems , for whatever  reason, to be the darling of the ESN Hermes...

 the footage was edited  ...alot... Most of the film showed   when Shadow was thrown  across the dec  by Adem, and Only showed  Shadow Last 'stab' to immobilize  Adem.

 There was even   an edit at the stare, when it showed  Shadow  thinking over his next actions  as he   asked about Blades.

 so..we see here?  that the  Hermes Pilot had  a great deal of luck on his side, and taking advantage of Adem's  trip.. finished the  fight in  a very...ignoble  way

We saw it  On   EUP!
Sat 16 May 2020
at 18:36
Re: Information from squawk
  A Service announcement  was made by the SM....

 From the Desk of the SM, Delta Fleet, effective  immediately

to the Marine personnel of the Delta Fleet and any other Marines still answering to the Space branch of the Corps (with copies sent to Admiral Hack, the Board, and the Nivarian Cavet)--

It has been brought to my attention that, in defiance of recent orders from the Cavet, there are elements of the Nivarian forces who persist in the old, abusive practices of larg particular, forcing larg to fight each other, either to the death or until one simply stops fighting.  I've also been informed that these same handlers eat the defeated largs.

In light of our recent discoveries of the intelligence and loyalty of largs, this is an appalling situation.  In consideration of the efficacy of well-handled larg in combat situations, it is my carefully considered opinion that this is not only a morally repugnant situation, it is also a gross waste of valuable resources.

Therefore, any Marine personnel are strongly encouraged to intervene in any situations where these practices are in use, and use whatever measures are deemed necessary to preserve the largs.  The war is going well for us...but not so well that we can afford to eat one of the more valuable weapons that we have discovered.  Nivarian forces carrying pulse batons may NOT reclaim largs from Marine forces, but Nivarian handlers who have adopted the new handlers should be allowed to reclaim largs.  If no Nivarians are in the area to take the largs, Marines are expected to take care of the largs and, where possible, incorporate them into future actions.  Training at least one or two members of every Marine platoon in practices for larg handling is also strongly encouraged, so that any confiscated largs can be treated appropriately.

Wed 20 May 2020
at 22:34
Re: Information from squawk
 the   Horn sounded  twice..long and Loud.. the red  lights began to Blink.

 This is Captain Si, we have   enemy  confirmed... at out present  course  we shoudl like up with out  task force.. an hour, most like, less, we will see  out enemy.. Admiral Hack  will give a briefing with in the hour... prepare for battlestations...
Captain Si
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Mon 3 Aug 2020
at 02:16
Re: Information from squawk
  Captain Si's face  appeared  on the VID  screens, her hair wet from a shower  as she  Held  up her Vid Board  and smiled a  bit darkly.

  Greeting... I have   received  a message  from Everest's Admiral. saying there will be  a Ball at  2000 hours  the day after tomorrow.... Tomorrow will be  about the football game, and  the parties   around the Uppers  and Lowers.. I trust you all to use your  heads, not  only with the Everest SEC..but.. other ship's  crew, as the rivalries  do seem to   rise   when shore  leave starts.

 ...For the Ball?... TAdmiral St Gaul as invited  all the officer Ladies  of  the
  4 section flag ships, The Burian fleet and  the Hyrian  fleet... Those Ladies  may , of course, bring thier own escorts..though i am sure  some will be going in a certain limozine..

 All Ladies should  Report to My Condo  at our  new  Hotel we are using.. called is in the lowers    about  3 blocks  from the Beta  HQ building where the ball will be held...

 ..thank you all for   the work you have done..enjoy the up coming shore leave.
Sat 8 Aug 2020
at 14:35
Re: Information from squawk
  Admiral Hack and  Captain Si Appeared on the  Vids all over  the Ship.

  Good  evening , Shipmates. Welcome to Everest... it is now... 11:00PM Ships  Time....
 Will will be opening the GAngway for those  of the  first wave  of  shore leave , for the crew who must stay aboard to maintain things... we are goign to allow   each   wave  24 hours leave from the time they are scanned, to the time they get back...If  we stay a Third  day, we will figure out  additional time....

 Pilots, Troopers  and other Combat related  ratings,  are free to come and go..keeping in mind they  need to be careful while on shore leave

 captain Si  smiles her   wonderful Angel Smile,Lady officers who will be goign to the Ball,  I am having  my dresses  shipped to out  Condo tomorrow  morning.. The Ball will be from 4:00pm Station time, until they shut the lights ladies  who wish to wear  a new angel silk dress?  Please  come to  the Condo to pick your  style.. it is also  to be pointed out, if you are a  Non-com or enlisted, and you are  being escorted by an Officer, you are welcome to  pick a dress as well.... I love the Hermes Ladies to be the  highlight of   the Balls we must suffer through... Admiral St Gaul  has said , Full dress uniform, or  dresses/Gowns  for the Ladies.... if  ladies   choose to wear a Dress and you are a Blue Max  holder?  wear your smaller 'everyday' Max... The men, will have to wear the larger  Dress  version, since they will all be  in Dress Blues or Whites.. Be at  the Condo  around 1:00PM station time..

  Some of you will be receiving special instructions for the Ball.. but as a whole?... try not to get into fights  with  Rival ships or races of the Delta Fleet.... if Everest Folks  give you are a hard time, you must try and  defuse  the situation...

 Now?  The Hard issues..... Theft..will be dealt with , by allowing  Everest to lock you up, there is a damn good bet you won't be  on the ship when we leave.... Rape or attempted Rape... if you're   damn lucky?  you'll be sent to  the colonies..if you aren't  you'll walk there....Murder..which incudes  fights in bars.. will be   the colonies  or The Walk... Provosts will decide that...Drunks?... you'll be sent  back to the ship  and spend  time in the Brig

 looking at the little note he had  and giving his head a shake. We are goign to   a place, that is  as much of a world  as  any planet we have been on... there are criminals there..there  are enemies there.. do not confuse  Enemies for   rivals.... Rivals   might get into a fight  with you for honor... the  other  types?  will get into a fight to try and Kill, rob, or both?... Unlike the rest of you, The Captain, the Board and Myself  , have a tight  schedule of where we need to be.. though we do plane  on some  sun on the Lower's  beaches  the Morning of the third  day... anytime, people from the fleet get into  trouble, they will be brought before   the  Captain of thier  ships, where ever he or she may be...YOU DON'T... want to be brought into the Beta Fleets HQ during the BAll..that would be a very bad thing..Have   fun, unwind.. and be smart... That is all...
Sun 30 Aug 2020
at 17:48
Re: Information from squawk
all across the Fleet  and  the stations.. the GAme was  aired  and  rating first some folks  hoping to see Hermes get   thier  butts kicked. But as the  team fought  hard, more and more people  were   watching, and rooting  for the  Hermes, that was  always seemed  like the Blue  Collar ..working  folks team.

 CE-VA's  smiling  Face came on as the score board  had  'somehow' been taken over to show the  score  and the   Hermes  Highlights.

  Well..there you have it ..It may not have  been the most  clean  game  I have ever  saw, But  the hermes  team seemed  like it came to play

 A Black fellow  on the APF  New Ship smiled  as  the screen split,..the loss of the players to the Hermes  did not seem to hurt them, nor the  the recent trades  seem to Help Everest;s  sqaud...  can you give us   any Insight?

 she nodded her ehad   as she listed    to her  earbud,,Yes?....  Miller, the QB   said not much has  changed, Its  part of Fleet football, new  players  are expected  to 'fit in'.. LC Shadow, always a Fan favorite,  more or less  said they were   coming to  kick  butts.. and they didn't  like the disrespect shown  to people who are front line fighters..

The Black man laughed,It may be a good thing The hermes  are front line  fighters...They seem to know  how to win!

 a  Hand came into View  Giving the  guy a sheet of Paper....Just got this?... CE-VA's coverage of the Game  has  been listed  as the  top coverage of this  'game year'..The APF network  is proud to have her  as one of our  Own..Great Job CE-VA!

 CE-VA   looked surprised  and said,..I tried  my best.. I had some help from the Hermes COM Tech officer, got  some  good  boosting  for   the CAM  feeds... Well..I have to Go,   the 'Ever Rest' is goign to have thier Condo parties tonight.. I'll be gettign shots from there!

 the  screen sended shoing  the  score,  with a frozen Pic  of melia   crossign the goal line on the last TD
Fri 11 Dec 2020
at 03:01
Re: Information from squawk
 Feeds  hit the  screens  all over the fleet, and the station

 there was a med  tech with  the Stem kids   and there  was alot of noise behind her  as they approached the   area where they would get sent to  the warships  that would convey them Hope.

 The Feel good story of the Hour  is  , some  200+  kids getting to leave   Everest for life on the lush planet of of the Civie  Volunteers  handed out  crayons and markers and told them to draw a  picture of  what they liked about  their last day.. here are some pretty telling pictures ....

 alot of pictures of   stick figure in water   or  eatign hotdogs... picture of  little stick figures  with colorful clothes  on..'s  a picture  from a kid named Slider... it shows  a ..Green creature  eating some one... he was one of the children saved  by the   raid in the tunnels...

  There was a   Tall Purple   stick  figure  and  a tiny   stick  figure.....this was drawn by a girl named  Skiffle

 There are several   bigger stick  figures  who are handing  little stick figures  pizza?.. i wonder who that could be! she  laughs.

 here  is one  with  a bigger stick figure  shooting  at  other big  stick figures... with little   ones in a corner... from what i understand,, it was a Kid who was saved in the Stem that drew this? is a cute one.. a Little boy drew, he won't say who it is..., he is one of the sad ones.... But you see a little  Brown  stick figure  , walkign with a taller  brown stik figure  that has   'woman hair' and a  Man with   greyish  air , stick figure.. and..a dog stick figure... planet, new lives... eh?... she smiles   as the Vids  go off.
Thu 24 Dec 2020
at 11:42
Re: Information from squawk
((   Vid Screens were Interrupted))

 Admiral  hack was on the screen,Attention...  We have reports  of Roussian  vessel    shadowing, and slowly closing on the   vessels that have taken the   kids to Bura... we have had  limited  action agains  Roussians,,, none of them worked   out well for them...

 After  talkign to the  board  and section Commanders... The delta fleet is  going to Roussian space... we are going to pound the  9 hells out of the planet and invade.. to help keep  the surpise.. there will be no COM traffic leaving    Delta  Fleet vessels   for the next  3 hours.... Jump off is  in 2 hours... countdown clock starts transfers?.. welcome to the delta Fleet....get what rest you can..  and get  ready... that is all...

 Horns  Blew   through out the ship.. and the   countdown clocks  under the ships  clocks  and  Vid screens  started to   coutdown..1:58:36....and counting..
Thu 29 Apr 2021
at 02:09
Re: Information from squawk
(( before hunting))

   The Horns  blew  of an announcement.

reaching out
Tue 18 May 2021
at 19:24
Re: Information from squawk
during battle of the alpha Beta  funnel ))

 Beth snorted  and Put  the Vid up on the screens... Admiral Akkus  snood , with a very angry  demon Face.

 Admiral Hack!..i have reports  of  many SSN ships  and thier  Empire  friends being attacked by the delta Fleet!... You must stop this, or   face war crime charges!

 Hack  Climbed the   stairs like he was  16 years old, and Grabbed the Mic.. he was laughing  as he said...War Crimes?.. Now.. what do you consider War  Crime Akkus?.. eating  kids, stealing people to feed to your troops  and allies..slavery... pirate attacks?

 we are  ridding  The Black of Pirates and Empire  folks.. this includes sterilizing  the home worlds of  enemy  forces... some times  we have to make two one wants  us to make that second trip...

 Now?  since the ESN/APF  are at war  with  the Empire, and the SSN is not a full blown ally, rather then just normal of the mill, traitors.we are attacking our enemies who happen to be  pirates as well! we kinda get to do  2 good deeds  at one  time..</Red>

 and, Admiral? we're  comign for that Nest ship too...and we aren't coming to 'take it'

 The demon looked very angry...that isn't a normal Nest ship... it is  a station with all of our  peoples  in the  Sol system use  for  rest  and recreations....

 ..and  feeding and breeding....

 Akkus  just gave a dark  smile  with a the victors....

 Aye.... to the Victors..... he waved  at the screen...get that face off my screens....

 beth  smiled,already done...  the screens  went black, and feeds from the battle came back.
last warning
Thu 27 May 2021
at 12:16
Re: Information from squawk
all around the Black, and streamed  to colonies, planets  , whether  folks wanted to hear it or not ( they...of  course..could  shut  down Monitors  or unplug a way would  help the ESN/APF  even more)

 As with these feeds from the battle.. I am  sending this  message so everyone...everywhere... will understand what is about to happen...

 he was  quiet for a bit  as he watched the fighting  of the assault  teams and drop ship troopers.. and saw the   reddish dot  on the screens, that  was  the  Nest ship.

 what has been labeled as the  'SSN # 3  Fleet".. has been destroyed... many of thier ships captured... I would have to say , most of the crews   are going to die in battle..., those who surrender, will be  judged   and The APF  will act upon thier  judgements... Earthers, however  will be treated  as Traitors... unless they show some sort of sign, that  we  might  allow some  sort of lenience towards  them...

 ...This  message goes out to those on the Nest  Ship, because  everyone else  on that side of this battle doesn't mean one gods be damned thing...... The Nest ship has  to chose...and you have  roughly...25 minutes to make that choice....

 Elements of The Delta Fleet, and perhaps the Burians  are   sailing towards   the   Nest ship.... I don't care if its in 'Sol Space"  since the  Fleet that served it  , pirated   APF ships  in Our  space.....Please  Understand this.....THE NEST SHIP WILL BE DESTROYED....

 the venom in his   voice  was   as intense  as the fist he squeezed and held  up...

 For  Prisoners on board that ship, I can only say, I am sorry....but  we cannot permit  the  nest ship's existence any longer... and? this is a very good chance  for   The Sol System to see what the Empire  does?... do they send ships  to  fight us off?.. do they send ships  to help EVAC?..or... will they EVAC thier own, and leave  those they cannot  find transport die.

 The Clock is ticking...   The Empire, that the Sol System has joined, along with the
 Angel outcasts  who follow  GE-FI..must make a not expect Mercy... The Die was cast  when  the Sol System joined the  Empire..and the  '10th Planet' is about to be, no more...EVAC... if you are 'normal Humans' maybe  you can fight  and kills  the Empire folks  and  het a ship for your own..But... you can bet,  there won't be many  Demons and the like, left on board when we get there...Unless.. you make sure  they can't escape.

 I am sorry, for the  good folks....if  any... that will die there...but i will be glad to  sut this infection out of the Sol System... Good luck...may you meet your gods  with a smile on your face...

The transmission ended...
Sat 3 Jul 2021
at 22:51
Re: Information from squawk
  There is the   horn sound  for the  PA System.

  Now Hear this. As i check the  Logs. Today is  the  6th year, Since  The  ESN 351 Hermes  sailed from Earth...her  first Mission, to  fine and  Kill one demon  Cap ship, that was hiding between Jupiter and Saturn

 he  was  quiet for a moment  , then continued...we were a differant ship back then...only 24 aircraft..50  troops and alot less  billet room!

 very few of us, had been as far as Mars... No Earth ship, in the History  of Earth...went ship to ship and lived to tell the  tale. And on the ESN  Neutron, every traded  rounds...

 For  the rest of the Day Until noon tomorrow..Skeleton crews  so crew may celebrate...and  miday tomorrow, we'll have to great up for shore leave....

 To all those   who cast off on that Day..Congrates  for still being here.... for  those who came aboard since.. bask in the glow, of those who came before you....That is all...
Tue 6 Jul 2021
at 20:58
Re: Information from squawk
  The   feed was set up like  any other interview.. ZU-IS sitting behind  his  desk with  many awards  on a book should  and  swords  from enemies on the wall...

  Welcome to  Paradise  Feeds... I am interviewing  , Paradise's  Grand High Admiral, ZU-IS...Admiral, Thank you for joining us  today... What  do you see, in the  Upcoming meeting with  Fleet Admiral Hack.

 Well, will be alot of Adjustments  for  the Humans... we are free of our defense of  The Paradise is time for us to lead the APF to Victory...

 Polls show  the APF , leaning  hard to  Admiral Hack and His ESN Delta Fleet.

  Sadly, this is  the case... his hands  were clasped, they opened in a motion of concern.

 we will  have to Hope, The Admiral concedes to his betters and  Puts  the good of The Black, before his own ego!
Henry Christie
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Wed 7 Jul 2021
at 15:19
Re: Information from squawk
Tonight at 8pm on the Hermes Rec Dec, my beloved Val will do me the honour of becoming my wife. You are all invited to come and celebrate with us.
more news
Thu 8 Jul 2021
at 12:59
Re: Information from squawk
   for anyone watching  After   Henry's  invite. Yet another  channel showed a  'kindly smiling' ZU-IS.

  A Male , Human, reporter was  asking him questions.Admiral ZU=IS, I know this is on the mind of  most of the APF, and i have to  think its on the mind   of every Human in the Fleet.... Why do you think we need your  Leadership?... You ships and   Troops  will be welcome, I would suspect? But our leadership seems to be  just fine.

 Well, as  with you being a Human, I understand your Loyalty. But Angels have been fighting  Demons since  we first clashed  eons ago..we know the Demons, they know us... that should be ...elementary.

   But..The Delta  fleet  carved a swath  through  The Empire Holding  in The Black, when the the APF, joined  as  a force, we have fought some massive battles....and the Empire has always  lost..

There was a brief  glimmer  of  anger, But  ZU-IS caught himself I think you would file that , under...beginning luck?

 Beginners ..Admiral....and I think 6 years  of  solid  victories , should  take that word out  of  the equation?

 I must go...we must be prepared for the Welcoming Ball, and the  Conference after..

 ..Its a Victory  Ball for  The  Fleet..and a Welcome Home for  The Fleet, as Admiral Richards was once, one of  tthe Delta' Fleets most promising  Officers...

 ZU-IS nodded to some one.....Remove him, i have  work to do...

 the screen went  blank.
Wed 22 Sep 2021
at 20:01
Re: Information from squawk
 Those who had the  screens on were greeted  by the morning news. Most of  it was Etna  local news,  as well as  'The Black', from the  Media vessels.

 A Half Burian  woman, the other half  appeared to  be  'green Angel', spoke in a lilting accent  as she  recounted the  some of the activities.

 The  1st  as  what appeared to be a  Party, gone out of  control, with gun shots fired  and   Hover cars wrecked into the  building 47 people  were killed, in various ways  from  gunshot wounds  to being burned to death, the  house is not  taped off, as  Etna Sec, as they search for clues into why a shoot out may have occurred.

2nd ... a resort in the Uppers  called   'The Big Tipper" was heavily damaged  by  fire. close  to 80 people are believed  to have  died, in and  around the  resort, there are also close to  30 people who died  in  boating  incidents , which are believed to be  related to the resort attack.. another  27 people are  injured and in   Etna Uppers  Med-Tech.. the  area around the resort  has been cordoned off  as   Etna Sec  begins to come  trough the  debris  to find out what clues  they  are able to come up with... some witnesses  to the FC vehicles fighting the fires, said, many of the  Dead  where Vicrock Troops enjoying shore leave.

3rd... there  is a possible related shootout  happened in the  Stem as a popular  'shipping bar' was raided by people who eliminated   any of the  Vicrock or  Brown Coat Mercenary group there... a woman who did not wish to be Identified, stated  the group that attacked  were of mixed races, with a Human outside., it is unclear  how many people died, since many of them were  'freelance   Mercenaries '...a total of  23 Vicrock  troops  died  in the   shoot out

4th..this lead to the  situation  on the Docking arm , that the  Paradise  Vessel  " Frosted Feather' was docked...

 it  appears  at least one shooter..or peahaps  two, began shooting   crew , it is believed the shooting lead to a fire, with even more people   dying as they  began to fight the blaze.... people escaping the resort . tried to  escape the resort by  arriving at the  Gates to the docking arm...warnings  were traded as well as  resort refugees  claiming that  some of the Vicrock people where truning on them causing  even more deaths then should  have happened....

 FC Vehicles  could  not  enter the  docking  arm as the   mob  clashed with  Frosted Feather  Crew..., The ship  was removed from the doing arm, along with whatever  crew they could recall, and sent to an orbiting  dock  for internal repairs, caused  by fires   and explosions.... Frosted Feather's  commander  refused to release the  deaths and  injuries', but we have a report of 30 some people, either shot , ot trampled  at the gates.

 The woman   smiled at the screen as she laid  down her the investigation goes on, This reporter  would like to recommend, that  Vicrock  and other  such EDT allies, be refused  entry into our  beloved matter  who started the shootings..the idea is plain to see...enemies on the station lead to bad situations for the rest of us...
news break
Fri 8 Oct 2021
at 21:38
Re: Information from squawk
  Hello and good afternoon... this is  a new break from Etna SEC  News  feed.

  an investigation is being held  for the Commander of  a PSN Corvette, that was damaged  by an explosion,casued  by a Vicrock Civie  Skimmer....All reports show the  skimmer  contained  Colonel  Fred MAris  of  Vicrock marines  and His  Son Eric

 the Commander is  being blamed  for   the accident, and No Vids  to clear him are available, and  all witnesses  on the Hanger  Dec were Killed , outright, or sucked into the Black..The Corvet also seems to have suffered  weapon's damage  to its Bridge   window3s, which cost a few more  crew thier surrounding ships have  vids, and no one  has seen an attacking Vessel.

 Some people say it was an attack  by pirates who areangry at Vicrock  for  patroling the system and keeping  shipping safe...Others  say it might have been politically  motivated  , as Vicrock is a   Sub group of the EDT, and have ties with both, Paradise  and The Empire.

 Paradise  has  sent a condemnation to Etna, for the Loss of   close to 400 Paradise and Vickrock  lives, as well as close to 200 hundred  Civis who were commerical  allies  to the  two systems.

 Lady V Said , The delta Fleet was responsible.

 Admiral Hard  gave a short, terse, one sentence answer to that claim...My LC  warned Colonel Maris, Thta Etna could be a dangerous place"

 some people who wintnesses altercations on the beach, where Paradise  Angels and Vicrock crewmen  battled    Delta Fleet personal, and their  animals

 Chief  ETNA SEC  Officer, Elge, stated.....Etna has been getting better, as  far  as danger goes. But you cannot antagonize Delta Fleet personnel , right have  a  rough , jump boarders  on stupidity, and smacks of insanity "

 That is all, for Etna  Update...and a Hope for safe travels , for the Delta Fleet...
Tue 26 Oct 2021
at 13:11
Re: Information from squawk
(( After transfers left))

   CE-VA  smiled  at the  Shoulder CAM she set up on the table while she shared a cup of coffee with the Admiral.

  Hello, I am CE-VA of the ESN News Force..I am Here  with Fleet Admiral Hack as an important  Event  Just happened...Admiral?

 The Admiral  Looked  sad, or disappointed. He  began,As Most people Know  by now, we are headed into the Gamma  Quad once more to aid the Matterhorn in securing its space... The Paradise   Space Nay, was to  come with us, But, various  issue  , Including  some trust issues, had me make a  decision to sent them to try and Retake   Earth and the Sol System... it is not an easy Task, But as i have been told, time and  again, the Paradise   Angels have been in this  war for well over 1000 years, I am sure, in that time, they have   found many ways to  achieve a goal...and? Sadly, if they cannot, well, we could use thier ships...not thier people...

 ..will there not   be some   problems with the PSN allies?

 The Admiral nodded as he  took a sip of his coffee,And?  that is where the  PSN  has to take a Stand, recognizing  Vicrock as a system, and allying with them? well...We are Enemies of Vicrock, and any other version of the EDT  there this point in time, The Sol System is also allied  with Vicrock and the Empire? there is some question where the PSN  fits in..we shall see what happens   when The PSN  sails into the Sol System...

 CE-VA gave a   heartfelt look to the Admiral,..there is something else  troubling  today, is there Not?

  Hack sat back  and  put his  arms, helplessly into the Air...yes.... we received  a much need   infusion of  Transfers from the PSN...however, with those  transfers  came  a fe Vickrock crewmembers....They seemed to  have a hard time fitting in? And , as a  Warship, in the delta Fleet, we  do not need those, we...however unlucky we seem...get enough of those through regular channels, we cannot have enemies  aboard our vessels..there were can i say this?  Altercations?, there were  some  confinement, some  Med tech work..., in the end, we   sent the  transfers  back,  No Vicrcok trooper had a chance... the Angels  did...for our ship, the Blue Moon Angels  stayed, everyone else  left...I have been getting feed back, through General Bale, that every ship in the fleet has cleaned house of the Vicrock transfers, and  only a few Angels  stayed to  figtht...

I don't  mean to fish too deep for information ..but? where will they go?

 ..We contacted   a Privateer group, they  seem to be  good people, maybe one or two steps down from the EMS... They used cargo shuttles  from Transports that have  taken as prizes, , They were paid through Fund  we recovered from  the '9th' planet in  The Funnel.. The Shuttles cannot hope to catch the PSN, so they are  steering to the Kyper  Belt  where they will unload  all the transfers at the first  Sol System Navy outpost they  come too

 But?  The  PSN is moving in to attack the Sol System?

 This?  is  true... Admiral ZU-IS wil have to  play diplomat , and see what he might arrange for his people....The Vicrock people will be treated well , by the Sol System... but  there is not solid  alliance between the Paradise system and  the Sol System, not to mention the  whole 'invasion thing'.. but? we couldn't  keep them here,   Vicrock will have to pick a side..or Sol system will..or? the PSN will, That isn't my  Problem, we'll have  our handful out here..

  CE-VA Gave a thoughtful look...and if Paradise  joins with the Sol System, they will become out  enemy? Can you handle  a Foe like that on , yet another front?

  Admiral Hack gave a dark smile,..I have planned for may not have the best over all consquences ..but it will leave the ESN and the APF a bit   happier.

 Thank yiou , Admiral Hack, for the  Information, this will go a long way into settling  our peoples. questions  and   worries...

 The Admiral Looked at CE-VA his  Brow  furrowed...wait? was this borad casted?.. This was supposed to be   ESN/APF only!

 CE-VA put a hand to her  Mouth,Oh Gods... I am sorry Admiral, it  was fed to our Newships and   broad casted live,,,, I am afraid ,everyone who wants to   watch it..saw it, or could  call it up..

 Hack stood, looking  a bit more tired the angry,<Red>Well?  next time..we have to  make this clear, one  way  Hack walked out of Camera  view, CE-VA Bit her Lip...well? accidental scoop for you all.... Thanks for listening..