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  Angels.... Tall slender Humanoids...some have  a silver tint  to thier  skin, others Gold. Their eyes  have silver, gold, or Lightblue irises. They are fast, strong  and  smart...thus  far Humans  have never  been able to best them in anything   in the class room..however..Humans have the edge of feats of strenght and such.

 Demons... Age  old foes of the Angels..thus ..our  foes  as well..there  are three types..Thin, tall Humanoids, Thick bodied Humaniods, and large hulking "beetle-like"  Humaniods...all  are smart, but vicous, Lustful  and savage..they seek other races for slaves, breeding, and food. The  Thin ones  are call "wisps", Thick ones  called "stumps"  and the  Beetlelike Humaniods  are  called "tanks"

  Sanri...Williowy 4 armed Humaniods from the  Home solar system of the Angels..they are  galactic traders..and will buy /sell anything for a profit..they a neutral in the war  for the last 7 million years or so...but most Angels  do not trust them. The SAnri wish to open  an allaince with  the Earther system...last  anyone heard..a diplomat was on the  Merchant ship that was attacked.

  Occui....Smallish Greenskined humanoids. most folks think that they were the  basis for Goblins in old  earth fables and such. They are Neutral in the war,  as they tend to be is not suprising to see an Occui merchant ship  loaded with Demon-system fruits/vegtables  and Tech, to sell on earth and its  colonies. Though they value Credits above all else...the saying goes,"..if you are a friend of an Occui, you have  a friend for life.

  Largrans.... Lizard lie Humanoids. lightly scaled, thier  colors  run the gambit of the rainbow..Most are  greenish or brown, with whatever thier  main color is, being a lighter color  for thier  chest. females have small sails or fins on thier heads. On thier   planet Humans are like spider monkeys..and are considered good we..seem like  even better eating! Though they have experimented  with cross breeding  and saddly have been successful..they pick and choose  who to eat..and who to breed.

  Mulls...small Humaniods that are covered in fur. they have   snouts,  and have  colors  that are more  brown, black yellow,,though no  Greens or  Blues have been seen as of yet. Unlike most  of the  creatures that Oppose the AP..these cretures do not eat, Earth/Angel  humanoids.

 Creshains... Insectoid, humanoids... they have buglike eyes, some have manidbles, some  look like  Humans  with bug eyes. some have  shell-like growths  on thier backs, some will have 4v legs , instead of  2..some will have  4  arms instead of 2..they are vicious...and hungry...though the see all other lifeforms  as  food..they , like  the other Confederations to breed with Humans, in an effort to  build on thier species.

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Re: Aliens
Updated version.............

ALIEN RACES (in brief):
Angels--Tall, by human standards, and almost always regarded as 'beautiful', regardless of gender.  They are humanoid, with skin that tends to have a gold or silver tone to it.  They are almost universally fast, agile, and strong, and excel in academic situations--but also consistently find themselves outdone by humans in physical competition.  Among the aliens, far and away the most common to encounter, at least among the ESN.

Demons--Fall into one of three different varieties--
  Wisps--thin and tall
  Stumps--also tall, but thick-bodied
  Tanks--almost beetle-like, in that they have an extremely hard outer skin.
  'Oranges'-- Skin is  a light  to dark Orange, and  does not have the Thick 'Dried  lava-like' skin. Their Blood does not glow as brightly as the Tanks and  Stumps.

Little is known about the specifics of the varieties--the only time humanity gets close enough to make observations is in combat, which prevents any detailed collection of useful information.  Wisps tend to be smarter, more communicative, and seem to be, in general observation, a 'ruling caste' (as well as the scientists and intellectuals, such as Demons may have)...but that has been seen to break down under combat conditions.  Stumps appear to make up the majority of Demons, at least on the warships encountered, and present a durability combined with a sharp intellect--but they appear to lack the initiative and imagination that the Wisps display.  Tanks are used mainly as shock-troops--they do not question orders, they seem to show no fear, and they can absorb a frightening amount of physical damage before they finally die.

Sanri--Generally willowy humanoids, with four arms and two legs.  The males have a bluish tint to their skin females a purple tint.  While they've remained neutral in the Angel/Demon war, they originate from the same home system as the Angels.  They specialize in trade, and are welcome almost anywhere in the known regions of space as merchants, but the Angels do not trust them (possibly due to their neutral status in the war).  The Sanri are seeking their own peace treaty with Earth.  Relatively common on the ESN space docks, especially those that are further out from Earth, and probably the most common aliens encountered outside ESN service...they can stand  anywhere from 6 foot  to 7 foot tall ( they are now  an APF system)

Occui (also, occasionally, Occi)--Smallish Green-skinned (purples and  dark reds  as well) humanoids. They are also neutral in the war, and also tend to be traders (some regard them as second-rate imitators of the Sanri).  Their ships are occasionally found loaded with Demon-system fruits/vegetables and Tech, for sale to anyone with the credits. They're reported to value credits above anything else...but it's also reported that any Occui that claims you as a friend will be your friend for life.  Not uncommon to encounter them on Olympus or Fuji, though not in great numbers...range  from 4 foot  to 4.5 feet tall ( they are now an APF system)

Mulls--Small humanoids that appear to have some sort of canine ancestry. They have snouts, and hair or fur that is generally brown, black, or yellow.  Until very recently, they had yet to select a side in the Angel-Demon war, but military action on the Mull homeworld revealed a cross-breeding program being carried out by the Demon-allied Creshain.  The recently-installed government has pledged to support the Allied Planets against the Demons, but will have to resolve internal conflicts within their own factions before they can make any serious contribution.  They do not enjoy a good reputation among the other races. sand  anywhere from 4  foot to 5 foot tall..APF..noncombatant system..Note: two planets   in the system are now Earth Colonies   that have been opened to all APF races.

Largrans--Humanoid reptilians. Openly Demon-allied. They are lightly scaled, with a wide variety of colors, though most are green or brown.  Whatever their main color is, their chest and belly tend to be a lighter shade of the same. Females have small sails or fins on their heads. Carnivores, and their preferred prey on their homeworld is a race of small hominids, which they discuss openly in front of humans as a way of taunting them (or implying that humans would also be good food).  Thus far, only encountered at political events (and highly classified covert operations), and therefore, knowledge of them is limited.

Creshians (occasionally called Cresh)--Insectoids.  Demon-allied.  They have a large variety in types and appearance.  Some appear nearly human, with multi-faceted bug-eyes.  Some have mandibles instead of 'normal' mouths.  Some have two arms and legs, some have six appendages (with the extras being either arms or legs, depending on the individual) and even some with a carapace.  Others show signs of having been hybridized with other, unknown races.  Of all the alien races, the ones that humanity has had the least contact with....some of their genetic  testing  fails cause  egg clusters of  UE ( Unevolved ).. mutant midnless insects with varied  forms..they have  one soul feed and kill..Cresh can range from 3 feet tall to 8 foot tall.

Avians...Bird-like humanoids. Skins run the gambit   from Feathers, to feather-like hide. Colors range  from Black-to Albinowhite..though one Multicolor creature  has been seen By the Hermes  Thus  far...further information is being  collected  by Dr. Christe......Black& Grey= footsoldeiers  laborers....Blues and Greens= Noncoms, and foreman....Yellows, Officers  and bosses....Reds Ranking  officers, head of work details.....Mutil-Colored..Ships  captains, CEOs...White...Royals.. range from 6 to 7 foot tall

Skith...The Skith..Amphibians . Their  world, Aov. Is  Thick forested, with large oceans, Swamps and LAkes.

  Their skins  are smooth, and when in arid  areas,They were either Helmets, or  Neck 'mist' sprays to keep their skins  Moist...their coloring  run from  bright Reds, Yellows and  Lime Greens...sometimes they will be striped  or  Mottled.

  They have been known to be able to mate  with Humans and bear young. Thus far they have Only  mated with the rare  'EArthers' that might be  found  here and there..and the odd Angel that might have  wandered in to settle in their  areas.

   They are Vicious , merciless foes, but  Loyal and steadfast allies...Their Tech, is   at least...equal to that of the Angels, and well ahead of the Demons...HAd the Angels not " left them for dead"  when the  Demons  invades Aov space...The Skith and Angels might have been friends right now!


  Its Humid, only the   poles have   "winter" as we  would know it.

  They Feed on Fish  , Lizards  and small Mammals .

   As they stepped into The Black..they become   immediate  enemies of the Demons.

   They also HAte the Avians, and the Creshians ( both whom they  , now look at as  food!)

   The LArgrans, and Demons think  the Skith  are a good food  source..but do not try and mate with them.

  They have a deep dislike for the Angels, but have only fought them, when attacked, or when Angels have   "invaded" their  territory.

  The Humans on their world, are much like the ones on the  LArgran's Home world, But the Skith, do not eat  them, however, they treat them as  animals.

  Since they have heard...seen..the Vids of Earth's attack on the Demons. and the Ruthless attack on Astra..The Skith , now  feel, they might have  an allie, that won't  run from the Demons.

Porcine:  Pig like humanoids a little shorter than humans.  Males are husky, females are curvy.  They tend to seem a bit overweight but don't move like it.  That being said they are not as fast on their feet as most species and hate to be rushed.  Their small eyes are light sensitive and they often wear shades or broad brimmed hats other means of protecting their eyes when in public.  Their noses are very sensitive but their floppy ears are normal for loudness with a good sense of direction.
    When the Demons swept across the  galaxy they considered the Porcine delicatcies and hunted them to near extinction and mined their rich planet into oblivion.  The species survived by escaping out of the delta quadrant and hiding their colonies religiously.  Once numbering less than a Million the numbers have begun to grow again since the humans have joined the fight.  The last census stated they had grown to double that not counting the hidden colonies.
    As a people they value family and comfort, and tend to live in extended family communities within their greater colonies.  They are practical, patient and trusting. While not the most industrious of workers they take their time and do it right with pride and attention to detail.
    The Porcine are often good pilots but lack the fire or the will to be effective warriors.  However their stable demeanor and patience makes those few who take up arms useful if not ideal soldiers.

 (( thanks  to Bo  for the Porcine ))


  From the Planet Vera in Everest Space. Carbon silicone based life  forms, that are Humanoid ( for the most part)

 They reproduce   with an EGG-type offspring..the  Egg can develop into a Humanoid  Being...or the  egg can be  Uploaded into a  machine, that the  Verian will take over.

  Very Little is known about them, it is unknown if they can reproduce with Humans, because of their base.

 Their food  suorces are plentiful on their planet, but off world they must  find Silicon based food... and drink. Though they can ingest water.

 They  HAve very little, in the way of a Navy...small ships that lack  in number. They have soldiers, but they are mostly used for  guarding their Planets  and Moons in their system.

 Joining the  AP/ESN forces, They will help with their   expertise  in Tech/.


  Also know  as Cat-folk, by humans. they are humanoid with short fur, the colors  vary from solids to stripes  to patches...the  Males  are more  broad shouldered  and stronger..The females  are more lithe and agile...Long  claws  and teeth make them a match for the heavier , slower largrans, in hand to hand. Feltites  range from 5 foot to 6 foot tall.

 They are very independent , they seek creds  through Merc  work, pirating  and selling the making of fine Blades.

  once they are loyal to you, they are for life...and once you are their enemy..well..they have a very small navy, but their fighters  are the fastest in the Black, that we know of..Pulse  weapons  , however , do not give them the teeth, that should have.

  as of the Visit to Zolth, we have learned of the fighters the  Cat-folk have, and seems they have learned the value of hard ammo.


  feared throughout the  BLack and rumored to live outside out galaxy, this  race  studies  everything...and..from what folks everything...they test other races  for breeding..if  they cannot breed with them as a normal function, they will inject females of  other races, to form a Hybrid race..and return to collect the offspring.

  they have  three 'colors'

 Snow white with Pink eyes.... Pure Black with Red  eyes..slivery gray with Black eyes. Their  tech...was be the   most advanced  in humans  had any confirmed contact with them..until The range from 3 to 6 foot tall


  Blue skinned, mostly dark. or streaked with darker blues. Only two arms ... fangs and jagged  teeth. eyes  are white with no visible  pupil, but they can see just fine.

  they are   taller the Humans  by  6 inches or more Ranging  from 6 foot to 7 foot tall... but slender.....they have  found, breeding with Humans to be..enjoyable... almost as good as they way they taste!

  Sanri and Hillties  have a long  and deep hate..going back to when  they first Met in The Black.


  Bright Yellow skins, some with  splotches of  brown here and there... large Round  eyes that range  in 'warm colors ..( red, orange, dark yellow, Gold )

 they are a tall and slender race, with   gangly arms... they  are in a dead heat with the Mulls  , for the most distrusted Race...Except the Mulls    have used their  merchant Talents to set up the  Universe's  credit system..where are Nivarians. just steal.

  they see humans  as products to be  stolen and sold...perhaps..sampled from time to time, in the ways of breeding.

 they range from 5 foot to 7 foot tall.


   Demons are said to watch theirselves  when  dealing  with the 'dogmen'

   thick bodied , thick Muzzles.. strong  sharp teeth.. their    fuzzy skin has  all matter of   color  ... and they  sport  Brown or black eyes

   it is said, Hilites  will punish Hyrians who have not fulfilled  contracts, but   throwing them in a pit  with  Feltries.... both races attack each other on sight. Hyrians  range from 6 to 8 foot tall.


 pale skinned humaniods,with oval shaped heads. one large eye In The middle of their heads. Narrow mouths thAt sport jagged teeth. At this point not much is known

They will eat human flesh..perfer to breed with Human females, though Human male  can produce 'grunts' for work and the Military

 They tend to live in 'mobile  planets'.. slow moving, Ellipsian made homeworlds
, that have  atmo   and     Living Growing  things on the outside, as well as   a 'carrir/station like, inside.

 allies   witht eh Empire..but the Empire  fears  its   'Ellipsian steel' take tends  to spred infection, faster.



 have  just introduced themselves.  Human sized run from 5 foot  to 6 foot tall..slender.. skins are all matter of  Purples. dark blues, redish blue and  any mix in between... they have tall Conical heads, that bend back , just above the eyes... their  eyes  are gold, silver, yellow  or red.. Thus far, they claim tech is their main source of pride....more  will be learned  when we  visit their system.

AQra  ( Aqarians)

   " fish folk " rather  pleasing to the   eye, if you  do not mind   skin that is smooth  and lightly scaled..colors  run from  DArk  Blue  to light Blue... and Dark Green to Light  Green.. rumors  of  Reddish ones have been around, but  nothing on record... They were Evrio suits that help keep thier  skin Moist, and  with   small 'misters' that spray  water  around thier noses   and mouths.. They  have  thick Hair that Matches  thier  skin colors.. large  Oval eyes   that are  set , slightly to the side of thier head, but still giving then full view in the front... a big nose bridge,runs from the   forehead to the  upper  lip... they have   human-like teeth, but  all are Jagged , except the  fron two on  the upper  and   Lower Jaw... they can swim deep and long  with  no suits, though they need enviro suits out of the water....when Mating with other  species, they will either  try to be in water,, or have a 'moist spot' to lie in.

 as one  would suspect, they have  webbed  fingers   and  Toes, they aren't every fast on land, but  and  outswim any other  race in The Black.

 They can( and will) eat anything  kind  of meat..thus far  they only have eaten  prisoners of  war....but....who knows?

 Halfbreeds... come from breeding  with Humans, angels and other humanoids.. the  Human side will breed out the  aqarin side rather  quickly... Moisture doesn't harm or hurt them

 Followers... the 'worker bees' of the planet...weaker in mind, strong in body.. primary source of  labor and ground troops.


 Humanoid, from  the deep  Space out side    Alpha Quad.  Pale skinned..  red or pinkish  eyes..some have  white  irises  surrounded by  red  on the  fringes.

 fang like  teeth on thier  canines ..  that  are, indeed used to  draw  blood  from  food (whether live or 'raw' meals.. Though they eat vegetation. thier primary source of  foot is blood and meat.

  Studies  are goign on, as to  thier ability to mate with  most humanoids in The Black


Udenese are the   REAL  Verians...Adem was made/Built..whatever and  Lilit was Grown..both, with the intent  on having the best humanoid product that could be.

 Adem, became  full of himself, as his makers praised him.  Lilit  was grown, like  any  regular Humanoid..Adem tried  to become the leader of  what handfuls of such creatures   had been produced...Claiming Lilit  as his no uncertain terms, told him to go to the 9 hells.. Adam ran  back to his Makers ( his mind he called ..The Maker )

 there   was  much contesting over who should rule, and what  'place' each would hold... In the  end, both sets of  makers  could not agree, and  Lilit   and her people  fought to  keep Uden and  Adam's people fought to take it.

 Lilit  won..Adem   , his makers and what was  left of ,Adem's race.. were taken to Vera.. where they  settled in rather  well...Adem, to make  sure   he would have  no more opposition , developed   a way  to 'fix' Verians who became too much like the Undenese...Then a  'rebel' maker  told  Adem  how to make Verians they could  get DNA  or even bear  eggs  by  gathering  DNA, or MAting  with  other HUmaniods..and Adem  took this to  the level , unthought of, by  The Makers ..with harsh 'fixing', for those  offspring  who veered  too far from the Verian  Model.Those that  were  'Broken' and could not  be 'Fixed' would be..discarded.. the programming inside  that made  that Verian, unique,would be  saved on a stick and used  for the next egg that became available  .

 Lilit's  people  thrived on Uden, they  bore  children  as 70% of the humaniods  in the galaxy  did . Udenese  grew a little faster then humanoids  of other races..and lived longer, thier  birth rates  were low..But thier spirit matched that of   any group in The Black They too.learned to sail the stars ..and like all others  found earth where  they sought to find resources and  people..and as with all others  of The BLack, they forged  legends on  earth that  affected  Humans  since the dawn of thier   existence.

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Re: Aliens

HUMANS...Allied with..Sanri, Occui,Mulls, Buraians,Skith, Verians, ( could eat Avians if they wanted?)

ANGELS ..Allied with  Sanri, Humans ,Occui...respect all Allies  to  Humans.( find no food source in any major race)

SKITH...Sanri, Occui and Humans..respects   those allied to Humans (enjoys Avain, Mull and creshian as food sources)

SANRI... Occui, Human, Angel, Mull..respects Human allies ( finds no food source in  major  races)

OCCUI...Sanri, Human, angel, Mull..repects  human allies ( finds no food source in major  races)

BORIAL..( Buraians)  Humans, Moon Angels..respects  Human allies ( finds no food source in   major  races)

VERIANS... Humans, Sanri and Occui..respects  Human  allies..( no food source of other major races...maybe..Creshains?)

FELRITES..Humans, Sanri,  human allies..( finds Avains and Skith to be good eating)

MULLS... Humans, Occui and Sanri...respects all Human  allies..( finds Avains to be good eating )

DELTA APES,..APEMEN..HUMANS.. Humans, angels respects  any allied to Humans ( as cannibles everything is a food source..But love creshains and Avains..they have been delevloping under the Delta  fleet, and have 'narrowed' their choice of foods)... There are ape...haldbreed  apemen..and  large   humans(men)

Nivarians  tall , slender Gold   skinned  Humanoids. Rather Graceful looking.. yellow-gold and reddish eyes, slender  , long Fingers..use  Golden Lazar rifles and   the Normal  Pulse weapons. They like to   carry  longsharp swords as well...They  resemble  Humans  enough to  mate and reproduce..the jury is still out, on which race's DNA   'takes over"..They are fond of  having the Largs  and Worts as pets and battle partners.

Naragrans  APF  as allies... they seem to enjoy all  races  as  food, but  have  trouble  digesting  Demons, except  for  wisps..Naragrans have a  shell of pale   white. Its  head   is 'alligator like, with a pelican  pouch.. they have     6   spiderlike  le3gs, and  two 'spindle  arms'  from  either side of  thier  hrads, they sue to communicate.

Gava  small humanoids, beign thrust into the age of Tech... wildly loyal, and  aggressive... would like to  eat Aqra..but are trying to restrain themselves.

DEMONS... Avains, LArgrans, Qarl,Creshains...( considers all races as a food source)

Qarl  Demons...( considers  all races as a food source)

CRESHAINS... Demons, LArgrans, Avains and Qarl..(considers  all  races as food  source)

LARGRANS...Demons, Creshains, Avains  and Qarl ( Only Demons and  Qarl, not considered a food source)

AVAINS..Demons, Creshains, LArgrans, Qarl, ( all races  considered food source...but enjoy Creshains and Mull the best)

AQRA.Independent, with leanings to the Empire... likes  Humans , Gava, Occui, and Sanri as food sources, beyond wild life

Roussians : built along the lines of  Nivarians, they are  Tall and  Slencer, with Purple-darkblue-or reddish blue  skins..eyes  tend to  be  Red..Light purple  or gold.... They Have  , enlongated skulls and  very small noses, with ear Holes instead of  ears. They tend to be very  Intelligent , . They are passable  as warriors, relying on Lazars, Pulse   and  , what can only be called.. a pulse-lazar... there  are rumors  they  like to capture  humans  for  fun and entertainment

Vampic.. free lance.. but  seem to lean towards the Empire

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Asteriod Field
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Re: Aliens
For those who have  read ( and  made?) the map of the   Beta triangle and  Triad Triangle ...the Asteroid  Field  is  to the Left of   the Hilite system... it is..indeed a  field  . A large  Mass so  asteroids that  are  ( presumed) to be left of three Giant Planets that Collided as they 'fought' for control of  the outer Orbit.

 the Field    Is Thick , high and Wide.. a Natural barrier  between the Beta Quad and the Alpha Quad...Cap Ship, and  cap ship sized   ships, take days to   navigate though the  rocks.... smaller craft ( sloop size and smaller) can make it in one or two... fighters  can make it in a day, mistake....

 As first Glance  you se the  huge   Rocks..some tumble, some drift... some  spin... it looks  fairly clear, until you go deeper  and the  Debris gets smaller  and faster.

 Colonies  make  as  much credits on salvage as they do in is rumored , that some of the asteroid colonies are really pirate bases that attack vessels   and claim they were salvage
Blade weapons
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Re: Aliens
Elispsian Blade  Weapons

 think of  a  Carbine..or  even  M!-rifle.. with the  'barrel  flat , about 7 inches wide.. Uncder the chamber  is  a  sware Box that  can hold  disc  baldes that are   6 inches  and Diameter.

 the  Mag is  sprin loaded to  bring the next  disc  up... it s  fired  by aPusle the  trigger  area  and  send the  disc  out  ..flat.. where it  flies  likie a ghoslty frisbee..

 at night you can barely hear the whine... in the day light you might see a flash of light..

 it has a Limited  range of about 80yards..

 a  Hnad weapon is made  as  well  with 2 inch discs...range  about  50 yards...its  Mag is i  frond of the trigger ( like some  WWII weapons)